This 200+ year-old statue is radical leftists’ new target

After the events in Charlottesville, Baltimore city officials tried to appease the demands of Antifa and others by removing Confederate monuments in the middle of the night.

Now, radical leftists smell blood in the water.



  1. You didn’t supply any evidence that Iraq had any thing to do with 911. It was a radical gang just like the Hell’s Angels that we have here in America. Nobody knows or thinks there was any certain country responsible for 911. Bush justified invading Iraq by lying and saying he had inside information that Iraq had WMD’s. The inspectors never found any of their warheads with WMD’s in them.

  2. The statues are part of the DEM history. That is why they want them gone. They want to white wash their part in this history. That is why they are trying ever way to tie the KKK to the REP. Read history and find that KKK was the Brown Shirts for the DEM. in the south.

  3. You must be joking! You cannot POSSIBLY be so stupid as to think that is in any way some kind of argument against Bush!! When Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese in 1941, we responded to the declaration of war by going after Japan, did we not? It would be stupid to go after some other country… just like it would have been stupid for Bush to go after anyone other than who perpetrated such an atrocity against the U.S. THIS time. You don’t have to like former president Bush, but trying to dream up stupid reasons doesn’t exactly help your case.

  4. Wayne, when those terrorists attacked on September 11, 2001, what would YOU have done about it? Sat around singing Kumbaya and hoping they would be satisfied with the damage they’d done and leave us alone after that? What a spineless wuss Bush would have been had he done that… declaring war on evil, it was necessary to fight. It wasn’t Bush who declared war, it was the Muslims. And any non-truths Bush may have told were probably due to misinformation given to him. As for the greatest liar in the world, it would be a toss-up between Obama and Hillary.

  5. Biggest lie ever told. Costing the American people over 4000 lives, over 20,000 maimed for life, over a trillion dollars in debt. That’s just the common sense answer that everybody knows and you Republicans gave him a pass on it. Where were those WMD’s that he had inside information on? What a dumb question.

  6. OK Wayne, Just WHAT did Bush do to this country that has you so upset?
    Is it the fact that he was not a “dumbocrat”

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