A Biden crony just full-on attacked a Marjorie Taylor Greene staffer for a reason you won’t believe

The Left is all about violence.

They believe they can threaten and attack their opponents to get their way.

And a Biden crony just full-on attacked a Marjorie Taylor Greene staffer for a reason you won’t believe.

Joe Biden and his cronies seem to have no problem with violence and threats when it is perpetrated to support their agenda.

For months, they stood by in the face of Black Lives Matter and Antifa violence during their summer of terror in 2020.

And instead of condemning their extreme violence, they worked overtime to cover for them, while going all-out for their anti-America agenda.

In contrast, when a small number of Trump supporters were involved in violence at the Capitol on January 6, they lost their minds, and are even spending boatloads of money to create a 9/11 commission-style report on that event.

So violence and threats are just fine when it is from the Left.

That’s why it shouldn’t surprise anybody that Rep. Eric Swalwell immediately jumped to threats when a Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene staffer had the audacity to speak to him.

When Greene spokesman Nick Dyer walked past Swalwell in the Capitol building, Dyer told him, “Biden says you can take off your mask.”

In response, according to reporters nearby, Swalwell stormed over to Dyer, and screamed at him,“You don’t tell me what to f—ing do!”

Swalwell confirmed his actions in a tweet, where he adds that he regrets he wasn’t “more explicit.”

“I had a mask on as I stepped off the Floor. An aide with @mtgreenee yelled at me to take my mask off. No one should be bullied for wearing a mask. So I told the bully what I thought of his order. Predictably, he went speechless. I regret I wasn’t more explicit,” Swalwell tweeted.

Rep. Greene responded to the incident, stating that Swalwell is “out of control.”

“You got Eric Swalwell, who had sex with a Chinese spy, on the Intel Committee,” she said, adding, “They don’t care to remove him off the Intel Committee, and then Swalwell wants to assault my staff . . . they’re out of control.”

All Dyer did was repeat what Biden already said.

“If you’ve been vaccinated, you don’t have to wear your mask and you can shake hands. You can even give each other a hug. But if you’ve not been vaccinated, please wear a mask,” Biden said.

Swalwell clearly has an anger problem.

He once threatened to nuke gun owners who refused to turn over their AR-15s in his mandatory gun confiscation scheme he proposed during his short-lived Presidential run in 2020.

And given the positions of power he holds in Washington, D.C., that should have everyone quite concerned.

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