A 2020 challenger just threatened Trump with the unthinkable

Liberals organized roving mobs that spent days patrolling D.C. and terrorizing Republicans in the run up to the Brett Kavanaugh vote.

But things just got worse.

One 2020 challenger took it too far and made this unthinkable threat to Trump.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder is best known for his race baiting.

He accused America of being a nation of “cowards” when it came to talking about race.

Now he is considering running for President in 2020.

Every potential 2020 Democrat candidate is playing to the mob.

They are trying to ride their anger to the top of a field that could see as many as 20 candidates.

But Holder crossed a red line.

He bellowed that when Republicans go low, Democrats should “kick” them.

This is an outright call for violence.

And it should terrify Americans.

Last year a deranged Bernie Sanders supporter tried to assassinate over 20 Congressional Republicans at a baseball practice.

Who knows what Eric Holder’s call to violence will lead to?

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Holder is a dry up and a liar and so he can’t win dogcatcher much less 2020. He is a load mouth piece who needs a big time knock down, its coming just you wait. He is a has been under the worst President in recorded history. Lets just let them lose again.

  2. All of the people who are ordering their obedient supporters to commit violence will have the blood of both those who obey their orders and those who are injured or murdered by them on their hands. Never in my 75 years have I ever heard politicians ordering their supporters to commit violent acts. These politicians must be labeled as seditious and treasonous and if their obedient followers obey their orders, both the politicians and their weaponized imbeciles should be imprisoned. Every politician from hillary clinton, to eric holder, including maxine waters and cory booker plus any others who are ordering and/or paying for violence, such as george soros, should be imprisoned for life.

    • well isn’t it an oxymoron that the same people who want to take away guns from all Americans want to transport those same guns all over the world. Benghazi was about a gun running scheme that backfired. But, the democrats that decided to disarm themselves citing all the gun violence in the United States, had best remember that now the conservatives who refused to surrender our guns far outnumber the stupid liberals that surrendered their guns. The liberal mindset is about people who cannot see the big picture. They rely on what the liberal democrats tell them. The liberal policy makers have one goal. Create a phony crisis, and then tell the people, they have the answer. Someone uses a gun to kill people, so let’s disarm America. Yet, opioids kill thousands of Americans and where are they? There are almost 5 times as many gun deaths per capita in the Virgin Islands than in the U.S. The leading causes of death are cancer, respiratory diseases, accidents, stroke alzheimers, diabetes, flu, nephritis, and suicide, yet when was the last time you heard a democratic politician address any of this. They forced gun violence into the headlines because it met their narrative of trying to disarm America. Why? Because they know very well, that you cannot overthrow America as long as the citizenry is armed. That is the exact reason the framers of the constitution had enough foresight to place the 2nd amendment into the constitution. They saw these days coming long, long ago.


  3. Obama has totally ruined it for having any black American become President for decades to come………he Divided this country so badly, it will take decades to fix it and calm things down……..these Cory Booker, Kamila Harris, and Eric Holder don’t stand a chance AT ALL, they are proving how evil they really are and unhinged…..they will never be President. They should never even hold office of any kind, like the woman abuser Ellison……they think that is okay!~ YeE Gods~!

  4. Time is up! I’m almost thirty years old pro-life and pro-family relatively young woman and mother of six minors, six small children. I will never stay home on Election Day. I will go vote on this Election Day in November sixth too. I don’t vote pro-abortion and pro-homosexual Democrats and Republicans. I vote every election against these murders of the unborn children, sodomy, feminism, gender ideology and the Democratic Party. I’m going to vote and will vote only just pro-life and pro-family Republicans. The so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. The so-called Democratic Party wants ultra-left Neomarxist dictatorship in the USA! Politicians and supporters of the Democratic Party are Neomarxist extremists and the so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. Their pro-abortion and pro-sodomy agenda isn’t the agenda of the American people. This is agenda of the Democratic Communist Party U.S.A. and they will say or do anything to obstruct the Trump Administration. Remember this, a vote for a Democratic Party is a vote for ultra-leftist pro-abortion and pro-sodomy Communism.

      • I agree totally with Mary Navratilova. So you morons can place me on your hit list too! Oh, by the way, I am not someone who allowed the lunatic left to talk me into getting rid of my guns.

    • Mary, I’m right beside you and will fight with you against every bad thing the Dems stand for.
      We are strong women and can fight back…whatever it takes.

  5. then let him try an kick, and see were it gets him ??? MAGA 2018 2020. An as for 2020 run for the potus, he won,t make the 1st round of elimations, he is a money pit, like a old house .

    • It will get a foot up his ass. Notice these mobs run in packs. None of them chicken shit bastards would accept a 1 on 1 knuckle duel. I know. I’ve seen it before. Loud mouth people don’t stand when challenged. What I say in these blogs I will back up in the streets

  6. When the time comes and he tries, once again, to plead the 5th – this time in front of the American people, we then have a right & obligation to hold him in contempt! He obviously lied to Congress, lies by Omnission in reference to “Fast & Furious” . It’s more than obvious he has not the morals, integrity or character of sloth!

  7. Anyone who would vote for this idiot would have to be out of their mind.He and obama sold guns to the drug cartel, and then an American guard was murdered. Ifeel that when the people at the top sell the guns that get Americans murdered, they should get the death penalty.

  8. Eric Holder cannot even contain the riots in Chicago and he thinks he is going to run for President in 2020? What a Loser!!!

    • Holders mind could be in for a big shock if a continuing investigation connects him to the sale of 20% of AMERICAN URANIUM to the SOVIET UNION, and It would be something to behold!!!

      • And what about the “Fast & Furious” fiasco where he gave thousands of high powered automatic firearms to the criminal cartels in Mexico? It was a plan to have massive murders take place so he can blame guns and push for gun control!!
        Typical sinister Democrat!

    • I think he believes that in politics, memories are short. This may be why he is dropping out of rerun in Chicago NOW. He actually thinks WE THE PEOPLE will forget his lack of leadership & inability to lead in Chicago AND his pleading the 5th as it relates to “Fast & Furious” which left BRIAN Terry dead.
      Bring it on idiot, you won’t make it out of the gate – especially against the GREAT DJT!!

  9. Why in HELL are these people still walking the streets and not behind bars for treason!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When the people who are representing the American People are this out of Control it is SPELLED OUT IN THE CONSTITUTION WHAT SHOULD BE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a shame that Senators are acting like a BUNCH OF KIDS and due to the fact that PRESIDENT TRUMP IS GETTING THINGS ACCOMPLISHED AND HE IS NOT EVEN A CAREER POLITICIAN, HE IS MAKING ALL DEMOCRATS LOOK BAD AND THEY ARE THROWING THEIR TANTRUMS LIKE CHILDREN!!! PLEASE REMEMBER THESE PEOPLE AND VOTE THEM OUT OF THEIR OFFICE MAYBE THE NEXT 12 YR. OLD WILL ACT BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I hear you and I’m with you Jeffery. They are in-sighting domestic terrorism and not only should be in prison but, need to be in prison to keep ‘We the People’ safe…

    • Maybe the cure to all this is: instead of giving these Democrats a SALARY they should be given a pacifier and a diaper change?


      I do not understand why the Left is allowed to shout threats, etc. at our President and Conservative Congressmen without being arrested. What’s up with that? Who gave those minibrains the right to act like immature children, hurt people and get away with it? Something is very wrong with this picture!

      I think it is time for Conservatives to come down HARD on the heads of these immature reactionaries responsible for creating this violence, don’t you? What can we do to stop these violent psychopaths? What can we do as a people to make them go away? Who do we contact to report some liberal acting crazy? Time to turn the tables and report any deviant behaviors coming from any democrat. Our Country doesn’t need these malcontents running around threatening or hurting innocent people — just because a little voice in their head tells them to do so? Hell no! LOCK EM ALL UP IN A LOONY WARD — AT LEAST THEY WILL FIND FRIENDS IN THERE TOO!

    • An american sailor gets severe consequences for taking pictures of his ship? Then the wicked witch gets NO consequences for not properly protcing classified information? Holder gets no consequences for his “fast and furious” fiasco? Can’t see how fast and furious happened without blessings from “ol jug ears” but then I’m not convinced he was not the first illegal president either, never mind the multiple disaster and scams under his watch!

    • It’s not the fault of Little Eric, his Mother should be charged with INCEST. It’s with absolute medical certainty INBREEDING causes mental illness. He should seek a mental health evaluation, he is a danger to himself and others.

    • Enough of this crap. The DOJ needs to start arresting these people, you can’t go around threatening violence on people, especially the President. Do something now.

      • You are so right. The only way we get our country back, is to start prosecuting these people. I did agree with one of his comments though. He said: ” My wife & Michelle are close friends. Barack, should we be worried?” lol, Maybe…..

      • Jeffery Hanks & Micala Molnare. I totally agree with your comments. What the hell is this world coming too? These RATS are totally out of control and for WHAT??????

    • Navy PO, I agree and think Holder, Mad Maxine and other Dem’s that promote hate and violence should be locked-up for many, many years…

  10. People like Holder, Clinton, Watwrs, and Booker are direct threat to National Security and should quickly be arrested under the Patriotic Act, hailed and be forgotten!

  11. In the future it will be important to keep a few conservatives around to remind Americans how close we came to becoming New Russia under the “leadership” of President Trumputin.

    • It is so sad there are useful idiots like you around. Anyone that is too stupid to see the absurdity of this Trump/Russia BS couldn’t find his or her way out of a short tunnel at high noon on a sunny day! You are too stupid to see it is the DEMORAT/LEFT that wants to make this country the New Russia! How pathetic!

    • You should resume’ to CNN. Or Bill Nye. Both as addled as you are. Really, you’d do well coughing it out to the seven hundred watchers late nite. They’s lap up your attempts at humor. In the past two (less than!) years, President Trump has made your heroes, your icons look like last week’s newspaper at Mexico Beach, FL. You have no point. No argument. He’s fulfilled EVERY promise he made in the campaign. (Don’t worry….the WALL is coming.) So, what’s your beef….if you actually have one.

  12. Help me understand this. This worthless POS was impeached, gave guns to the Mexican cartels, had his records hidden by one of the worst presidents this country has ever seen, made references to endorse violence against Republicans and he wants run for the presidency of this country? I know liberals are crazy but this is the craziest thing I’ve heard. Maybe he should run for president of Kenya and take his buddy with him. The sooner the better. Oh ya, take worthless Bill’s wife with him too. Might even throw in a few of the other crazy democrats like crazy Max, cryin’ Schumer, lyin’ Feinstein and the rest of the loonies on the left. No one gonna miss them.

  13. What most people fail to realize is the radical left, which now owns the Demorat Party, is within reach of their long term goal of transforming this nation from a representative republic where the people have a voice in government into a permanent single party ruled authoritarian “republic” like Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, China and other such nations. If they can not reach that goal politically when it is so close they will stop at nothing, including all out anarchy. Messy, yes! But historically effective in bringing down governments. And believe it or not, the left DOES want this government overthrown to be replaced with the kind of government they want. They are already giving tacit encouragement to confrontation and intimidation of Trump associates and supporters. If they fail to reach that goal politically expect that tacit encouragement to be replaced with calls for all out civil unrest on a national scale. They already have their goon squads in place, organized and funded! Antifa and BLM! America has a choice on November 6th. Roll over and turn this nation over to the left, or shut them out and watch them show their real true colors. Either way, it isn’t going to be pretty. In short, each American must soon make the individual, personal decision of living on his or her knees to an authoritarian government, or die standing if need be as free men and women. I have made mine! America IS at a crossroads!

    • If the left ever took down our government there would be a very bloody war and the left lose big time too many vets. that fought for this country would take up arms as well as the military it would be a mess

      • It surely will be a mess! Problem is, if the Demorats are in control of the government they will also have the military to put down the “uprising!” As I said at the end of my post, each and every American will likely have a very tough decision to make!

    • They did a trial run in the 70’s when Bill Ayers & his nutty girlfriend organized the Weathermen Group. Took them 40 years to get this far, so they are well organized now. Afraid it will get down to a civil war type thing to rid our country of them. But, feel there’s a lot more of us than them.

  14. Jail would be a much more appropriate place for Eric Fast and Furious Holder. Criminals do not belong in the White House.

  15. It is time to follow the laws of the Constitution. It states “you have the right to peaceably protest do not have the right to take way others rights. As long as the gathering is a peaceful one. However.if violence occurs, such as a Riot the government can stop it, using the Police or National Guard. Time these people start getting arrested, and when they do make public names or organization who bails them out. Americans have a right to know who is destorying our country. And those who destorystatues, etc. Which are part of our history should be arrested and be charged with vandalism, and spend time jail
    They are take ngawY from our country our history. Just like Hitler and the ISS had and have done. It is not for them to decide.


  17. Sadly, democrats know everything about nothing important and nothing about anything important. That’s the way it is and has always been! Just stay on the plantation and keep voting “D” and the dem’s will take care of you. Trump will help you get a job and have some pride in yourselves. Your choice.

    • Right on the nose! If you want to keep living on “the plantation” Vote Democrat and lick the boots of your slave owners/masters. Don’t worry, you’ll be fed and kept in the dark and fed crap like the lackeys that you are.

    • Personally, with the Dems advocating outright violence and Civil War maybe we should give it to them?? Pretty much we’ve got ALL the guns. The right has sat back and taken all this crap, It’s time we fight back and take back our country!! With the head of the snake cut off the others will come back to reason (hopefully)

    • The police, DOJ and the FBI are holding back because they have been politicized by the left! They are no longer there to protect America! It is quite likely we will either have a civil war, or become another Venezuela!

    • The FBI & Justice department are full of people unable to enforce the law when it is broken by the democrats!! Work like the devil, who they serve to find something against the Republicans so they can prosecute!

  18. No matter who runs against President Trump in 2020, that person will lose big time! Buried under a huge mountain of pro-Trump votes they’ll not recover.

  19. Anyone who does not agree with the left wing loons is either a traitor to their race or a traitor to their gender. In what universe do ALL people of the same race – sex or nationality agree on everything? We all know someone who knows everything about everything – you cannot tell this person anything – what do we usually call that person? An asshole.

    • This has gotten old. To all true Americans. If snowflakes get in you face knock the out. This won’t go on long. I don’t need or want any dumba__ telling me how to think. America put a stop to this now. Stand up for you rights. Don’t let some crybaby tell you what to think. This has gotten out of hand. If you have to hide behind a person like Schumer you need help. Get your OWN VOICE. Stand up for our great Country. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Our President is doing this. Stand with him. Don’t back down. Get out and vote. The snowflakes need something else to cry and complain about. Thank you President Trump, keep America great.

  20. Eric Holder using Terroristic threats against the American people also Maxine Waters and Hillary Clinton? The Democratic Party should be re-named The Criminal Party.

  21. This fool is so stupid he doesn’t even recognize that REPs (conservatives) are up, not down. Holder belongs in an orange jumpsuit. He is right down close to worthless. A telltale affirmative action mistake.

  22. Diane, I don’t think Dan is a racist. At times we get frustrated. And this BS that the liberals keep spewing is starting to piss a lot of us off. There are good and bad in each race. So what would you call the black woman that called (I think his name is Kayne West) a “TOKEN NEGRO”? Is she a racist? Some blacks I like some I don’t there are whites I don’t like either, does that make me a racist? Maybe? I don’t support hate no matter what side it is on because it just leads to pain and hurt on all of us. Take a look at ANTIFA…I watched them threaten white people and call them every name in the book and the funny thing is they are white. It is all George Soros…he is like a puppet master. And laughing at them all. He is a deranged human being that needs to have his ass kicked out of this Country. ANTIFA needs to be locked up. Not just for a day but years. They are a terrorist group. As a conservative we all need to stick together black or white and defeat these liberals. It’s the only way. And Holder is a racist and so is Obama.

    • DSC thank you for your comments. No, I’m not a racist. My comments serve to throw their bullshit back in our faces. I believe the left is trying to take our country by bulling force. Now myself and others in my small baptist church show up armed to worship. We don’t know what the lunatics on the left will do

    • Correct and I agree with what you write. Both Holder and Obama are racist. Not only Antifa but ACLU is in the same category. Most Americans know all the protests being held is because Soros is paying them to do it for the NWO. He should have his American passport and citizenship revoked never to allow him or his money inside the USA again.

      • Yes, you Said and I agree with you, Jackie. Spartacus(Holder) and his moments should just fade away along with Obama(your time’s passed)!

  23. Seem that Eric Holder is already picking up Maxine Waters’ call for violence. We the American people will not be bullied. I hope that the traditional Democrats as well as the independent voters find their threat disgusting and uncalled for.

    If any of you undecided voters love your country enough to protect all the people, be wise to vote. No one is above the law.

    • Spot On! Leftists always take the low road . . . . the sewer is their next step.

      Advice to Leftists . . . .
      Schedule appointments with Mental Health counselors early, before the rush 😊

    • WE are Independent Voters and we are older Americans. We are arming ourselves just in case. As far as we are concerned, we hope that we get a Republican for a Governor this year in Colorado. The Democrat that is Governor now, decided we need to turn in our Guns in 2016. Every Sheriff and tons of Officials went on a little visit to our Governor and told him in his face that we will not give up our guns. In fact the Rat Faced Democrat who has been in there the 2nd Term– is a coward and a sniffling Dirt Bag. He said he was sorry for trying to take our Guns away and “He didn’t know what he was signing” If your going to run for Governor in the State of Colorado, at least have enough guts to step forward and admit this to the Citizens of this State. The Coward is not posting that he needs a job. As far as I am concerned, he needs to hunt someplace else for a job and not in Colorado. Your not wanted here HIckey, so take a hike out of Colorado and go someplace to be a whiney assed Politician. Jared Polis your not what Colorado needs. You keep saying that you have formed Non Profit Schools, so who the hell pays the Teachers? If its Taxpayers, we pay enough in School Taxes. Now the Whiney Assed Democrats in Colorado are out to accuse Walker Stapleton of wanting to prey on the school budgets. Over 3/4 of our Property Taxes go to pay for Schools. Stapleton has been our Treasurer and the Democrats have tried to bully the Republicans and the Independent into voting for Jared Polis. Frankly we do not need another damn Democrat as a Governor. As Taxpayers we are sick of wanting more schools, wanting more budgets for schools. There is enough money spent on schools and what the hell for. We are only educating all of the Illegal’s Kids. Our schools are 98 percent Hispanic Kids. I am not against kids, but I find it really hard to hear nothing but Spanish spoken in the schools anymore. Plain Old American’s have to send their kids to a different school as its really difficult for Teachers in the Roaring Fork School District to teach a transient bunch of little kids. So I am all for this. WE need a Border Wall, we need only those who can speak English coming here to America. We do not need to be educating schools who only have Hispanic Kids and those Parents need to pay for their kids schooling. There is nothing Free in this Country, nor is there anything free in this State of Colorado. Somebody is paying for it with their Tax Money. Its not the kids fault. Congress needs to start another Bill. One that says
      We don’t care where your Born, if your folks are not Citizens of the USA then your not either. If your entire Family are not Citizens then none of you are American Citizens, so take your whole entire Family and go back to where you came from and don’t stop until you get there. We have no money to take care of any of you.

      • That sounds to me like GOOD reasoning. I have been saying that for quite some time. Either speak ENGLISH or get out! Also, we need to get back to basics in our schools, teaching Civics, American History (the truth, not Liberal lies) the Constitution, Math (not common core) true World History reading, writing and Math. No cell phones in the class rooms, just pencils, pens and paper!

  24. Just read the article that Holder said when we go low, kick us. That is also a violent statement. We’ll take ours to the polls. Then if they keep up the bull, guess we’ll have to protect ourselves, because this defeat is going to hit them hard.Vote, vote Republican, this violence has got to stop. They won’t stop until we win em all.

  25. People, please get out and vote! If you are unable to get to a polling place then vote absentee. This midterm election is extremely important. God bless America.

  26. Why doesn’t the law step in here and stop this violence? We are all threatened & are now watching our backs. I personally do not want to wear Trump promotional gear, even though I want to promote him completely, but I do not want to attract violent attention. I do have a concealed permit but I do not wish to be in that position of shooting someone to protect me or my family.
    Over someone’s political opinion!!!
    Sorry people but it has gotten to having to pack a fire arm to protect yourself!
    Threatening people and their families, slicing their tires and harming their family cat is old news for the Clintons! Screaming threatening attacks onto Kavanaugh’s children and other political person’s families! Can we say deplorable? Feinstein? And Pelosi talking about how to victimize another and disgrace them to the point of the Demos being able to take them over. Unfathomable! But to let them all get away with it and incite even more injury to others is illegal! Waters is going down for her illegal handling of funds but what about her inciting violence?!
    Prosecute – Fine – Imprison

  27. Figures, he’s a criminal, guess they don’t mind scraping the bottom of the barrel. He should be in prison, but they elected a muslim, guess they will try to elect a criminal. Oh well, leave it to the libs. LOL

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