This 200+ year-old statue is radical leftists’ new target

After the events in Charlottesville, Baltimore city officials tried to appease the demands of Antifa and others by removing Confederate monuments in the middle of the night.

Now, radical leftists smell blood in the water.



  1. The statues are a part of our history, some to remind us what not to ever do again. The left is looking at this all wrong, they are a reminder of what we did right and wrong so we don’t repeat them.

    • The statues are part of the DEM history. That is why they want them gone. They want to white wash their part in this history. That is why they are trying ever way to tie the KKK to the REP. Read history and find that KKK was the Brown Shirts for the DEM. in the south.

  2. I support the truth of D o n a l d B r e a u x ‘a comment that you would not let him comment on.

    Re his comment:
    Well Renewed Right. Com You came out with “Slow Down You’re Commenting Too Fast??? No You Did Not Like what I had To Say! So I’ll Place It Here Where The Whole World Can See It! Wake Up Fools! Fact Is We Are All Slaves Including The People Who Are Represented By Their Statues You Want To Tear Down!Think About Who Is Profiting From All Of The Wars Including The Civil War?It Is The Bankers All Of Our Slave Masters Including You! These Slave Masters Are The Very Ones Who Are Hiring And Paying YOU To Do Their Bidding For THEM! They Are Laughing Right In Your Faces Because You Are Such Fools! Wake Up And Turn The Tables On Them, Your Real Slave Masters!


  4. It is the same thing Hitler did in Nazi Germany with burning books. But this time it is mentally unstable Americans, who are doing the same thing, trying to erase history just because they don’t like something. All nations have a past they may not like, but they must LEARN from it, not erase it. They are poor misguided people who are probably brain-damaged by drugs and lies from the Left. They don’t care about America and what repercussions will come from this. The law needs to step up and stop vandalism by anyone who does it. On all sides of hatred. America WILL ENDURE regardless of the jerks who are causing anti-American sentiment.

  5. The destruction of this age-old monument is proof; the more these weak-kneed politicos kowtow to this horde of thugs in the guise of protesters; their demands will without doubt increase. Pandering to these anarchical, minion thugs, aspirant Bolsheviks will be the death-knell of this Republic. This malignancy is in a feeding-frenzy with an insatiable appetite for destruction. Moreover, the man they loathe, President Trump and every day Patriots are this Republic’s saving grace.

    Unfortunately, those of a subversive bent embedded within our government and its agencies are leading the charge against the nation.
    It is they and others contributing and sponsoring these divisive anti-Democratic anti-American manifestation. Until indicted for treason is brought upon these subversives, their backers, and the embedded seditionists, this menace will continue its objective, America’s downfall.

  6. This is what happens when policing authorities don’t do their job. Whoever told them to stand down and let these thugs commit such violent acts, ought to have to go to jail or be fired for failing to do their duty. You can’t please a bunch of uneducated thugs who can’t even write a complete sentence. Lock them up like we do here in Texas!

    • Sorry, Columbus was Italian but Queen Isabella of Spain sponsored his trip to the New World. I don’t understand what crime he committed. Did he have slaves (which was an accepted practice in the 1400’s)? But as time has evolved we have learned what an evil slavery was and we have done away with it. I was involved in the civil rights movement through my church in the 60’s and 70’s and this current turmoil breaks my heart! When is it going to stop???

  7. These DEM-LEFTIES are nothing but trash. They are doing what ever they can to ruin our country. If they are so unhappy why don’t they go somewhere and start their own country. I am quite sure Iran will take them in. What they are really showing is they learned NOTHING in school and what our country is about and where it started from and has moved up to. They are nothing but TRASH and should be put out with the garbage.

  8. This seems to have started with flags. When will the Democratic leadership finally say enough is enough? The ballot box will be the site of another revolt.

  9. We have people who identify as “black” who were NEVER slaves, but are ranting against those who appear white, but were NEVER Nazis (or Fascists), and exhibiting “fauxrage” over statues of Confederates that were erected by DEMOCRATS!

    These Dim-Dems refuse to even acknowledge their history of slave ownership, and their party’s modern acts of discrimination against blacks (“separate-but-equal” schools, voter suppression via “Jim Crow” laws and poll taxes) and their virulent fights against civil rights legislation that was sponsored and pushed by Republicans. That’s abject racism…and yet somehow, it’s Donald Trump’s fault!

    This is lunacy; and it’s just the Left’s latest attempt to disingenuously attack President Trump, undermine his conservative agenda and divert the public’s attention from the latest Democrat scandal de jour – serious matters that the totally-biased “alphabet media” won’t even cover, accept in passing. (Instead, they all focus on negative reporting on every Trump effort to fulfill the campaign promises that got him elected.)

  10. Take all of the rotten sons of bitches and deport back to thier own country now as they do not belong here, but first a large fine and ten years in prison or hang the bastards but get rid of them one way or the other, I prefer the other then end of that problem and that might send a message that it will not be tolerated as a new civil war might happen in the Great USA if this sort of thing continues. Piss on all people that are doing this.

    • I like your post and agree with you. The problem is I do not think they are from another country or are Muslims. NO, I am not in foavor of Muslims just trying to make a point. They are just POS DEM-LEFTIES who are upset that Hildabeast was not elected to the White House and they are NOT getting there under the table money that they are used to getting. TRUMP is the BEST President our country has had is a LONG time and 8 years of Obummer was enough. WE the PEOPLE put him in office for we knew where she would have taken us and our county. I STAND with TRUMP and will again in 2020.

  11. well i don’t remember columbis or washington dressing like terrorists, like antifa do, like the saying goes , give them an inch they will take the mile, just like you let ms-13 roam the streets your letting terrorists roam the streets, and it’s all your fault , for letting policians get away with cattiering to them

    • If there is any statues of George W. Bush around that should be the American people’s first choice of tearing down. No other politician has hurt this country more than George W. Bush.

      • What about Jimmy Carter (Iran Hostage Crisis, Oil Embargo, Desert One); Bill Clinton (sexual assault in the Oval Office, American Embassies bombed in Tanzania/Kenya, other OBL terrorist attacks, Haiti, B-H, Kosovo, Somalia) or Barack Obama (Unaffordable Care Act)?

        • Are you comparing these trivialities to what George W. Bush did to this country. I’m sure you are a far far right Republican and you gave him a pass on that one. I am upset with the Democrats for not trying to impeach that liar.

          • Iam a highly educated individual, (PHD). And Im sorry but these half educated morons need to grow up and those of you who support them need to be brought on charges of sedition. By the way Johnson, Carter, and definitely Clinton and Obama were all worse than Bush. They divided this once great nation.


          • OK Wayne, Just WHAT did Bush do to this country that has you so upset?
            Is it the fact that he was not a “dumbocrat”

          • Biggest lie ever told. Costing the American people over 4000 lives, over 20,000 maimed for life, over a trillion dollars in debt. That’s just the common sense answer that everybody knows and you Republicans gave him a pass on it. Where were those WMD’s that he had inside information on? What a dumb question.

          • Wayne, when those terrorists attacked on September 11, 2001, what would YOU have done about it? Sat around singing Kumbaya and hoping they would be satisfied with the damage they’d done and leave us alone after that? What a spineless wuss Bush would have been had he done that… declaring war on evil, it was necessary to fight. It wasn’t Bush who declared war, it was the Muslims. And any non-truths Bush may have told were probably due to misinformation given to him. As for the greatest liar in the world, it would be a toss-up between Obama and Hillary.

          • You must be joking! You cannot POSSIBLY be so stupid as to think that is in any way some kind of argument against Bush!! When Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese in 1941, we responded to the declaration of war by going after Japan, did we not? It would be stupid to go after some other country… just like it would have been stupid for Bush to go after anyone other than who perpetrated such an atrocity against the U.S. THIS time. You don’t have to like former president Bush, but trying to dream up stupid reasons doesn’t exactly help your case.

          • You didn’t supply any evidence that Iraq had any thing to do with 911. It was a radical gang just like the Hell’s Angels that we have here in America. Nobody knows or thinks there was any certain country responsible for 911. Bush justified invading Iraq by lying and saying he had inside information that Iraq had WMD’s. The inspectors never found any of their warheads with WMD’s in them.

    • Yes indeed. That is worth deluging our government with demands for that. These useful idiots should be sent back to school, in chains, and learn the truth of these people, our history and how these people made the country possible they now want to wreck. Let’s wreck them. What these idiots do not understand is that if there never was any slave trade, they would all be living in conditions VASTLY worse than the worst they now face. I would like to see all of the MLK streets changed to the names of Confederate Generals and Jefferson Davis. We should also kick out all history books written before 1960.

    • I would like to know why aren’t these monuments being secured with either personnel or at least security cameras? This should never happen…these animals need to be exposed, punished, and humiliated in the public domain!

      • My thoughts exactly.
        When you consider the proliferation of security cameras, surveillance cameras, traffic cameras etc, it’s seems as if the local, state or federal officials responsible for these monuments are deliberately leaving them unprotected


    • Perhaps someone in the FBI or similar should show these pathetic Vandals exactly what WE THE PEOPLE think about these monuments.
      They have no right and the First Amendment was written to insure the American People that we are the caretakers of our Heritage and have the right to protect it…..Show the Vandals what real terror looks like, fire in the eyes terror.
      These ignorant pigs should be lined up at that same wall and shot.

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