A Biden official told this awful lie on The View and left the audience speechless

Joe Biden has his back up against the wall in an election year.

His administration is trying to deceive voters about the damage he’s done. 

And a Biden official told this awful lie on The View and left the audience speechless.

Gas prices are on the rise again with some parts of the country crossing the $4 a gallon threshold.

And more increases are on the way as stations begin to switch to more environmentally friendly blends for summer driving.

Gas prices hit record highs under President Joe Biden in the summer of 2022.

The White House thought they were out of the woods on gas prices but the current trend is another headache for his re-election campaign.

With tensions rising in the Middle East between Israel and Iran, another major spike in prices could be on the way.

Energy Secretary says Biden is obsessed with trying to lower gas prices

Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm was dispatched to ABC’s The View to do damage control on the administration’s failed energy policy.

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin pointed out that gas prices are rising nationally again.

“What is the administration doing to lower those prices, and should we be worried about the conflict the Middle East contributing?” Griffin asked.

Granholm tried to blame Middle Eastern turmoil for the problem Biden created.

“People may not be aware: Of course, oil is where you get your gas from, and it’s traded on a global market, and so if there is a conflict in, you know, the Strait of Hormuz that blocks the flow of oil, that impacts you — what you pay at the pump,” Granholm said. “The President is watching this. He’s obsessed with it, and so we’re going to be doing what we can.”

Biden has taken over 100 actions beginning on his first day in the White House to wage war against American energy production.

High gas prices are the goal of his extreme environmental agenda.

In 2021, Granholm burst into laughter during an interview on Bloomberg where she was asked about increasing oil production. 

Granholm tells struggling Americans to buy an electric vehicle

Granholm tried to encourage viewers to pay an arm and a leg for an electric vehicle to escape the pain at the pump.

“If they switch over, if, you know, you’re in the market for a new car and you decide you want to look at electric vehicles, this is the time,” Granholm said. “Or hybrid, hybrid-electric.”

Co-host Whoopi Golberg didn’t buy it.

“What if you live in the projects?” Goldberg asked. “What if you don’t have a home?”

Granholm explained that there’s not enough coverage for electric vehicle chargers but said the administration was trying to boost their construction.

A $7.5 billion program under Biden’s 2021 infrastructure bill – which promised to build 500,000 electric chargers – has only seen seven built in two years.

Granholm told Goldberg that she didn’t seem convinced while she sat there with her head in her hands.

“I am convinced, but I do have questions because people are getting energy bills — electric bills — that are insane,” Goldberg said.

The Biden administration has no answers for rising gas prices in an election year.

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