Donald Trump shared a secret with Barack Obama that is bad news for Democrats

There is still a Presidential campaign going on.

And with Bernie Sanders dropping out of the race Joe Biden is now the presumptive Democrat Party nominee.

But Donald Trump shared a secret with Barack Obama that is bad news for Democrats.

During Wednesday’s White House coronavirus taskforce press briefing, President Trump was asked about Bernie Sanders dropping out of the race.

The President noted that Sanders only half dropped out of the race and the Vermont Senator announced he intended to keep his delegates and accumulate more in order to try and exert influence over the party convention.

President Trump also highlighted the fact that even though “Sleepy Joe” Biden was the last candidate standing, Barack Obama still hadn’t endorsed him.

“He didn’t really drop out. What about his delegates? I mean, he said he’s going to keep his delegates. That’s a weird deal . . . I don’t know why President Obama hasn’t supported @JoeBiden a long time ago, there’s something he feels is wrong . . .”

President Trump went on to say that in his opinion, former President Obama hadn’t come out strongly for Biden because “He knows something that you don’t know,” and that President Trump also knew this campaign-killing secret about Biden as well.

“It does amaze me that President Obama has not supported Sleepy Joe. It just hasn’t happened. When is it going to happen?” The President added. “He knows something that you don’t know. That I think I know. But you don’t know.”

There have been many reports over the course of the campaign that Obama was lukewarm at best about Biden entering the race.
One story even detailed how Obama told Biden he “did not have to do this.”

Obama’s lack of support for Biden is reflected across the Democrat Party where polls show that Democrat voters registered the lowest levels of enthusiasm ever recorded for Biden’s candidacy.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. You people are always adding 2+2 and getting 5. Telling Biden “you do not have to do this” could have been reference to Bidens now deceased son telling his dad to run. It could have meant numerous things and by itself means nothing. However those right wing pied pipers of the small minded know that just the mention of this will have you making stupid statements that have no basis in reality. You are truly good sheep and your right wing leaders are so happy that you are doing the heavy lifting to help them while hurting you. Nice job. They can always depend on you to play the part of the fool. This entire page of comments represents nothing of substance… only Donald Trump type name calling because that is all you have

  2. Who cares, you bozos must be talking out of the back of your head! Trump is the only one who was meant for this job. The left couldn’t even begin to help in this mess they got us in! They’ve worked it all out between themselves starting from the top down. I’m sure the governors are going to be a headache for us,they Democrats will fight and do the opposite of what the President wants. I see bad things coming. So let’s get Fauci out of this or we’ll be sitting inside for years.

  3. the democrat party is a political party in the wrong country, and are only here because they know there are enough stupid Americans to support them and their communist ideas. wake up Americans they are the enemy.

  4. Not so important is what Obama knows about Biden. Much more important is what the voters did not know about Barack Obama.

  5. The Obama/Biden adminstration was the most corrupt administration ever.Bengazi,Fast and Furious,IRS scandle etc..Where were the Democrats,they were no were to be found.Obama and sleepy Joe should have been impeached several times over.Obama would never have closed the border and millions would have perished.Wake up America,Biden is to weak and incapable of leading our country.We need a strong President to bring our country back to where we were before this horrible catastrophy that’s crippling our nation.That man is President DONALD TRUMP.
    TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸

  6. I think you all sound like a bunch of children!!! What ever happened to civilized conversation. Rather you like him or not Trump has done the best job he could do in spite of his opposition. That is a fact and letting some one bait you over something you know is true is as childish as some of the leftest comment I’ve read here.

  7. The Troll…You talk about educating us and you don’t even know the difference between “sight” and “site”. You are clearly the fool. Thanks for a good laugh

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  10. joe D … your ignorance is showing. There is NOTHING wrong with my thinking. But you have no concept of the truth. That is very obvious. All you have is hate and lies. Pres. Trump has done only good for this country. FACT. Dare to learn the truth that you deny. Attack on my soul??? I belong to Jesus and He protects it. No one can fight Jesus and win. That is impossible. You have no clue. Just be very thankful that Trump is president and not evil corrupt Hillary or this would not even be a country anymore. And, yes, Dan is right. I am a woman, fool

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  14. Obama has not supported Biden, because of Biden&Son’s irregular relationship with Communist China. Absent Obama, Biden&Hunter traveled to Communist China in December 2009, and thereafter, Hunter, via a corporation, formed a joint venture called “Bohai Harvest” with the Bank of China who funded $1.5 billion. Bank of China is not privately owned, but rather, it is owned by Communist China. Bidens are Communist Chinese stooges.

  15. Yes, Cathey, Obama brought in hundreds of thousands of muslims knowing full well that the goal of islam in the U.S. is to replace our Constitution, which he hates, with sharia law. Not only is he illegitimate, that makes him a traitor

  16. It is evident that Bernie Sanders is the strongest person in the Democrat party and he is not even a member. Joe Biden is the candidate but people of the Pelosi-ilk want to hedge their bets and use Sanders to do so. And we thought the Circus was a thing of the past.

  17. So the effeminate illegal alien in chief with the drug using and trafficking history is not endorsing the child molester?

  18. bj I agree with you remove everything he ever did we should deport him with all the other Muslims HE BROUGHT IN

  19. I can’t believe that whole bunch of special ed politicians aren’t in jail yet. My only complaint so far about Trump is they have been kicking his ass for his entire term. Dear God when is Trump going to call them out and LOCK Them Up. Obama / Hillary for the Death Sentence. Whoever said Trump hits back 10 times harder to this date is full of crap. Nobody . Not 1 of these openly admitted criminals is paying for their self serving treason.

  20. Obama is “sneaky”. When he went to Kenya to sell the homosexual lifestyle the Kenyans told Obama; “Don’t bring your gay talk here” and all but kicked him out of their country.

  21. Biden did have issues during Obama’s Administration.
    1) Women alleged sexual advances/harassments especially in earlier part of his political career.
    2) Ukraine alleged corruption with his son, Hunter
    3) He has an alleged loss of mental comprehension or dementia for the past 15 years.
    I believe Obama knew that he had a VP that was not capable and should not have been in that political role. We must do our best to get Trump re-elected.
    Otherwise, whoever is Joe Biden’s running mate will be the future president if Joe Biden wins. That part will be very scary for USA.

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  23. who me? … It is obvious that you have no concept of the truth. Pres. Trump loves this country and has done only good for us. Be very thankful that he is president and not Hillary. Trump is very capable. But you let your sick hate hide the truth. You are a very sad creature

  24. to the idiot that addressed me…Obama himself said that he was born in Kenya. That makes him illegitimate. But just keep denying the truth.

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  36. Julio down by the schoolyard…. Yes, Biden has stated publicly that he requested Barry Sotero not endorse him, that he wanted to win it on his own. Julio, let’s be honest. If anyone is a serious candidate they would look for every edge in an election they could get. Either Biden thinks an endorsement from the worst president this country has ever had would harm his chances or Barry has already told Biden to not look for his endorsement.

  37. If I told someone that they didn’t have to do something, it’s a clear signal that what I’m really saying is they shouldn’t do it. That’s pretty obvious, but then we are talking about Biden. Not sure he has the cognitive ability to sense subtlety.

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