A Cheers star revealed this surprising reason why voters back Donald Trump

Donald Trump built a massive political movement after he first ran for office. 

That’s why he’s been able to change the country’s political landscape. 

And a Cheers star revealed this surprising reason why voters back Donald Trump.

Cheers star says that Donald Trump connects with working-class voters by building things

Veteran actor John Ratzenberger starred as mailman Cliff Clavin on the classic NBC sitcom Cheers.

He’s become an outspoken supporter of American manufacturing and skilled trades, which he calls “essential workers.”

Ratzenberger worked as a carpenter between parts early in his career and has stuck up for blue-collar workers ever since. 

Former President Donald Trump has built a strong base of support with and connection to blue-collar workers.

The Republican Party has transformed from the country club party to the party of the working class.

Ratzenberger told Fox News Digital that former President Trump’s background in real estate and building things is why he’s been able to receive so much blue-collar support.

“Because he knows how to build things,” Ratzenberger said.

“Don’t forget what he did before he was on television and ran for President,” Ratzenberger continued. “He built buildings, so he was in charge of, ‘We need more glaziers or brick workers or carpenters, electricians.’ And that’s what he dealt with all his life.”

He added that Trump understands the importance of leading an American manufacturing revival and rebuilding the ranks of skilled workers.

“And so he knows probably better than anybody – one of the reasons that I’m a fan of his – that we’re running out of those people, and it’s jeopardizing our civilization,” Ratzenberger added.

Shortage of skilled workers is becoming a big problem for the country

The number of skilled workers in the trades declined after the educational system began to try and steer everyone to college.

Professions like electricians, welders, and plumbers are facing growing shortages from retirements.

These are the underappreciated jobs that keep the country functioning.

Ratzenberger said that the lack of younger people going into these fields poses a huge problem for the future of the country.

“For the last 20 years. I’ve been going around the country giving speeches and talks to anybody that’ll listen: really big organizations, I’ve gone to Congress twice, you know, to blow my clarion call, to say, ‘Folks, we’ve got to wake up,’” Ratzenberger said.

A Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute study found that the country could face a shortfall of nearly two million factory workers by 2032.

The Cheers star is alarmed by the younger generation’s inability to even do basic tasks like hanging a picture.

“But that, that’s my fear, that the civilization will grind again, and can grind to a halt because we’ve neglected to teach our children how to use tools,” Ratzenberger added.

He explained that he uses the term essential worker instead of blue-collar because these people keep America running.

“I avoid the term blue-collar worker and just use essential worker,” Ratzenberger said. “They’re essential . . . All the upper echelon elites couldn’t function without the essential workers.”

Donald Trump is running to reverse the decades-long decline of American manufacturing.

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