A behind the scenes meeting of key Democrats just sent this message to Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris’ future as the face of the Democrat Party is in doubt.

In just six months Harris managed to prove she is not ready for primetime.

And now a behind the scenes meeting of key Democrats just sent this message to Kamala Harris.

Polling data shows Kamala Harris is the least popular Vice President in the last 50 years.

Much of the foundation for the American people rejecting Harris stems from Harris’ failure as the administration’s border czar.

The Biden administration has transported at least 7,500 illegal aliens infected with COVID to McAllen, Texas since February.

July saw 210,000 illegal border crossings.

And Harris made a hash out of her trips to Central America and El Paso, Texas to try and tamp down criticism that Harris has looked the other way while the administration opened the borders.

Some pundits no longer believe Harris is the sure-fire 2024 Democrat Party frontrunner.

That led to some of the Democrat Party’s most high-profile female operatives gathering at the home of former Clinton advisor Kiki McLean to game out a rehabilitation strategy for Harris’ political career.

Axios reports:

“It was less about how do you sort out the infrastructure [of Harris’ operation], and it was more how can this group contribute to make sure that not only is her team making the most of this moment — as the first woman of color in the White House — but how can we help from the outside?”

The women discussed how they could leverage Harris’ record as a prosecutor, California attorney general and U.S. senator to blunt criticisms of her performance as vice president, including her answers to questions about the border crisis.

One of the messages that came out of the meeting is that Democrats should attack any negative coverage of Harris as sexist to guilt liberal reporters into publishing puff pieces on Harris and ignoring her failures.

Axios also reported:

Another source familiar with the dinner said attendees saw sexist overtones to the Harris coverage, and discussed how they could “make sure the press knows this.”

“Many of us lived through the Clinton campaign, and want to help curb some of the gendered dynamics in press coverage that impacted HRC,” this source said. “It was like: ‘We’ve seen this before.’ It’s subtle. But when things aren’t going well for a male politician, we ask very different questions, and they’re not held to account the way a woman leader is.”

Harris proved during her failed 2020 presidential campaign that she was an inept politician lacking any skills to connect with voters.

Putting Harris in as Vice President only magnified those issues.

And now some Democrats need to launch a Harris rescue mission seven months in.

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