A Deep State agent just had the worst day of his life

Republicans untangled another thread of the Russia collusion conspiracy.

Members of Congress dragged a Deep State agent in for questioning.

And this rogue member of government had the worst day of his life.

Republicans hauled Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr in for closed door questioning.

Ohr worked with Christopher Steele to pass his fake news dossier to high ranking FBI officials after the FBI terminated their confidential human source agreement with Steele.

Politico reports:

Gaetz, emerging from the interview after nearly two hours, said Ohr appeared to be answering questions forthrightly but that his testimony about the timing of his contacts with Fusion appeared to conflict with answers given to lawmakers by Fusion GPS cofounder Glenn Simpson and former FBI attorney Lisa Page.

“Either Bruce Ohr’s lying or Glenn Simpson’s lying,” Gaetz said, describing “a number of factual conflicts” between their testimony. He added that they could conceivably have competing recollections but that it will be important to bring both before the Judiciary Committee in a public hearing to sort out the facts.

Gaetz, Meadows and Issa told reporters that Ohr’s testimony revealed that the FBI had more significant doubts about the credibility of the Steele dossier than the bureau revealed when it applied for a court-ordered surveillance warrant on a former Trump campaign adviser, Carter Page, in October 2016.

“Not only did the FBI know that the dossier was unverified, but they also knew that there were real credibility issues where it would never end up in a courtroom,” Meadows said.

Republicans came out of the first part of the meeting with Ohr stating that Ohr and Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson gave contradictory testimony.

Republicans refused to give up on this investigation in the face of mainstream media mockery.

They dug and dug and dug until they uncovered significant breakthroughs.

Ohr’s testimony puts Trump and the GOP one step closer to bringing down the Deep State once and for all.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this story.


  1. Pammy JayKay, Nellie Ohr may be granted spousal privilege with regard to Bruce Ohr but, it seems she will be answering questions about her personal actions and participation.

  2. Diane here is PROOF POSITIVE that Twitter Facebook Google DO NOT CENSOR H-E-R…the DIED-in-the-wool ULT-LEFT MORON!

  3. They are ALL lying to save their own skins. Mix it up. Add conFUSION GPS. Nellie Ohr will not testify AGAINST DOJ hubby Bruce…protected by spousal privilege. Answers diligently sought…never to be found. And Obama’s DEEP STATE SHADOW GOVERNMENT chalks up ANOTHER one.

  4. You understood Lee’s bull? I can’t wrap my head around this crazy talk. I read both sides and research outside of political influence. Your reality appears strange to be kind. You are just reinforcing what you already think by reading this drivel.

  5. M./D.- meow meow. Don’t piss me off, 0r Face gets SKRATCHED 0ff.
    (oh, who said ‘that’, not me. ) bwar har har. So far, think i’ve
    been ‘polite’ on this site. __ hmm
    > Have a good Wkend. Time for College foootball.
    Notre Dame vs. Uof M. Guess my ‘team’. lol

  6. Dan T., Our zee is one cool cat, huh?
    Bwar har har. (zee’s Aussie laugh) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Ya get that zee!

  7. oh god, 1 more. Really AM a ‘Lady’/Woman’.
    > Diane, U lookin’ ??? Hope so.
    > 10-4. Period. (til tomorrow)

  8. geez,another ps. haha. perhaps what ‘we’ ‘say’ Here
    Isa ‘cheap shot exorcism’. ‘scooch’ ‘it’___ &
    SAVE USA (Monacan Man -yep). i gotta stop, Now___

  9. DI – &&& JUST HOW Many of ‘h’ + Total Crimes HAVE Been
    Coveredup & Totally ‘Blown 0ff & BURIED by ‘cronies’.
    hmm___ Answer please. &Thank you.

  10. M. ‘who’ me’ ??? Naahhhh. Bwar har har (aussie laugh),
    just so ya know. Bwar har har.
    > Stay 0n IT, my M. Man.

  11. Tom, Are you referring to the KKK birthed by the Democrat party, that same Democrat party that fought with all they had against intergration while the Republicans stood with the black people? Academia has changed history books and I would bet dollars to donuts young people don’t have a clue of the truth of what actually happened during those times. Talk about sad, American children being taught lies about American history! I’ll leave that subject alone and address the untruthful liberal crap being taught to our children in school today for another time.

  12. Never have and never will believe anything from the media…..any media at all! Just a bunch of wanna be liars and crybabies.

  13. Tom so kind of you to say so. I wish ALL races could get along. If commiecrats would butt out of race relations , we would. By the way. I’ve attended college and graduated. I know God loves us all , but I challenge you to give an example of me saying I am better than any race. Come on. I dare you!!! Yes I called obama a mulatto Means mixed race. Just like me.

  14. Well, well…finally a grain of truth from Diane. Yes, Manafort is going to jail but not for anything that happened during OUR Presidential election; Cohen, same deal, Flynn: even the FBI agents who interviewed him said they didn’t believe he lied to them…wish we could get that transcript…But, koodos Diane for your truly stunning attempt at truthfulness.
    And as for Hillary being indicted? First, people who are NOT on her payroll would have to investigate her evil doing, second, those investigators would have to find witnesses willing to testify who weren’t 6 feet under.

  15. Diane,
    Have you decided what country you’re in today? On a recent post, you wrote “your country” when all of the Patriots here had been writing about these United States of America. Obviously you don’t count yourself as an American, so what are you Russian? Chinese? Or is your handler Sorros?
    BTW, how much DO you get paid per post?

  16. The tongue is very poisoness and deadly. The tongue can either speak love or hate, life or death and here Diane your willingly striking with very poisoness venom. Its not necessay Ma’am i know your etter than that. Humbleness is missing and desperately needs it place in our world. If we havent facts than it becomes hearsay.unacceptable by the just and predent. Thank you Ma’am God Bless. I’ll share with you what i do with this situation, i refuse to give it credence y replying period.

  17. ps. 2nd thought = your comment may be ‘animated’thru RR +
    &&& that’s 0K – ‘we’ Need All the help ‘WE’ Can Get ___
    > SAVE USA. Thank you.

  18. We have a need to speak in truth with facts in hand in order for our statements to have substance. Nothing can be worse than a statement void of facts. Research is vital for all ago wish to make statements to ensure a proper response. Atbleast an educated response. Lets be nice and remember, we’re all sinners and fall short of Gods glory. Have either of you heard of the “Clean Hands Doctrine.”?

  19. Everyone…Get Up and Get Out to VOTE!!!…Republican across the board in the NOVEMBER MID TERMS. Let’s ALL shut these ignorant Libtards up for GOOD. VOTE-VOTE-VOTE…….TRUMP 2018-2020

  20. Diane
    August 29, 2018 at 10:01 pm
    T-PAC – Get an adult to help you and google “Trump’s lies” and the entire list will come up you lazy a**. If you don’t know by now that he’s the biggest Liar-In-Chief, then you’re as ignorant as I thought.

  21. If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  22. If y’all will just take some time to read about Mr. George Soros, and his “Open Borders Society”, you will know what the “F” is really going on. Soros founded the “Open Borders Society” back in 1985. He now has “Bought” himself the “European Union”! The society funds over 2,300 liberal groups like ACLU, MoveOn, BLM, Planned Parenthood,etc. The Dems are paid for by the society, including Hillary, Pelosi, Comey and the rest. Do you really believe that these “College Kids” have the money to travel to places to protest and riot? Or the bus loads of voters that show up to vote “Early and Often”? Hillary was supposed to finish the job Obama didn’t get done. Soros “Americas Union”, which you can thank Donald for stopping. Read, and you will learn the truth.

  23. M. All day all nite w/smack. Guess Di didn’t go to the gym today
    0r take a nice walk ‘outside’ – maybe ‘outside’ in her ‘hood’
    has a ton of polluted ‘smog’ (which does affect ‘thinking’.)
    ps. & says “I believe the dead people.” uh-oh.

  24. Your middle sentence, RicB, is totally convoluted. Too much
    ‘goody’ this eve ??? .
    ps. a separate comment to Diane, = no $$$. duh.

  25. Can anyone explain why know one is talking about charging these people with sedition? Alls I hear is they should be fired . I realize this could go all the way up to Obama . There is no doubt Hillary is involved . What happened to the investigation of spying and unmasking hundreds of private citizens?

  26. I’m an past ready to see these law breaking democrats be prosecuted. Who ever doesn’t get put in jail for their crimes, needs to be hunted down like dogs and hung. Go MAGA! We have your back 110%. Should anything happen to President Trump, then these Democrats need to pay with their lives. Just another pissed off patriot.

  27. Diane get your head out of your vagina. If you don’t know what that is, hillary and human will give you a demonstration.

  28. I was shocked that Dan T reads the Bible! Must have missed the part where we are ALL God’s children and to love others as ourselves. But Dan is a holdover KKK racist pig and is concerned that his type will die out once most Americans have a high school diploma. The young people do not think as you do Dan, that is why most of them vote against the Republican ticket.

  29. Ohr is a Chinese double agent and the President needs to put this scum in prison and then investigate him so that he won’t run.

  30. what Diane, I don’t see a posting by Diane. Do you often speak to fictitious people? Are you off your meds, gator? We are like the Dems, throwing the word “collusion” around in all kinds of weird ways – – – perhaps not as weird as gator, but perhaps when Trump drained the swamp, gator was displaced from his home.

  31. Diane you should go get laid. You are so frustrated. You get angry because most of us on this site thinks you’re an idiot. Your side is losing ground and it makes you angry. I was disturbed in 2008 when the Kenyan mulatto and his super majority took power. But I didn’t react like you. Republicans put the brakes on him. God kept that fool from making America a full communist country. And God is still in control. He (not he/ she) hasn’t turned His business over to fools like you. Take a Prozac and go to bed.

  32. Dan – I’m not try to change anyone’s mind…….first they have to have one and these morons don’t and neither do you.

  33. Diane, You bb, I am just saying, you are creating an army of mean conservatives out here who will drive you out of your rabbit a$$ mind. Oh wait, you are already out of your mind! So go ahead at your own risk but remember, you reap what you sow, once it happens you can’t go back as in, you can’t unring a bell. You already have a lot of people who are giving you as good or better than you are giving them. So you better know what’s behind the door, sick, pathetic, sad sack, don”t say I didn’t warn you. You useless serial liar!

  34. has anyone noticed that the network channels have not mentioned Bruce Our or this whole conflict of interest? It’s no wonder.people don’t believe the media anymore.

  35. K, I am with you in oh so many ways!
    I too am fast approaching my end of days, having been born shortly after the RINO McCain! (The POS!)
    Naval Hero, my ass!
    He was DIRECTLY responsible for the deaths of numerous American Service Men! Again, if truth be known, he wouldn’t have made a pimple on any of those guys ass!

    If it wasn’t for his father and grandfather, both Naval Adrmirals, he would have been Court Maritaled and drummed out of the service!
    Again, like most always, Trump was right!

    If Trump is wrongly forced to resign, FOR ANY REASON, I seriously believe it will bring about the end of this nation!

  36. M – Now you’re going to TELL me who I can and cannot post to? Hahahahaha That’ll be the day! You’re a sorry a** loser.

  37. T-PAC – Get an adult to help you and google “Trump’s lies” and the entire list will come up you lazy a**. If you don’t know by now that he’s the biggest Liar-In-Chief, then you’re as ignorant as I thought.

  38. It’s really concerning how some people are just so gullible that they believe everything that the COMMIECRATS come up with!

    To believe that the most wicked woman in US history, is just some poor misunderstood female hero! When truth be known, she is at least ten times worse than even Ethel Rosenberg, who was executed for her crimes!

  39. Diane- Do you acknowledge, that Obama colluded with the russians on national tv . When he thought the camera and mic’s were off he told the russians , ( tell putin I will have more flexibility after the election is over ) this can not be denied its on tape . I just want to see how honest you are , and if you will acknowledge the truth .

  40. Since my time on this earth is very limited, my dying wish is to make it long enough to see REAL & TRUE justice served. A fear I have is that the corrupt actors, and many they are, will choose their sacrificial lamb or lambs in lieu of EVERYONE involved be exposed & sentenced. I have personally witnessed this scenario playing out in corporate America & in a case involving a family I knew. The scary part is, the “lamb” was greatly compensated for falling on the sword in exchange for financial compensation. In this deep state, which runs deeper than we may ever know, they are powerful & dangerous. I pray they are such cowards that they all start pointing their fingers all the way up the ladder. I think we all have enough common sense to KNOW that Hussein Obama AND his administration. Let’s not forget the puppeteers like Soros & his dirty filthy cronies!
    If genuine justice is not served in this treasonous case, I fear things in the deep state will grow leaps & bounds because of knowing they got away with it & they will then be so deeply embedded that they can never be fully unraveled!

  41. It will be a very proud day for this country when the Dark State is handled. Dig a pit and throw them all in it. Do it at GITMO. Good for us all when the swamp is drained and buried.

  42. You are not only a serial liar, you are too small to admit your sins. If you can prove what you say Barbara said, okay but, until that time, you are a liar, as you usually are. I found my information online and we all believe them over you any day, any time. And, you have not seen my bad side but, you will recognize it right away when you do! I am in an excellent mood today. So in closing, you mean, angry, bully, who attempts to terrorize and intimidate, namely you, Diane, pi$$ on you and the horse you rode in on, sucker! Taa-Taa! 🙂 🙂


  44. Annette – You’re a looney tune. Don’t you think the Republicans would indict Hillary if they could? They’ve investigated her all her life and came up with zero, zip. How much money do you think she has? That’s ridiculous to even think let alone say! Turn off Faux AlmostNews. Your ignorance is showing.

  45. “Slick Willy & Crooked Hillary” are perfect descriptions; however, I would not want them to know my address since there have been “mysterious” deaths connected with them…..

  46. all yall quit fussing with Diane if u say green she will say red if u say go she will say stop on an on You know the old saying you can lead a mule to water but u cant make them drink……Well I bet everyone come NOVEMBER all the dianes n the world will totally come unglued….last but not lease if this election is tampered with in any way so the demarcates win THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY>>>>JUST SAYING>>>>>>>DIANE….

  47. Everything that has been revealed so far is fantastic but the head of the snake should be cut off once and for all. We all know that soetoro is the one that has been leading this parade and should be hanged by the neck until dead ????.

  48. Diane, Your crazy as any nut I ever saw. Hillary is guilty of so many felonys if they ever get her in court she will have a life sentence and she should be in prison right now. She just pays off people to look the other way one day it won’t work !!

  49. Let’s forget about the brainwasher or brainless in poor Diane case. Obviously ACTUAL FACTS don’t mean anything to the Lib Nut cases when all you live on are lies. I have been waiting on Diane’s list of the 8 – 10 lies a day she or he professes that the President tell everyday and by my rough guess U owe me about 60 probably more like 100 per her first comments weeks ago so let’s start small with the first five so I can FACT CHECK them and respond
    Go ahead Diane fill in the blanks and please no CNN/MNBC only factual info

  50. The bricks are falling, and they will fall directly on the guilty! What these dummies do not seem to realize is that in any illegal activity, someone, somewhere writes it down,,,most times for their own self-preservation, but they do it,,,,and when it becomes necessary or profitable, it will play a part in the drama,,,,,I believe it to be called KARMA! The CROOKED CLINTONS and the BIG ZERO would do well to think about that! BRICKS are already crumbling in the wall of lies, deceit, theft, the sale of our Uranium, and the outright “Nose-thumbing” at what is TRUE and legal,,,not to mention “RIGHT”! EXTREMELY FORTUNATE THAT WE HAVE A PRESIDENT THAT HAS THE DETERMINATION AND GUTS THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP IS BLESSED WITH, CUZ HE HAS TRULY NEEDED AN OVERABUNDANCE OF BOTH!!! GOD BLESS OUR PRESIDENT, THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, (THE HONEST PARTY), AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! I SHUDDDER EVERY TIME I THINK OF HOW CLOSE WE CAME TO HAVING CROOKED HILLY AND SLICK WILLY BACK IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!! (CAN YOU IMAGINE??!!!)

  51. when have any of these meeting ever add up to anything ,they come in nswer questions aqnd leave laughing , when they should be heading to prison

  52. M – I guess it comes down to WHO you believe……..John McCain & Barbara Bush themselves who said (before their deaths) they didn’t want him attend or Faux AlmostNews. I believe the dead people. And McCain also asked Obama to give an eulogy. SMACK, right upside Trump’s fat head! Are you particularly angry today or are you always like this?……..oh wait, you are ALWAYS like this. Sad, really!

  53. Diane . . . . . . FACTS are the enemy of those on the Left who suffer from Terminal TDS!

    The shroud is being raised on the level of corruption of the “Deep State”; i.e., obamba holdovers.

  54. Diane, You lie again! John McCain said he had rather DJT would not come to his funeral, the entire world knows how they felt about each other.
    Barbara Bush funeral – he was absolutely
    not disinvited. The reason he did not attend is, it is not customary protocol for the current President to attend the funeral of a past President’s wife. I recall Melania attended to represent and she was most graciously received.
    Go online, look it up!
    Now, you dumb$hit, I already told you this the first time I saw your lie on here!

  55. Diane, Yes, I expected you to apologize for misunderstanding my comment, not. You didn’t reply so I guess you are having to wait for somebody to come by and explain my reply to you. Of course it may be you don’t answer questions or respond to replies that make you look bad. You know what Diane, I’ll bet your face matches your laugh, your horse laugh. Are you still in your dark little closet? If you weren’t so angry and mean a tiny little mouse in there might bite you on your butt, naaa, I rescind that, the mouse would have better aspirations than your butt.

  56. Dan – You’re an ignorant racist POS. And I’m stupid? Read your first sentence…..”she don’t know”. I rest my case.

  57. I believe naming the building is still on the table…..is that what Faux AlmostNews told you today? That was for Trump’s benefit……..McCain’s getting all the attention for the next 48 hours and Trump is jealous. BTW, what kind of a monumental POS do you have to be to be banned from a funeral? Trump’s been banned from TWO (both Republicans) in less than 2 years………Barbara Bush and now John McCain. Sad, isn’t it?

  58. please buy “The Russian Hoax” by Greg Jarret….there will be a special prosecutor that will eventually get to the people in the FBI and the DOJ that have made up the “hoax”. Harry Raid will also go to jail with them. Really, read it……it is really an eye opener. it is all factual and footnoted. I was blown away by the detail and evidence in the book.

  59. Johnny – Just another typical angry (white) male Trump supporter who has nothing to contribute to this conversation, so the only thing he can think of is to attack. The problem is, it doesn’t affect me whatsoever and only makes you look stupid. But you have a nice day anyhow!

  60. M she don’t know a criminal from a priest. That has to be the biggest dumbass in the world. It’s hard to charge celebrities or politicians unless they are republicans. Fools like Diane are born every day. People need to see that their learn the truth early in life. Except for Diane. Was born stupid. She’s probably an angry darky whom wished she was white.

  61. Dan – Exactly HOW many investigations have the Republicans had on Hillary over her lifetime??? They found NOTHING and she has NEVER been indicted. So, no, I don’t think she’s guilty of any allegations ( guess you didn’t learn how to spell it, eh?) Is that good enough for your sorry, stupid fat a**?

  62. Dan T., She may be in a dark closet somewhere, thinking! I thought she must have left, she did not respond back to my last reply either. Who knows where that beastie is, I don’t even care.

  63. M Diane went silent. No answer to my question. I finally played gotcha and won. The Bible says in proverbs ” The guilty flee when no man persues”.

  64. M I’m glad they dropped the idea of naming a building after McCain. One scary thought. If hillary had won a high school would have been named for her. She and Bill would have came to the dedication Someone would have had to guard the varsity cheerleaders. There could have been more stained garments.

  65. Dan T., I sent a note on one of these sites asking if you knew J. McCain would not have a building named after him, I heard that this morning. Guess everybody contacting their Congressmen did the trick.

  66. Dan – Another misguided and ignorant Trump supporter speaks. Don’t you think Hillary would have been indicted by now if she was going to be?? She’s been investigated most of her adult life and they found nothing. Trump won’t be around in 2020……..he’ll have to resign. He’s made a mockery of the presidency. He is inciteful and insensitive. His bigotry and racism fueled a fire and he’s at it, again. He has no integrity or common decency and has embarrassed us around the world and has weakened our Democracy. He is a shining example of what a President should NOT be.

  67. M I believe the hillary crowd will be charged. Sessions will be gone after we win the midterms. People like Diane will go outside and scream at the sky like the snowflakes did when president Trump was sworn in n

  68. Diane deep state really worked. They wanted to stay alive. Her Chinese friends loved her reading material.

  69. M – There’s that hateful “Christian” person I’ve become use to! Please don’t change on my account. Gosh, when was Hillary indicted? Ummm, never. She’s been cleared of any and all inane (forever going) Republican investigations. If you’re the best representative of the Trump supporters, then you haven’t let me down. You’re just as ignorant and misinformed as usual. Do you think I actually care what you have to say? Now that’s funny! Have a nice day.

  70. And Diane, You forget to mention that HRC has never been investigated by anyone other than the list of people in Johnny’s comment, plus some other criminals, not named. The investigators are being investigated, now is that the most bizarre situation the US has had to date? Well, other than your birth, I guess! You are not educated about corrupt administrations obviously. That is a statement you are not equipped to prove. Typical Dem commie lib BS, and as usual Diane the serial liar is at the helm! If you are the best representative the liberals have, no wonder no body believes anything any of you say. And, we don’t care what you think, say or do! 🙂 🙂 🙂 You are so much fun if someone is a masochist.

  71. Johnny – Let’s not forget Flynn, Manafort, Gates, Cohen and Papadopoulos. None of the people YOU mentioned even have indictments let alone are going to prison, but the ones I mentioned ARE. This is the most corrupt Administration EVER in our history and more indictments will be coming. I expect Roger Stone, Donnie Jr., and Jared Kushner to be indicted next (let alone the fat slob currently in the Oval Office). Get your head out of the sand and see the light for yourself.

  72. Even when they prove everything that we already know to be true, the left wing lunatics won’t believe it. You could hit them in the head all day long with the facts and they will still hate Trump. We need a red wave in November,then maybe we have a chance to finish the job of bringing these traitors to justice. Its still an uphill battle but if we elect enough candidates that actually want to bring the truth to light,we have a chance. I hope it happens so we can crush the two tier justice system and the deep state! Also need an AG who will prosecute these traitors when the truth finally comes out. So President Trump,I hope you get a new one that will work for you and the American people. Wonder how the MSM will spin it when the truth finally sees the light of day. As always I’m still drinking the deplorable cultists kool aid! MAGA!!!

  73. Hopefully by tomorrow we will find out more about the Orr meeting. May be a good thing Orr and Simpson testimony contradicts. They will bring them back and ask them both more questions. The dudes that hatched this plan really knew how to produce a super tangled web. Most people would have given up trying to figure it out and get to the bottom of it long before now. I do so appreciate these Republican committee members. They have worked so hard for us and I hope they don’t stop until they have all those criminal tigers by the tail and put them behind bars where they belong. Those dirty rotten #@#*##@#@#!!!

  74. Seems to me that even people on these interrogatory panels are trying to save the Deep State.
    They all know what happened, they’re just stalling for time in hopes that Trump will be removed from office and they won’t have to interrogate their pals in the cabal.
    I don’t trust too many of them.
    They’re all in on it covering their own schumers.

  75. Hope the Republicans stay on this until people go to jail. Nixon had to resign. Obummer can not resign, but he sure as heck needs to go to jail with Lynch, Comey, Ohr, Srtotz, Paige, Clinton, Clapper, Rosenstein,and Brennan. Then our Republic will be safe for probably another 200 years. And if Sessions does not see the light SOON, he needs to go to a cell with them.

  76. Like I have said for almost 2 years…THE FAKE HEADLINES ON EVERY FRONTPAGE NEWS PAPER AND FAKE NEWS MAINSTREAM MEDIA CHANNEL FOR WEEKS WITH ACCUSATIONS THAT CAN NOT BE SUBSTANTIATED…are more sensational than the 3×5 inch retractions on the second page when the accusations are proven incorrect!!! STILL FAKE NEWS. BUT BIG HEADLINES…THAT MAY SWAY VOTERS!!!

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