Chuck Schumer let the cat out of the bag on Pelosi’s plan to impeach Trump

Nancy Pelosi is telling any reporter that will listen that Democrats are not trying to impeach the President.

That lie went up in smoke.

And it’s all because Chuck Schumer went on TV and let the cat out of the bag on Nancy Pelosi’s plan to impeach Donald Trump.

In an interview on Morning Joe, Chuck Schumer made it clear the only question about Democrats launching an impeachment inquiry was when it would happen.

Breitbart reports:

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on Thursday spoke with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” regarding President Donald Trump’s impeachment as House Democrats continue to push for it.

Schumer cautioned that the impeachment process is long and “slow moving,” but said the president will not be able to “upend it.”

“The process is deep and strong, but slow-moving,” Schumer stated. “And that’s how [the Founding Fathers] wanted it and that’s how it is, but it’s worked pretty well for 220 years and I don’t think someone like Donald Trump is going to be able ultimately to upend it, as long as the American people don’t become just apathetic and who cares what happens.”

Schumer’s interview came on the same day Pelosi tried to sell reporters on the fact that Democrats were “not there” on impeachment.

The two leaders failed to get their stories straight and it delivered a political gift to Donald Trump.

Trump has tried to portray the Democrats as the party of impeachment.

Pelosi resisted this label and stumbled and stammered her way through a press conference where she tried to claim Democrats would not rush into any impeachment proceeding.

The Speaker knows that every survey shows impeachment is deeply unpopular.

But Schumer let the cat out of the bag and now all Americans know exactly what the Democrats are up to.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I would like to see charges for Hillary, that smug smile taken off her face. She really thinks no one can touch her. While they are at it include Biden, Shifty Schiff, and the three congressmen. Include anyone else they find while investigating.

  2. Democrats should stop playing phony politics. They should get back to what they are being payed for.

  3. Nancy is displaying a symptom of having a stroke. Mouth drooping to one side, slluring speech, better seek help before the big one hits.

  4. Undoubtedly a demoncrap simpleton. ***SMH*** You have certainly proved the case for your eradication…lol

  5. The question of term limits should be on the ballot.
    If the voters want it changed, let’s get it done!

  6. We have one here in NC that I plan on limiting his last term that he is in now! Tom, you know I have your number and so does the rest in your district, so pack your bags but don’t come back to NC!u

  7. Perfect world 6 more years for president trump
    8 years for Donald Trump jr
    F- – – Democrats

  8. They keep fighting term limits. Do not vote for any congressman already in office. Enforce our Term Limits.

  9. Buttt, House Can ‘impeach’ All they want.
    & MAKE POTUS Base + MORE (once truth beknownst)
    STRONGER, & 0nly 4 more Yr.
    DOA (dead on arrival) to SENATE.

  10. YES! YES ! YES ___
    ALL PROOF IS THERE ! A Marxist
    COVER-UP of their OWN CRIMES.
    An infamous ‘Tactic’.

  11. I agree with you 100% but I would like to ask any Dem out there to define his supposed crime? Because Mueller didn’t name it so how is that going to work and remember the insurance clause that they planned the very night he won.

  12. Perhaps Schumer /Pelosi take a ‘Nadler’.
    1 by 1. Depends on their (baby) Meds.

  13. Democratic Power races … Can you imagine what would have been accomplished over the past 2 years if Democrats had gotten behind our President and had given him the support he asked for ?? I think it would have been incredible and much of what continues to plague our country today would be solved and behind us. Remember he is working for nothing so why should we fire him? That’s really dumb. Our President works hard and long and gets results for All Americans. They just don’t
    understand that you don’t have to like a person to hire him. Aren’t we interested in results ???

  14. They want to impeach him to COVER-UP their OWN CRIMES…That is ALL of what this is about…!!!I can only hope that the American People will FIERCELY STAND WITH the President, after all, THIS is about whether The People will KEEP their country or LOSE it to GLOBALISM and we can see already what THAT is going to look like when paying close attention to the situation at the Southern border….!!!!

  15. ‘I ‘ word Definetly ‘Backfires’ for 2020.
    Most Americans Not ‘that Stupid’.
    Keep Getting The TRUTH OUT There.
    Save USA/ Support POTUS/ BE PATRIOT.
    Thank you & goodnite.

  16. Look on any news channel, youtube, he didn’t plan on hurting anyone but he said it, and bragged about saying it if you follow the news, Michal

  17. The big question is where did Trump say that? You support your facts with citing sources otherwise it’s just a belief, an opinion, or a lie. Making comments like that need to be backed immediately or otherwise it’s defamation of someone’s name and holds no credence. Please amend your statement or provide exact documentation proving it. Once you do, it would be easier to understand your comment and your anger. If you can’t…well, you should probably not attribute to false news and hateful remarks.

  18. I think it is you who are the traitor for accusing the President of things he has not done. “Countless ways?” There is not one thing President Trump has done that is not within our Constitutional framework.
    I am sickened, as are many voters, by the countless false allegations against Trump!

  19. Democrats are going to time impeachment hearings to coincide with the 2020 election for expected maximum effect. Democrats will portray the President as trying to upend the Republic and claim election victory even if he loses. This is a peculiarly evil election tactic. I just hope it backfires to the great extent it should. It is the Democrats (and their media minions) who are working to upset our republican form of government by deceiving the electorate.

  20. Trump said that he could murder someone on Fifth Avenue and his people would still support him. Are you one of those people he was talking about. He hasn’t done that but being a traitor in countless ways should be enough for you to get sickened by him

  21. Not if you’re democrat, leftist, liberal; they are all in la la land. For example: They have even accused Trump of causing climate change, tornadoes, wildfires, storms. And the media support them

  22. She owns a vineyard, so why couldn’t she have brought her own booze? Wonder why the freak does not yet have cirrhosis of the liver.

  23. Greg Sullivan, Please don’t take offense and I apologize right now if I am mistaken, but I don’t think Democrats could nullify the 2016 elections at this time. and I don’t think the people of the USA would allow them to put Hiliary in as president, even if they were dumb enough to try. We need to stand up for Pres. Trump. They are right, no one is above the law, but that also includes each and every one of the leaders who have got paid for doing no work for decades.

  24. It doesn’t make sense that illegals would vote for the Dumbos. As they are trying to turn this country into the country they just left! That’s how stupid the illegals are.

  25. If this demented dinosaur had a brain cell it would be lonely.
    Neanderthal Nancy will soon be headed for the padded cell to fossilize.
    Keep America Great!
    Keep America, America!

  26. They are all well past being stable enough to do their But the idiots just keep marking the X next to their names because it has the D after it.

  27. I’d love to see whatever they call evidence? Present it so jurists can chuckle at how asinine it is and wouldn’t suffice as a motion in a real court.

  28. Connie, Nutty Nancy is easy to type but, there’s always Nut-job Nancy or Nancy Pelousi if you like???

  29. penny, I agree with you and I also think that Chuck the Schmuck looks like Jeff Dunham’s puppet “Walter” and Nutty Nancy looks like his puppet “Achmed” the dead terrorist…

  30. Lil Sucky Chumer fool at large. Nasty Nutty Nancy her pants are full of ants. All Democrap scum should be deported and free the congress to GET TO WORK NOW.

  31. She looks it because she is. The Wicked Witch of the West is a vodka soaked alcoholic. She pickled her liver on board planes with huge liquor bills paid by taxpayers.

  32. Chuck the Schmuck and Nutty Nancy – gotta love it! How about Nasty Nancy – that describes her better!

  33. Mark, the funny thing is that they thought the Mueller witch hunt would be all they needed and since that backfired they are looking for a new witch hunt…

  34. Chuck the Schmuck. I love it – Perfect!
    You could have done better, however, than Nutty Nancy.
    I tried, but they wouldn’t let me post it!!

  35. Every Athlete at some point retires for many different reasons. A football athlete doesn’t wait until they are in there 50’60’s to retire. We want our best and brightest in the senate and congress. Look what we are dealing with! Pilosi who is senile and can’t put two sentences together. Nadler, who could be a comic strip character with little gray mater and is obese. Pencil neck that lies like a rug. We are paying for A’s folks and we are getting f’s from this group. This whole group is an example of why we need term limits. These career politicians are more dangerous to our country than some of our enemy’s.

  36. If the constitution has been good for 220 years as you say Chuck, then why do you want to get rid of the Electoral College? And good luck with impeachment, you will sink your own ship. And did anyone else notice in the picture of Chuck and Nancy, she looks crocked, smashed, drunk.

  37. The democratic party is on its way out the door! They know that alot of them are going to prison and the public will turn their backs on this party of criminal thugs! This whole Impeachment BS is their feeble attempt to sway public opion to help them…
    Their MSM media propaganda machine is still in full sociopathic pathological lying mode trying to save them!
    Their chances of saving themselves is like me winning the power ball lottery twice a week for the next 30 years. LOL!!!

  38. This just shows you what liars the democrats are…Everytime they open their mouths they are lying!!!

  39. Absolutely. I get surveys from Steve Scalise and when it asks what do I want to see Republicans do my answer is always grow a ”” and start loudly backing our President.

  40. Dr, I so hope you’re right because, we need to get the damn Demonrats the hell out of office ASAP…

  41. Shirley the Problem is the DNC has always thought we the people are stupid and will buy anything they say.

  42. Go ahead, Democrats and try to impeach the President. It will only hurt you losers in the next election.

  43. Funny how I read my post very Carefully and then when it post there is words that are now changed to be spelt wrong

  44. Ron I also agree with you but what needs to happen right now is tjhe RNC needs to get off their Butts and satnd withnTrump

  45. Joe, I’m hoping that in a year and a half or so there will be less Demonrats to deal with…

  46. As if they aren’t making fools out of themselves enough, the democrats will come out of this decision looking exactly like what they are, fools

  47. If Pelousy had a brain, she would take it out and play with it. The impeachment theory should have never have came up. Lets face it, Trump is our President, he’s doing a good job of cleaning up all the crap from the last office occupier, and he needs to finish his job.

  48. I wonder if they have even thought about what the MILLIONS of people who voted for Trump will do should they try this. I think many of us are getting pretty tired of this garbage and need to decide what we are going to do to let them know how mad the informed normal people are.

  49. Expat Tom,
    MANDATORY Voter ID will have to be enacted before 2020, otherwise expect more INCREASED RAMPANT VOTER FRAUD, MORE dirty tricks , more schemes, scams, and “bills” passed to keep changing the “rules” in the middle of the “game” (EXAMPLES)… incarcerated prisoners voting (like in Communist N.Y. last elections), changing the voting age to 16, eliminating the electoral college, illegal immigrants not only “allowed” but encouraged to vote,(already DO in COMMUNIST N.Y.) convicted felons on parole “allowed” to vote, so DEMOCOMMUNISTS can hold on to their STOLEN POWER and CONTROL. The “list” goes on and on.Stay alert while using soros-company “touch-screen” Pre-programmed “voting machines” PROVEN (by several individuals photographing with their cell phones, the (“change) to switch the votes from Republican to DEMOCOMMUNIST.

  50. They are nothing but dirty nazis trying to force their will on us! They want to do away with the electrol college so they will only call the shots, flood us with illegal criminals, take away our choice of the POTUS by trying to undo the 2016 election, take wawy our guns so we’ll have no defense against them, our freedom of speech, control our healthcare, legalize pedophilia,try to tell us what we can drive, how our houses will be built, take away our freedom of religion, put queers in our daughters lockerooms leaving it open for the possibility of rape, murder our babies, eliminate worshipping God, on and on with their foul godless evil! Anyone supporting them knowing all this are just as vile and evil as them!

  51. If they had any thing on President Trump they would have done the Impeachment. I think these democrats are full of HATE nothing but HATE. What the people need to do now is make sure President Trump stays in office for many years to come.

  52. Screw you. What have you idiot Democrats done for the American citizens not your dam illegals or mooselum terrorists. Leave the U.S. and take your no talent pig Amy with you

  53. Hey NANCE (and you too CHUCKIE !) Starting right now, America is giving you until Novemeber 2024 to come up with an IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE the PRESIDENT has committed — just a hint or a scintilla will do. First, Madame Speakerette, you gotta make it that far, which is questionable. The same goes for you, Sir … for it’s highly likely by then your pompous, gross, out of control daughter will have driven you crazy — OR, you both will have been eaten alive by the force of nature that is AOC (and her two little sidekicks who despise America !) Anyways, let’s get on with it … 3 …2 …1 … GO !!!

  54. If these idiots Nancy pelosi and Chuck Schumer and their cronies had a brain they take it out and play with it I still think we need term limits I’ll have them idiots in Washington

  55. I’ll bet if chuck and Nancy took a car trip they would be pulled over for doing 69 in a 55.

  56. The Democrooks have a new plan that if you don’t like a president, then throw him out of office. Those ass**** are running scared, that when the border wall gets completed, they will loose votes from illegal aliens, that is why they are desperately trying to get Trump out of office by any means that they can even if those means are low down tactics as to nullifing the results of the 2016 election to have Hillary declared the winner so she can reverse all the good things he’s done and get that border wall torn down.

  57. The Government is paralyzed because the Demo-snakes hoodwinked gullible Americans into voting for them in the mid-term. There is plenty of blame to go around however, let’s get down to basics. If you handle a rattlesnake and get bitten, it is not the snake’s fault. That is what snakes do. If you voted for ANY demo-rat/demo-snake then the fault lies with you. Fortunately, you can correct your mistake in 2020 by throwing EVERY demo-snake out of ANY and All public offices.

  58. “ … slow-moving … “

    Not too surprising. That’s what the Dems wanted: obstructing everything as they can.

    Let speed up the investigation on the fake investigators. Narrow the path down to Obama/Hillary underground. Spray the Raid to root out the cockroaches out of the cracks’ darkness and step on them with the treason charges.

  59. Trump should declare war on Hollywood and send in troops to clean house. Huck Follywood and the marxist idiot actors.

  60. The Demo-craps are so desperate to redeem themselves and be heroes of the psychotic lefties, they will do, say or pay anything. I truly fear they will try to have Trump assassinated. The imagery has already been created by the Hollywood Whores and Has-Beens.

  61. Schumer may be partially right in his comments but the reason this unwarranted porcess will not happen is we the people are happy with what he is doing for the nation and wont stand for it. But if some unknown God forsaken reason it should start the process there will be blood in the streets . . . Real Americans voted Trump in not the Democrats or the RINO’s and we are the only ones who can remove him otherwise it is an arrogant waste of time !!!

  62. Pelosi the sanity questionable anti-American and her comedic sidekick Chucky Shumer could not find their way out of a paper towel tube with directional arrows showing them the way out.

  63. The president is immune to criminal prosecution as a sitting prrsident. Impeachment must be for high crimes or misdemeanors…WITH REAL EVIDENCE…not just because he does talk well, is loud and obnoxious, or is hated. The SENATE will not impeach.

  64. The kommiecrats have to decide that they don’t really need a firm case to impeach Trump. There will never be a case for impeachment, so that’s their decision. Go ahead and impeach with no case, or just threaten and harass.

  65. These two evil America hating asshats care more for illegal aliens who are raping and killing American citizens than they do for innocent citizens. Special place in hell for them and the sooner they get there, the better.

  66. I’m not sure who’s the bigger Douchenozzle and liar, Chuck the Schmuck or Nutty Nancy???

  67. Schmucker let the “cat out of the bag” as a planned tactic. Schmucker & Phewlooser r crazy glued @ the hip.
    She says no impeachment 2 keep the “moderates” in line. Meanwhile he says it will happen 2 keep the commies & other rads @ bay. Just another rouse by SOCOM leadership.

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