Tucker Carlson stunned viewers into silence when he offered this apology

The Left targeted Tucker Carlson for destruction from the moment his show became a smash hit.

And they thought they finally nailed him after one big controversy.

But then Tucker Carlson went on air and stunned his viewers into silence when he offered this apology.

Tucker Carlson pointedly has refused to apologize for comments the Left claimed were “racist” or anti-woman.

Carlson won’t give in to the PC mob.

But he did apologize for one set of comments he made on his show mocking former Vice President Joe Biden for giving women “Eskimo kisses” or gripping their shoulders when he met them.

Carlson claimed the Left wanted to impose a “PC hell” and he was wrong for joining in on shaming Biden for his conduct.

The Daily Caller reports:

“We want to begin tonight’s show with an apology,” Carlson began…

…There is something sad—pathetic, really—about watching a 76-year-old man apologizing for not understanding ‘selfie culture.’ You hope your own golden years would be more dignified than that. But the politicians have no choice, they drove him to it. And so did we. That is the point of the apology,” Carlson said.

“When the story first broke—passing out Eskimo kisses and sniffing other people’s hair—it was irresistible and you could not not laugh at it. And we did. We mocked Joe Biden as an impulsive hugger; a cuddler run amok. And it was too amusing. What we should have said every bit as loudly, and we apologize for not saying, is that hugging is not sexual assault.”

“Eskimo kisses are not rape,” Carlson continued. “That used to be obvious, but it’s not obvious anymore. And so we are sorry for blurring the distinction between human affection and, of course, immoral behavior. The last thing this country needs is more people that think they are assaulted because a senior citizen hugs them wrong. So we apologize for adding to that nonsense; that anti-human hysteria.”

The irony of this scandal is Biden received more defense on Fox News than he did on MSNBC or CNN.

Liberals can’t wait to throw him overboard because he is competing against the “shiny new toys” in the Democrat presidential primary field.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Hi simon, thnx for comm. FOX Has Been
    Infiltrated ! & Tucker IS PAID by (New)FOX.
    He really IS ‘sneaky’ W/ a Guise. Beware.
    Pirro IS Awesome & Strong. ( & recently suffered
    a ‘slap down’. I Do Notview Tv ‘stuff’ – Soo
    i don;t know where she’s ‘AT’ right now in comm’s.
    Mostly i ‘catch’ news/audio on ‘other sites, sometimes
    censored by(google/chrome). 0lder browers HAHA, Work
    Better. God bless. Save USA. Support POTUS.

  2. Nobody bought Tucker Carlson , he is libertarian and as such expressing view of that unpopular group , who pretend to be republican ally , but almost always vote democratic . They want drugs available , isolationistic society , foreign policy based on old believes that USA should exist like there’s no other world in existence and it cannot affect us in any way. It of course idiotic and unrealistic , but they determined to be stupid , heck with them . I don’t watch his show , because I’m disagree with their views , I support real conservatives like Hannity , Pirro and others.

  3. Tucker is a bought ;out fool believe him
    if you want. (most of the time) He IS PAID opposition
    under a\forthright guise.
    Biden IS PEDO> NO EXCUSEs. TOO Many vids w/ 0pen
    ‘sniffing’ of female CHILDREN. & ‘that’s How ‘sickos’
    DO IT. In the 0pen. Wise up folks – Many Have.

  4. Funny how you rip Hannity, Tucker, Fox- but you can’t turn it off, can you, you MFing hypocrite??!!

  5. Why would we want someone who’s only agenda is to undo what President Trump has done for this country. Why would we want someone who when in office as Vise President did nothing but molest women. Did not do anything but carry the Vise President name.

  6. Sloppy Joe Bite me would love to turn back the clock to the Obama years you know hate white males,hate the cops,and kiss ass to foreign leaders that hate our guts.

  7. Biden Is A Joke !
    A Congressman That Has Accomplished NOTHING In His Entire Career In Government…
    Worthless Sleepy Joe Is An Excellent Description…
    And Yes He Is A Womanizer, Just Interview His Wife 🙂 LMAO !

  8. Shirley, that’s impossible because Obama could never be prez again. Biden is a candidate for the cemetery, so Big O being the VP would be the prez. No can do. Thank God.

  9. Hey, that’s a great idea, a class action suit against FB! I think all conservatives who have been banned by FB as well as twitter should ban together! No pun intended! That might work!

  10. Just to set the record straight, Tucker doesn’t have to try and get ratings, he gets very high rating without even trying! You Dems can’t stand it because CNN, MSNBC, ABC and CBS, all the fake news is in the dumps! They can’t beat FOX news ever!

  11. What happened to you is wrong! You are entitled to due process! You should sue FB and we need to file a class action suit against FB!

  12. Old Squinty Tucker is always getting hysterical over nothing, he was a reasonable person on Crossfire years ago but on Fox News he has to go crazy to try to get ratings. There are so many rednecks watching he will do O.K. but please how do even conservatives handle Laura Ingraham, with her insulting, yelling, sarcastic lies and insults that never end.

  13. LOL. Tucker Carlson is all right. Yes he makes a lot of stupid blunders. But, he also slams little dee trump when called for. So good on him.

  14. Oh shut up with the holier than thou BS!

    He was wrong for even trying to play the Dhimmicrat game and he admitted it. Biden is creepy and corrupt, but the things they’re deriding him for are not the crimes they’re claiming that they are.

  15. Age has caught up with Biden and Pelosi. Not their fault,but should’t run for president. They both could be elected to be a leader. They both could lead the group of people they should live with in a Home! Their behavior will get worse and they won’t be doing any leading anymore. Sad fact but some people run into this as they get older. Biden and Pelosi’s children should be getting a Home ready,and not run for president.It is just a fact of life that both of them are fighting.Even if they were normal today,each would be terrible presidents!

  16. If he Biden ran and won Obama would be his VP and you know who would be running the Country – not Biden!!!!

  17. If anyone sees comments by a sub-human who calls him/herself “Betty” ignore that person and don’t answer those left wing tweets. That so called person rants and raves with his/her continual anti-Trump s*** as she is a jealous and sore looser as Hillary is.

  18. I just got banned for 30 days. Someone put a video saying secret service showed up at her door. Her comment was to assassinate President Trump. I made several comments did not make threats or advocate for any harm. Called the woman white trash and now I am banned. Something has got to be done. I say Zukerberg wants to censor free speech then we need to censor him. Just came off from being banned for 7 days for making my opinion but no threats or advocate for violence

  19. Biden is a senile lying Democrat who will try to resurrect the failed policies of Obama. and no I don’t apologize for this now or ever!

  20. I’m surprised no one has mentioned one of the creepy things “caring” Joe does. After the “hand roaming” he usually adds a whisper in the child’s ear as though he’s telling them a secret. Does anyone know what he actually says to them or does he just like blowing in their ear? Gagging!

  21. To you Me To, I myself have never seen any pictures either. Therefore, I also will be looking things up. I am so glad that st this time in America I do not have a son in high school or college. It seems no matter what they say or don’t say do or don’t do the girls accuse Thom of whatever titckles their fancy at that time. I myself am a hugger. But have to catch myself now days. What a shame. Remember all in California if you miss gender someone, you could find yourself in jail. What a wonderful world we live in. NOT!!!!!

  22. Joe Biden made fun about the accusations against him by asking the permission of a female child to put his hands on her shoulders. The fact is: Joe, you should have asked the parents’ permission to do that. Pedophiles use their influence over young children to grope , touch, kiss, whatever gross behavior that they inflict against these children who are afraid to say that they are uncomfortable being touched.

  23. Sorry folks (but not really),
    Tuck/schmuck.bought & Sold,
    bottom Line & he knows it.
    AM True Patriot. Not’fooled’.
    By ‘backtrak/twist.
    > Go Ahead – ‘hit me’. You’ll SEE
    when the Time is Rite ( for you).
    > ‘pretty lie twist, backtrak, & W/ Truth.
    Sooner the Better, You SEE. Pick your ‘cherries’.

    ‘the Connections’.
    trump ‘kids’ got some, as well.
    on & on.
    0BVIOUS. (for those that ;know’)
    ANY OTHER COUNTRY = dead man & he
    Soros ‘Knows it’. that’s all.

  25. You’re Rite JoJog. & the women ‘squealed’ In Delight.
    IF he, djt Did, they “LET” him.
    0h yes, the Billionaire. ___

  26. Trump NOT ‘grabbing’ puss in WH. 0k?
    Well — what up W/ KellyAnne? hmmm
    probably Not.
    FYI: NOT ALL potus grab pusse’ in WH
    EXCEPTION: Roosevelt/ JFK/ Johnson/Clinton
    obomba(man pusse’). GWB DID NOT ! ( Laura
    Way toooo Close- LOL ) Correct me, if you will.

  27. Sometimes Necessary< To CALL 0ut
    'The warped'.
    TURN CHEEK TOO MUCH, & Then, 'smacked 0FF'.
    Capish, no?

  28. Please REMEMBER, the ‘infamous’ vid. ie
    Jeff Sessions ‘smack DOWN< of bidens' Hand,
    When about to 'touch his (Sessions) GrandDaughter.
    C-Span i think.

  29. We shouldn’t be apologizing to any Demirat who tried to enforce a revolutionary hand and led a coup d’etat to overthrow President Trump. In fact we should be urging patriots and Sanderites to murde-e-e-r-r-r as many as them as possible in the shortest time possible. Maybe Trump will initiate Nights of the Long Knives now that he has fired HS and the head of the Secret Service. Purge is GOOD!

  30. Secret service agent for obama stated that they wanted him biden in therpy.for being touchy feely.the man is a sicko.i agree w.darren. u cant have this person in the white house to lead us.

  31. And you are living on George Soros coattails with your Trump Derangement Mental Illness. Tucker Carlson is more of a man then you name calling people! Wayne, and Tim both show they have nothing to back them up but name calling and false accusation. Wmihich is sad because I don’t believe they even know they are so Bias they think they are open minded when they are actually closed to the truth.

  32. Get real. First of all Trump didn’t say he wanted to touch a woman’s vagina, he said he could. And everyone knows that if a man is rich there are lots of beautiful women who will let it happen or even instigate it(whether the guy is ugly as homemade sin or not). Those same women wouldn’t give a poor or middle class man the time of day. It’s the same with some men going after rich women. So if you are going to say something, then say it properly.

  33. I know the SOB is muslim,( I hate him) but in this one video he didn’t directly say he was, but there is one that he did.I is one that he was talking about his kids.

  34. Here is the deal and I posted this as well. I understand what Trucker is thinking here a little , but I would not apologize to Biden on the following. There are many videos that have children in them, one little girl maybe 10 years old who Biden’s hand slipped and touched her undeveloped breast. You can see the girl flinch and pull away . It is a known fact that Biden is a pedo, and like Kelly Ann said, there is more than enough footage to choose from. Even his own party whom he took family photo’s with will tell you they do everything to keep their grandchildren away from Biden. FOX refused to show these clips but chose only to use footage of women who are full grown adults. Reports from the insiders state, Biden would be naked around his security which made the female staff uncomfortable. Claims from others that he has stated he must ” Choke the Chicken ” before he can be around children, and of course the improper hand movement when taking photo’s. It is not just sniffing hair here. The name ” Creepy Joe ” fits don’t ya think?

  35. Pam, please look up BHO Jr’s Catholic school registration, in Indonesia, says, religion Islam. There is also a video where, in every sentence, he states he is Muslim

  36. that’s what my mom taught us. it was hard to grow up with this philosophy as if we were over heard saying any silly thing we’d get called out for it and dealt with the punishment my mom thought at the time to be appropriate. augh the days when children were taught right from wrong and not over indulged and led to the society we have today.

  37. I’ve never heard of any pictures of uncle joe touching children inappropriately. I will go search for some. I do want to say I think it’s a sad situation (in that we can’t hug a person or show some small, appropriate sign of affection/kindness to another human without it being called out as sexual misconduct) that the left has created. I feel sorry for joe biden if his intentions where just admiration for someone that he felt needed to be show that were thought of fondly at the moment. However, since he is of the people who created this awful atmosphere of everything is wrong and can be construed as a sexual misconduct, then he does deserve what he gets. We would all do well to remember what goes around comes around. Does anyone think the far left will ever get that concept? I think some level headed moderate dems might, BUT, is it too late for them?

  38. No, Tucker, “Eskimo kisses” are not “rape”. However, his fondling and pawing of CHILDREN most certainly is PEDOPHELIA and that transcends “rape”. Photos abound of him fondling and pawing children and THAT is infinitely worse than his “Eskimo kisses”. By the way, if any Republican did what Biden does, they would be publically crucified and filleted. Tucker, you did NOTHING wrong except apologize to the freaking communist left. Stop it. Keep reporting the truth and tell the left to take a flying leap at a rolling doughnut!

  39. Time for everyone to grow up and go and watch “Babi” agin. Then really listen to what Thumper says.
    “If you can’t say something nice don’t say anthing at all”

  40. What he says and does are 2 different things. Besides I’ve always found it difficult to grab the body part referencesed. Besides I don’t see it as gratifying,

  41. To Eric. key word: they “LET” him. &
    thought it was ‘coolio’ From a BILLIONAIRE.
    & NOT IN 0FFICE. BIG Diff. Got that ?

  42. Butchy ( the one i know) that inks
    in All CAPS) If So, Tucker SAID IT.
    I DID NOT. Don’t ‘kill the Messenger’.
    I think you are ‘another’ ‘butchy’.
    3 min clip on Fox. Listen up. WHY DID
    Tucker Say ‘that’. Lots of ‘buzz’ on net
    regarding his ‘spiel’. Get Wise.

  43. All the Presidents that have grabbed pu@@y while actually in the white house over the years and this is an issue for you now ……….of course….. Orange man bad.. what do you think Jim?? Yes Orange man very bad…..
    Women have always thrown themselves at rich, famous and powerful men…

  44. Wayne President Trump has done more for our country and its citizens than the last ten presidents put to gather. You are ignorant enough to believe the lying media.

  45. Pam,Eric has had a lot of licker room talk with guys.but believe me they were talking about grabbing something else believe that

  46. Sorry, freed PC speech….. me and a whole lot of other people on this site know that your opinions are based strictly on hating Trump. What was said between Bush and Trump was nothing more than common locker room banter that most any guy that has ever been in a locker room engages in and you’re probably no exception. There were no pussies grabbed the day those two were talking. The same can’t be said about Clinton’ dalliances in the oval office with ML. Why I’m even mentioning this to a close-minded, liberal, biased democrap is beyond me but there you have it.

  47. The little trump weasle has never done anything one way or another,he’s just living on scump bag trumps coat tail

  48. Betty, if President Trump is a worthless worm and has done so many unselfish random acts of kindness, what does it take to be a good person in your opinion? What do you call people who really are bad.

  49. Eric, unless you’re completely innocent and have never had any locker room talk with the guys you shouldn’t pass judgement. I have heard women say worse than President Trump. Why is it when people don’t care for whoever may be our President they turn into the mean girls in high school. Yes I am saying you’re acting like the mean girls in high school. Plus he said they will let famous men do what they want. I could never stand Obama, but atleast I didn’t take his words and change them to what I wish he really said, like when people were saying Obama said he was a muslim when what he said is he has muslims in his family. Bill Clinton did far worse, why not bring him up? Donald Trump was just a man talking it up like many guys do. Bill Clinton on the other hand was POTUS with a young intern under his desk. You tell me who did worse, then we could go into what Hillary did to Bills victims. Donald Trump has done more good than so many others, talk is talk, but actions speaks volumes.

  50. Mort Snerd….you might want to consider watching Fox News……back in the mid 90’s I lived in Minneapolis and watched CNN…I really only watched Cross Fire…with Tucker Carlson and Bill Press…..I was facinated watching an older guy and this brilliant young guy discuss/ argue about politics, and I was hooked, and my eldest son asked me why was I watching CNN and not FOX News.??? So, since then, I watch Fox and he married and became rather liberal…..but, Tucker Carlson is one of the only guys I will listen to as well as Mark Levin and I love the Canadien, Mark Steyn…..I have watched the other networks and I can’t believe how they present the news or the snarky way they have about discussing it……..(I watched Peter Jennings on ABC for years…..and watched Fox after that as I think they have the most balanced news…. For the most part……I LOVE RUSH…..BEST…cm
    I Check them out !!! CM
    So, open up and believe me….they are the real deal !!!

  51. Tucker = UNFORGIVEABLE (the other nite)
    SAYING”: maybe DJT doesn’t want to be Pres.
    Many SEE that as a ‘warning’. & ‘Power of
    > Tuck is ‘schmuck’. So they say. Left Loves.

  52. There you have it an absolutely perfect example of delusion. Two years of CNN and MSNBC telling people about Russian collusion. How did that turn out?? Looks the far right got it right!! How can that be??

  53. Typical Democrat. Call names but has nothing else to add. Cannot discuss issues because the Democrats offer nothing for Americans. Sad!!

  54. Spoken like a true shyster. It never ceases to amaze me how the left accuses the right of doing what THEY are so guilty of.

  55. Frank: I suppose I should turn to fake news CNN and MSNBC for truth?? Are you really that delusional? How many stories have they had to retract as opposed to Fox?

  56. Frankly I don’t see any reason for him to apologize when he was stating a true fact Joe Biden is a sexual predator, noting more nothing less, ask his secret service (female) agents why he would go swimming in the buff and expect them to watch him, explain that one uncle joe.

  57. So I guess the point is that we should not be concerned because the old fart Donald Trump wants to grab pu@@y.

  58. Spoken like someone that only listens to people that reinforce your views and your opinions which, of course, are the views and opinions that you form by listening to reporters and hosts on FoxNews. If you ever consider trying to become both open minded and enlightened I suggest you regularly rotate your viewing choices between FoxNews, MSNBC, and CNN. You might be surprised to learn there are some very smart, intelligent, and honest voices on these other channels that go to great lengths to seek and report the truth unencumbered by network bosses and higher ups who are beholden to others. In particular, 2 FoxNews hosts; Sean Hanitty and Laura Ingram are so locked into their extreme far right views it is unlikely either have ever looked beyond their their own incredible bias and self image which, in and of itself is painful to watch, but clearly also distorts even further, what might in more capable hands be seen remarkably as truthful and honest reporting with no axe’s to grind. To be well informed it is always advisable to listen to multiple views, study each and make up your own mind what to believe. The watchwords in following this path is to really listen, and to really study, and to be certain that you’ve based what comes out at the other end is as carefully thought-out as you are capable of. You’ll be the better person for it.

  59. If you want Truth, cross d. trump off the list too. The only “truth”? that White House WORTHLESS WORM knows is the “ Truth” created by him in his Sick Mind.

  60. I personally am glad Carlson stepped forward. Although “Old Joe” created many a faux paux he was never mean or spiteful. Angry, yes, when he felt put upon or the occasional defense of another. And yes there were many times which I disagreed with his policies but rarely with the man. Sad, but he is one of the very few left in the Democratic party to act honorably without rancor. I have watched young couples either marrried or on a date feverishly texting or talking on their cell phones while ignoring the person they were with. The more we as a society become electronically connected the further we shrink from physical contact and the ability to interact with one another. It is so sad to observe the disintegration of our society.

  61. If it’s truth you want best cross Fox News off your list; you’ll find precious little of it there.

  62. I think it was great that Tucker apologized although I didn’t see anything wrong with what he had said. I admire Tucker for being totally honest during all of his shows. He tells it like it is and that’s what the left hate so much. How can they bad-mouth him when he says the truth – how dare him, LOL. Keep up the great work Tucker. We look forward to watching your show.

  63. Now if we could only get the media to tell the truth on air, and in the written word. What a concept.

  64. But the truth can hurt someones feelings? This Country can’t handle the truth! (A few good men) Government knows WE can’t handle the truth. The Warren Commission, there are still files from the JFK assassination that won’t be unsealed until 2029. Why? Because WE can’t handle the truth. There are many that want/wish/have removed statues/pictures/plaques of those of this countries history, even one of the most brilliant in this entire countries history, Thomas Jefferson. Why? Because some can’t handle the truth. Some can’t handle this countries past history so they wish to re-write it to fit their lives which they feel is right? Well, lets all cave in and allow them to do just that. You remove history you forget history, you forget history, you’ll repeat history. Remember that!

  65. Way to go Tucker. You are a Real True and Honorable MAN. And it wasn’t an accident that I capitalized MAN either. People today are so filled with HATE that they swarm to the first thing that just anyone at the drop of a hat intimates might possibly be a scandal.
    They pounce on it like a bunch of vultures without even thinking for themselves what might be a reasonable explanation. NO, we no longer have reporters today. They are HATE MONGERS TRYING TO STIR UP UNREST SO THEY CAN CONVINCE THE UNINFORMED THAT THEY
    ANYWAY BACK TO OUR MAN TUCKER. No one likes YOU because YOU tell the truth and tell it the way it is and the Dems and the “TURN COAT” REPUBLICANS” can’t handle it because they know what WHAT YOU say “hits the nail on the head” they know YOUR right.

  66. I have an announcement to make. I should apologize for telling the truth. My bad!

    Trump 2020!

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