A court just hit Donald Trump with a major defeat that throws 2020 into chaos

The Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt against President Trump isn’t just playing out in the halls of Congress.

Democrats are using the courts to set up interlocking fields of fire to trap the President.

And now a court just hit Donald Trump with a major defeat that throws 2020 into chaos.

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, Jr. subpoenaed eight years of Donald Trump’s tax returns as part of a politically-motivated fishing expedition.

A District Court judge appointed by Barack Obama ruled in Vance’s favor and Trump’s lawyers appealed to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals arguing that, since the President couldn’t be prosecuted while in office, the Manhattan District Attorney could not criminally investigate the President.

But the Second Circuit also ruled against the President.

CNBC reports:

A federal appeals court ruled Monday that President Donald Trump’s tax returns must be turned over to a state grand jury.

In a unanimous ruling, the three-judge appeals panel in New York rejected Trump’s argument that he is immune as president from criminal investigation while in the White House.

Trump’s lawyer, Jay Sekulow, said that the president would ask the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the ruling by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

“The decision of the Second Circuit will be taken to the Supreme Court. The issue raised in this case goes to the heart of our Republic. The constitutional issues are significant,” Sekulow said in a statement.

The President’s lawyers promised to appeal to the Supreme Court.

Democrats claim to want President Trump’s tax returns because they are worried he hid supposed criminality.

That’s bunk.

What they want is to dig through to find perfectly legal — but politically embarrassing — nuggets, such as Trump taking every deduction possible to lower his tax liability, so they can create negative headlines during the President’s 2020 reelection campaign.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. I thank God that President Trump is Strong enough to put up with the bullying nasty dums…….. A weaker person would have caved in by now!!, How he has ma Pnaged to run this country with all the nonsense, time and money wasted by jerks constantly blocking him, is a miracle!!!!!

  2. Why is that a problem? Even if they’ve been subpoena’d all he has to do is delete them. Hillary was kind enough to set the precedent for that. And wouldn’t that open up a can of worms. Whatever they do to Trump as punishment has to be done to Queen Hillary. Or, if nothing happens to her, nothing can be done to him. If the results are different, prepare for war.

      • Trust me. It could be done. A lot of citizens know more about warfare than some of the idiots in the government. A revolution is hard to control. I hope it never comes to that, and I’m not saying what I would do. But if the people keep their heads, and stick together, the government would never succeed crushing patriots.

  3. Every day I pray for President Trump and his family. I have been doing this for him since his election. Because of this, I know Almighty God is fully aware of the situation, and I feel sorry for those who are needlessly persecuting him. JH

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  5. the case is being appealed to SCOTUS … and when it is taken up the appropriate law will be applied and the information requested should be denied. But then most of these readers only tie themselves to fake news and are always several steps behind the real news.

      • Sargentrage if you get rid of the previous administration judges what do you think would happen when the Democrat Party retakes the WH and decides to get rid of the tRUMP judges. Is that what you want because that is what will happen be careful what you ask for.

  6. Their young bodies were warm, and the bodily fluids intermingled together so half-breeds came forth upon us. What comes with the rain comes for us all HAHAHA

  7. Does anyone DOUBT that Mueller’s board of Trump haters NOT had access to all of Trump’s tax returns? They had access to everything they wanted.

    It is well known that Trump stiffed some of his contractors during his bankruptcy. While this is not a proud event, it is not grounds for either impeachment or rejection of this second term.

    Also, it was not illegal.

    The war against Trump will not be “won” by his tax-returns, which are likely astronomically complex. There is not a single legislator on either side who can understand them.

    I get TIRED of Renewed Right’s “crisis reporting” on Trump.

    I pray for his continued good health every day.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

    • Actually, Mueller probably didn’t have access to Trump’s tax returns because it was outside of the focus of his investigation, and Trump would have had to hand them over, which he probably wouldn’t.

    • Certain words are blocked on these websites. Always copy your post before you click the button and if it gets blocked just repaste it and change a couple of the words you think might be blocked. For example, the word “social -ism” and “social -ist” are blocked unless you type them the way I just did to get past the filter.

  8. No did not throw President Trump into chaos he is just going to take it to the Supreme Court and they will follow the law unlike the lower courts. Why are they asking for taxes returns that have nothing to do with the election? The Satan Democrats are trying to garb at anything and will be defeated and President Trump will be re-elected.

  9. Personally I just think our fantastic president is just screwing them around! I don’t think he really cares about his tax returns! Just makes the Democrats look as foolish as they odviously are! He just kills me every time he does this to those idiots! Mr Donald Trump, President for 5 more years!! Go sir go!

    • I think your right.
      Remember when I think it was someone on the View that had a one year summary of Trump’s Federal tax return, & everyone in the Democratic party was saying ” he didn’t pay any taxes in many years” & it turned out when she read it, it indicated he paid $ 33 million that particular year. ( Egg on your face A-hole )
      His prior tax returns before he became President will show NOTHING the Democrats can pin any impeachable crap on. There’s no “high crimes or misdemeanors ” as don’t forget, “the IRS has I’m sure, reviewed his prior tax returns AND HAS EXCEPTED THEM. And they did so during the Obama administration as well as the Trump administration in the last couple of years.
      Congressional Democrats are ” STILL FISHING ” because if they had anything they would have started Impeachment proceeding already.

  10. No effect on 2020 election. Thinking people understand that this is just part of the ongoing witch hunt that has been occurring since before President Trump took office.

  11. I’m sure there are some real criminals this dink could concentrate on. Probably has another Bernie Madoff in operation right now.

    • Perhaps it’s because President Trump’s private financial information is not anyone’s business but his. If the DA is conducting a criminal investigation, what happened to probable cause to search a person’s private records (yes, tax returns are private, except for review by the IRS)? Another reason we shouldn’t have an income tax–the Federal government should not have access to information regarding our income. Just another fishing expedition allowed by a liberal judge.

      • I want to see Paul & Nancy Peloszi’s Fed income taxes & Have Paul explain how he managed 1 million $$$ being as unless in his job as he was. Let’s see the other side one by one..!!!

      • I agree. Where is the probably cause? This issue is not about Trump alone. If anyone on the government can force a person to release such evidence without sufficient probable cause, then nobody is safe from unreasonable search and seizure. Whether or not you like Trump, whether or not it would have been politically expedient for Trump to have released his tax returns, that is irrelevant. The government must be held to a higher standard.

        • Obama’s taxes, birth certificate, schools records. Where he went to school. Why is Obama still trying to take Trump down. God help our country
          Trump 2020

      • Trump says that he gets audited every year by the IRS. If he did something illegal, they would bring him through the courts and, if it was illegal, he would have been sent to prison. So what does New York think they can get on him. Just another fishing expedition. The Supreme Court needs to protect him from this because by protecting him they protect us all from this type of search.

        • He isn’t getting audited every year isn’t true. I no someone who is head of the IRS and they don’t do that or less the person is marking up there income or deflating there income.

    • Jorg President Trump is not afraid he just wants what is right for any American and he is American. The reason they gave was to see if he paid the two lying sluts. Things that have already been proven false.

      • Even if he did, that’s no high crime or misdemeanor. That’s just a high price to get laid. What are they going to impeach him on ” paying to much for a piece of ass “,
        I’m sure many in or out of government have done the same,if they could even PROVE if it were true about Trump.
        What about the secret slush fund that Congress set up to protect people in Congress or other branches of government when allegations of sexual misconduct have been uncovered.
        Want to see trumps tax returns? Let’s see the names & amounts that have been paid out over the years to protect those accused of sexual misdeeds that work in the government.

    • Why are the democrats so desperate to find something they can pin on the president?
      Is it because they don’t believe they can beat him at the ballot?
      First is was crotch grabbing, then Stormy Daniels, then Russian collusion, then obstruction of justice, then undermining the media, then emoluments, then the Ukraine call. What’s next?

    • Because he reserves the same right that every citizen who files taxes is afforded. What you pay in taxes is between YOU & the IRS. If the IRS excepts them, then they are legal in accordance with the tax laws as written by CONGRESS. If they are NOT accepted then the IRS would call Trump in for any audit. Have they?

      Democrats claim to want President Trump’s tax returns because they are worried he hid supposed criminal. Notice the word ” CLAIM ” & the phrase ” they are worried ” , well I’m worried that the Democrats for the last 3 years have done NOTHING to pass any meaningful legislation to benefit me or the American people


  13. Us monkeys need to respect white trumpers. Daisy said it. Just know that. How about it? I wish I was someone else. Not a commie coon troll. My butthole is worrying me. It’s a monster trying to swallow me. I need to quit smoking that shit. DR.JD can you help?

    • Hey red racist manbaby
      Did you just say that your butthole is going to swallow you. So what you really mean is that you have shoved your head up your butthole.

      Well everyone else has known that since you started posting.

      What a dumarse

  14. Seems to me that there are laws protecting citizens from having to give up their privacy by handing over their tax returns. Why does there always seem to be a different set of “rules” for Republicans then for Democrats?
    Trump 2020!!!!

    • Exactly! What about the Clintons receiving foreign money for their “so-called” Foundation while serving as President and Secretary of State! What a crock!

      • What’s wrong with hiding your wealth? Democrats do it all the time and so do republicans. We all would hide our wealth from uncle Sam if we could.
        Why do you hate Trump so much?

      • Unfortunately all turd heads ( Republican & Democrats ) have been paying Federal taxes since the law was passed in 1913 ( the 16th amendment ) & NOT just since Trump became President. Your OPINION of, if he hides his wealth & where, is nothing more than an UN-provable UN-intelligent statement from a turd like yourself

  15. Pucker up, Nancy! You too, Chuckie-Poo! You as well, MaxiPad!💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

    • Typical dumb-assed comment, Julio! You are clearly a liberal moron who can’t accept that the DumboCraps lost in 2016! Eat shit, Asshole! MAGA! Trump wins landslide re-election in November 2020! Vote Red!

      • Harry, Trump is so egotistical and if he was worth anywhere near what he wants people to believe he’d “flaunt” those ax returns right out there or maybe he doesn’t want his “minnions” to know you and his followers are paying his freight on taxes. He is without a doubt the worlds BIGGEST PHONY!!!!!!

          • What made YOU so stupid, to swallow ALL Trumps lies and BS. Keep drinking the kool aid. Remember how most “cults” end???

          • Dan,
            What made Art so stupid is he swallowed Obama’s bullshit for 8 years.Remember the “if you like your health care plan & your doctor, you can keep it PERIOD “or” the Health care bill will NOT increase the deficit ONE DIME “.
            Maybe his ” we have a TRILLION dollar shovel read bill ” or ” Gitmo will be CLOSED in my FIRST year in office” or “My administration will be the most TRANSPARENT in history ”
            One real classic was ” When a bill lands on my desk.the American people will have 5 days to review it before I sign it ”
            I’ve got a 100 & more of the bullshit Obama spewed out & a kool aid drinker like ART swallowed

        • If Trump is a phony then why did all the democrats love him right up until he ran for president? Think about it for a moment.

        • To bad all of you have to have a closed mind. President Trump is a business man, he handled his business legally, and if all of you did not like him becoming a millionaire while he was a civilian then ya’ll should have changed the law. Like he said to stupid, idiotic, Hillary who is one of the biggest corrupt and dishonest persons in the world, if you did not like me using the law to my advantage, then ya’ll should have done something about it. Our President is a smart man, he knows how to get things done withing the legal law and because you idiots are so upset that you did not get your lollypops when he was elected, you’ll continue to have a closed mind, listen to all these corrupt people, and shows ya’ll cannot think for yourselves that you have to listen to the corruptness around you because you are like children that are followers and never will make it as leaders. Ya’ll do not have the right mind set to be leaders. Continue to follow the liberals, they will lead you right into hell when it’s time to meet your maker, and yes, even those of you out there that do not believe in God, you will be standing in front of him when the time comes and it will not be a pretty picture. The Anti-Christ is hard at work, working on all of you and when he’s done and we are at the end, he will drop all of you like hot potatoes and the only one’s left standing are those of us that believe in God and follow him. Satan will need a bigger house for all of you that do not live by His law. God Bless all of you, whether you believe in Him or not. You will understand when it’s to late for you to think the right way. JMHO and I’m ready for name calling, does not bother me a bit because I know God’s on our side. Continue to follow the anti-christ, he’ll lead you properly into his home. I cannot believe Pelosi, Biden, and the others consider them Catholics. They are what my Sister calls, “HALF ASS CATHOLICS”. They are using the word and are only Catholics in word only, not true Catholics. I cannot believe how they can think they are true Catholics. Such hypocrites. JMHO

        • Any time a person keeps posting on these website and never answers any questions and responds to no one then they should be ignored. That’s true of Vasu also.
          They just post trash and then move onto the next website and post more trash.

      • He didn’t win with the Americans vote you idiot!!!! He got in through the electoral votes and their votes only. We need to put an end to the electoral votes and when the American people vote how ever the turn out is that’s who wins, other wise why even vote cause nobody’s vote counted in 2016. O and to be honest Trump is not for the American people he is only looking out for his self, he needs to stop treating everything he does as a real estate deal to better fill his pockets and worry more about things that need to be taken care of right here in the United States 🇺🇸 They all need to get their heads out of their asses and stop bickering back and forth like little kids and take care of the things we as Americans need to have done.

        • Not having the electoral votes is unfair to the smaller states. The idiots that live in the larger states will actually be telling people in smaller states that their votes do not count because those living in the larger states will wipe out their votes. That’s not a fair system. Everybody has the right to have their votes count. Idiot

    • Who really cares about what taxes in the past he paid? I could really care less. You know all these big companies have off shore accounts so they don’t have to pay taxes they owe the government billions of dollars in taxes why aren’t we worried about them paying taxes? NOBODY CARES WHAT DONALD TRUMP DID OR DIDNT PAY. It has no bearing on anything. Again just a fishing expedition.

      • Yes if they can do this deceitful cock and bull show to POTUS, imagine what they’d love to do to us real Americans. It blows my hair back.
        TRUMP 2020 KAG

      • There is nothing the democrats will find in Trump’s tax returns they can use to impeach him I reckon. They just want to embarrass him because they are convinced they will get their asses kicked in 2020 because of the clowns they have running against him.

    • Julio Those taxes have been looked over enough. There is no reason why he should turn them over. No other president has had too.

      • Previous presidents released there returns without setting up battles in court. He “claims” to be Mr Transperency?????? (major league BS) show them, what does he have to hide????? PLENTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Art no other presidents did not turn over their taxes returns they did just as President Trump their financial statements which is all that is required. Financial statements are more detailed than taxes returns.

        • First crotch grabbing, then Stormy Daniels, then the Steele Dossier with the prostitute golden showers, then undermining the media, then Russian collusion, then obstruction of justice, then the Ukraine call.
          It’s just a never ending witch hunt to try and find something they can take the president down with because they’re are justifiably worried they will lose in a landslide next year. That’s what this is really about.

      • You know, 200 years ago these wicked scoundrels we call Democrats would have been lined up against a long wall and executed for the high crimes they had done to the American people. Now, fast forward it 200 years, Democrats are now rewarded for the high crimes they are doing to the American people. There is only one entity in existence that could cause this and change the hearts of the people to allow this type of evil to permeate like it is. It is none other then the devil himself and many people are following after him with absolutely no regard to morality and true justice. I pray for the day that God will finally put an end to all this madness.

    • Pillo dick lardarse
      Didn’t that carpet muncher Maddox get hold of Donald Trump 2005 tax return. Which show Donald Trump paid the correct amount of tax.

      Donald Trump would have tax agents and accountants processing his tax, according to the tax laws at the time.

      There is no evidence of any wrongdoing by Donald Trump, so what exactly is the reason for the court proceedings?

      Because it seems to be a case of the democrats have nothing, but we are going to push on until we can find something to say negative towards Donald Trump.

      • The liberal know F-ing well they can’t impeach him,this is all an effort to make him look bad for the 2020 election.
        The only mistake is their making themselves look like a bunch of sore LOSERS & trying to divert attention from the bunch of A-holes & their policies they have as candidates.

    • I would urge everyone to calm down. Al Capone only received 11 years for tax evasion. Mr Trump will still be in his early 80’s upon release.

        • Dan, a man can dream can’t he? Now I’m hearing that Sondland changed his testimony and admits to quid pro quo. More will be revealed I reckon.

          • Money talks and bullshit walks. When someone is either threatened, blackmailed or bribed. I really don’t care about some lying bastards changing their stories. You seem to believe them. Are you willing to admit that Trump could be telling the truth? I believe him because its not reasonable that he would do or say something illegal with people listening. Even rapist Bill Clinton met in private with Loretta Lynch. Remember the tarmac meeting? She’s lucky she didn’t get raped.

        • Dan, I believe that Trump is used to running his business affairs through bullying and intimidation. His advisors have probably suggested that the Presidency is much different from real estate but he is too stubborn to listen to anybody. I personally believe that most of his problems are self inflicted because he doesn’t take advice from those trying to help him.

          • Jonathan his problems are caused by idiots trying to undo the election. It takes an asshole to be a strong leader. I haven’t seen him bully anyone. Just doing a better job standing up for himself than many other republican presidents did. Trump’s the one being bullied.

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