A Deep State agent’s worst fear just came true

The Deep State plot against Donald Trump continues to unravel.

Congressional investigators continue to turn up new leads that reveal the extent of the campaign to destroy Trump.

And now one Deep State agent’s worst fear just came true.

Congressional investigators shined a light on the interactions between Bruce Ohr – the fourth ranking Justice Department official – and Christopher Steele.

Steele is believed to have funneled dirt on Trump to the FBI through Steele even though the FBI fired Steele as a confidential human source.

Ohr took notes about one of their phone conversations where Steele expressed fear over the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

Steele told Ohr he was afraid they be “exposed.”

Fox News reports:

A collection of Justice Department official Bruce Ohr’s emails, texts and handwritten notes, reviewed by Fox News, reveals that he was deeply connected to the unverified Steele dossier as well as its author and, during the presidential election campaign, the alleged government surveillance abuses involving a Trump campaign official.

The dossier, which was used by federal officials to justify the surveillance of a top Trump aide, Carter Page, was created by Fusion GPS and paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

Ohr wrote that Christopher Steele, the ex-British spy who wrote the salacious dossier, was “very concerned (abt) about [former FBI Director James] Comey’s firing — afraid they will be exposed.”

The Ohr documents shed more light on Steele’s activities before the presidential election. While Steele shopped the dossier to multiple media outlets, he also appeared to ask Ohr for help with a Russian oligarch — Oleg Deripaska — after rumors the U.S. might impose sanctions.

Deep State actors never thought Trump would win the election.

Hillary assuming the Presidency would have allowed this scheme to stay hidden forever.

Once she lost, Republicans in Congress followed Trump’s lead and pressed for the truth.

The final domino to fall was Trump firing Comey.

Steele and Ohr knew it was only a matter of time until investigators discovered their corrupt plants.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.


  1. I love it Butchy. I couldnt have said it better. I told Trump to quit referring to her as Ohrs beautiful wife. I think he quit. Good if he did.

  2. One by one the swamp creatures are being exposed, but there is a cesspool under the swamp that has barely been touched. This includes Soros’s bought and paid for politicians. Their identities are still buried deep. Trace all the organizations Soros funds and see which ones are donating to which politicians. There you will find the worst of them. Not all mind you but a big part of them.

  3. Steve, ‘it’ IS Called Treason. & N0 0ne To Enforce
    such matters. ‘We’ have a v. Bad deal going on.
    > & russell – the ‘old West’ is loong gone.

  4. Repost :

    August 20, 2018 at 6:52 pm

    ditto mahn.(BUTCHY) ps. TRASH n’ SLASH AT
    TOP of PAGE blog. & Say NAME, of who U
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    of Pageblog. Yah -haaa. ‘WE’ WIN. PERIOD.
    SAVE USA. that’s all. &&& ‘WE’ WILL STFU
    the ‘oppostion’. YES, ‘WE’ WILL – NO MATTER
    WHAT ‘it’ TAKES. Thank you ALL.

  5. Repost @ Wayne.

    August 20, 2018 at 11:05 pm

    A wise man doesn’t look so wise when he gets distracted by idiots and fools.

    August 21, 2018 at 7:05 pm

    Rite Wayne, ‘i’ try to Keep ‘distraction’ At a Minimum & Certainly
    More than most. However, ‘we’ ARE ‘Human’ W/ Emotion. ‘Each one,
    Human’ w/ (soul WILL RISE Up ^ , 1 step at a time. Inthe ‘meantime’
    ‘WE’ MUST (sometimes) FIGHT FIRE W/ FIRE___ (b/cuz ‘we’ Are in a
    3rd < Dimension ( material, Planet Earth). So Many More Dimensions
    than # 3. that's all.

  6. Rite Wayne, ‘i’ try to Keep ‘distraction’ At a Minimum & Certainly
    More than most. However, ‘we’ ARE ‘Human’ W/ Emotion. ‘Each one,
    Human’ w/ (soul WILL RISE Up ^ , 1 step at a time. Inthe ‘meantime’
    ‘WE’ MUST (sometimes) FIGHT FIRE W/ FIRE___ (b/cuz ‘we’ Are in a
    3rd < Dimension ( material, Planet Earth). So Many More Dimensions
    than # 3. that's all.

  7. There is a lot of talk, insinuations, lack of action(s)and more. The key ingredients here, and most importantly, is the involvement of the most important actors in this mess. Until Jeff Sessions gets involved 100%, “justice for all” will have no meaning.

    Your DAMN J0B, to whom ‘this may Concern’
    &&& DO NOT be Cowardly. SAVE USA.

  9. Absolutely Bingo on Bot. BUTTT, gak. = There ARE
    Real ppl V. Far Gone. & ‘who’ in the F can ‘help’

  10. ditto mahn. ps. TRASH n’ SLASH AT
    TOP of PAGE blog. & Say NAME, of who U
    talkin’ too. Do NOT hit’ REPLY’ button.
    > U ‘know thatNow, rite ? (Dan et al) RITE.
    1 More X = ‘TRASH n’ DBL SLASH AT Top
    of Pageblog. Yah -haaa. ‘WE’ WIN. PERIOD.
    SAVE USA. that’s all. &&& ‘WE’ WILL STFU
    the ‘oppostion’. YES, ‘WE’ WILL – NO MATTER
    WHAT ‘it’ TAKES. Thank you ALL.

  11. When ‘prison mates’ Realize the Real Deal = Terrible
    ‘personal’ Abuse IS Forthwith. Ugly. &&& ‘sometimes’
    ‘The Guards’ Let IT BE. yeah – that’s rite.

  12. Yes Scott27, we agree! You and other liberal kool-aid drinkers are very easily manipulated and woefully willingly ignorant!!!

    You will swallow and believe, until your dying breath, anything the Fake Media tells you to believe about Trump!!!

    Unlike you and those like you, those of us who voted for and support Trump, we have been watching, waiting, and taking notes on everything that the Democrats and fake media have been shoving down American throats since Billary was in the White House(and don’t think for one minute we weren’t also watching the Bush family presidencies)!!!
    We The People finally got tired of the fake medi rhetoric and voted for the most unlikely person to ever run for President and we were right!!!
    The last person America needed or needs in the Office of President was and is a Politician!!!!
    Maybe a businessman isn’t on real familiar ground with foreign policy, but a businessman is and has been doing a much better job of turning this country around from the brink of utter destruction to where we now have a fighting chance to be once again respected on a global scale as a World Power and no longer the laughingstock of every foreign power on the planet!!!

    Now, do you have any real substance to reply with or did you just want to diss everyone on this thread because you disagree with our views???

  13. I agree that Obama is the reason behind this “Intelligence Community Assesment”, I seriously doubt that he instigated the investigation himself!!
    Had he started this investigation, he and Hillaryboth would now be on trial for High Treason!!!!
    The Democrats are running scared and have been since Trump started running for President!!!
    They started an investigation into a fake “Russia/Trump campaign collusion” in order to derail and slow down the investigation into the heinous crimes committed and authored by Obama, Hillary, and the DNC!!!
    When this investigation come to its inevitable conclusion, most, if not all of the DNC and a strong portion of the Republican Party will be on the hook for collusion in crimes of High Treason right along with Obama and Killary!!!


  15. Barma Bill…right. However, unless we “peons” out here find a “common handle” to fight the perpetrators, one which we can all grasp and understand….we remain vulnerable but concerned, Americans.

    P’N and MOANING at each other ain’t gonna do it…my intention is to continue to grasp and trust Trump…he is the one we asked for, and we have to back him…we are part of his base.

    Many complaints against Trump are from those who mean well but still think he is unlike any “politician” known to our history as a country…(and thank God for that observation)…

    …but Trump is so far ahead of the normal politician’s mentality it frightens them…and they should be because their days could be numbered (comments??)

  16. If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  17. Wake up! Wise UP! And read and research. Mr. George Soros already bought Europe! He now has his “European Union”. He founded the “Open Borders Society” back in 1985! And has “Donated” over $38 Billion to fund it. In turn it funds over 2,300 liberal groups here in the USA. Like the ACLU, BLM, MoveOn, etc. He “Owns” Hillary, Obama, Comey, the Dems and Rinos. Who do you think pays for all the protestors and rioters? These liberal groups hire nothing but “College Kids” with no work experience or job skills. Instead of swapping insults here, go out into the “REAL WORLD” and learn what is really going on!

  18. &&& pps. IF Diane/lori/donna/scott etc ARE
    BOTS, Well Then RR Need to Clean up / Protect
    their PC’s from ‘types’ of ‘virus’/worms/
    backdoor trojans etc. WAKE UP RR.

  19. ps. BigJoe, i Really hope this Diane/scott27 etc ARE NOT
    Real ppl, hope they are fakes by ‘BOTS’. IF Real ppl, they
    Have V. Serious Issues/ & at some point will hit a brick wall
    on some level.

  20. ps. Dan, If U want to ‘trash
    these ‘snark’ Jerks. DO IT & Please Do –
    ONLY at Top of Page. Do not hit ‘reply’ button.

  21. ‘WE’ Know Dan, why Do U continue to ‘reply’ ???
    > Break the’habit’ – ‘other’ places to go w/out ‘snarks’.

  22. EEE Gadz BigJoe, How Many x have i Said what U just Said !!!
    > A few mo’s ago – RR Was Not a ‘trash rag’ site.
    > RR Needs Serious ‘review’, & it’s 0k w/me,if this site
    ‘disappears’. ‘WE’ ‘know’ Where to go for ‘discussion’.

  23. haha… Diane, I’m telling you, there is not a more willfully ignorant, easily manipulated group of people anywhere than right here on this site.

  24. haha… Diane, I’m telling you, there is not a more willfully ignorant, easily manipulated group of people anywhere than right here on this site.

  25. How ignorant! It was paid for by Republican opponents of Trump, later picked up by DNC. Nothing in that dossier has been proven inaccurate, and much of it has been confirmed. There were actually 17 memos that make it up, and shows a top agent for MI6, who is an expert on Russia. What a bunch of excusers and sheeple you are!

  26. This is to all those that feel the need to reply to “Diane”. There is no Diane. It is an entity that feeds on replies. Every time you fall for it’s trap and reply to it you give it life. It needs replies or it dies. Don’t give in. Express your opinions first hand and do not let it suck you in.

  27. You are not speaking to a person. You’re feeding it by replying. By replying to it you give it life. Make your comments first hand and eventually it will leave.

  28. There is no Diane. Ignore it because it feeds on replies. Make your comments first hand, not as a reply. It will eventually go away.

  29. I would like to know what other procedure Chris Hahn said on Justice last night that President Trump should have use in taking the security clearances away from John Brennan other than the way of just revoking his security clearance.

  30. YES ! Unequivocally = ” STAY STRONG / REMAIN RESOLUTE”. E’0ne !!!
    > SAVE USA. PERIOD. POTUS NEEDs ALL the ‘Support’ He can Get. Not
    to Mention PPL in High 0ffice 0n the ‘RITE’ Side. ___ Again,
    SAVE USA. ___

  31. Stay strong and remain resolute. The Swamp is still dangerous. That’s why the upcoming election is critical for the House Republicans to maintain control. Looks like the Dem ‘smart’ crowd may have outsmarted themselves on this one. With the #MeToo crowd still lurking, the Dems have pretty much been able to muzzle POTUS BJ. Their big issue now is shuffling the Hunchback of Chappaqua off the stage. We can only hope that the MA squaw, Crazy Bern, his wacko bud Alex from NY, San Fran Nan and now that abuser Ellison remain front and center as reminders,

  32. When they hang Ohrs out to dry, he will eat cheese on the rest of the rodents, starting with the head rodent. Ohrs wife, will bring down the house of cards that Hillary and Obama built. Mueller, will live up to his name Jack Muleass and dissolve the investigation, just millions of taxpayer money wasted. Thanks Jackass.

  33. Bruce Ohr need to go on trial and he of course be found Guilty and he should go to jail and no offer should be made/ He is a traitor and a thief and is married to a SPY. There is no where in this country for someone like him.

  34. Bill, I don’t know, but obama and Dianne may be the same person, both have that large lying mouth, I don’t know… they both run a close second, feigning intelligence.

  35. Just Heard V. Profound info on a ‘Vet’ radio channel re
    CIA Brennan IN(‘o’ administration, totally complicit in all this.)
    > Wow, & whew __ & 1 Big Reason Brennan(avowed Communist/+ turned Islam muslim is ‘squealing’ re No
    More High Security Clearance, of Which IS NORMAL Protocol/Procedure
    In ALL Administrations. POTUS ‘knows’ re Brennan/Clapper et al.
    > Have viewed MANY Comments in Many Places from Many PPL re Security
    Clearances. When they changed depts and/or left their jobs = ALL Security
    > An Aside for some ‘simple’ folk – here is an Analogy:
    When a Home is Sold/Bought – Do the previous owners Retain the Keys ???
    >>> N000. Period. ALL LOCKS/KEYS CHANGED. Should i even have to
    0utline this ??? hmm. I guess so. & that’s ok.
    > Sooo w/that have Being Said :this Entire Scenario Against POTUS/&&&
    FREE(for now) USA, IS/& WILL Continue to Unravel. No doubt in my mind that,
    msm Will Not Reveal what i Heard Today. ♥ All. Good luck & Some ‘Blessings’ Alongthe Way In Your Journey of Life. SAVE USA.

  36. democrats live by their own rules so doubt they will be charged however if a republican had done this you can bet they’d been arrest and hung by now. these people committed treason and should all be punished according to the law for their treason and that is death penalty…….time will tell……..Wake Up America the democrats have been evil for a long time, need to pray for America and her citizens Pray too for President Trump and that JUSTICE shall be served against those that have done this witch hunt, dossier, and other crimes against us and our nation.

  37. Who is the author of the picture?
    Probably a RINO / MOLE within GOP.
    Wanted to play smart. People are not dumb!.

  38. Diane, go and guzzle more of your purple propaganda kool-aide your mind is already so messed up there is only 1 efficient cure for the completely deranged, I will let you figure out on your own what you need to do.

  39. The entire “Bathhouse Barry Osama” administration was a criminal activity consider he was not, is not a legal United States citizen.

  40. This what happens when you operate a two level justice system One law for these people and a separate law for the rest of us. Hillary should be behind bars along with all her co-conspirators. For those who did all the work to create this unfounded, unverified evidence against Trump should be charged with treason.

  41. Hey you guys. Very fast. I just saw the picture now it disappears. Where did you hide it? Show it again for people to see fake photo. Please!

  42. In two weeks, the date the judge gave Muller to provide the information he ordered Muller will wish he had shot Hillary. She, at that point will know that she is in serious trouble and will sell Muller and the rest of her colluders to save her ass. You all know what will hit the fan then, and Diane, at that point I will expect an apology from you and your incessant BS to stop.

  43. Trump’s picture is photoshopped with his chin. You guys just play games and did not respect the person and all readers. Fake photo. Enemies of readers.

  44. Diane – Did you just emerge from your safe space after sucking your thumb all this time? Have you not kept up with the news that obama’s administration was corrupt to the core? Many of us already knew that, but it is finally being exposed to the rest of Americans. Try not to worry your empty little head – just put one foot in front of the other and repeat after me: “Trump is making America great again!”

  45. It is so sad brain dead fools like you are only capable of group think! Rational thought is far beyond your capabilities.

  46. HAHA! Keep dreaming evil libtard. Mueller has NOTHING! You libtards are soon cute with your high hopes and dreams

  47. Dan – The Rule Of Law has NEVER applied to 45 for his entire life. But Mueller’s is going to change all that. Trump is finally going to be held accountable for his actions and I can’t wait!

  48. Hillary was criminal in her actions, the DOJ was criminal in allowing her actions, and THE BARAK OBAMA ADMINISTRATION WAS CRIMINAL IN THE COVERUP.

  49. It was all a conspiracy to prevent Donald Trump from winning the Presidency, he was paid by the Democratic Party and led by Obama-Hillary.

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