A Deep State leak just spelled doom for Barack Obama

The FBI and the Obama administration spying on the Trump Campaign during the 2016 election is one the biggest scandals in American history.

And it’s even worse than anyone thought.

That’s because this Deep State leak just spelled doom for Barack Obama.

It’s public knowledge that the FBI used a human spy – Cambridge professor Stefan Halper – to try and infiltrate the Trump Campaign.

Most Americans don’t believe he was the only one.

It turned out they were right.

The FBI also used a “honey pot” to London in order make contact with Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos and determine if the Trump campaign was colluding with Russia.

The New York Times reports:

The American government’s affiliation with the woman, who said her name was Azra Turk, is one previously unreported detail of an operation that has become a political flash point in the face of accusations by President Trump and his allies that American law enforcement and intelligence officials spied on his campaign to undermine his electoral chances. Last year, he called it “Spygate.”

The decision to use Ms. Turk in the operation aimed at a presidential campaign official shows the level of alarm inside the F.B.I. during a frantic period when the bureau was trying to determine the scope of Russia’s attempts to disrupt the 2016 election, but could also give ammunition to Mr. Trump and his allies for their spying claims.

Ms. Turk went to London to help oversee operation, working alongside a longtime informant, the Cambridge professor Stefan A. Halper. The move was a sign that the bureau wanted in place a trained investigator for a layer of oversight, as well as someone who could gather information for or serve as a credible witness in any potential prosecution that emerged from the case.

This story leaking to The New York Times can only mean bad news for Obama and his Deep State lackeys.

Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz and Attorney General William Barr are both investigating how the Russia probe began.

Deep State agents put this story in The Times to get out ahead of the bad news.

They know The Times will uncritically print anything Obama or his minions tell them.

So they set out to get ahead of the avalanche of bad news that is tumbling their way by trying to get ahead of the story.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Yes Obumma did a number on America but people give him too much credit for it he was just a puppet for the deep state and the new world order and was well paid for it he was a lousy sen.
    and a lousy Pres. but never my Pres. the demoncraps are all involved in this it’s all about power over the sheeple remember when Election Day is its the only voice you have as long as the demons can’t find a way to control the vote as they have tried in the past like 2018 NY. Cal. Fla. N Car. S.Car.

  2. When one has been out of school for 30 or more years , 44 for me , one tends to miss spell , but I do believe for the most part , people do know what this person means of is talking about , not all the time , it comes with age , especially if you went to High school only and no college , it’s different now days with government loans and many others , wish I would of had that to pick from , for a college education , just saying

  3. Hahahaha and Hillary is going to win in 2020 because polls say that 98% of Americans want her to!
    I pretty sure that you can believe those polls as much as one would believe Hillary. Haha????????????????????????

  4. IS Obama ASKING Iran for ASYLUM or is he having Kerry and Valerie asking them for him???

  5. To diane, DJT “crawled OUT of Your ‘A’ ? LMAO
    He Was There! & WILL Come Back ! ‘poochie’
    HAHA haaa.

  6. Too bad we are past ‘The Wild West’,
    BuTTT Saudia Arabia IS Not. Especially
    W/’Public Executions’ etc.

  7. Diane needs to get lost as per these posting no one will ever believe her and I agree she needs to join the Pelosi and Omar blogs and if she spends enough time with Pelosi and Omar she will eventually get a visit from the FBI. Good luck Diane you will need it.

  8. The “PROPER” sentence for treason is a “Firing Squad”. May those convicted be taken out and shot the next morning! No need for lawyers to make millions on appeals and hunting for some loophole. I’d gladly volunteer, as my pledge was to “Defend the United States against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic”. Didn’t include “Until discharged”.

  9. Jack, God is the law and God will take care of them one way or another. He will be their final judge

  10. Diane…In order for Pres. Trump to be impeached there has to be a crime committed and he committed no crime.

  11. Diane…It is YOU who is in desperate need of a brain transplant. It is very obvious that the one you have is dead.

  12. Obama had NOTHING at all to do with our job growth. Wake up!!! Obama hates everything this country stands for. He is MUSLIM and sides with Islam, which is our enemy. There is no freedom in Islam. You are a FOOL!!!!!

  13. Diane, take your sick hate somewhere else. We don’t need it here. Nothing you say is ever true and you show your extreme ignorance every time you post.

  14. Diane, you are very sick and need a lot of help. Please get it. You have no concept at all of the truth. Facts mean nothing at all to you. You just make things up. You are a special kind of ignorant.

  15. Tim…Yes, Revelation says that satan will rule for a time and the dems are in satan’s army. But it will not be for long and Jesus will come and rescue us from your evil party.

  16. RITE! Bill.
    >Have heard Corsi Speak Many x’s on
    CoasttoCoast 0ver the yrs. Always
    liked/respected him.
    > NOW, & RITE NOW = Biden.Hunter MUST BE
    Investigated IN ALL ‘FAIRNESS’ as Biden
    announced his Presidential run. Compare
    Biden IN 0FFICE w/ sonHunter/UKRAINE to DJT in
    ‘PRIVATE Life’.

  17. democrat’s will rule fool!!! you will give up your guns Omar is just the beginning you dumb bunnies. Obama has has people hidden everywhere just waiting to attack this country cause he knows the republican party will do nothing but obey when push comes to shove.

  18. Ha, ha, ha, ha, it must be hard waking up that delusional every day! We won’t judge..oh, well…how can we not? When stupid presents itself…we simply must intervene. Diane…to be blunt..you need a lobotomy. LOTFLMAO, we can thank corrupt obama for spying on a Presidential candidate, for keeping the Russian hacking a secret to try and blame on Trump, for politically weaponizing our ABC agencies against Americans, for spending 25 MILLION bucks on a fake investigation and oh, so much more. Don’t worry sweetie…obama’s legacy of corruption will follow him the rest of his miserable life. Better put your tin hat on and your seat belt…you are in for the ride of your life on the high speed Justice train!! BTW, how’s that Russian Collusion Delusion doing for you? Ha, ha, ha, ha!

  19. Jerome Corsi 350 million suit against Mueller! Class action? Hello!?lowers threshold of guilt.

    Private citizen Trump was severely damaged as well.as was Trump Enterprises inc.

    Prosecute Fisa parties today without delay.

    Trump’s lawyer 4page letter MUST be tip of the wrath spear upon this klan of conspirators and it’s media and funding partners.

    Firing squad on cspan

  20. To Linda H. etc.
    “Diane, You don’t have to see our posts. We didn’t invite you to our party.” @Linda H.
    Rite, Linda ! she Keeps coming to a Party she Wasn’t Invited to.
    Psych 101, Easy. Desparately Needs Expression/Acceptance & throw
    some ‘Luv’ in there. Diane ‘need’ 0ther blogs. Lika Pelosi etc,
    AOC/omar/ tlaib/ ‘orourke/ pete buttman/ pedo biden/sanders etc
    She Got ‘stuck’ here. & Doesn’t know Where To Go !. Plenty suggestions above.

  21. Hey folks, it’s SNL !!!
    Scroll thru comm’s, some good one’s.
    Especially the No Go ‘Diane Show’. LOL
    God Bless All. & POTUS !!!

  22. rite ‘sissy girrlll’ Spelling Police. Especially
    when U think U ‘know’ it all. Haha, Gotcha, 1 more x.

  23. Hey Diane, Your Friend PELOSI SAY
    WHAT part of ‘That’ Do you NOT ‘understand’.
    baby girrrlll – you R 0ut of it & Behind
    the time(s). Get W/it.

  24. AT 4:30 pm You are ‘hot’ Diane.
    ‘sweat ‘it’ 0UT. lol.
    Watcha gonna DO for the rest of the nite ?

  25. Ruh-Roh, Rite James E. Word Say
    to Argentina. After ‘THAT’???
    Eventually ‘dead’. A Worse ‘Cover-Up’

  26. Hey Bea ! bomba HAD HUGE COVER!!!
    Guess they ‘boondoggled’ YOU!
    0u. better ‘wake up’ hon.

  27. Diane Got NO PLAN. lol,
    NO PLAN DIANE. & rhymes.
    LMAO. This is fun Diane.
    What else U got ? bwar har har.
    (aussie laugh,just sooo ya know.)

  28. cnn STUPID for paying mega $, what’s worse,
    what’s his face cnn CEO Doesn’t CARE !!!
    zucker 0r whatever. CNN CONTROLS ALL AIRPORTS !

  29. Brennan (cia) Clapper SEEM to be Major ‘Clandestine’
    Accomplices. ( but not really) WHEN THEY SPIEL
    Total Misleading ‘Twisted’ TRAITOR KrAAp 0n CNN
    &&& GET MEGA $$$. A ‘form’ of EXTORTION that
    Brennan/ etc ‘PLAYED’ cnn for ( $$$ ). !!!

  30. Dianne; Thank Old ‘Bama for the upturn in the economy and jobs? Please enlighten us with your wisdom and explain in REAL facts using four million words or less HOW the most restrictive administrations for business and commerce in the history of our country managed that feat. THAT had to rank up there with the most assinined comments I have seen here to date. Trade deficits were up 1200 percent during that fool’s administration let alone giving away let alone giving away tens of billions of dollars to each nation that hated our nation, and doing so every year. Hey let’s all bow to a Saudi king and put our monkey paws all over the Queen Mother while we’re at it. The only descriptive term that I can use for you and others like you is PATHETIC. You would not know the truth if it was a stack of hundred dollar bills smacking you in the head. You just do not have the capability nor capacity to understand the meaning of the word. You are dismissed. Go away. You disgust me.

  31. I hate to say this but my pent up emotions wont be quelled- if no justice is metered out, i may have to write a new book “civil disobedience for dummies(and meek republican)

  32. Just like islam is not really just a religion; the democrats are not a party of uplifting american ideals but powerhungry rule and control at all costs using every advantage they can leverage big and small

  33. They are probably tired of your stupidity Diane the dumbass Your crowd lost. So shut the hell up.

  34. Debi you are right on, and diane is probably a cross between a muslim brotherhood and snake

  35. You will see barry aka bath-house barry’s approval collapse once the media is exposed as treasonous enablers

  36. Linda H: I have tried several times to write a post, just for you. Evidentally, your friends won’t let my post go through! It is a shame, it was a great one!!! Just thank Obama for our job growth and the economy he saved!!! I know, I know you bunch of retardlicans are going to lie and deny that too!!! WE KNOW!!!

  37. Diane, I have tried twice to say something to you. Your friends won’t let it go through. So all I’ll say this time is on judgement day you will be in the bad line.

  38. James Earl, My daddy was at that bunker. He said there was a body there but he could not say for sure it was Hitler. He said it looked like him but something just didn’t look right. So you can very well be right. They do serve the same god.


  40. This isn’t about hate…it is about a man who held Office for 8 years and accomplished ONE THING…an apology tour that made Americans weep. We don’t hate the sinner..obama..we hate his sins! His MANY sins! What we have had for 8 years, prior to Trump, was a man who lied and lied and still lies to this day! We are coming out of the dark ages of the oppressive obama corrupt era into the light…finally! Those who committed sins against this Nation must be punished…there must be accountability…there must be consequences..there must be JUSTICE! Or, maybe you wouldn’t mind this type of treason and sedition against a Democrat President? I know it’s a long shot…but it is possible that a Democrat could get elected…how would you “feel” if this happened to a Democrat Presidential candidate? Or, maybe it’s all about your HATE and you could care less if it happened to a Democrat President? How would you “feel” if this was happening to regular Joe American citizen, or God forbid one of your family members? Are you so delusional and filled with HATE that you cannot see the future implications of our government unmasking and spying on AMERICANS based on nothing but a FISA warrant full of lies??? THAT would be just dandy with you, right?? Delusion is better served in the privacy of one’s home rather than spewing it all over the internet for other’s to see it on display. Don’t bother deflecting with “I am a racist” response…totally overused and to be honest..childish. When, not if, all the sins of obama are brought out into the light…will you hold firmly onto your delusion…or will you shake your head to clear out the cobwebs to see the truth in front of you? Oh, who am I kidding…you Democrats never see truth…trying to tell you the truth is the same thing as trying to give medicine to the dead…RIP.

  41. I know…I know the answer!!!! Our Country was NOT great from 2008 through 2016!!! Not because Americans thought it wasn’t great…just the nutcase in the WH thought it wasn’t. Of course, what did we expect from the terrorist, treasonous, seditious obama anyway? America survived our own internal holocaust, obama…now we just need to remove the corrupt stink he left permeating throughout our alphabet agencies!! obama is a criminal..can’t wait until his records are unsealed and all is revealed!!! GOOD TIMES!!

  42. Poor thing…we see that lobotomy didn’t work…should not have told the Surgeon you had obamacare…they tend to do a half azz job when you tell them…next time (and there WILL be a next time) lie…Democrats are exceptional liars, lying is their FIRST language…so maybe next time you will get luckier 🙂 Your silly little name calling displays your intelligence level…non existent. BTW, How is the Collusion Delusion working for you??? HAhahahahahahaha!!

  43. And you are a brain dead liberal with a DNR on file…get someone to pull the plug for goodness sake…we’d be more than happy to help your family with that endeavor…no need to thank us…we are just generous that way!!! RIP 🙂

  44. Yes, yes, we know you love obama…as for no scandals…hahahahahaha, we also know you are a liar..like your messiah obama. He will look pretty hanging from the gallows…maybe you’d like to take a spin on him before he is put to death? “Feel” free to hug him all you want while he hangs for sedition and treason. Good times are coming!!! BTW, how’s that Collusion Delusion working for you???? hahahahahaha!!

  45. Ruh-Roh Linda. They never found der Fuehrer’s body and new tech has blown up all the old forensic evidence. Personally I think the evil crud made it out and Obama, Hillary and their toadies are the results of Nazi gene splicing.

  46. The Ahole was just sneakier. Bea, it is apparent you are deaf and dumb. So far, all that I have recently read or seen his lies and criminal activities are coming to light.

  47. Obama / Barry the Traitor should be Dangling , from the Short End of a Good Rope at the Gallows .
    Ronny Reagan said this about Liberalism , Its the Ruin of all Free Nations without a doubt . Now As we all see to this day , President Reagan was right , it is the ruin of all Free Nations !!


  49. Obama plunged America & its CITIZENS into despair & poverty…………Nothing but a “smooth-talking” Figurehead, put in place by the Dems so they could then follow through with promoting racism…….His lies, his corruption, made him RICH at the EXPENSE of AMERICAS CITIZENS…….Tear down that Library, like he tore down our History!!!!

  50. I agree with yo Patrick Loubriel, vut the RINOS are just as bad and never go for charges againdt the American people.

  51. David Soto, If you blow a dog whistle maybe theolddog will join her. I’m sick of his barking at shadows.

  52. Diane, The zoo is saving the last monkey brain for your transplant. Hurry over and get it before they give it to William.

  53. Bea, Trump is not going to change anything. God is changing things. He is using Trump to do it. Look in the Bible and see how many people God used to change things.He is doing it again.

  54. Jack, They think they are the law. Gods law is bigger than theirs. They will pay one way or another.

  55. Dan Tyree, Hi bud. I just finished reading the book, The Trump Prophecies by Mark Taylor. God told Mark that there will be arrests.

  56. theolddog, you can’t learn any new tricks can you. I am TIRED of seeing your old ones.

  57. Diane, God’s gonna get you for that. He will not be impeached. God didn’t put him there for the evil ones to win.

  58. Diane, Just another comment from the peanut gallary. If we want your opinion we’ll give it to you. So SHUT YOUR MOUTH what little bit of brains you have is leaking out.

  59. What point are you trying to make in your incoherent post, beside being pompous, Mr. William Winder?

  60. I can not understand how the government can take the facts such as you put out and ignore, or sidestep. It is true or not!

  61. How Many crazies are there on face book . I. am not worried about The Obamas or Clintons . They are way above this crap .THEY WOULD neveR reads it . Anybody who has been in politics for years TO THEM this is same ole same ole crap . BUT SOME OF YOU ARE SO HATE FILLED YOU MIGHT BE ONE OF THOSE NUTS WHO GO OFF THE DEEP END KILL PEOPLE YOU CAN NOT SPREAD HATE CONSTANTLY AND IT NOT EFFECT YOUR BRAIN , PERSONALITY AND YOUR ACTIONS ….


  63. Fart King: Keep telling yourself that, maybe in true Trump form if you say it enough, you will start to believe it. WE KNOW BETTER!!!

  64. Everyone involved in this conspiracy should be charged with crimes against the American People, Constitution, and Treason; permanently lose their credentials to practice any kind of law, access to any government clearances(except a jail cell) and life sentences; right down to any government personnel or private entity. Has long has any of these people are free and collecting money for a living, they will laugh at us for being stupid not to do so . Believe me when I say this, this is exactly what these felons would be doing and worse. It would be a total purge!

  65. You are just saying….. You don’t know good s___ from applebutter, that is very obvious!!! RETHUGLICAN!!!

  66. Oh my, the spelling police!!! May need to read some of the post that your republicanazis have posted. That should keep you busy correcting for a while!!! But thanks for pointing that out, wouldn’t want to misspell something this important, new hash tag movement #Dump Trump and Make The White House Great Again!!! Is that better??? I think so!!!

  67. William… The word “none” is actually a contraction of the words “no” and “one,” and requires the singular “understands” in the context you’ve used. Also, you missed a comma insertion after the word “speculative.” The rest of that sentence is pretty much gibberish, seems to me. Further, I’d like to see a period rather than a question mark to end your parenthetical phrase; and why a paranthtical phrase at all in this particular construction? Oh well…don’t want to appear picky.

  68. Republicans don’t want commie trash like you around. I never said I hung out with you. But I know you. And where you are. You run your mouth around about your posts. But take note that I’m not threatening you. I’m just saying.

  69. My dear Diane just an observation but you apparently have no depth perception. Your head is so far up Obama’s butt that your brain is starving for oxygen. Please if you could post a picture of Obama dragging you around im sure its funny as hell.

  70. U Diane R a ‘sicko’ Comic bk.
    Mostly to yourself.
    uneducated 3rd world stuff.
    10 cents to U.

  71. Oh no, Denny! You only wish you knew ME!!! I know you don’t know me, because I don’t hang out with republicanazis!

  72. ‘Other’ Sources SAY CIA ‘honeypot (which would
    point to Brennan) & Not FBI, even tho
    Comey in ;deep;. mama knows.

  73. Hopefully one of the people who Hillary says she will take down with her, will suicide her ass.

  74. The only thing better than watching them hang together, is having Jessie smollet buy the rope.

  75. IT will not happen,ole Dan Tyree!!! WILL NOT HAPPEN!!! You may be crying though, when Trump’s Ass is impeached!!!

  76. Maffa, a lotte good people are gonna die if you involve the Clinton’s. 47 people that have crossed them have died under extremely suspect conditions or disappeared never to be heard from again. Seriously, brake failure, weights dropping off a machine on your head in the gym, shot while jogging.(no robbery, no witnesses, no suspect to date), suicide, plane and car wrecks, you name the most freakish accident it happened. Good luck getting ANYBODY to testify or turn evidence.

  77. Libra 1; Mooch looks more like Buckwheat. Couldn’t believe how the “The First Tranny” grabbed the queen of England. You can take the hood rat out of the hood, but you can never take the hood out of the hood rat.

  78. you are absolutely correct….I lived in Hawaii at that time and my daughter was scheduled to be born in Kapiolani Hospital which was definitely not built in l961 when Obama claims he was born. My daughter was born in l965 and the hospital was brand new.

  79. Redhawk, don’t forget Brennen, Clapper,j and all of the 2nd level accomplices who flew just below the radar. America at least should have the privilege of seeing all of them pay for their crimes.

  80. If it has to do with Obama, it has to do with crime, corruption and treason! The fact that he’s not already in prison goes to show US just how corrupt our government is. When he, “Michelle”, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are all in prison I’ll go about the business of re-establishing some level of trust in our government!

  81. Wm Winder: YOur comments are probably the most ignorant I have read. I have 26 years of education but value many folks who have none, because they unlike you do not go around smelling their own armpits and announcing the wonderful aroma. Better to have your head in the sand than up your own ass which is you. The worst human beings are those who value procedure over substance, Dirtbag.

  82. Obama is a puppet of George Soros and the Globalists, so he has a lot of money behind him. I don’t worry about a person’s spelling like words such as “corp”. However I do have a problem with sentences such as ” you can keep your Dr.” To be picky about others punctuation, spelling and grammar as well as the content of the comments Mr Winder, remember we lived it too, and it was bad. We do read and we probably know much more than you give us credit for knowing

  83. Wm Winder
    Just a thought. Perhaps the CIA or FBI if reading this thought you a risk to our nation obtained a FISA warrant to tap your phone, e.mails or plant operatives among your acquaintances would be acceptable? I have no idea what research you have been doing but it seems it really missed the mark. It does not require correct punctuation, grammar nor spelling to smell something rotten. It would be best if you woke from YOUR “vegetative state* and pulled your head out of the sand.

  84. Obama’s birth certificate says he was born in a hospital 5 years before it was even built in Hawaii. He was born in Kenya and fooled all of us into believing that he was born in Hawaii which would make him unqualified to be our president.

  85. If you ever wondered why Obama bought a house with a big bunker to hide out in… It’s becoming very evident!

  86. When Comey GOES DOWN … all the others will start turning on each other .. remember when Hilary said if Trump wins will all going to hang from nooses .. And A reporter ask her do you think you will be charge She said that will never happen . and she also said that if she will take down so will half of Washington DC.

  87. Doom and gloom for Obummer is perfect! No politician deserves it more! This man is the lowest form of life.. He deserves every bit of crap that he has inflicted on America. This empty suit is absolutely worthless! He was in so far over his head that he was a total embarrassment for our country. I wouldn’t vote for for this jerk to become a dog catcher.
    Go back to Kenya where you were born and ruin their country! I don’t think we have ever had a President that accomplished absolutely nothing in 8 years of his Presidency. 150 days of golf? GREAT!,,,

  88. Witch hunt can wait! What about Obama’s sealed records, his proven false Birth certificate, SSN, Selective Service Number, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, his part with Hillary’s Private server and more?

  89. why is it you lefties are the ones who riot and burn towns down , spit on people and call them names , because they don’t agree with you ,i seen a 1000 times more violence from the left then the right the last 3 years , since your ciminal hillary lost the election

  90. “Spell Doom for Obama”. Couldn’t hope for better for our subversive, phony president!

  91. nixon only used the irs to spy on his opponents , oboma used every government agency , and nothing was or is being done about it , at least nixon resigned , the kenyan freak is to much of a criminal to do it ,there are a dozen investigations that should be done on the kenyan freak and hillary

  92. There hasn’t been an honest Democrat since John Kennedy. I live with my son and grandson, who are staunch Democrats. I am a Trump Republican. And I still believe we will win this war. GO PRESIDENT TRUMP! A TRUE AMERICAN!! GO MELANIA TRUMP! ANOTHER TRUE AMERICAN!! We are out here, we love you and we support you.

  93. I agree with you completely and have known all along how traitorous the Obama’s and Clinton’s are. I hope there will be more done about them than just talking, they should both be tried for treason and given the appropriate sentence.
    Also, I’m 63 years old and this is the first time I’ve heard ” standing on the train tracks and can’t hear the whistle”…I love it! I can’t believe I’ve missed out on that one all these years! And, like you, I’d give no whistle either.

  94. I am hoping that AG Barr starts investigating Hillary and Obama and the rest of the DNC for their role in the Trump witch hunt.

  95. I’ve just finished reading the selection of comments on this topic regarding the Obama administration. To be blunt, most of you can’t spell and none of you understand grammar. That any of you believe the unfounded, speculative divisionist slant put on any of the topics in this ‘news resource’ defies the imagination of anyone I know of not in a permanently vegetative state. Come on people, when are you going to do just a little research on your own (yes, I know that this requires the ability to read)? When are you going to start to figure out who is the real enemy of our great Republic? MAGA? Someone please tell me when this country of ours was ever NOT GREAT.

  96. don’t bet the farm, the rats are already deserting the ship and it’s only going to get better and better

  97. Like the captain in Jaws needed a bigger boat . . . I’m thinking there isn’t a big enough toilet to flush them all in but lets get started anyway.

  98. The truth is just beginning notice how quiet obuma and mooch are, hildabeast isn’t smart enough to know she is standing on the train tracks and she can’t hear the whistle, If I’m driving the train there isn’t a whistle

  99. I wonder what the Republican party would have done to undermine. Barblockhead Obah-bah chances of winning the 2012 election. Probably nothing as they are cowards and sell outs to the marxocrap party.

  100. I always wondered why Obama and Mooch were so ugly to the Trumps on inauguration day..–Now I know why. The beautiful Melania handing a gift wrapped Tiffany box to Mooch and Mooch only glowering back at Melania. It has happened in my lifetime–when people are ugly to me for NO apparent reason–I have found they had pulled something shady or illegal on me. Now we know the truth about Obama/Clinton and the Deep State Swamp.

  101. rotten tomatoes are going to be sliced not a one of the obama terror train will be getting a free pass– they all belong in JAIL for LIFE– the sooner the better

  102. Actually maybe Barr should be shaking in his shoes/boot and bedroom slippers. Darn slippers was a bad word, because he may just slip in the bedroom or bath. Many who have tangled with the Clinton’s in the past who knew real dirt have ended up pushing up flowers by the roots. A number of people close to Obama like his close friend in Chicago are doing the same thing. Clinton said best when he said “What is the definition of it?” All of them, Bill, Hillary, Barry, Michelle are lawyers even though their licenses have been suspended, they know how to play the word game. Only a jury of Republicans at the moment would find them guilty of any offense. A jury of their peers would be the same type of people they are, sleaze bags. If convicted the appeals would go on so long they would never see the inside of a prison. The only way justice would be served would be if they were found guilty of Treason, marched out of the court house and immediately have the sentence of being shot done. Before their legal teams could get to another judge to file an appeal. A lot of people will end up being piled up like cord wood before they even got to testify. Good luck Mr. Barr.

  103. The sooner Obama – or whoever the hell he really is – and the Clintons (George Soros) are flushed down the toilet the better.

  104. All talk. You know as well as I know and everyone in Washington DC knows that no member of the Obama Clinton cabal will be prosecuted for anything. They aren’t above the law, they are the law.
    Barr won’t dare go after Obama or Hillary. He’ll have to stop at Comey.

  105. Now that Barr has said that he IS looking into the DEEP STATE > Russia Phony Cliunton Dossier> high ups of the Obama FBI>Doj attempts to ovetthrow a legally elected POTUS…Pelosi/Schmucl/Nadler ?Adam Shiff and KOMRADS will try to reach higher levels of HYPOCRISY, Hysterucal tgheatwr. nad continue theur DO NOTHING BUT DO NOTHING PLANS TO GOVERN….MAGA for 2020….WAKE UP Ameruca!!!

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