A CNN host called a top Trump supporter this one unforgivable word

Every day, CNN reaches a new low in fake news, misinformation, and promoting hatred for Donald Trump.

Many Americans are wondering where it all ends.

Now, CNN may have finally hit rock bottom when one host called a top Trump supporter this unforgivable word.

Anti-Semitic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib made a spectacle of herself during the Michael Cohen hearing.

Tlaib attacked Congressman Mark Meadows during the hearing as a racist because Meadows brought black Trump administration official Lynne Patton to the hearing.

Patton was close friends with Cohen and he brought Patton in to Trump world.

She felt betrayed and wanted to show her support for the President by refuting Cohen’s claims Trump was a racist by her presence.

This incensed Tlaib who attacked her as a token and smeared Meadows as a racist.

Meadows – whose niece and nephew are minorities – demanded an apology.

Eventually Democratic Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings walked Tlaib’s remarks back and she apologized.

That did not sit well with CNN New Day co-host Alisyn Camerota.

Camerota berated Tlaib about apologizing and demanded to know why she did so and if she would take it back.

Breitbart reports:

First, she asserted to Tlaib that “[t]here were people at home that felt that that was tone deaf and insensitive of Congressman Mark Meadows,” i.e. bringing Patton to the meeting. “You certainly were not alone in that feeling and so why did you apologize to him?” Camerota cited no evidence of how “people at home” felt. When Tlaib offered an evasive answer, Camerota pressed her: “So do you regret apologizing to Congressman Meadows?”

Tlaib said that she “apologized if I made him feel like a racist,” saying that she saw the exchange as a “teachable moment” and did not want to label Meadows as a racist. She added that she was offended by Patton being brought to the hearing and “saying nothing,” evidently ignoring the fact that Patton had a statement entered into the record.

That did not satisfy Camerota, who then brought up the 2012 video: “I’m interested in whether or not you can separate a racist statement or a racist act from the person. And case in point, in 2012, you know, Congressman Mark Meadows engaged in the Birtherism talk where he doubted that President Obama was born here. let me just remind our viewers of what he said back then.” She played the clip, then asked: “Does seeing that change how you feel about him?”

CNN – and Camerota – could not stand it that a Democrat looked bad in a confrontation with a Trump supporter.

Instead of promoting the idea that a member of Congress realized they crossed the line and apologized is a lesson for all Americans – Camerota took it as a defeat for the “home team” and wanted to undo the “loss.”

Is CNN fake news?

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