28 Republican Senators have a lot to answer for after this jaw-dropping video surfaced

There is a growing divide in the Republican Party between the grassroots and the party establishment.

Now all hell is about to break loose.

And that’s because 28 Republican Senators have a lot to answer for after this jaw-dropping video surfaced.

Republican voters gravitated towards Donald Trump because he knew how to fight the Left.

Rank-and-file party members’ biggest complaint with establishment Republicans like John McCain, Mitt Romney, George Bush, and Mitch McConnell is that they always back down in the face of attacks from Democrats and their allies in the Fake News Media.

Establishment Republicans shying away from a fight became a major issue once again when Joe Biden’s U.N. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield told the National Action Network that America’s Constitution and founding principles were rooted in white supremacy and racism.

Even after that, 28 Republican Senators – the majority of the caucus – voted to confirm Thomas-Greenfield as America’s representative to the United Nations.

Republicans in Congress have not lifted a finger to oppose Joe Biden’s radical agenda or his nominees.

Instead, they are voting to confirm Biden’s nominees and negotiating behind closed doors to try and cut deals on legislation that would allow judges to order government agents to kick people’s doors in and seize their firearms.

Establishment Republicans lost control of the GOP to Donald Trump because voters craved a leader who would fight.

Just three months after Trump left office, establishment Republicans forgot that lesson.

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