A court handed Barack Obama a massive defeat that left him speechless

Barack Obama couldn’t believe it.

His best laid plans collapsed like a house of cards.

That’s because one court just delivered Barack Obama one of the worst defeats of his life.

Obama and his allies hoped to build a $500 million dollar Presidential library in Chicago.

What this “center” is supposed to honor is lost on most Americans because Obama presided over eight years of failure.

But nonetheless, Obama and his cronies wanted a massive shrine to his ego.

Politico reports:

A judge on Tuesday gave the green light to a lawsuit filed by a parks-advocacy group that aims to stop for good the delayed construction of former President Barack Obama’s $500 million presidential center in a Chicago park beside Lake Michigan.

Some supporters of the project fear the lawsuit filed by Protect Our Parks could force Obama — who launched his political career in Chicago — to build the Obama Presidential Center elsewhere. A 2016 lawsuit brought by another group helped to scuttle a $400 million plan by “Star Wars” creator George Lucas to build a museum on public land on Chicago’s lakefront. That museum is now under construction in Los Angeles. A judge on Tuesday gave the green light to a lawsuit filed by a parks-advocacy group that aims to stop for good the delayed construction of former President Barack Obama’s $500 million presidential center in a Chicago park beside Lake Michigan.

Some supporters of the project fear the lawsuit filed by Protect Our Parks could force Obama — who launched his political career in Chicago — to build the Obama Presidential Center elsewhere. A 2016 lawsuit brought by another group helped to scuttle a $400 million plan by “Star Wars” creator George Lucas to build a museum on public land on Chicago’s lakefront. That museum is now under construction in Los Angeles.

Obama figured a library in Chicago would be a cakewalk.

The city is filled with community-organizer-type activists like he used to be.

But a Judge just gave Obama one of the rudest awakenings of his life.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. I thought the article was going to say, “affirmative action is being wiped out by the SCOTUS and abolishing any action it’s affected since let’s say a decade ago. Not in AfirmAfricAmerica.

  2. obamna waa born August 4 1961 at 7.47 pm in Kenya 7 lbs 10 oz
    18″ long 6″ wide shoulders Certificate # 32018 Delivered by Dr James
    O.W. Ang’awa per FBI CIA and his Grandmoter and step brother

    • How did he get to become Predudent of our United Statesif He wasn’t born here let alone using our tax dollars to build thei most expensive Presidential Library in history for a failed President!! What is wrong with this picture??

      • He had help, The Democrats thought they could control him but once he was elected he did as he pleased. They knew he was not American and kept his birth certificate hidden, he should never have been allowed to run without a birth certificate.The people should have objected. Remember he had a pen and he had a phone which he used with no objections from Congress like Trump is getting right now. Our country wasn’t in too bad a shape when he took over. He managed to rip away everything MLK did to bring the races together. He made the black people hate the white people even though the white people did nothing to deserve it. He brought millions of Muslims to our country and installed them in different parts of the country where they could gain power. He gave billions of American taxpayers money to Muslim Countries, he armed the Isis fighters so they could overthrow their government and look what happened with that. Now they are trying to take over the government and again people are sitting on their hands and letting it happen. The women of this country have made their men into whining little girls!!!

        • Haz, I agreed with you on every point until your last comment…
          I don’t know where you got your info that women have made their men into whiny little girls but I am here to tell you that YOU ARE VERY WRONG. SHAME ON YOU WITH THAT STUPID ATTITUDE. MY MAN was a strong man who made his own decisions. If we disagreed we talked it out. I ALWAYS respected him and his decisions. He also respected mine as well. Actually we agreed on most everything. Alas I lost him 3 years ago after 45 years. I still miss him so. But… I do not think women are doing what you say. Come back on here and explain why you think this please. I would really like to know.

      • He was an US citizen because his mother was a US citizen…. there is no evidence his mother relinquished her US citizenship….. now why people voted for Obama is beyond my belief…. their choice.

    • can you tell us where you got the info…not saying I doubt it…more like I’d be inclined to repeat it with something to back me up. please help thank you

    • If what your writing is true? He(Obama) falsified records which makes is Presidency null and void and held on charges of lying to The American People, Congress(which many have been indicted for),espionage, aiding the enemy the list can continue in the hands of The Justice Dept. and Attorney General of The U.S.A.

  3. When you hear the word “deplorable”, you have to be reminded of all the deplorable tricks Obama played on America. Maybe that’s where Hillary found it. He deserves nothing for his 8 years of failure. Even the Nobel committee wants their prize back since Obama never did a thing to deserve it.

  4. CRAP!!!!! I thought for sure they FINALLY decided he IS KENYAN and his 8 disgusting years were wiped off the books!!!

    • Keith D DAMN, he also should be stripped of his being able to get his pension that WE THE PEOPLE are paying with our TAXES for the rest of his miserable life, what 450,000 dollars a year??? BULLCRAP…. He should also b made to pay back all the money him and his family stole going on all their Vacations and their elaborate life style. In other words the SOB should be BANKRUPTED, TARRED AND FEATHERED AND EXILED DEPORTED BACK TO KENYA. THIS SOB EVEN BRAGS ABOUT ‘ HE IS THE ONLY KENYIAN THAT EVER BECAME PRESIDENT OF AMERICA. YEAH, SEND HIM BACK AND NEVER LET HIM AND HIS FAMILY EVER TO RETURN TO AMERICA…

  5. Good for the Parks group! Obama’s “library” was supposed to be built with donations from private donors (like every other Presidential Library) but was going to cost the taxpayers millions of dollars in road improvements. Plus Obama refused to agree to hire local workers to build his shrine. And people were already being displaced due to high rent increases. It was going to be great for Obama and his rich cronies and bad for the neighborhood! Typical Obama: promise everything, deliver nothing!

    • why aren’t there people inside the beltway doing something to proclaim his 8 years as illegal and wipe them out? will that ever happen? I seriously doubt it. the globalist want the Constitution null & void…BHO being proclaimed as a legit POTUS is doing exactly what they want-to bring this country down.

  6. Obama is a traitor and the defeat that I would prefer to hear about him is, his being sentenced to death for treason! The same goes for his guy/girl wife. I see these polls, all the time, asking US if Obama was the best or worst President ever. The honest answer to that is, he wasn’t a President at all, what he was/is, a Muslim Terrorist Sleeper Cell! Now, he is actively working to undermine President Trump and his Administration, why hasn’t he been arrested? But, not to worry, The American People will take over wherever our government fails!

  7. That thing Obozo wants to build is NOT a library since it will have no books or papers. It is nothing but another stroke to his MASSIVE OVERBLOWN EGO. His head is swelled enough it should be canned.

  8. Obami can ask the Latin Kings and Vice Lords to help him pay for his self promoting temple. Hell Oprah and a few of the other leftist liars should foot the bill. Obama, failed social experiment that should be obvious. A good

  9. I think this is a terrible insult to Barack Obama not allowing him to build his shining light on the hill museum in Chicago.sounds very racist to me.i personally would like to see Obama’s museum built in IRAN and would be funded with the millions and millions of dollars Obame stole from the federal goverment and the hard working American tax paying people
    Loaded the money up on wooden pallets and used forklifts to put the money in goverment plains and delivered it to the goverment dictators of IRAN so Obamas museum deserves to be located in IRAN.JGB

    • And to further explain how heinius this money transfer was, consider that the laws of the land prohibited U.S. funds to be transferred to a foreign government without the explicit permission of congress. Obama, as per usual, skirted the law by sending over a billion dollars worth of EUROS. This patently illegal and certainly most underhanded and despicable move was typical of Obama.

      His library would be best suited to be on the grounds of the Greatersford prison in Philadelphia Pennsylvania which is now available. This lovely site is just off route 95 and is scenically available to millions of motorists annually.

    • Oslima is a disgrace and the worst President EVER! He and that ugly dog of a wife is as big as a sociopath as he is. They need to be in prison instead of continuing to use the american people his personal bank. He is trash and low class Go somewhere we are not impressed

  10. What I want to know is Who the hell is saying for the 500 million dollar Library? The taxpayers of the US or the citizens of Chicago?

  11. Since Barack Obama considered his mission as one which would diminish America, I think it would be appropriate to diminish his Presidential Library concomitantly with his reduced dimension of America. Therefore, an out-house sized building that served two and had a couple of book shelves would be entirely satisfactory. And a large 4′ x 8′ colored picture of Karl Marx must adorn one of the walls.

  12. This was just another Chicago-crookster-style kickback scheme for his many criminal cronies both inside & outside the USA-so glad it was prevented–but how many weren’t? It’s no wonder the economy was collapsing under this fraudster’s aegis. Americans are sick of the Dems’ chicanery & treasonous greed & crime–add to his/their tsunami of crime against the country their continued efforts to undermine the man who won his avalanche of a win by being up-front, frank, smart & loving of America, as well as to the best of the real people of America, rather than the masses of illegal invaders the Dems/Left used to bring America down to the level of a third-world banana republic. Godwilling true Americans will never again leave their guard down & allow another quisling into the presidency.

  13. If Obama wants a Liebury, why not put it in his house? Surely there’s a room for a table to put a lie detector on. Obama supporters could sit down and ask him questions and watch the results commit him.

  14. Sounds like the tree-huggers he loved are being consistent and biting him in the butt. This would be like trying to build his library in Central Park. Let him buy his own land, not take public green space.

  15. Why doesn’t this con artist build his library in his “home state” of HAWAII?!?!? Or how about KENYA??? Build it in his REAL BIRTHPLACE!!!

      • Problem is he had at least three to four alias to defraud the government’s foreign exchange student program. He had more than one foreign oassport and more then one social security number but the government makes sure no one can see hiscsealed svpchool records while states like mine without our consent have legislation in both state houses to take Ztrump off the ballot in my state if the communist democrats cannot see his tax returns? Facts, majority does not want havens fir illegal aliens, we do not want illegal entry refugee candidates, we want equal treatment under thevkaw fir Obama wrongs versus Trump wrongs. This means opdning back up the fixed Clinton cover up case by FBI and DOJ, Steele Dossier use and origin. Make it fair then the real criminals will be exposed not protected by our corrupt federal government.

      • AS much as I dislike Obama, the first question is: Did his mother give up her US citizenship before Obama was born? Find the answer to that question, then you will find your true answer on his citizenship.

        • the one that has been schrededthe best part of his father
          ran down his fathers LEG look at his ears
          the poor mother suffered he came out backwoods

  16. What a potential waste of money that could be put to better use for say homeless vets,or sick children,but no it’s has to be wasted on the worst president that ever took a breath of oxygen.Build it ion the bottom of Lake Michigan and tie an anchor around the Kenyans neck and throw him into the lake to feed the bottom suckers and crabs

  17. We have to keep the self righteous bs going in this country. Here’s Obama, “I’m going to make the most elaborate vote buying scheme in the history of the USA. I’m going to call it Obamacare! I’m going to take money from the middle class that did not vote for me. This Obamacare will cost them 2-3 times more than they are we’re paying before and that’s going to pay for the cost of the ones who do not want to work and they will have to vote for me”. We need to name the other half of the streets in this country Barry Obami Blvd. That way we can remember that the only two men to ever do anything for this country, the only ones to sacrifice was Obama and Martin Luther King. I have a shoe box if they need it! That will hold all of his accomplishments.

    • ” I have a shoe box if they need it! That will hold all of his accomplishments.”
      I agree with you and join your suggestions…

      But for ME:

      “I have a roll of toilet paper (and they WILL need it…that will hold all his accomplishments”

  18. Obummer was nothing but a racist muslim, and the worst president ever! Wish he would just drop off the face if this earth!

  19. EXACTLY!!! Go build the stupid thing in Kenya, South Africa, your hometown!!! We don’t need that pathetic thing in this country!!!

  20. Build a “center” for or in the name of by far probably the worst President in US history…sorry traitors don’t deserve to be remembered…memorials/center’s are not built in their honor. For Honor he has none! The only thing he deserves is a rope with 13 knots in it.

  21. So, his Chicago based library was put on hold. Well, the only thing that makes sense to this ruling, is the fact we learned what a failure he was as President. Therefore his library would be more of a learning failure towards the people of Chicago. If this is true? Then their may still be HOPE for Chicago. Get Raum Emanuel out of Chicago should be the next step.

    • obamba’s library consists of “Rules for Radicals” and clips of his quite often unintelligible statements when he doesn’t have his “Teleprompter G_d” to clue him in.

      That certainly shouldn’t take a half billion dollar monument to his failures. It would easily fit on a $20 thumb drive.

  22. Mr. O. was the worst president our Be Loved Country, the USA could ever dreamt of having~~m… it was unfortunate to us, he was elected to the office! But, we endured him and prayed hard for Someone Who is as Able and Capable as the JOB demanded and will continues to Demand! Thanks be to God Who is our Heavenly Father, our Creator, He gave us President Trump! President Trump is the Divine Intervention for the Good of our Country! Let us never to forget to give Him our Daily Thanksgiving for our President Trump! There is not one minute goes by He is void of ATTACKS from and by the UNTHINKING, the UNREAL, the UNTRUTHFULS!

    • Well, Obama being a Nig*** or otherwise a filthy, ignorant, lazy, shiftless, drug addict, pretty much assures us “White Privileged” American’s that this worthless POS will never be considered anything except the very worst president in the history of our white, christen based country! It is exactly that simple.

      • I forgot to add, since Obama is black absolutely for sure he’ll never be considered anything but a Nig*** in our history books, that is give we even put this louse into our history, which if it were up to me, I wouldn’t even put his name on a list of our Presidents now or in 10,000 years from now, not ever – period. What in hell were American’s thinking to elect a stinking black anyway. They are stinky, filthy little worms anyway, don’t you know?

        • President Trump had to fumigate the White House for a whole month after the Obama’s left, because it stunk so bad! Ughhhh There was word on the street that Obama started painting the back of our “White House” BLACK, of all colors, can you even imagine. He hopped to have the whole place painted black by the time he left office, but thank god it didn’t work out that way. Word has it, the painter’s union dragged their feet because they did not want our White House to be painted Black, ewwww how totally disgusting. But, hey that’s Obama the cannibal for you. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, word has it that Obama’s linage dates back in Kenya to the dawn of history, and it is a recorded fact that his entire family all of them inclusively have been Cannibals, they eat their enemies, or so the family claims. I can’t confirm nor deny that is the truth, I’m just saying that’s what I’ve heard from my trusted, reliable sources, who wish to remain anonymous.

        • Bill, there are tens of millions of black conservatives amongst us, please do not stereotype a racial group. I starting to think your a planted communist democrat trying to make us look like we are supporting racist comments. Google walk away, and stop knocking a entire race for the fooled black assholes worshipping Obama. Respectfully change your style it is not conservativism or a reflection of our values. I was a Dr. Carson supporter, he convinced us to follow Trump, he is black, conservative, loves America, brilliant and faithful Trump supporter.

          • I agree Michael, Bill sounds like a rracist demoncrat plant trying to smear us with his garbage. Race is irrelevant, love of G-d, Family and Country is everything. The good people of this Country work hard to correct our mistakes which is part of why we had a Civil War. 3 major items were being dealt with, Division of the people, Gov’t overreach and slavery. Because of demoncrat plots President Lincoln was assassinated and the demoncrat VP became President (by the way, this is also why we now have the Presidential Candidate pick their VP). So instead of integration we got carpetbaggers, instead of healing the division we received greater division, and the demoncrats became the enforcement arm of the kkk keeping republicans and black people away from the polls. The demoncrats kept kkk grand master bird in the legislature until he died and they still had people believing they were the tolerant party, the working mans party, etc. Now, with communication occurring as quickly as events, every lie they used in the past to paint their opponents with their own criminal acts gets caught despite their activists in the media’s efforts to cover-up for them. Yet they are unable to understand, we see their antics for what they are and reject them. So now? Now they are planting people to make us appear racist, using activists like smullet to accuse us of nonexistent hate crimes etc. We’re not buying into your lies or going to allow you to smear us with your racist brush. We’re calling you out for the hate-filled trash you’re trying to place on us!

      • Bill. Odumba was just the section 8 elite. Look how his wife/hubby/whatever it is, abused the system. Why hasn’t someone billed him for the use of air farce one for time he used to campaign for the bitch of benghazi. The odumbasses should be tried for treason for the crap they pulled

    • I am a real Republican, not even close to being one of Trumps RINOs.
      Trump is already being considered
      the worst President in History. He will be quite lucky, to escape being impeached.
      President Obama, on the other haand, will go down as one of the better
      Presidents. He is a Constitutional
      Lawyer and the biggest fault that I
      could find in him was that he, honestly thought that he could negotiate with even the arrogantly
      Stupid. He has a special place in his heart for Chicago and that is why he’d like to build a center that would actively be an additional place
      of learning for the entire community.

      • Arcs, you meant to say, your a real stupid asshole to believe Odumbass was a decent President. Come on now, he incited racism and riots for the stupid crap he said. You must of smoked too much crack if you believe what you wrote

      • President Obama may have been a constitutional lawyer, but that doesn’t mean HE was a good lawyer. All of Washington are lawyers, many of them couldn’t survive as attorneys in the private sector, that’s why there in Washington. No one else would have them. Your FOUNDING Father’s were the most brilliant off them all. They prayed first before doing anything in regards to governing, and they did everything with The People Of The United States of America SECOND TO GOD! No greed. When I here anyone say”Our Constitution Needs to be revised, It’s Out-Dated”, I say BULLSHIT. Any one who believes/supports that are supporting those who wish to profit personally from/around OUR CONSTITUTION! God Bless those Men and The United States of America!

      • arcs…Your ignorance is showing. Obama HATES our Constitution. Just because he knows it means nothing at all. He is a Muslim and sides with Islam, which is our ENEMY. Obama is by far the WORST “president” we’ve had. He should NEVER have been in our White House, as he was an ILLEGAL president, having been born in Kenya, and yes, even Obama admitted he was born there.

      • Your not a real Republican, you’re not even a real American! What you are is a Democrat Troll! You worship Obama, who is proven to be a racist, liar, traitor and fraud. And, on top of all that, he is a thief and murderer! So, I think we have a good handle on you. Obama, was/is the fox in the hen house that gave the Muslims and illegals a strong foothold in the United States. We will eventually deal with both factions and I hope to see you standing with them when the bullets are flying! Of course, that will never happen because people like you prefer to hide behind women and children….

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