Trump gave Minnesota rioters one ultimatum that will leave you speechless

For three days, rioters in Minneapolis torched businesses and destroyed police vehicles.

The horrifying images of racially charged riots in a Democrat-run city showed a city on the brink of collapse.

But then Donald Trump gave Minnesota rioters one ultimatum that will leave you speechless.

Rioters in Minneapolis stormed the third police precinct and burned the building to the ground.

This act of terrorism came two days after rioters taking advantage of the horrible police killing of George Floyd burned down businesses and smashed windows on police cars.

The Democrat Mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey claimed he sacrificed the police precinct in the name of public safety.

All officers evacuated the building safely but the images of a Democrat Mayor putting police in danger and surrendering his city to terrorist mobs pushed President Trump to take action.

The President tweeted that he spoke to Democrat Governor Tim Walz and that the military was prepared to restore order to Minneapolis if the liberals city leaders continued to retreat in the face of terrorist mobs.

“I can’t stand back & watch this happen to a great American City, Minneapolis. A total lack of leadership. Either the very weak Radical Left Mayor, Jacob Frey, get his act together and bring the City under control, or I will send in the National Guard & get the job done right These THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd, and I won’t let that happen. Just spoke to Governor Tim Walz and told him that the Military is with him all the way. Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thank you!”

The killing of George Floyd was horrific.

But riots that burn down police headquarters do not bring justice.

They bring about society ripping apart at the seams.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Probably the only ones involved in any of these violent & criminal activity riots that aren’t hired thugs paid and transported around to create as much civil unrest & destruction possible at every possible event, are the lowly opportunistic petty theft looters. It is not the sane blacks who are burning their own homes & businesses out.
    The quickest way to put an end to this terrorist activity by outside terrorists funded by the one world global government, aka the new world order, is to take action against the hired and transported in terrorist thugs. Have local police arrest every antifa or other terrorist group members immediately at the first sign of violence and keep them behind bars until they are given a fair trial which should carry at least a 10 to 20 year imprisonment sentence. Since these terrorist groups are working with the new world order to overthrow our government, perhaps we should elevate the charges against them to trying them as enemy combatants of our nation, which they really are!
    A national guard unit should be on call to help local police arrest the shipped in terrorists and they should be kept in detainment until after their trials. Every mayor &/or governor who orders their local law enforcers to stand down should also be arrested & detained for aiding and abetting the criminals and failure to obey the law and carry out their duty to their constituents.

  2. These Rioters should all be rounded up caged till we have them all, then give them a nice 6 year vacation in GITMO. Then maybe they will realize just how good they have it here.
    As far as that fool of a Mayor Jacob Frey, what grammar school did they find him in?
    This clown could not find him way out of a paper bag.

  3. hey bill lingle!peaceful protests?60 secret service agents were hurt and 12 went to the hospital!frozen water bottles,bricks,and other projectiles were thrown at them.and were was joe! oh that’s right hiding in his cellar!the only imbecile here is you so keep watching cnn so you can become even stupider!

  4. I’m still waiting to be left speechless and shocked. All I read here is the ramblings of a blow hard wanna be tough guy quoting a has been Florida red neck politician. Was he in the bunker when he puked this irresponsible, imbecilic out or was he planning the assault on peaceful protesters exercising their constitutional rights?

  5. After they disband the police they can contract directly with the GODFATHER – he will get things done – perhaps not the way you intended but still successfully done.

  6. The Democrat Mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey claimed he sacrificed the police precinct in the name of public safety. And the captain of the Titanic ran into the iceberg to keep the passengers from getting wet.

  7. Indefinite terror and willful destruction of this country amid economic collapse from covid-19 is a local, civil rights issue? Give me a break, you are a sick person, Mr Mullins, or anti- American…

  8. hey mr mullins! go back to high school and see what the insurrection act is! used by kennedy eisenhower,and bush,and try not to be so ignorant!

  9. Say your prayers. Maybe, we will read in the papers that all the troublemakers and looters, along with their corrupt politician allies like Pelosi, CAUGHT the coronavirus with terminal results. Interesting that apparently troublemakers have time to march and loot but not any time to hold down a JOB. Goes to show that if you mention work, they will weep and they’ll wail, all they want is that check in the mail. (Would be interesting if the FBI ran the facial ID software (like Clearview AI) on crowd video, identified the troublemakers, and directed federal agencies to cut welfare, food stamps, student loans, etc.)

  10. What’s happening in the major cities is a states right issue, not a federal issue. Thus Trump has no business sticking his tyrannical nose into it. The military is for foreign invasion, not domestic problems stemming from political tyranny upon the People. That is what it is really all about, tyranny, plain & simple. When tyranny becomes law, rebellion is duty. We are in fight for the freedom of the whole world, not just the USA. If we fail, the whole world will fall into the darkest times it has ever seen.

  11. Under such circumstances Tramp had an authority to impose martial law as soon as riots started while democratic governors (and mayors) failed to stop it. He could simply replace them for treason with federal people. Nonetheless, what he did was only blah, blah, blah…

  12. Dr Fauci is brilliant and sincere. He speaks from the heart, whereby Trump speaks from his wallet.

  13. The rioters we see out there, if they were born fifty to sixty years ago would have been part of the hippy and flower child movement. These same misguided youth we see in the streets missed their vocation by being born fifty years late. Crime is crime. Wake up. Softening laws will make it safe for criminals and exposes law abiding citizens to harm and injury.

  14. if the Democrats governor or mayor can not do their job than they need to resign from their post point and simple. the police officer is under attack if they are than so go society.

  15. The abyss of pure unadulterated ignorance forthcoming from some of the responses on this page attests to the effectiveness of the “mockingbird” program initiated via the propaganda spewing Main sewer Stream fake Media over the last forty odd years…that has effectively buried common sense and brutally murdered cognition…apparently many have also been “Alinskyanized” too. The writing is on the wall in plain sight, like obscene graffiti, hence those that still swallow the BS are either dumb beyond reproach, brainwashed or complicit, as the MSM, psychopaths…

  16. MoNkEyS PhUcK’N A FOOTBALL…..rioters deserv what they get….granted there’s
    been poor anemic decision making on part of police b b but they need to protect
    themselves property and innocent…..fake gunz vs real directed belligerent behavior by dissidents profanity slander aggressiveness threats WHAT WOULD YOU DO? #1 chk who’s being paid to do this #2 use their own / family members as human shields #3 line ’em up for booster enemas n provide diapers-Depends-rubbr pants. NOW….will they negotiate? will riot’n bring back the ded? mite a town / city public form be in order….of course, gunnz rifles knives rpg’s stingr misslz C-4 bazooookaz must be turnd in upon entering building!
    Now covid…..suppose maybe the measures we initially followed WORKED! MAYBE?
    d u h so why the wimpy retreat? open fer business? awwwww its over? Where did all get their degrees in DNA neurogenics w forencic endorsemnt? It’s not hard
    to understand………dont be decieved
    I am not easily fooled
    man reaps what he sows
    G O D

  17. It is the DNC. If I were a policeman in Minneapolis I would resign. Forces ALL AROUND the nation will take them. Then let Minneapolis show us how they do with no police force. DETROIT here they come. Detroit changed from its destruction after it hit bottom and it will take decades to crawl back. All because of the Democratic Party.

  18. Riots after Dr King was murdered in DC the Federal Troops were called out to assist the D C Police by then President Johnson. A
    We were also called out when the pentagon was protested by the hippies. What is the problem with the so called Generals with Trump indicating he could send in Federal Troops

  19. Defunding the police has got to be sweet music to criminals and wannabe criminals! Nothing but a “knee” jerk reaction to unfortunate homicide of an African American Citizen of less than pristine character at the hands of a Caucasian police officer. Where is the outrage when police are murdered by criminal elements. A case of selective indignation.

  20. This site is remarkable, there appears to be about 7 or 8 real a–holes who do not even love their country. They are commie demoncrats who hate Trump, the Police, the military, all Republicans and straight thinking intelligent Americans. I pity them for their insecurities but they are getting what they deserve. If they manage to get their way dumbing down police departments what will happen to the Scotts and Roberts of the world will make them very unhappy. When they need a policeman, and they will, instead of arriving at their home or business within 2 to 3 minutes, they may have wait 30 or 40 minutes while the police officers wait for their needed backup to be available for their own safety. After all they all want to go home to their families safely and jerks like you who do not support them don’t mean squat to them and rightfully so. So, be careful what you wish for cause it could come true!

  21. Money is the root of all evil. The church loves it. There are enumerable dens of thieves, around the world. Trump loves them. They deify money, thinking money is all they need. It is like Babylon. All that happens is a Direct result of teaching lies, and seeing Christs teachings as crap, while at the same time act like they are taught, teaching nothing, looking pretty, and that is all. God in us will not care about a thing he never made. Palestinian Arabs, Somali who are Muslims, are bowing down to the same liar.

  22. Scott you r the dividers when you “RESIT” our fully elected POTUS you divided the country loosers vs winners.


  24. Scott a communist, go to China, I’m sure they’ll welcome you by putting you in a nice camp.

  25. What a great PRESIDENT we have, but to put an end to the uncivilized acts of these low class people who always look for an excuse to riot instead of the National Guard just send in the MARINES the number one thing that the MARINES are world famous for is being the BEST SHOOTERS IN THE WORLD we don’t MISS!!!! and I will never go fight for this country again if there is A DAM LYING DEMOCRAT in my WHITE HOUSE very sincerely Alan Dunn former SGT. U.S.M.C.

  26. Scott, you’re a moron. Trump is exactly right, I am a Minnesotan and the democrats like you have ruined this state. Democrats are the king of division always telling black people how you support them yet even with half black president democrats did nothing for black people. Trump has done more in 3 years than democrats in decades. All your comment does is show your ignorance.



  29. Remember when we had a day without a Mexican?
    Why don’t we have a day without
    Let’s see how that goes..then ask these idiots how
    They like it.
    We would have people defending homes and businesses
    Themselves. Protesters with guns.
    We would have a revolutionary war.
    And I think the protestors would be
    Annihilated. I know I’d fight to the death
    To keep my and mine safe.
    We have a great guiiet nation just
    Waiting watching ready to fight for their rights too.

  30. Democrats are not worth Saving, When the Guard goes in, make sure that the Democrats are out in the Streets. Then when it is all done, just dig one big hole and bury them, like New York did. No respect for the Old or the Dead.

  31. Divide and Conquer is the Communist Manifesto. Bullying exploits artificial racism, political correctness, stereotypes, gender orientation, ageism, fears. Communist China seeks to implode the United States by disease, destruction, and, deceit. The Twitter censorship, the professional looters and rioters, Biden, Democrats, Comey, Obama, Clintons, Pelosi, Schiff, Newsom are corrupted pawns, paid in untraceable benefits, by deep pockets Communist China. Stop Communist China — stand with President Trump to resurrect our nation in safety, health, and, God.

  32. janet the autopsy also said that he suffered cardiopulmaonary arrest,hypertensive heart disease,fentanyl intoxication,and recent methanphetamine use.this was other symptoms that was brought on by the compression of his neck.we all know how terrible it was and they were right to arrest the cop!

  33. Chinese Woman: Of course the Minneapolis coroner is going to point out evidence that protects Minneapolis. However, the Independent autopsy indicated (when GF couldn’t breathe) that crushing to the windpipe caused asphyxiation from sustained pressure. It wouldn’t matter if he was intoxicated. Did you even watch the video while Derek Chauvin kneed GF’s neck? It was horrifying!

  34. President Trump promptly has to within the next couple of day give an ultimatum to ALL those terrorists burning and looting businesses. He should say, “I am bringing the National Guard and Marines to ALL American cities with these terrorist”. ” I address you terrorists, lay down your weapons, stop your violence and leave at once”! “IF you don’t then the Military is sweeping in to take you out and you will have NO legal rights to sue anyone because I declare Law and Order back to America”. “After You terrorists are eliminated from our society then I will promote and support a rational and civil discourse within ALL America about race relations and work to make reconciliation between Law Enforcement and the African American Community with the rest of America”.

  35. Scott27 why do you side with the violence and lawlessness? Go out and join them. Then you might catch a bullet. The more of your kind gets offed the better for America

  36. Whatever, Dan. I prefer objective reality and truth, and you simply are not worth any more of my time.

  37. Snott27 I’m not going to defend my character to you. I don’t have to. My friends and family know me. So you have an opinion of me. So what? Opinions are like ass holes. Everyone has one. And you are one. I firmly believe that you leftists kooks are the fascists and white surpremists. Your crowd teaches minorities that they are idiots and can’t think for themselves. Remember retard joe? It’s your crowd that stirs the pot of racism.

  38. You’re not?? Then stop acting like both. But you can’t; because you are. Suing me would be a waste of money, and would be shut down in a hurry. Yeh, you possibly could kick my ass. So what does that prove? That’s hardly the measure of a true man; would only prove what a weak little person you are.

  39. Snott27 I am not a white supremacy person. Not a fascist either. But telling you this is meaningless because you were born stupid and have lost ground every day. If you stood in front of me and called me them things I would do one of two things. Kick your ass or sue you. Probably both.

  40. Dan, trump failed at being a human being decades ago and he’s never won at it. You may believe in the white supremist fascist ideology, but I don’t. You should have been born in the early 1930s Germany.

  41. Snott27 there’s a time to pray and a time for action. From your posts I believe that you want Trump to fail and the lawless antifa thugs to win. But they had better be the ones praying. Lead poisoning is pretty serious.

  42. Cgullag…. no, thankfully, not everyone is the same size. You are a very little, small and despicable creature. You are no man.

  43. As it’s been said…. when fascism comes to America it will be draped in the bible and the flag. No Dan, that church he walked to had not been burned by rioters. Truth is, he had PEACEFUL protesters gassed to clear a path for him to go get his picture taken holding a bible… a book he’s never opened. Even church leaders were horrified and angry as hell. He didn’t pray, he didn’t speak of a compassionate way forward… he got his picture taken and left. You all are such fools.

  44. When tyranny is law rebellion is duty. That is what one of our founders have taught us. The rioters are fulfilling their duty to rebel because of the tyranny of a government run amok. I hope they burn down every major city to the ground. It is time to replace our government. That can’t be done without blood shed, riots, & burning things down. Wake up from your slumber People. It is time to act on your convictions. Where are the true patriots of America? They are fighting on the streets against the tyrannical cops following the tyrannical orders of despots & tyrant politicians. Let Rome burn to ashes.

  45. James H Roberts is a whining piece of crap. And Trump walker to the church that the ass wipes set on fire. We have a real problem in America. And it isn’t Trump. It’s liberal suck asses like Roberts, and people like him. A commie crowd that isn’t good enough to kiss Trump’s ass. Read’em and weep James. From me to you. It’s retard joe hiding in the basement sniffing his fingers and jerking off.

  46. The governors daughter is complying and supporting the looters and rioters against innocent people. Are they expecting the US government to give them trillions of dollars to clean this mess?

  47. Little squatty scotty, the problem is caused by cox’s ucking leftists like yourself and little tranny yellow belly James Roberts. It’s time we use live rounds on these looting scumbags. Live rounds on all the protesters after curfew. They are all democrats so spilling their blood would improve the country and reduce problems

  48. what is the evidence that the African American gentleman was killed by the police officer? His autopsy showed that he died from heart attack and drug intoxication, not from police force. could people respect the fact, before jumping into conclusion. look at the mobs, the looter, where is the justice. who is innocent?

  49. Hays James Roberts is parts of Antifa and was a bone smoker with my brothers Obama’s Hims ands Joes tag teams mes at night while Ma Obama’s watches

  50. hey james roberts you are the idiot! it’s standard procedure to take the president down to the bunker when there’s riots.did you know that a few secret service agents were injured by the mob!screw you and the oppressed! time to start shooting these looters and’re just another pussy democrat!this president has balls unlike the last one!

  51. Trump just said the most racist remark, not the first and not the last, of his Presidency! This demented President only knows to be a bully and look like a tough guy! He’s all about images!! What I heard was during the riots the other night he hid out in a bunker in the basement of the White House! Being a chicken, afraid that he would be hurt! Someone didn’t take precautions two days ago to protect the public? Doesn’t this man know anything but shoot them, shoot all of them? Biggest dummy that occupies the White House in history!! The day Trump leaves the White House will be the start of making America great again! Leaving this make believe man in the Presidency will be the end of America as a land of the free, only the oppressed!

  52. Trump just said the most racist remark, not the first and not the last, of his Presidency! This demented President only knows to be a bully and look like a tough guy! He’s all about images!! What I heard was during the riots the other night he hid out in a bunker in the basement of the White House! Being a chicken, afraid that he would be hurt! Someone didn’t take precautions two days ago to protect the public? Doesn’t this man know anything but shoot them, shoot all of them? Biggest dummy that occupies the White House in history!! The day Trump leaves the White House will be the start of making America great again! Leaving this make believe man in the Presidency will be the end of America as a land of the free, only the oppressed!

  53. I,m locked and loaded.I will do anything and everything to protect my home and family. If don,t make it I will at least take down some with me GOD BLESS THE USA AND TRUMP

  54. The only way to prevent force such as this is to meet it with an overwhelmingly greater force. These demonstrators are a combination of paid instigators and greedy people that want to steal. One can not take the ghetto out of some people by talking nicely to them as they throw fire bombs. Most people think it’s fine to defend their own homes against such violence with whatever violence they need to muster, but will stand by and let these domestic terrorists bur their neighborhood down. A liberal is someone that has not been mugged yet and haven’t had their home burned or invaded.

  55. it is about time we had a President who stands up to the Democratic Left. President Trump is the best President in my lifetime and i am OLD and have voted for many Presidents. TRUMP 2020

  56. Renewedright your such candy asses n no balls whatsoever !! Up yours , To All protesters in ARIZONA , you’d best come with your A game TONIGHT , so please do if you so dare !!

  57. Keith Underwood: I agree that we are on the verge of civil war. I live in California and our governor has closed a Vets senior facility. He tried to give 75 million taxpayer dollars to illegals and was sued so he displaced our Vets. Pelosi won’t fund Catholic schools because they get paid tuition. Are all private schools next?? She earmarked that money to help illegals. Our governor closed 2 prisons and set free thousands of violent convicts free. Said it will save money for the state. How much will it cost to educate, provide free medical care, subsidize housing and all of the other benefits provided for illegals. I survive on social security and medicare, raised 2daughters and I was never on the state tit. We MUST get rid of these a$$ kissing Democrats who are giving away our country so they can get the votes. If it comes to civil war I can understand why and I will have my 75 year old butt on the front line.

  58. D Ann are you really Diane? I thought that you were locked up in a loony bin. Don’t forget to vote for Trump. He’s your best bet. That idiot joe doesn’t know his ass from his elbow. You don’t seem very smart. I’m just trying to give you some guidance.

  59. D Ann. Go to these riots and show your face. I hope that people will wake up and see exactly as President Trump speaks of and does care about this Country. As a Native American born and raised in this country, were gonna see many more tribes recognize the Trump Administration. Our leader in my Tribe is global. World health and trade. I would rather see our own country succeed rather that giving China or any other communist state the oppurtunity. The Democrates should just move over there! Take Hunter and his looser father with him!

  60. D Ann I suppose that you think retard joe has more brains than Trump. Lol. Go back to posting as Diane like you did before. I smell you from here.

  61. What another mess. The Democrates cash in on anything that they can do to take this country down to their level. It was good to see some good positive outlook on the small group chanting “USA” while protecting the target store from “thugs” in the Philadelphia area. Where was the news reporter’s then? This is begging to look like a civil war? The Democratic states and leaders are allowing this to happen. If we have a curfew and a pendemic, why is it that Governor Jay Inslee are not stepping up and putting this behavior to a stop? The Democrat leaders are formulating a plan. Little do they know that it will backfire. I am advocating for new leadership and many are listening. Sadly, I am a democrat but vote independent.

  62. How odd. Not one thing that has been done in this man’s name has changed the fact that he,I’m very sad to say, is still dead. Stealing a TV has no healing power. Nor does burning cars, burning buildings or scaring the innocent. When you sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind. Go home and if you are truly sad for what happened, reflect on what you can do to change things, where did as a society fail and how can we fix it using law, order and concern for our neighbors and all those being victimized by something they had nothing to do with. I live in California, was no where near the scene of the crime and yet I am afraid to leave my house. What a tragic situation.

  63. Jim, You talk just like a complete idiot. You are talking just like Trump. No brains I guess…🤯

  64. Bama Bill the looters are committing violent felonies by fire bombing buildings and vehicles. They are looting and burning. Same people. Same difference. I worked hard for what I got, and I’ll never stand by and be victimized because of some dumb ass cop murdering a man. The looters and “protesters “ had better get after the right ones. Most police officers are good people. And so is a lot of the protesters. But for the ones committing destruction, lock and load.

  65. American citizens wake up, we must cooperate with the police force and local government to protect the assets and lives of all honest citizens.
    It is necessary to eradicate criminals who loot people’s property to endanger people’s lives and national security.

  66. American citizens wake up, we must cooperate with the police force and local government to protect the assets and lives of all honest citizens.
    It is necessary to eradicate criminals who loot people’s property to endanger people’s lives and national security.

  67. You just shoot looters with rock salt loaded shotguns. Not very dangerous, but sure as burns like hell! Let them go soak their ass in the creek, it gets worse! Very easy to sort out the loots at the hospital. The looters are the ones that started shooting at police. Those can be shot and killed. You shoot at a policeman, you are now able to be shot and killed. Any stupid person that will loot a store when armed, and shoot at police, is “Fair Game”. You come try to loot my home, you will be shot! Killed if necessary, but shot.

  68. T I knew that you commiecrats would try to hang this on Trump. The looters and burners should be shot. They are cowards and criminals. All of this could have been avoided. Trump didn’t cause that ass hole cop to kill that man. And he was fired and charged quickly.

  69. These are not protesters. These are rioters, thugs and thieves, taking advantage of a situation for personal gain.
    This is what happens when elected officials fail to do their jobs. They are incompetent political hacks who have no sense of the responsibilities of the office they inherit when they are elected. When things go right, they grab the camera time to take all the credit. When things go wrong, they start blaming everybody else for their lack of performance.
    Leaders fix problems. Failures fix blame. Partisans encourage the kinds of toxic behavior that we now see in the public domain. Thieves beating business owners with clubs because elected officials tell the cops to stand down. That is life in the Marxist state.
    It’s time for voters to stand up, recognize their failed performance, and start putting people into office who will live up to their responsibilities. Clean the house of these public failures and put in people who will perform. Pandering to partisan groups is not the answer. Encouraging people to take pride in their American heritage and leading them forward is the kind of leadership we need to put into office. That is how we Keep America Great. That is when people march with pride, no longer in protest.

  70. Who Cares , its a BLUE state, let them burn it to the ground, along with NY, LA and SF

  71. I love how you all are “standing with law enforcement” quick change of tune from a few weeks ago when armed people were storming capitol buildings and screaming at and threatening police.

    Trump once again had a chance to stop things before they got out of hand and instead he chose to threaten people once again instead. People want change because there was once again a poor response to an act that shouldn’t have happened to begin with. Sure there’s some bad people taking advantage of it, and I understand that people can’t be allowed to loot buildings and destory property. However those people taking advantage of the situation are only doing so because they were given the opportunity to begin with. Had trump and the states leadership stepped up to begin with, fired these monsters, and charged them with murder as they should be, making an example of them this this is unacceptable, with trumps support then its possible we wouldn’t be here right now.

    Trump has spent almost 4 years trying to play both sides to complete and utter failure. As soon as you claim there’s good people on the bad side instead of just singling out the bad individuals you make it look like you’re on the side of the bad guys, trump has done this repeatedly, I’m not sure if it’s because he’s just a fool, because he is actually a racist and doesn’t want to anger his base which includes alot of racist folks (don’t even try to pretend there isn’t, if you believe that you just keep your ears and eyes closed all the time), or a combination of the two… I’m guess in the latter.

  72. Pres. Trump wants to restore order and establish justice ASAP..
    That is how I took His tweet. The longer this goes on, the more dangerous it becomes. He is willing to offer whatever help is needed to
    do so. We need to support him any way we can, and especially thru
    Thanks To Gov Tim Walz and all others working to stop this. God bless
    And guide you as well and all our authorities. And bless the innocent with
    safety and protection. Certainly sympathies to all who lost loved ones.
    I pray the anger and hostility will stop!!

  73. Pres. Trump wants to restore order and establish justice ASAP..
    That is how I took His tweet. The longer this goes on, the more dangerous it becomes. He is willing to offer whatever help is needed to
    do so. We need to support him any way we can, and especially thru
    Thanks To Gov Tim Walz and all others working to stop this. God bless
    And guide you as well and all our authorities. And bless the innocent with
    safety and protection. Certainly sympathies to all who lost loved ones.
    I pray the anger and hostility will at


  75. I suspect that there are some very big names behind the riots. These are the real agitators who are supporting this chaos in the cities.

  76. It is time for all citizens to stand up and cooperate with law enforcement to protect property in our neighborhoods and surrounding areas. While the government was under political pressure from the opposition group deliberately caused chaos from time to time in this country. Time to wake up & cleanup America for our future.

  77. Robert F we aren’t interested in killing people. But we intend to survive. I’m taking about defending ourselves and property. The people that are being looted and burned out didn’t put their knees on a man’s neck and kill him. You’re the one that needs to get out of our country ASS HOLE!!! And when people go to vote, remember who wants us disarmed and helpless. Not on my watch. Lock and load!!!!

  78. I really believe that Scott is truly with that Antifa Terrorist Tribe of snakes. It’s not Trumps fault. But I do agree with President Trump with telling them to bring in the National Guard to take and shoot the looters and take control over the George Soros, Hillary Clinton & Elizabeth Warren financially backed Domestic Terrorist that they are

  79. You right wing idiots that talk of killing are disgusting; plain and simple. Get out of my country. You don’t belong here. Pure disgust.

  80. We know that the FBI and CIA are deep state, but could they at least take out Sorazz and his vermin kids? Then, go after the antifa slugs.

  81. Ilhan Omar and George Soros are behind of all those Minnesota criminals looters,if you see then coming to your home shoot it in the head…have no mercy with those criminals,I have my AK47 with a 1000 rounds ready for them.

  82. Trump gave the thugs an ultimatum. Here’s one that they need to be given. 30 seconds to stand down and leave or be shot like rabid dogs.

  83. Having lived through the Watts Riots – from a “vantage point” close enough that rioting in our neighborhood was a real possibility, the LA Riots of ’92, from a similar “vantage point”, and seeing what is happening today in too many cities across the nation I can state with conviction that it is going to take Declarations of Martial Law to restore order.
    You have groups of organized criminals that are taking advantage of well intentioned peaceful protests as an excuse for Anarchism and Looting. As part of the Martial Law efforts it will require the shutting down of portions of the cell phone system in the affected areas as the thugs and anarchists are using their phones as a key method of communication to co-ordinate efforts to avoid the cops and loot areas where there is no police presence.

  84. To end the violent riot in Minnenapolis, the National Guard has to be sent in . When that is done. Issue one, and only one order saying…. Disperse and restore order or, you will be fired on to kill.

  85. BAHAHAHA BLAME TRUMP BAHAHAHA YA IDIOTS. Democrat leaders are the ones to blame & I’m glad I didn’t go through here cuz I would be hurting or killing me some looters. BTW, Muslim ban was ILLEGALLY lifted because Muslims were already in Democrat’s office & IT WILL GET PUT BACK ON !!!

  86. Shoot first, rubber bullets first, and if they don’t do the trick, switch over to the real stuff. People WILL retreat.

  87. I agree with Raymond, but the country’s Constitutional Rights are off balance. American lawyers and our Justice System was slowing drained and robbed of life under Barack Obama and this crew of misfits. Now they want to play the blame game, it’s all Trumps fault as usual…

  88. Get tough with those punks of destruction and be sure to put them all in the same cell. Let #19 take care of them.

  89. For those of you that don’t like Trump, you just have to wait 4 years and he will be done (unless he pulls a Putin and makes himself president for ever)! AMEN to that.

  90. Get the local Chamber of Commerce’s lawyer to file a “writ of mandamus” which encourages
    Mayors and Police to “protect and serve” (as they are sworn in to do) We the People and our property. If they don’t, they become liable for lawful suits for damages of all sorts. Most municipalities will then “do their freaking duty,” and start arresting the thugs doing the rioting.

  91. Those apprehended and charged must receive the full extent of their charges. Sentences should be so severe that it will serve as a deterrent to the kind of behaviour on display.

  92. Armed Militiamen
    Station on rooftops.
    First looter or violent thug is shot.
    Shoot to kill.
    No prisoners

  93. I am a Vietnam vet in my 70’s. I killed people in Vietnam who didn’t deserve to die. There is a civil war taking place on the streets of America. Fortunately, I am an Expat living abroad. I have a gun safe in my home in America well stocked. My life would have been well spent if I could take 10 or 20 of these rioting thugs with me when I depart this earth. Now is the time for citizens to take up arms again and fight the organized thugs in the streets. The infected herd needs to be culled.


  95. Scott you’re an asshole you drink the Kool-Aid you need a glass stomach so you can see where you’re going

  96. I like people like Scott (if that’s his real name) that lays all the blame on President Trump.

    scott make a worm look like a 280 IQ genius.

  97. I knew when I saw the police backing up with their bicycles that they were in trouble and it was going to get out of control. Can’t believe these city mayors and state governors are letting these thugs have their way. Quit pussy footin’ around and take care of business you idiots!. Is this the kinda of country we want to live in??

  98. Folks who wish to know who is supporting this destruction. Iui t is soros and his NAZI PAID THUGS.SHOOT THEM ALL PLUS SOROS AND HIS FAMILY.IT IS TIME

  99. Soros and ANTIFA and Black Lives Matters is having a field day in Minneapolis because the Governor and Mayor will not do anything. I foresee bloodshed coming

  100. This crap is being pushed by folks like Teigen, Obama, Soros and many others who will not be down there in the streets with the rioters! They are paid to do this so, the folks mentioned above stay in their big glass houses and antagonize the little guys to riot and burn their neighborhoods. People are stupid and drink the koolaid. Be careful because what you wish for is really not what you want.

  101. Barry O and Ol George are sittin in the mansion, watchin CNN laughin their evil as*es off! The plan is workin!!!

  102. President has called Antifa and other similar orgs as TERRORIST. LOCK N LOAD. PUT ALL TERRORISTS in GITMO with life sentences.

    This is serious stuff. No more playground BS


  103. These are the kind of decisions you
    make when you are a leader and have

  104. Locked and loaded. Please let’s all go shooting. Shoot every dem and every looter. Trump forever!

  105. To Dan; 👍 They talk the talk, let’s see if they can walk the walk. They talk about militias, they should be careful…

  106. To Dan; 👍 They talk the talk, but can they walk the walk. These idiots talk about militias, their fixing to get a up and close personal look…

  107. Here we are. The civil war that has been posted about on this site has arrived. Innocent people that had nothing to do with what that idiot cop did are being attacked. Lock and load people. Let’s win this one. The police and National Guard can’t help you. I sympathize with the cause but not mob rule by antifa thugs. We either stand up now and put a stop to this crap, or they will bully us forever. And I’m having none of that.

  108. If it wasn’t for police saboteurs starting the destruction to private property there would not have been any looting. They know mob mentality & are taking advantage of it to bring about legitimate reasons to implement martial law. They create the problem to get the desired result so they can exercise their pre-planned solution to “restore order”.

  109. You know the thugs are being paid by Soro’s . That family needs to be declared domestic terrorist

  110. Scott you’re a damned liar. Trump never encouraged violence against blacks. But the loot and burn thugs deserve to be shot in the streets. Black or white.

  111. Start with George Soros if you want to know who funds these idiot’s. Of course the liberal left pussy’s love the looser

  112. These problems are caused by Donald. He encouraged the ill treatment by officers to African Americans as he continues to encourage it by threatening force against them. It is not right to loot, pillage and damage property but measures can be made without resorting to violence.

  113. Who’s paying for the rioting WAKE UP it’s the Democrats and Coros .The majority of the rioters could care less about the gentleman the was killed,and yes they are dishonoring his memory.

  114. Democrats didn’t do a darn thing to stop the rioting. That’s what you get when you vote for any Democrat.

  115. Where we go folks, thugs burning the America flag in the middle of the street. These parasites think they have it bad here, in China you would mysteriously disappear…

  116. these are not protesters they are terrorists and looters and should be treated as such I don’t care what race you are wrong is wrong the cop that killed will pay the price these people did not even know the man so what is their reason for the violence and destruction of even black peoples property why

  117. This is terrorist`s act has been financed by someone and i hope we will know who was in charge for !

  118. A shame we cant out the instigators of the “riots”, then follow the money backwards. Be some familiar names!!!

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