Joe Biden admitted to one Ukraine cover up that just proved Donald Trump’s innocence

Former Vice President Joe Biden is sitting on a ticking time bomb.

And it involved him and his son Hunter’s corrupt behavior.

But the pressure became too much and Joe Biden admitted to one Ukraine cover up that just proved Donald Trump’s innocence.

Democrats are demanding new witnesses at the President’s impeachment trial.

Republicans claim if Democrats want to call former national Security Advisor John Bolton, then the President should have reciprocity and be able to call whoever he wants as part of his defense.

And the top two names on the President’s list are former Vice President Biden and his son Hunter.

Democrats began to whisper in private about a possible trade.

If Republicans support subpoenaing Biden then Democrats would swap his testimony for that of Hunter Biden.

At a campaign event in Iowa, Biden angrily rejected the idea of putting his son on the witness stand.

“The reason why I would not make the deal — the bottom line is this is a constitutional issue. And we’re not going to turn it into a farce, into some kind of political theater,” Biden raged.

“They are trying to turn it into political theater,” Biden added. “But I want no part of being any part of that. And I have no problem, as you’ll find out the rest of this campaign, debating Trump, debating the Majority Leader, debating Lindsey Graham, debating any of these guys. I don’t have any problem.”

Weeks ago Biden had to walk back a declaration that he would not honor a subpoena to testify.

Now with Biden drawing a line at this son showing up to answer questions – despite the fact that investigating Hunter Biden’s corruption in Ukraine is central to the President’s defense – the Biden family is coming across that they have major skeletons in their closet they want to keep hidden.

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  1. Democrats would not need to impeach Trump if all you deplorables wouldn’t vote for him again. It’s because all these stupid Trump supporters keep voting for the wrong candidate the democrats have no option but to try and impeach because democrats know better, and they want to make sure they chose who the next president will be.
    I’m being sarcastic even though it how they see it.

  2. Really. This IS a ‘Pitiful’ 0bliteration of Justice
    & The USA Constitution…
    > Stay Strong, folks….
    > As the ‘Dems’ I know, become More Aware & 0PEN To the Truth,
    they are sometimes ’embarrassed’ To ‘admit’ their support for a
    Loong Gone’Forsaken’ Party Line… a ‘tuff’ thang To Admit… BUTT,
    MANY MANY ‘privately’ KNOW, & SUPPORT POTUS, For ALL The GOOD USA Results…

  3. With the dem presidential candidates lying about Pres. Trump and promising to do things they should already be doing instead of this sham impeachment, my mute button has become my favorite button on my remote. I neither look at them nor listen to anything they have to say. ALL are very sad creatures who have no business at all being anywhere near our White House

  4. Jack, why do you bother to come on here and make a fool of yourself?? You have no clue at all about Republicans. And you attack Pres. Trump but extremely corrupt vile Hillary and muslim traitor Obama are fine with you. YOU obviously have no morals.

  5. How could they turn it into political theater when it has been nothing but from the beginning?
    And Jack, in posting such ignorance here, you only show that you are the one lacking self respect.

  6. You never hear the Demonrats say anything about how he is making the country great again for everyone. Rich, poor, middle class, we all benefit with what he has done. It’s time the Demonrats get with the program to also work for the people instead of just lining their pockets. Do your job assholes or get the f–k out. Time to clean house.

  7. The House managers are on the ropes. Might as well hold the vote and finish ’em off in the Senate. Then the whole Bite Me Biden family can go to a Grand Jury for tax evasion and widespread corruption.

  8. Sounds to me that the sponsors of the current “impeachment” efforts do not need any help in making this whole
    effirt into a farce and political theater exercise.

  9. It’s funny watching Rat Schumer having a meltdown on TV, it’s all coming unraveled at the seams. Democrats didn’t follow Constitutional procedures bypassing the votes from the committee, big mistake. It’s a wonder John Roberts hasn’t dismissed the case already, wait till his buddy Ken Starr tears their case completely apart, Constitutional wise… The rats will be headed back to the gutters in New York and California…

  10. To Jack Ass umptions As to your comments: The reason the GOP has turned idolatrous versus Trump, a person so completely devoid of any socially-/morally-redeeming qualities, is….THEY HAVE NO SELF-RESPECT!
    you do not know us. We agreed Nixon needed to leave office. We fo not worship Trump because we do not make.idols of people like the democratic party who by their actions worship the party. You are an example.
    As to Trump. We know he exhibits several traits we do not like. But he is trying to get rid of evil.and crime similar to what we see in the fake impeachment and lies for evidence.
    We very much have self respect. But I guess it is so much above yours that you can not comprehend it.
    Your views are typical of the name calling idiocy of the DNC.

  11. Joe and Hunter Biden are as corrupt as they come. Joe has been allowed to let his brothers and sister bid on government contracts. These same people knew nothing about what they were awarded contracts. Biden’s corruption has been going on for decades. He and his family should all be investigated by the DOJ.
    Then be given a cell right next to Comey and the Clintons.

  12. I do not trust the Democrats to fix the healthcare problem Look what they did the last time they tried to fix it You had to pay to play. If you didn’t, you were fined/taxed/ we had to pay more for our insurance. More and more and get less for what we paid for. It will be a long time getting any trust back for the Dems.

  13. My wife and I are retired, so we watch the news and follow up with research on our current politics. Were I am amazed is to watch the lying Demorats push their B.S. agenda and accuse President Trump of all the things they (Demorats) have pulled off. Let us look back at the 2016 election where Killary and the Demorats bought and paid for the Steele dossier. President Trump has done nothing to bring disgrace on our country, but the Demorats and the rest of their cabal have done nothing but disgrace everyone and everything they touch. All we can say for the Demorats to be careful since what goes around comes around. Hopefully President Trump and A.G. Bill Barr will be able to have some of these so called pay for what they have done to our country!

  14. Why don’t these “yes” votes open their eyes and SEE what President Trump has done for WE the American people ?????? Get your heads out of your asses and look at the democrats and their lying, corrupt, doing nothing for the country except trying to on seat the President we put into office !!!

  15. The reason the GOP has turned idolatrous versus Trump, a person so completely devoid of any socially-/morally-redeeming qualities, is….THEY HAVE NO SELF-RESPECT!

  16. Only people to kill the country will be idiots like 07 and Laredo… Obama won’t even endorse Biden, one reason he’s white, other reason would be he don’t when to shut his mouth. Nothing but corrupt politicians giving 0 and Laredo a free ride on our tax dollars…

  17. I find it amusing and disingenuous that the same people who voted along party lines to impeach Donald Trump said, just a few years ago, that impeachment NEEDS to be a bipartisan process. Amusingly, too, these same clowns refused to allow the Republicans in the House to call witnesses and everyone the Libtards called were partisan hacks who had no direct knowledge of what was said on the phone call nor anything substantive to say about the aftermath. The only witness who DID have firsthand knowledge exonerated Trump, but of course the media won’t report that. This is a complete Schiff show and he deserves to be escorted out of this country after he’s done. Let’s let the Mexican cartels have him. He lies almost as much as they do.

  18. Could you folks possibly, POSSIBLY be any more ignorant? You are fools; and your foolishness will kill this country.

  19. Bull! Your a republican entity and believe Trump sits at right hand of God! No he doesn’t! He’s a crook and you’ll look the fool if not soon, then in 4 years!

  20. Mysty, julio has no proof. I have asked him several times. He has no clue about the truth, nor does he want the truth. He just hates

  21. We know that Pres. Trump has done nothing wrong. The dems have nothing but lies and hate. They do not care about right and wrong. They will get what they want at any cost. They are very dangerous creatures

  22. julio, you come on here and show your extreme ignorance every time you post. You have no clue of the truth. You just hate. very sad

  23. Joe Biden keeps changing his mind. He said he’d cooperate if called in the impeachment trial. Now he changed his mind. He knows he’s guilty. Giuliani will open the can of worms, and he will fall, he will fall, he will fall!

  24. It is documented that Vice President Biden made several trips to speak with Ukrainian President Poroshenko in 2015. It is further documented that VP Biden conducted these sanctioned visits to pressure Ukrainian officials to cease all investigations into Burisma Natural Gas; a company supposedly operating corruptly in the Ukraine.

    It is documented that VP Biden used a proposed military loan as leverage in getting the Ukrainian government to discontinue their investigation of Burisma. Joe Biden has revealed his role in refusing to grant the military loan to Ukraine if they continued to investigate Burisma. During the investigation of President Trump, investigators revealed that Hunter Biden, son of VP Joe Biden, sat on The Board of Directors of Burisma when VP Biden was so fervently pressuring President Poroshenko to stop investigating Burisma. Further investigative discovery showed that Paul Pelosi, Jr., son of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, also sat on Burisma’s Board of Directors.

    Now Democrats have voted (along party lines) to impeach President Trump for “abuse of power” because President Trump called Ukrainian President Zelensky to inquire about what VP Biden did while visiting Zelensky’s predecessor, Poroshenko. If any one is guilty of abusing their position it is the Democrats. Democrats not only conducted impeachment proceedings in the House in the manner of their choosing and they now seek to tell senators how the Senate is to conduct Senatorial hearings on the impeachment of a president. This is not only an “abuse of power” but also demonstrates an “obstruction of Congress”, both of which represent the two articles of impeachment drawn up against President Trump! Can you say “hypocrite”?

  25. Rep Schifty, D-CA, has continued his litany of unsubstantiated allegations as if he really believes that IF you repeat a lie often enough at some point it becomes the truth (??!!??). The people who listen to his tirades have to be seriously mentally challenged.
    Proof: the timeline laid out by the Democrats concerning Trump’s alleged concern about The Ukraine began when Joe Biden said he was going to run for President. But (Oh!Oh!) he had Rudy Juliani over there asking questions 633 days earlier. Also, when President Trump questioned the new President of The Ukraine about some of the advisors he had around him, the Democrats claim it was subtrafuse not a sincere desire to ensure corruption would end. They (Democrats) don’t want anyone looking behind the curtain!

  26. After watching Rudy Giuliani this morning, Democratic Leadership better figure out how to re-create the Democratic Party.

    And, how can Joe Biden ever run as President after what he had been accused of? 50+ million of our tax payer dollars have been spent on Trump impeachment exercises, and not doing anything for the people, where do we go from here?

    We have learned that Hillary and the Obama administration were the root cause of Russia, Biden and the Obama administration are the root cause of the Ukrainian corruption and the Obama Administration has created 4 years of Democratic inactivity to put on a circus. And, now the Democratic Party is using Identity Politics to turn on their own, POOR BERNIE SANDERS

    Good Luck,
    Randall Hawn

  27. Uncle Hoppy, absolutely correct. The Democrats want a Soviet-style government ruling the American people who in their opinion are too stupid to make decisions for themselves. Huner Biden receiving and funneling enormous bribes to Daddy-well that can’t be investigated, oh no, nor can Hunter’s non-payment of child support. Biden is not at all concerned about Congress being turned into a kangaroo court, his concern is that justice once revealed ENDS his political career, and puts Hunter in jail

  28. julio, you hate without even having a real,true reason. List here WHY you hate PRESIDENT TRUMP so much. Be specific, be truthful and SHOW YOUR PROOF. Ask yourself if he has actually harmed YOU PERSONALLY.

  29. Schiff already admitted before congress in so many words that Trump must be impeached because otherwise he might win reelection.
    Schiff said reelection cannot be decided at the ballot.
    Which means, democrats don’t want the voters to decide who should be president.
    Welcome to the Soviet Union folks.

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