A Deep State leaker was caught in the act and now he is paying one big price

One of the Deep State’s key leakers has been caught red handed.

This operative fed the press a stream of classified information about Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

But now he is going to pay the ultimate price.

James Wolfe – who is the Senate Intelligence Committee Director of Security – has just been indicted on three counts of lying to the FBI about his contacts with reporters.

Wolfe, who was dating then Buzzfeed and current New York Times reporter Ali Watkins – leaked classified information to her about Russian spies scheming to recruit Page in 2013.

The advances failed, but Page worked with the FBI to help bust the spy ring.

Even though he was a loyal American, Wolfe fed Watkins – and two other reports – selectively framed classified information that gave the impression Page was a Russian mole.

The Daily Caller reports:

Wolfe handled court documents that ended up being cited in an April 3, 2017 BuzzFeed article written by Watkins that identified Page as “Male-1” in court filings in a Russian spy ring case, according to the indictment. The Senate panel received the documents from an executive branch agency on March 17, 2017, the indictment stated.

That same day, Wolfe exchanged 82 text messages with Watkins on the day the committee received the Page documents. The pair had 124 electronic communications the day the BuzzFeed article was published…

…Wolfe was also in contact with a reporter ahead of an Oct. 17, 2017 report about a subpoena the SSIC panel issued for Page. And on Oct. 24, 2017 he messaged the reporter, who is identified as female, that Page would testify in a closed hearing “this week.”

Trump supporters are hoping Wolfe’s indictment is the first in a long line of charges brought against Deep State leakers.

Wolfe’s indictment is an important step but there are other Deep State operatives like Andrew McCabe who were caught lying under oath and they need to be held accountable as well.

Do you agree?


  1. UNFORTUNATELY, I agree with your post…..!!!! It probably will have to take another WAR to get RID of MOST of THEM, and then they will RE-group and SLOWLY make a come-back, UNFORTUNATELY…….!!!!

  2. That’s why I am GLAD that so MANY Americans have GUNS, used on the RIGHT people, like Obama, Soros, the Clintons’, by the RIGHT people, those GUNS will do a lot of GOOD, NOT HARM….!!!


  4. Treason it is! A national hanging together with George Soros would be just fine. They have ruined us personally and stand to ruin our country permanently

  5. I do think Obama is director of the group, but seriously doubt that he’s any more a leader than he was for 8 years in the Oval Office. He’s still just the Manchurian Candidate type clown puppet having his strings pulled by someone else. To be any type of a leader, you first must have some backbone, and this guy has never demonstrated any of that. Always remember, whenever you didn’t give him a teleprompter to use, his mouth would work, but at times, seemed to be almost disconnected from his brain.

  6. It seems pretty clear that this whole pattern from the IRS (Lois Lerner/John Koskinen) FBI, CIA, and Lame Stream Media collusion was a massive SCAM orchestrated by the DumbA$$o CROOKS, to fix the presidential election for Hell LIAR y, so all these insiders could keep their jobs and to keep the Globalist/Leftist Agenda on track. X pres. Bath House BarryOHOMO, the Brown Clown, is now leader of this SUBVERSIVE group, coordinating attacks demonstrations and protests.

  7. Anyone that lies under oath needs to be fired, their guns taken away and their clearance taken away from them. And, put them in a real jail not a resort.

  8. Put them in jail and all this crap will stop. They get away with this stuff because they know they wont go to jail. there time is up , this country will start to when only when these fools go to jail. Vote out all dems, libs and rinos in 2018.

  9. If the evil liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party traitors to America continue to go unpunished! They’ll continue their treasonous ways! Enough is enough with this Deep State BS! Drain the rat infested swamp, ASAP! President Trump!

  10. No one in the Deep State hierarchy will see the inside of a jail cell. The state is too deep to let the prospect of that happening to occur. WA-A-A-Y too many skeletons in THAT closet to allow sunlight to shine in. All these guys will go the way of H. Clinton. NOTHING TO SEE HERE !!

  11. How about Joe Arpaio as the next head of FBI. Do you think that would piss off a lot of criminals (especially those elected to an office in DC)? Remember, a Sheriff is the only law enforcement officer that is elected by the people to enforce the people’s laws. All others are appointed by some one else (Mayors, Governors, Presidents) and are beholden to their appointers.

  12. Something bad should happen to leakers because they don’t know what the unintended consequences will be. Edwin Snowden is a hero to some because he revealed NSA spying on Americans, but he should be SHOT of HUNG for releasing the international stuff. No little piece of crap like him is qualified to make decisions about how other countries act or conduct themselves with other nations. What I never understand about the asses that do this sort of thing is why they always condemn the U.S. and we never heard them condemn Russia, especially when it was the U.S.S.R.

  13. Randel, I not only would bring my own guns, but they would be former US Gov’t property firing former US Gov’t ammo into former US Gov’t traitors.

  14. 0u Angelika. Would only take 1 example, to get the
    point across. So far the ‘mercenaries’ have not been
    instructed to do so. (heavy talk here)__

  15. Party affiliation is seldom the defining term. Deep state is about certain individuals getting to the top of the food chain by whatever means possible. It is more about amoral individuals gaining power & keeping it (example HRC). They have one thing common, they forget that the taxpayer is the real boss.

  16. I don’t know what Leona was sent for but Martha because of insider trading. Only congress people can do insider trading, no one else. That plus backshish is the only reason they want to stay forever. Their salaries are chump change like Pelosi said of the bonuses.

  17. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Ryan, Gowdy, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

  18. “James Wolfe – who is the Senate Intelligence Committee Director of Security”

    Just as Comey said, they are everywhere. Now let us see the rest pop up and get their heads knocked good.

    Sickening what our country has become.

  19. One BIG problem, some 9th Circus judge would pardon them, or a Dem POTUS. The only correct punishment for treason is a firing squad immediately after sentencing. Otherwise the damned lawyers(ada liars), will make multi millions for up to 20 years appealing. And that costs us millions in taxes! When there was “Capital Punishment” we didn’t have to build more prisons. I’m not going to reply to all those with theories about this!

  20. Well quit asking for more pay for same job! The unions put most hourly jobs out of business. You want a better paying job, then learn how to get one! Flipping burgers is not worth $15/hr. Those jobs are now gone, because people want 10 cent hamburgers, NOT $3 ones. When I made $3/hr. at Krogers, $1 bought 7 burgers and an order of fries! Even got a couple of cents back! Now it’s hard to find a burger for a buck! Sure, you got more dollars, but they are only worth a dime.

  21. That’s why “somebody”, some EXCELLENT snipers need to be put in place to take THEM out, the DIRTY way, like the “KENNEDY” way, for NOBODY to find out WHO did it AND the Clintons’ would NEVER know WHAT hid them….!!!!!

  22. Of course one CAN’T get out, they FEAR that THAT one could/would SPILL the BEANS while they are EXPLOITING themselves left and right right NOW with that “special Counsel” Mueller, if this all would just be a JOKE, I’d LAUGH my A$$ off, BUT it is for REAL and NOBODY is in PRISON yet as it should be…..!!! WHAT’S taking so LONG….???

  23. You’re rite Dan. Also ‘back door Deals’ were made re hillary.
    She walks.
    & ‘that
    just ‘frosts’ me & e’one else.

  24. So a little mouse ‘topo gigio’ is indicted,
    Just to ‘placate’ the ppl – meanwhile
    ‘they Always Leave the big Cheese’.

  25. every one who is behind deep state should be brought up on charge tried and if found guilty should be sent to prison and right along with Hillary this has gone on long enought it time to weed all these people out

  26. That doofy smiling Ryan, has to be cut out of the herd of backstabbers and forced to leave his post. He is nothing but a Libturd Shill, oust him!!

  27. Catching leakers is only half the problem. The collusive role of the press/media deserves redress, be it through shaming, prescription cancellations, or prosecution through laws with teeth for giving cover to leakers.

  28. About time the us citizens of the US o A got something for our tax dollars. Still finding them guilty in the liberal court system and sentenced to the max will be a lot nicer. Too bad it wasn’t Killary and her boss Oldbummer.

  29. This TWIT should be charged with TREASON and HANGED. The hanging should be done ASAP and PUBLICLY where allcan see what happens to TRAITORS. The first one to HANG should be Obama for freeing 5 TERRORISTS which America is at War with and have been since shortly after 9/11.

  30. I want to see some sentences handed down, forfiitures topay for Mueller’s escapade, reimbursements to all he has screwed. He & his merry band should be indicted, convicted, lose everything they have, & get life sentences w/o parole, exactly what he did it innocent men.

  31. This is all swamp rats know how to do, Trump’s pledge to drain the swamp has them frenzied till their mouths froth like a dog.
    If you or I committed the crimes they have we wold be nailed to the cross. Let them pay their due for violating their oath’s pledge to uphold the law.
    Remember the old saying “Loose lips sink ships” ? They are deliberately trying to sink a ship, and it is not an enemy ship. Treason!

  32. A Deep State leaker was caught in the act and now he is paying one big price


  33. Hang every member of the Deep State on national television. The revolution WILL be televised. Gil Scott Heron was a MORON.

  34. And the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Just like the Ragheads in the middle East, they live in destitute poverty and their kings and prince’s tell them they are poor because of America, so does the Democrat party tell the knucklehead’s that the Republican party is making the rich richer but the Democrats are the ones with all the big money doners. Nothing will be done to those people, justice is a myth.

  35. I can’t understand why all of these Deep State ass holes are not in prison yet? Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder and the entire Obama Administration are not in Prison as of yet? What gives Hillary Clinton the right to be above the Law? Hes is a mass murderer with a trail of body’s following her and Billy the Perve Clinton around and all of the criminal acts they have done? This is getting to be a real joke.

  36. Hell Yes Mikey shoot the treasonous criminals, point blank, so they remember We The People own this country, I will bring my own gun to do it ASAP RE

  37. Indictment is a good thing, but it is not the end game. Conviction is what will make me happy if the fudge then given=s him the maximum sentence. I think that five or ten years in prison would be a good exercise for the slimy SOB.

  38. Most everyone has either said because Trump hasn’t taken action he must have something to hide,especially Democrats. But Trump knows what he’s doing, in due time all the crooks will be announced and have to answer a lot of questions,and explain their continued cover up and blatant lies. And the Democrats will have egg on their pathetic faces.

  39. It is becoming more apparent daily that The BIG ZERO, CROOKED HILLY, SLICK WILLY, HORRENDOUS HOLDER, and at least 7 more “(TRULTHFUL, HONEST, FAULTLESS, HONEST, NON-LIARS, HONEST,) Leaders of the last regime, have SOLD 20% of American Uranium, (WHICH FACILITATED THE DONATION IN EXCESS OF $145,000,000.00 directly into the CLINTON FOUNDATION, by FAR-EAST RUSSIAN PERSONS) WHICH ALSO QUALIFIED SLICK WILLY TO INCREASE HIS SPEAKING FEES 500%, almost overnight! Not sure what they are doing with all of those donations,,,,,They still havn’t disbursed the many MILLIONS $$$$$ That they collected for the rebuilding of HAITI, several years ago, for losses suffered in their Horrendous STORMS! BUT THEY DID PAY FOR CHELSEA’s WEDDING FROM FOUNDATION FUNDS,,,,,,,,??? Then there are the 50+ associates of the Clintons that have “PERISHED” since SLICK WILLY served his first job in ARKANSAS,,,,ALL UNDER “STRANGE CIRCUMSTANCES”. THEN WE HAVE CROOKED HILLY THAT DID NOTHING WRONG IN BENGHAZI, (THAT RESULTED IN THE DEATHS OF FOUR AMERICANS) and her “DON”T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT PROTOCOL, JUST USE THE BLACKBERRY’S, and MY COMMON SERVER that is in my closet,,,(NO-ONE WILL EVER KNOW THE DIFFERENCE, AND WE ARE ABOVE SUSPICION, SO THEY HAVE NO REASON TO CHECK TO SEE WHAT KIND OF JOB I AM DOING). If anything goes wrong, we can smash the BLACKBERRYS, BURN THE EMAILS, AND COMEY WILL GIVE ME A FREE BILL OF HEALTH, SO I WON’T BE ABLE TO BE PROSECUTED! There MUST BE MORE, BUT I CAN’T THINK OF EVERYTHING! IKE AND REAGAN ARE BOTH “SPINNING IN THEIR GRAVES”!


  41. I believe her immunity only applies to limited factors, I am almost sure that Treason would not be covered, along with other crimes.

  42. yes i agree, some people just cant get over they lost, started and still going with hillery, she is running out of excuses, and earged everyone to lie cheet fib and abouve all through away the constitution, and the law…

  43. Time,time,is on our side,lol good riddance trash,Trump going to smash you all like the trash you are,time time is on our side lol

  44. Hillary thinks all the ordinary citizens are stupid. That includes all the liberal voters. Did she steal the DNC nomination? She sure did. She accepted what Debbie Wasserman was going to do.

    It was a good thing that Kenneth Starr went after Bill. Bill at that time was extremely popular, so popular that the liberal media refused to scrutinize the mystery death of Vince Foster and Ron Brown. Yes, there were mysterious deaths. The idea of these cover-ups should be involved more people than you think. I can only hope that someone want to clear his/her conscience to come out in a confession that Bill and Hillary are still protected by the Deep State cult.

    McCabe is one of many naive pawns that hope to be rewarded for his treachery. The Deep State cult may be consisted of several thousand members. Perhaps they are like the mafia: once you are in, you can’t get out.

  45. The corrupt Hillary and his group are the ones who have made Collusion with Russia and also the one who left the presidency and was 8 years martyring the citizens of the US.

  46. Hillary’s immunity shouldn’t be honored. The FBI shouldn’t have jurisdiction, the DOJ does.

  47. Hell yes everyone that leaked information, should be prosecuted.
    President Trump needs to fire all O’bummers holdovers. He certainly can’t trust any of them!????????

  48. Yeah, one person at a time but at least it is starting to roll. Hopefully it will pick up momentum and like Hillary said, if I go down so won’t 1/2 of DC. What an easy way to clear out the swamp! She and Zero should decide what country they are going to call their new abode to avoid extradition.

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