A brand new poll has Democrats in a panic

Democrats had counted on a blue wave in 2018.

But now they are in panic.

That’s because one new poll has Democrats running for their lives.

To win back the Senate, Democrats need to flip two Republican held seats and not have one of the ten red state Democrat incumbents lose a race.

Democrats figured they stood strong chances to seize GOP held seats in Arizona and Nevada because of those states sizable Hispanic populations.

But the left just got some bad news.

A new Emerson College poll found 62 percent of Hispanics believed they were better off with Donald Trump as President than Barack Obama.

The Daily Caller reports:

A majority of Americans, including 62 percent of Hispanics, feel they are better off with President Donald Trump in office than former President Barack Obama, according to a mid-year ePoll put out by Emerson College on Monday.

When asked their feelings on whether they are better off or worse off financially under a Trump economy, 42 percent of voters said they believe they are better off while only 26 percent feel they are worse off.

Perceptions of the current financial situation varied by party and race, according to the poll. Of Hispanics polled, 62 percent said they believe they are better off under Trump, and 21 percent feel they are worse off. African Americans had a reverse perspective, with 30 percent feeling they are better off and 40 percent feeling they are worse off under Trump.

This is bad news for Democrats on multiple fronts.

Not only would these results put Republicans in stronger positions to hold Arizona and Nevada, but it increases their likelihood of flipping Democrat Bill Nelson’s seat in Florida.

Any GOP pickups close off the opportunity for Democrats to win back the Senate and choke off President Trump’s agenda.

We will keep you up to date on every new development in the midterm elections.



  1. According to the Blaze newsletter, “ … Democrats hold a huge lead – 12 million – in states that require party registration, according to the Sabato’s Crystal Ball newsletter published by the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics. And that could be a key factor in whether the party takes control of the House and Senate during the upcoming midterm congressional elections, the report stated.

    How many states require party registration?

    A total of 31 states require party registration and of those, 40 percent are Democrats. Additionally, 29 percent are Republicans and 28 percent are independent. In other states, voters register without reference to party, according to the report. …”

    Not sure if we overlook this one in this discussion. Unregistered conservatives need to register themselves.

    Important: be proactive and get rid of Obama policies!

    Trump 2020!

    • Be careful with those facts. Many of the so called registered democrats are actually republicans. They do this to vote for the weakest democratic candidates in hopes they will lose to the republican candidates in the election.

      Remember also that those who are leaving the Dems because of their extremist stance, may not have changed their party affiliation.

    • no illegal immigrant’s voting and the dead are not legal either anyone using these measures should go to jail to be safe

  2. Whether the democrats like it or not, it’s difficult to fight the facts. Under Mr.Trump the country is better off in all aspects. People are working, people are spending money, and the economy is booming. Who could ask for anything more? We’re returning to our rightful place in the world. Countries though they may not like us, sure do respect us. And I in turn respect our President for getting us back there.

  3. BigJoe, I hate to be the one to tell you but dirty troll Diane is not capable of comprehending one single thing you said to her. She is running through all these websites raising cain, spewing hate and anger, none of her cohorts have told her of a single one of the wonderful things POTUS has already done (oh, maybe they don’t know either), and she hates, loathes, and despises President Trump, now can you imagine that? She is a hopeless case because I have read at least 9k comments of reasonable people
    trying to reason with her. One more thing, I was a nice person until some other people like Diane and Diane have turned me into a junkyard dog and I get down in the dirt and fight with them. Of this I am not happy and proud and am working on rectifying this. I need to be able to go out in public without embarrassing myself. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Don’t believe the polls. It could just be the Dems putting out fake #’s so the Republicans will think they have it and become complacent in Nov. and not get out and vote. Remember the Dems will try anything to get votes. Vote straight Republican come Nov. and lets not take any chances. We have so much to loose if we don’t back President Trump.


  4. As long as we make sure to get out and vote, and we make sure that there is no funny business at any of the polls, then we can win. The ONLY way they can win is to cheat, so we have to make sure they can not. #REDWAVE

  5. The demonrats have been shooting themselves in the ass ever since the election. They think that Menendez in Jersey is going to win also, but the GOP guy is giving him a strong run for the money. The people are sick of the lies and crap he has been doing. They have been trying to get something on him for a long time, but he keeps slipping by. The RED wave is coming on strong.

  6. This site is suppressing my Constitutional right to speak freely!
    I am attempting to quote an ex-POTUS, not even my words!

  7. African Americans had a reverse perspective, with 30 percent feeling they are better off and 40 percent feeling they are worse off under Trump
    Under Trump they just may have to get a job.

  8. Hope that’s true in AZ but I can tell you it’s not the case in FL. We’re seeing areas that were solid red from 1960s white Cuban refugee voters go purple and even blue as we get an influx of 3rd world brown Hispanic trash, newly arrived commie minded Cubans and lazy Puerto Rican voting.

  9. obamba lost 1,000+ seats in Local, State and Federal offices … it looks like the Demented-Dems will set another record this year. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving gaggle of humanoids.

    But, ONLY IF Republicans and Independent flood the polls in November!

  10. Lo que yo quiero me expliquen como los rusos pudieron hablar co todos los democratas que supuestamente votarian por Hillary para que votaran por Trump,
    Sres.hasta donde llega tanta mediocridad, pensar asi es creerse que los votantes
    democratas son unos trasnochados y tarados, ;que falta de respeto!!!!da

  11. HAY dumb DumboRATS, it is not what is good for the DumboRATic party, but what is good for AMERICA. You are not more important then your country. The last great Democrat President knew this as is shown in JFK’s famous statement
    “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

  12. Not one of us that voted for President Trump should believe in polls. Look at the last election. Donald Trump was given only a 2% chance of winning, while Hillary Clinton was given a 98% chance of winning. Hell, we all know how that went. This is why all Americans that believe in the Constitution and America must stay vigilant as to what is happening in America and kick butt in the mid-terms and ALL ELECTIONS.Our Constitution gives us rights. If a Democrat gets elected into office, our rights are our freedoms and they will be eked away at or taken forever. Once one of these rights are gone, there will be no getting them back! May God bless President Trump and America.

    • Right you are Ric, but let us not get to comfortable and remember how crooked the left Democrats are and that they will stoop to nothing crooked to win. Can’t believe they are thinking of Running crooked Hillary again. Watch out of the cheating there.

    • Those of us around for the 1980 election saw a similar scenario. Polls had Reagan and Carter running neck and neck. Carter got shellacked and suffered the ignominy of being one of the very few presidents we fired.

  13. It is to be hoped that the democrats loose big in November. But I don’t trust the polls. They are so easily manipulated these days. It will not be over until all the ballets are counted. This in not an election in which to be apathetic or overly confident. Every vote counts. Every citizen must vote.

    • Ask the 12 Russians who were indicted Friday. Every vote doesn’t count. They manipulated and interfered with our elections! WHY don’t you find that appalling? Because the idiot 45 won? He’s illegitimate………period. Ever ask yourselves WHAT does Putin have on him? Or does your brain washing Faux News won’t even let you think that far for yourselves? You want to talk about “fake” news, you don’t have any farther to look than Faux. It’s purely a propaganda outlet for this corrupt Trump Administration. Too bad you’re too stupid to see that.

      • Keep telling yourself that he is “illegitimate”. Eventually you may believe it because Hilldebeast “won the popular vote”. Of course, if you exclude the ILLEGALS that voted in Calicommia and other sanctuary cities, she was dumped on big time. Face it, the skanky beeotch lost and you are still sore from getting porked! Keep squealin’ and get some salve for that rash.

        Bye miss piggy!

        • Really? You actually believe illegals voted? Then your dumber than I thought you were. Yes, he’s illegitimate and only won because his campaign colluded with Russia. Why didn’t you answer my question as to whether or not this is appalling to you? Because, as a “patriotic” American you should be, but a cult following, Faux News brain washed diot, you won’t be.

          • What’s appalling to me is that you and your ilk have been on a two year tantrum because you legitimately LOST THE ELECTION! You refuse to accept the fact that your queen Hildebeast lost and the majority of Americans could not stand that SCUZZY pig.

            The real truth is that YOUR party was the first to contact the Russians for any and all dirt on Trump and it backfired on you big time. They found more dirt on your citizen hating scbags and used it against you. That’s why you are in a constant state of pissy. Your party also screwed Bernie by shafting him during the primaries. However, Hilldebeast bought him off with a new house on the lake and he gave her his “support”. Just another democommie wh0re that could be bought off. The only place where the queen pig won was in major cities and the People’s Republic of Calicommia.

            Next time maybe you should try put the American people first. Get over it, grow up and stop your incessant tantrums. Otherwise, have someone change your stinking diaper and treat that nasty rash because the excrememt is now filling your shoes.

          • You are either one sick bitch or it’s that time of the month again. There’s also the possibility the meds aren’t working. Can’t wait to see your comments when we get another conservative Supreme Court judge before the mid-terms. Ginsberg is going to croak soon and we’ll get another and Thomas will retire so that our great president can put a younger conservative in. We will turn around all the liberal crap we’ve been forced to accept and MAGA. It’s a shame you and your kind will also benefit by it, that is if you don’t get committed before it happens.

      • Diane, You stupid piece of sh-t. Everyone (including the commie Dem liberals) with half a brain, except you obviously, have stated there was no way the Russians could have changed the actual votes because of the way the machines are confined to small areas and not one giant network system. Even
        your messiah (BHO) stated that on national TV. And speaking of BHO, he had some under the table things going on with Putin, remember when he was on a hot mic and told a Putin guy, “tell Vlad I will have more leverage after the
        election to do that”. And, there is noooo reason to even start with all HRC and Russian shenanagins, is there? Dirty Diane paid troll you are such a brainless unreasonable bit-h, not as much as HRC,
        but none the less pretty bad! Keep shooting off your mouth, you are turning more and more Dems to the us with your factless stupidity and we love it!

          • Diane, I am sure it is obvious to all that you have very little in depth knowledge of what is and has gone on in your own commie Dem liberal party much less the Rebublican party. Folks, Dirty Troll Diane knows only info fed to her by the
            traitors paying her to do her crap on these websites. She is totally useless and an insult to decent people.

          • Kinda like the majority of your informed(?), intellectually superior, mature responses. If you don’t like excrememt being dumped on you, don’t start throwing it like you have.

  14. Democrats are pathetic. They only know to lie and distort the truth. They never protect the people they claim to care for and they have done none of their promised actions. No one needs them. They are all crazy and no one appreciates George Lopez peeing on the sidewalk no matter who’s name may be there. They are trash…time to take out the trash!

  15. Becareful not all republicans support we the people, in florida the republican govner proved the state under republican control is corrupt

    • I am one of the “We the people” in the State of Florida, and I do support Gov. Rick Scott. He will get my vote, and not Bill “Do nothing but obstruct” Nelson.

      • then you do not care about our democracy because Rick Scott is a criminal and ignored the will of 6.5 Million voters and then sued to keep the unconstitutional law in pm,lace bought and paid for is what he is you vote for him and you vote for the elite

  16. Mahatma Gandhi,”Among the many misdeeds
    of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act depriving a
    whole nation of arms as the blackest.”
    Mahatma Gandhi.
    Tyranny an the demoRATS:.
    Never forget that Stalin banned guns in 1929, then turned around and murdered over 20 million of his own people once they were defenseless!

    Hitler banned guns in 1938, then murdered 13 million people afterwards …

    And Mao Tse Tung banned guns in China, then murdered 40 million helpless citizens …

    We can NEVER let that happen in America. LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?

    • I believe it to be both. In some, they’re just so emotionally driven and just so immature too. Take the issue of illegal immigration. They are seemingly incapable of understanding the enormous impact financially and culturally. To have to study the facts, weigh the costs, etc., it’s like a wall comes down between their emotional response and what should be their intellectual response. My young adult daughter is like that with any new responsibility she has to face; just a knee jerk response of anxiety ridden, not-gonna-deal-with-it emotional response. As for the demonically driven ones, the bitter, spittle spewing Left that just feeds off of tearing things down, it crosses my mind a lot when I observe them that they are demonically driven.

    • Except 45. He loves it and Russia! Think conservatives are running scared for Mid-Terms and who knows what else will emerge from Mueller’s Russian investigation before that? Next on the agenda is to indict Americans who helped them! Can’t wait until this corrupt, con artist asshole is out of the White House!

      • Diane How can you be so stupid, This man has done more for this country in a year and a half than Obama did in eight years.
        Wake up idiot.

        • What has he done? Kiss up to dictators and alienate our allies. He’s an idiot (and apparently so are you) and an embarrassment to this country. Look st all the protestors he’s encountered in London & Scotland. They hate him as much as we do. The man has zero business to be in the White House. He’s nothing but a corrupt con man.

          • As far as your statement “They hate him as much as We do”, speak for yourself and not for other people, Republicans, Democrats and Independents that elected President Trump.

          • That’s because they are foolish enough to believe our democommie owned, biased, Trump hating media. Once Englanders found out the real truth, many have changed their thinking.

            Under his presidency we are no longer wh0res to the rest of the world. Stop being so willing to spread your legs and take in as much as you can in hopes they will be your “allies”.

          • Diane: You obviously do not keep up with the news…………………………..You will probably call me an idiot, but I think Trump is doing a terrific job. I also think he is a great guy – I’m very proud that he is our President.

          • Sounds like she is related to Strzok, spewing hate. Her facial expressions are probably like his as she is spewing this rhetoric.

          • Let’s call “fake” news by it’s real name…….Faux News. It’s just the Trump propaganda network. Any news that is critical of the asshole is deemed “fake” when he’s on TV every single day lying from his big, fat mouth. I despise this man and can’t wait until next shoe drops and they indict the Americans who helped Russia win this election for him. Look for indictments for Roger Stone, Donnie Jr and Jared Kushner! The walls are closing in on Trump!

          • Diane isn’t even real. It’s some dude trying to get under everyone’s skin by commenting idiocy and hiding behind a false identity. Don’t reply to this cretin and it will eventually go away.

      • Your democratic lies and the corrupt people you want to elect leave you with no place to stand keep it up and the democrats will be over

      • Diane (if that is your name) you are nothing more than a demodummie troll. Wake up to reality and stop watching the Clintstone News Network for “information”. Everyone else, please stop wasting your time responding to this hate baiter.

        The best response is to get out in November and vote these maggots out of office. The polls are only there to lull people into complacency so, hopefully, you won’t go out and vote.

        • Not a troll, but you are a cult follower! The only reason 45 won was because of Russian interference and because the colluded with Russians to win. Yes, there will be a blue wave coming in Nov because people are tired of this idiot ruining our standing in the world. BTW, I don’t watch CNN, but perhaps you should turn off Faux……your ignorance is showing!

          • Keep believing what your democommie leaders are telling you. Watch for tall precipice up ahead you foolishly ignorant lemming.

          • Well then, you must be listening to those other “reputable” networks like the Communist Broadcast System or Nothing But Communist network.

            The Hildebeast and her I’ll were the first to contact the Russians. Looks like that came back to bite her.im the a$$ big time. As an independent voter, I certainly wasn’t going to vote for that self-serving scumsucker. Face it and grow up to the reality – YOU LOST!

          • Dianne, it’s you who are in the death cult; what I find most interesting about your ilk is that you don’t ever cite facts; facts are killing the demonicrats and the commies because it’s always light that wins. You love the darkness you’re in, because your deeds are evil. So you hate what’s right; your moral compass is a weather vane and you always spew hatred; just like Peter Strozk; it’s your native language, deary, and it’s all lies.

          • Words cannot describe how little I care about what you have to say, however, if you insist on proving to the world how stupid you are, then be my guest! You Africans sure do run your cock suckers loosely with nothing but stupidity!

        • Ummmm, she’s been cleared. Zero indictments. Can’t say that about Trump’s Administration now can we? 196 indictments against 38 people, 5 have plead guilty, and one is sitting in jail (45’s campaign manager). Time to get over Hillary and focus on the trouble your guy is in. The walls are closing all around him! Ne t on the agenda is naming the Americans who helped Russia! Can’t wait for the other shoe to drop!

          • every day. Seem to forget, there is no double jeopardy on hearings. Only on trials. So if the investigation is reopened and she is indicted, she can be put on trial.

          • I will never understand people like you that hope for our country to fail. I couldn’t stand President Obama, yet never once did I hope for anything bad to happen to him or his administration. I just hoped that the damage he did could be fixed quickly (so far so good) to minimize the harm to our great nation. I dont care whobis in office, even your beloved crooked Hillary, I could never sit around and hope for her to fail because of the damage it would do to America. People like you really make me sick. You’re right up there with the losers who swore they were going to leave the country if Trump won. Well, what are you waiting for? He won, time to get on your way!

          • Not cleared Comey ended the investigation by saying he didn’t think any AG would take up the case. No double jeopardy in play the only thing saving her is Trump, you forget they were very good friends before the election and Trump was a democrat and became a republican to run he is still an outsider.

  17. Let us work hard to flip more Democrat seats! I agree that we should not believe the polls.

    Be pro-active!

    We need more conservative lawmakers to punish the liberal social media for censoring the conservative voice!

    We need more conservative lawmakers to remove the RINOs.

    We need more conservative lawmakers to build the wall.

    We need more conservative lawmakers to protect the young children.

    Etc, etc, etc …

    Trump 2020!

  18. I can’t see how anybody could declare themselves liberal democrat, especially now that they have sounded out attacks on conservatives & have embarrassed themselves with their down & dirty tactics, they have no class, no substance, & no positive outlook on our country, trump loves this country & they hate him for it, god bless America & president Trump.

    • If only killery and mad Maxine will keep shooting off their mouths. Also nasty pelosi. I also call for a big response if and when the commie shitheads harass us in public as crazy Maxine and others have suggested. KICK THEIR ASSES!!!we as true patriots don’t have to take their shit.

    • No, we hate him because he is a corrupt con artist and has a cult following, like you numbnuts! Oh, and then there’s the Russian thing with Putinhat he wants to meet alone with him! He’s got his head so far up Putin’s a** that he can’t see the light! Such a disgrace and embarrassment to the office.

      • And where is your head? Sitting on the Liberals lap waiting for permission to make such a foolish statement or UP the LOSER Hillary Clintons angry anus? When you make a claim, be careful not to use “WE”. You are taking for granted that everyone hates OUR POTUS, Donald J. Trump and I can assure you he is loved by the majority of Americans that LOVE our country and want to see the brut force he so masterfully uses to protect the Sovereignty of America while improving growth of our Nation through more jobs, personal wealth and most importantly, the return of Pride, Honor and Security. BTW, numbnuts is the name for the previous pretentious, treasonous parasite that occupied our White House so please have the decency not to name call or compare those of us that support President Trump to that POS.

        • OOOOOOOOEEEEEEEE! Spread it on the paid troll Diane, I love it! The traitor to our Country, who is paying her, sure sent her some bad talking points to use on us American patriots. Go play in the traffic Dirty Diane!

      • And the Hilldebeast isn’t? She certainly licked Putin’s ba11$ long and hard until her “charity” got 20 million and she gave them 20% of the uranium in her crooked deal. I’m sure Oscumma profited from that one too. He was gettin’ his come uppins.

        We don’t even want to talk about Billie Bob and those other demoscum champs like Weinstein, Weiner one a plethora of others.

      • Die-ane, you are like a car with a bad transmission, stuck in neutral. You refuse to go forward or backward. All you spew out of your idiotic piehole is Trump and Russia. I guess you are stuck in the past, the Russia thing has been disproven long ago. Find another topic and someone to read it to you.

        • Then why were there 12 Russian indictments on Friday? Talk about someone who has their head up their ass…….guess you can’t face the facts…….Russia interfered with our election and you seem to be okay with that! Sad that you’re putting asshole Trump in front of your country. And I suppose you call yourself a patriot? Yeah, r-i-g-h-t!

      • You must have President Trump mistaken for Obama! He is the con artist, born in Kenya, and raised in Indonesia, according to Harvard!
        President Trump was born in America, President Trump was legally elected, HRC, and BHO, cheated their own party’s presidential nomination election and had the blessing of the DNC!

      • Oh no you Diient! You are a liar, and a hypocrite! We still, haven’t lost the “world-wide” humiliation perpetrated on us by Obama!
        There has never, ever, ever, been a more humiliating POTUS and “Side-Show” Ghicago Hood-Rat, Circus than Obama and his administration!

        • Guess that why he was just named the best president in our lifetime, eh? Trump will go down as the worse! That’s what happens when Russians elected our president. You get an idiot corrupt con artist!

          • and none of them by Muller are pointed to Trump, democrats can not find anything to make their claim true it is all lies to cover up the democrats illegal actions , so do me a favor keep telling that story because we the people know it is false and are tired of hearing it but you keep on

          • You really have been overfed that totally bogus garbage poll data from your lord on high Bloomingbird. He wouldn’t feed you any anal secretions, would he?

            We have him (Oscumma) to thank for his world apology tour where he slurped the a$$e$ of many and completely embarrassed this country. That pathetic pile of whale dung was as useless as a scab on a donkeys rectum.

            You lemmings need to get a grip on reality. Your messiah was nothing but a divisive, American hating scr0tum sack. Keep licking it, he will thank. you.

  19. Yea, Beautiful, just beautiful!!! However, Republican patriots, let’s all heed “Statesman Patriot’s” great advice. Now is not the time to rest on our laurels. Continue to promote and work toward the biggest Red Wave the world has ever

  20. Arizona senators could be the key to Donald Trump getting his judicial nominees approved. Sen. Jeff Flake (R, AZ) won’t run this year but a strong conservative Republican will likely win in his place this November. RINO John McCain must retire soon for health reasons, allowing Arizona’s Republican governor to appoint a true conservative. Both should be strong backers of the Trump agenda.

    • I have called the governors office along with others here in Arizona and told the governor if he puts McCain’s wife in his seat we will no longer vote for him or support him.

      • Good for you, JHW, We have had quite enough from John McCain’s working against POTUS. He is the worse RINO in the Senate! If his wife replaces him she will be worse than he is. She will be out for blood because of the back and forth war between McCain and POTUS.

  21. Never believe polls.
    They were wrong about Trump getting elected.
    Conservatives should always act as if they are 20 points behind the democrats.
    Otherwise it’s easy to fall into a lull attitude!

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