A Democrat Governor made one confession to Fox News that no one saw coming

Democrats across the country were left speechless.

The Left’s campaign to exploit the coronavirus pandemic for political gain absorbed a major body blow.

And that’s because a Democrat Governor made one confession to Fox News that no one saw coming.

Democrats and their allies in the Fake News Media hope to sink Donald Trump’s re-election chances by driving a message that the administration was unprepared for the coronavirus pandemic and allowed tens of thousands of Americans to die through incompetence.

This smear campaign took a major hit on Sunday when New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy appeared on Fox News Sunday and praised the Trump administration’s responsiveness to the outbreak in New Jersey, which is the second worst in the United States behind only New York.

“Let there be no doubt about it,” Murphy stated. “The president knows New Jersey. He and his team have been extremely responsive in our hour of need, whether it was ventilators, as you rightfully point out, we’ve got a huge amount of supplies to test. We’re getting personal protective equipment just the other day, confirmed direct to our nursing homes. We just announced $1.7 billion into our hospital systems.”

Murphy made these comments after an Oval Office meeting with the President where Murphy secured 750,000 cotton swabs and other supplies allowing New Jersey to double its coronavirus testing capacity.

In addition, the administration sent New Jersey millions of pieces of personal protective equipment, built field medical facilities to expand hospital capacity, and granted every request made by the state.

“Listen, I think we’ve been able to find common ground again based on the science, based on the facts and the reality and in our hour of need,” Murphy added. “I have to thank the president and his team. They have been there for us. And I appreciate that enormously.”

If Joe Biden hopes to ride the coronavirus pandemic to victory in November he will have contend with prominent Governors from his own party praising the President for his response.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Now governor Murphy should open his state up & stop looking at Cuomo that idiot & his brother & be your own man not worrying about your party. Your correct president Trump did help tremendously with N.Y. & NJ now stand up & be your own man for the people.

  2. “Thank you,” Gov. Murphy; for your honesty, show of integrity and character! God bless you, the people, and proud state of New Jersey! Keep on keeping on, for the good!!

  3. Thank You Gov Murphy for being honest about the Trump administration. There is always a happy medium, however, the radical Democrats and RINO’ never want to compromise… which amounts to them not caring about serving their constituents.

  4. thank you Gov. Murphy of NJ for giving credit where it is due. I am so sorry for the political partisanship in our Mainstream news media. So many of them are just propagandists and not journalists and purveyors of false information so I have to be picky about what news media I listen to. I am so thankful for Pres. Trump’s hard work. Even if you don’t like him, he does get things done and he is no slouch. He works very hard to MAGA. I don’t know how he deals with all the unfair adversity he has been through. Everyone has to vote Red if they want our country to turn around. Obama was anti-American, and we certainly don’t need corrupt Joe Biden running our country. Our country will be doomed with him at the helm.

  5. Democrats will sacrifice, in the name of justice and equality, as many Americans as they deem necessary to take down President Trump. They hate him so much its pitiful. Lie, cheat, and lie again to make the President look bad. Politicians who refuse to do the work of the people, regardless what party they are, need to be canned or otherwise disposed of.

  6. How about giving the Money they want to give Illegals to our Homeless Vets?!?! The Illegals don’t deserve nothing but getting deported! But oh that’s right, it would Rob the Demoncrackheads of votes!! Let’s do it anyway!! Why do we house Illegals?! That Housing and help should go to our Vets!! Deport all Illegals with Extreme Prejudice!!

  7. If you vote Red, we will win our country back. The opposite vote is a done deal, our country is gone down the tubes, we all know it! Open our country now or we will be broke before the election. Now that’s just fine for Democrats they just want power, but for the real people want what’s right for the whole country.


  9. Thank you Gov. Murphy for being honest about the help we are getting from POTUS. It’s refreshing to hear honesty from a democrat.I am NJ born and bread but don’t want this to be a sanctuary state at all. I don’t want money given to ILLEGALS. Remember I am where you get that money from. Be fair with us Governor. I don’t mind paying taxes but don’t want it spent frivolously.

  10. Hasn’t anyone thought that the Virus could be a conspiracy between China and the Democrats. After all, Trump has been putting pressure on China lately and the Coronavirus is supposedly worse for the aged (senior citizens). They are supposed to be more vulnerable and generally speaking would likely be the more conservative and Trump voters. Think about that pertaining to the upcoming November election !

  11. Why is this news? This site is promoting Trump’s hoax that “the Left” is exploiting the virus. Meanwhile, Democrats will give credit where credit is due.

  12. Obama needs the media and democrat party to brainwash more people on climate change so he and democrat donor can become billionaires.He needs to get Trump and administration out before they find out what they really did.

  13. Most people think that Lincoln was the first Republican president, but he wasnt. The modern Republican party came into existence during the time of Teddy Roosevelt. Lincoln’s Republicans were completely different. Yes, Lincoln did hang a few people for treason including my great great uncle for living in Kentucky and fighting for the Confederacy. Kentucky was a boarder state and Lincoln put it under martial law, along with many other restrictions on liberty. Seen by some as a tyrant he got assassinated. Modern Democraps should take heed. But more guns!!

  14. Ronald H Coarse: If you torture the data long enough, it will confess. This is exactly whats happening, the media thinks that this issue will tank Trumps candidacy, States are paying hospitals more for a covid death than for a non-covid death, that is increasing the number of deaths attributed to the virus. The president’s quick and decisive decision to close our borders diminished the infection rate so they compensate by “doctoring” the numbers. When doctors try and expose the cover-up they are censored by social media. This is one of many attempts to thwart the presidents chances to win reelection, it goes to show what extent the democrats and the corrupt media will go to stay in power.

  15. American is lucky President Donald Trump was in office , because Democrats WOULD have down played it, and that would have been disastrous! Horrific ! Body bags everywhere ! Look at new York , California ,all the Democratic run state’s ! Just to stand against Trump and all Americans.

  16. Everyone knows but if they do not I will inform you that Abraham Lincoln was our first Republican President. The other party was not called Democrats but I forget what it was tried to impeach Abraham Lincoln! After winning the Presidency and also found innocent of crimes he did have a few soldier’s put to death by hanging I think for treason.


  17. Diane, hate to break it to you but Murphy wants to give all NJ illegals money too. No state should get federal funding if they protect illegals. They protect them when they commit crimes. They let them go. They don’t care that it puts our safety first. If someone wants to live here be a contributing law abiding citizen. We have enough legal citizens who break the law, why should illegals get a pass. It’s not racial either because I wouldn’t care less if they were a bunch of white peoples. It’s all about legality. Saying that I live in Pa and that too is a sanctuary state so we shouldn’t get it either until our elected officials learn how to follow the law.

  18. A lot of the Democrats are so blind to that party they can not see how corrupt and to the left that party has swung just like Soros wants, they seem too brainwashed to think that they have been brainwashed by people like Pelossi, Biden (remember his son has recently collected about 6 billion from Ukraine with their gas trade)? Just think that was what all this impeach Trump about was to take away attention from and make Trump look dirty. When in actuality the Secret Democrat society (run by Hitler’s understudy Soros (Devil?), has also supported the end to our freedoms and two party system. Believe it or not they use ties to evil. Who they answer too is not God.
    Why do you think Obama got as far as he did? Certainly was not his brains, I lived in Illinois while he was getting into politics (setting up a false family) or at least one that does not reveal their true selves even the children a part of a massive scam. Because the Democrats want to win so bad they seem to believe anything they are led to believe.
    Both Obama’s had to give up their law license because they each lied to different judges for different reasons.
    He ruined Champaign, Ill., home of the UofI and many Professors who stayed their and raised families while they taught at the UofI and other educational schools. It was a twin city to Urbana, Ill.
    I spent many years there raising my daughter and my parents had made it there home. That was before Obama made it to a senator’s seat. I heard he only voted on 6 items in 6 years. He tried at one point to get them to sell carbons on the stock market. He was not successfull had he been, they said it would have been worse than the Maddoff scheme.
    I do not understand why the Dem’s think he is so smart that he could sit on the Supreme Court Justice seat. He and Michelle both have lost their law license’s due to lying to the Judges. Both of them had to turn their licene’s in (look it up).
    Now about what was my beautiful town home away from home town of Champaign,Il., Obama took care of that too, what he did with The South Side of Chicago housing, that everyone complained about because of the huge crime rate. He decided to sending 80,000 of Chicago’s section eight to Champaign, Urbana, Il., twin cities which neither had a population even had 80,000 people in either twin city. This delightful area was ruined and now ridden with crime and all locals, teachers, Professors, students find themselves having to commute or face crime, very dangerous low grade schools. more theft and etc. So everyone started moving to the suburbs, not by choice but necessary for their kids well being!
    This man is evil and I can not repeat that enough. I could tell you more but you would not believe me. Remember this though they both got caught telling lies to judges. Both judges took their license for that reason (different times and years. There so much Facade to this pair it is unbelievable!


  19. Democrat be sure to go to a Grave of some one who gave their life so we have freedom and piss on it before you go vote for a Democrat.

  20. Gov. Newsome-Pelosi/Brown yea he’s related to them all. Just a bunch of neputonistic bastards. Don’t know how he got the vote. I don’t know anyone in the central valley that voted for him. There must be more rats in the Bay and LA-AREA (Ryhmes with diarea.)
    He and the Legislature are Raping California in the ass. And I’m getting pretty fed up with it, maybe its that I have been locked down in my home since 2nd week of March without charges. Doing Time without the Crime.

  21. We need to put pure partisanship aside. We have to stop demonizing our political rivals. Good for the governor of New Jersey. Years ago, people worked across party lines for the good of the state or nation. Having said tha,c an we get him to switch parties?

  22. Good governor. Now you have the Ca governor wanting to give our hard working money to Illegals while we get hit with higher property taxes, I just received my homeowner’s insurance renewal and it’s almost double. Has anyone noticed, what’s going on here.These Dems are killing us.Trump please MAGA. And Dems wanting more of our money to go to Planned -Parenthood, open borders and Biden dealings with the CCP Wake up America.

  23. Gov. Murphy: gratitude for attributing ventilators to President Trump. The fake media, funded be the Communist Chinese, has distorted and expressed disinformation and propaganda. They have deep deep pockets to afford a blitz on advertisers and lobbyists to attempt to influence America. We are strong. We do not surrender to victimization. Praise Trump and all patriots.

  24. Gov. Murphy: gratitude for attributing ventilators to President Trump. The fake media, funded be the Communist Chinese, has distorted and expressed disinformation and propaganda. They have deep deep pockets to afford a blitz on advertisers and lobbyists to attempt to influence America. We are strong. We do not surrender to victimization. Praise Trump and all patriots.

  25. Who would have ever thought it would be so bad to thank the President . . . . 🙁

  26. To all Republicans out there, consider re-registering as demoncrats and then vote the straight Republican ticket! It could work. Just make sure you vote!

  27. I saw the New Jersey governor with the President. He couldn’t have been nicer and more thankful. Of course now all the governors want some bailout money. You do get more flies with honey…

  28. It was house democrats that dropped the ball with the COVID 19 outbreak because they were too busy with their faux impeachment nonsense.
    Now that they can’t blame Trump for reacting too slowly they’re going to tank the economy by keeping it closed as long as possible hoping a recession will help them get Biden into the white house.
    The greatest reelection point Trump had was the booming economy so democrat politicians had to use the virus as an excuse to wreck Trump’s economy and bring on a recession.

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