A black war hero just did the one thing that will leave Chuck Schumer red with rage

Chuck Schumer began plotting a path back to power the second Donald Trump won the 2016 election.

But Schumer didn’t account for one thing.

And now this black war hero just did the one thing that left Chuck Schumer red with rage.

Chuck Schumer’s plan to seize the mantle of Senate Majority Leader depends on flipping at least three Republican-held seats.

But if Democrats lose just one of the races where a Democrat incumbent is running for re-election, Schumer’s plans go up in smoke.

Democrats’ path to the majority became more complicated when John James – a 38-year-old black conservative, United States Military Academy graduate, and Iraq war veteran – entered the Senate contest in Michigan.

James believes he stands a strong chance to win because polls show only 40 percent of Michigan voters know who Democrat Senator Gary Peters is despite Peters serving in elected office at the federal level for 10 years in Michigan.

Fox News reports:

On “The Daily Briefing,” James defended his positions, saying he has experience as a businessman and job-creator in Detroit — the state’s largest city.

“Being unknown by 40 percent of the electorate after 30 years as a career politician and 10 years in Washington is not a badge of honor,” he added.

Peters, first elected to the Senate in 2014 upon the retirement of longtime Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., previously served three terms in the U.S. House of Representatives and spent four years as Michigan Lottery commissioner. He also was a member of the Michigan Senate and has made unsuccessful runs for governor and state attorney general in the past…

…”I plan on using every resource at my disposal… to shed light in the dark spaces of Michigan that have been underrepresented and neglected by Senator Peters. I’m going to bring Michigan’s issues and take them to Washington, and work with anyone and everyone to make sure we create pipelines of prosperity into our neglected neighborhoods and our forgotten farms.”

James ran for Senate in 2018 against Democrat Debbie Stabenow.

And despite the polls showing James trailing by a wide margin, he ended up losing by only six points.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Mr. John James, Sir, With The Help Of The One And Only God Almighty (Who Has NO Name), And A Lot Of Prayers For A Good And Sincere Young Man Like You, I Will Help You With A Small Donation, Just Like Some Other Patriotic Faithful Legal Americans!

  2. Mr. Philip simon, good description of The Progressive Liberal Democrat Party, Who Always Think And Have Un-US Constitutional Attitudes And Actions, ILLEGAL!

  3. James, James, James. More power to you buddy and thank you for your service. Senator James sounds great to me.Cannot afford much but will send small donation.

  4. Ummmmm…..

    James is running for the Senate.

    “the squad” are all soon to be out-of-work House members who got “elected” with MASSIVE voter fraud in their States and them not being known to anyone.

    Then the rest of the country not being bothered to do anything about it.

  5. Of whom are you speaking? You must be enthralled by the one in the mirror Whom you describe quite well!!

  6. Redman isn’t racist. He just likes jacking with people. On the other hand it’s not a crime to be racist against black, Japanese, Afghani’s, or Iraqi’s. Now, people may not like it but it’s not a crime being a racist although the liberals want you to think so. Using it too liberally has made that word become such a common phrase. I can dislike anyone for any reason. People need to get off their high horse. How about I hate non contributors? How about I hate freeloaders? Is there a pc word for that? Now, if a black republican can beat a Baby Murdering party liberal I’m all for it. Good luck to him!

  7. Unfortunately, it would have to be passed by Congress.Think any of those career politicians are going to vote themselves out?

  8. I have seen him interviewed on Fox, and your right…he seems like a genuine, Christian, who would maybe do the floundering, state of Michigan some good

  9. WIlliam, you are right on. That is the goal of the dems…TOTAL control over us and it doesn’t matter how they obtain it. They have thrown God out, so have no morals. The only right and wrong is what THEY decide it is. Dems are very dangerous. But they cannot win in the end. God will send them to hell along with satan whom they serve.

  10. The redman: You must be right. Look at booker, waters, cummings, green leem hirono, omar, cortex iliab, pressly, lewis,johnson,

  11. It’s going to be popcorn city at my house when three things happen, 1) Hillary and her gang of America haters go to jail, 2) the NFL loses all viewers and goes bankrupt, and 3) Donald Trump get reelected, and the snowflakes all melt into obscurity.


  13. What a black racist prick you are. Every time you open up your mouth you show what lack of intelligence you have . Everybody on this site knows what kind of clown you are .I hope you’re not one of those lowlife drug dealers but good chance you probably are. Get off welfare and get a job. Just remember Obama keep you where you are. Good job right.

  14. Same! Those democrats plan on getting ultimate power so they can reign supreme, no matter they have to walk on to achieve those goals. To democrats it’s NOT a matter of helping the people, not even politics! It’s simply personal gain, personal fame, personal power power,hell,even more to fatten his wallet. Who wants THAT representing them?

  15. I’m wondering if they even bother to monitor this board. People like redidiot should not even be allowed on here.

  16. Is that all you got ? Same tired old BS , Try some FACTS , because Facts dont Care about your FEELINGS

  17. Do the writers and Editors at the RenewedRight know how to write a headline that doesn’t include “the one thing”? You DO realize that humans have far more than just one trigger? I like that you link news but PLEASE learn ho to use more than “that one trigger phrase”.

  18. Mahatma Gandhi-Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.”

  19. A very fine man from all accounts, now if only the voters would wake up and figure out that blindly voting democrat gets them nothing. You have had a democrat from your state in office who most of you don’t even know who they are.

  20. The time is now , for the Fighting Wolverines , in the once great state of Michigan , to come back to life and take there State back from the enormously stupid soicalist liberals and the Raghead Omar , show the American people that you still have that fighting spirit , that the Fighting Wolverines displayed in the Civil War between the States , if you know your history , there was nobody going out of there way to have to fight the Fighting Wolverines from the state of Michigan , that’s a fact , you’d best standup and kick some asses come election time in 2020 , Get’er Done

  21. The liberal Democrats have standards. They’re all double. They have no scruples and are the party of hate, hypocrisy and hysteria.

  22. From a Democrat leftwing loon perspective – A black guy who was born and raised in the states – who is an Academy Graduate and a war hero is not qualified to be president – But – a half black guy with foreign parents who were communist – a community organizer who had to surrender his law license for lying on his bar application is?

  23. Mr James sounds like a fine individual who has the highest respect for the American way of life and he would make a fine OUTSTANDING SENATOR FROM MICHIGAN

  24. Democrat Debbie Stabenow has been in office for years and the only thing she has accomplished for Michigan is the re-enameling of a post office. Totally worthless

  25. John James is just what Michigan needs Some one who will stand up for his state and it’s people Take a look around the Detroit area Some one has to stand up a say enough is enough

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