A Democrat Congresswoman immediately regretted this challenge to Trump supporters

President Trump has called Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) “low IQ.”

But one Democrat Congresswoman just set the bar even lower.

And you won’t believe who she’s saying should be thrown in jail.

Democrats believe in freedom of speech…as long as you agree with every one of their radical talking points.

And if you point out their ludicrous positions?

Well, Rep. Frederica Wilson (FL) thinks anyone who is “making fun of members of Congress… should be prosecuted.”

Just watch the video below:

Elitist Democrats have been drinking from The Swamp for so long they actually believe they are above criticism.

The truth is, Democrats are frustrated because they know they can’t beat Trump.

So they’re doing everything they can to silence Trump supporters.

Silicon Valley tech giants were outed for “shadow-banning” conservative accounts.

Then they turned to outright banning conservatives on social media for telling fake news reporters to “learn to code” as an alternate career path.

And now a sitting Congresswoman thinks Americans should be thrown in prison for cracking a joke at her expense.

Do you think anyone who criticizes Democrats should be thrown in jail?

Let us know what you think of Rep. Frederica Wilson in the comments below.


  1. President Trump needs to sign an executive order legalizing the MOONING of Frederica Wilson! Once the order is signed, it will be illegal to arrest, detain, cite or constrain someone for the MOONING of Frederica Wilson! Those who want to MOON her in the USA will be able to do so! Wilson will also be required to go on MOON tours so those who want to MOON her will be able to do so! Vendors will be able to sell MOON Frederica Wilson t-shirts at these venues! This order will expire on Jan. 20, 2021 at noon and the president who will be inaugurated that day (whoever it is) will have the power to renew this executive order for four more years if he or she chooses to do so!

  2. Wow now this pig really is full of herself, they can say anything about anyone , but how dare you speak about them get over yourself,take care of Americans not illegals.

  3. It was over 35 million and they are still spending money looking under rocks. They know if they can turn over just enough rocks they will find a crime the crime turned out to be Trump stole a piece of bubble bum as a kid. Bring on the firing squad impeachment squad you got him now!

  4. Hey Wilson, what about free speech? Or does it only apply to you demonazis? Lady you are an idiot and I wonder who was stupid enough to vote for a snowflake like you.

  5. In this case, you can sgtart with the current occupant of the White House. One of his first secretaies spent millions on Charter, and Military flights for himself in a matter of a couple of months. His HUD secretary needed a $31,000 dining room in his office Another Secretary spent over a Million dollars of our money to go over seas by charter Jet along with he Staff to do work for someone’s private business. Instead closing the swamp, he has increased it to the size of a Great lake.,The Florida Freshwater is so filled of poisonous Algae that every summer, it stinks in th interior. It is now starting to affect the ocean. Lake Erie has a period of Algae blloms also poisonous. And it affects even the drinking water for about a month or 2 in the summer. in a space of just 2 years. We let the rich rob us blind, and wreck our water, and air.

  6. You claim that it is the dems with wasteful spending? One member of his Cabinet was taking Military flights, and what is worse, Chartering a plane to go fr was houndreds of thousands om Washington to Philidelpia. $15,000 on a Charter. $2500 instead os business classthat is $400, and Amtrak from $59 to $172, and the train is about as fast as flying. Another secretary took his top 5 office mates to either Eastern Europe, or a North African Muslim country. That Trip I think was hundreds of Thousands

  7. I agree with you Dave. Congress should set the standard for behavior, yet they have repeatedly lied, stole and called names while making up stories like young insolent children who have not gotten their way. Many of them have slandered others and been so disrespectful. What a disgrace to their country and the American people.

  8. The only jos that Trump hands out to anyone is to His administration.Companies Hire on the basis of Need periodIf it is a black who has the eperience that they are looking for, that is who they hire. Presidents have never had the Authority that you claim

  9. Let’s be serious. The Dumborats use the blacks as slaves with condescension day in and day out. All you want is reparations money. Your a total moron.

  10. I really regret having to say that the vast majority of women in the Congress (House and Senate) are an embarrassment to all females. It was actually much better before there were any women in these offices. They have ruined it for all women by making a mockery of the responsibility given to them. So disgusting, disappointing, degrading and demeaning. No excuse.

  11. With more ridiculous looking hats! That is definitely a case of a one pint head in a 10 gallon hat.

  12. Frederica Wilson needs to be MOONED ASAP! We should all go to her office and MOON her simultaneously!

  13. meozzie I think you meant Should Not hold a seat in Congress, and You are sooo right, but many in office have no idea what the constitution says.

  14. Yes, I agree. And why our kids, and grandkids don’t believe in the holocausts and moon walk.

  15. I agree with that, I also think we need term limits, people get used to going down the ballot and voting for anyone that has been in congress, the only wy to get people to really vote is with term limits. And now they are telling us what we can say, it wont stop if they get in. Now to\=====\ vwatters, she is the worst at calling names and whatnot, but of course that IS TO Republicans, so it doesn’t count, tight, double standard and all///

  16. This freak congresswoman needs to be prosecuted for impersonating a human being. She needs to shave her butt and walk backwards as she would be better suited as congresswoman. She’s got the common sense of a rock and the size brain of a pea. Leave our country if you don’t like it and I will help you pack. Leave Waters.

  17. Hey Ruth, I think the same thing should hold true for the president as well.And By the Trump’ Favorite saying has one big problem.Trump can not make America Gfreat, But God can And it comes fromour following HIM(God). He promises to give us $& for Each $1 That we give to elp the Poor, andinfirmed. not by putting the USA first

  18. What kool-aid does this woman drink. She’s lucky to have a job, let alone complaining about criticism to the democrat congress. She should be worrying about getting re-elected. She serves at the pleasure of ‘we the people’.

  19. Congresspersons have forgotten one important “FACT.” They are allegedly Servants of the
    people, We the People” I say allegedly because I am still trying to fit out what exactly they are doing in the Congress as the issues of the people are on HOLD. When they take an entitlement approach to holding office they
    are subject to the scrutiny of the citizen voters of the United States of America.

  20. Freedom of speech and all that other BS we’ve been fed for years used to be real. Now with the freak and insane libtards we have, nothing has any meaning or value. Cali Gov praised Nike over Kaepernick and not ha e the Betsy Ross flag on a show. I’ll tell you what that will get kaepernick and others like this fat greasy negro female. Nothing! No respect, Nothing! As a matter of fact in 2008 I felt nothing like I do today but I’m glad this is all finally coming out and now I know most of these people hate the country. Great! Most of the country hates you. In taking another negros advice I’m going to quote Marvin Gaye, “Let’s get it on”.

  21. Well, like an illegal alien congressperson said a while ago, “it’s all about the Benjamins”.

  22. I don’t think we even Congress. We need a system where all citizens and tax payers get to vote where their tax money goes and receive proof that it goes there. All the money that goes to paying for congress persons, aides, office space, living quarters, transportation, food and all their benefits could be used more efficiently.

  23. Rodopho…Pres. Trump has done a LOT MORE for blacks than Obama ever did, as Obama didn’t care. You accuse Pres. Trump of being racist, which he is not. But Obama is. He hates whites. Read his own books. It’s in there.

  24. Rodopho, WOW!!! That is FALSE!!! Pres. Trump is not a racist. Take your sick hates somewhere else. Get help. You need it


  26. It’s bogs Olga bogs! Yo ! Yo ! Yo! Mofo! What it B like? Whistle’s and clicks! I’m trying to communicate with her! ????????

  27. What Wilson are you referring too? The Republican fool who was out of touch with the average American? Who thought that the average wage wage earner was at $27,000.00 for the year and thought that it was too much money for the average American to have? You mean that stupid ass? Or like a John Kerry? Who thought that the average wage was at $250,000.00-$300,000.00 . Which these fool’s are way out of touch with reality! Luckily these fool’s are out of Government. Go Trump! A leader that isn’t a typical politician or the status quo? He thinks outside the box. Plus. A very smart man that is right for the job at hand! ????????????????????

  28. Exactly! She should be flushed down the toilet because she has the xactly’s! Her breath smells xactly like her ass! She is spewing a bunch of rhetoric and lying to intelligent people. Who are by far Einstein’s compared to her. Or is it an it? Whatever?

  29. All a degree shows these days is that the recipient was able to regurgitate the right PC keywords and talking points to pass their higher indoctrination, which does not take any high degree of intelligence, but likely does denote a total lack of common sense and ability to think for ones self.

  30. Many received their diploma via entitlement, when my daughter went to college to be a teacher she needed to maintain a 3.25 grade average minimum to graduate but the people of color were on a sliding grade scale and only needed to maintain a 2.25 grade average to get the same diploma as my daughter ( which she graduated with a 3.9 grade average, because one professor said no one is perfct and he deducted some points)

  31. Dave: I agree with you regarding Americans who actually vote for people like Wilson to serve in Congress.

  32. You’re right. There is a difference between ignorant and stupid. Ignorant doesn’t know any better. But a person can learn. Stupid goes right to the bone, and as we all know, you can’t fix stupid.

  33. When the smoke clears after the elections in 2020,even the demented Democrats will have to admit that americans….and I mean most of us will have spoke….and they can crawl back into their rat holes from whence they came!!..

  34. Got one I’ll sell ya, comes with a 3 foot silencer cause of the chain saw bayonet!????

  35. You are the stupidest of the stupid. Have you been lobotomized? You see the world only out of your own anus. Are you a real human being? America makes you as stupid as you want to be and you want to win the stupid contest.

  36. A lot of zingers there, I would still like to find one of those NRA gun shops to get a chainsaw bayonet to attach to my semi-full auto 14mm assault weapon, myself.

  37. It has been clearly shown that is what the democrats want when California recently passed that dictate to punish people who are of influence to children if they contradict their PC nonsense with actual facts or reality instead of just spouting agreement with them.

  38. There is a special place in hell for all of those ignorant people,…ooops…my bad…they are not ignorant..because they know exactly what they are trying to do. However….most Americans know this. That’s why president Trump is in the white house…and I believe even more Americans see it more clearly now…we will help the president continue to drain the swamp..in 2020!!..

  39. “making fun of members of Congress… should be prosecuted.”

    Racial slurs are not someone making fun of anyone and laws already exist concerning their use.

    What this statement implies is that she wants to silence everyone from the artist making the political cartoons in the paper to political satirists.

    Just like certain dictators have done.

  40. I think we need to start with throwing the very individuals that have openly lied to us and have stolen our money for decades (aka the democratic party) in prison before imprisoning someone for slander. I think that fits more in line with our CONSTITUTIONAL law as opposed to their on the fly delusional concepts of reality.

    Seriously, theft is an actual prosecutable offense, and all the individuals that supported and pushed the Muller investigation that cost the American taxpayer hundreds of thousands of dollars all based on lies should be imprisoned. Slander however; is protected by the second amendment and not a prosecutable offense you insolent obtuse waste of human flesh.

    The fact that she thinks a constitutionally protected right should be prosecutable while standing there in support of the use of illegal methods to obtain fisa warrants while profiting from lobbyists funds is just another example of democratic hypocrisy.

    What really bothers me is that there are that many ignorant Americans out there that this individual was actually voted into office? That is a very SCARY thought indeed.

  41. “Do you think anyone who criticizes Democrats should be thrown in jail?”
    Nope as the constitution guarantees freedom of speech not freedom unless you offend someone in the government.

    The really hypocritical thing about it is they throw a fit when Trump negotiates with a certain dictator to avoid having a war then demand that one of that dictators policies be adopted to keep people from poking fun at them and the outlandish mistakes they make nearly every time they open their mouths.

    Like the one that actually said the line “banning the number of clips in a gun” thus showing complete ignorance on the entire topic giving comedians etc. plenty to poke fun at.

  42. No, he’s right Freddy, the militias do know what to do and are preparing. They aren’t Nazis like you and your party, just real Americans who care about our freedom and Constitution.


  44. That’s what malitias are for. When the politicians (democrates) get this far out of hand, they know what to do.

  45. Each time I hear the fake news and Democrats claim Hilary won the popular vote I want a recount that would remove all illegal votes, multiple votes by individuals, dead persons votes and cartoon character votes and she would lose there also. Right after the election her people demanded a recount in Ohio but had to shut it down because so many fraudulent votes were discovered she lost 2 more electoral votes to Donald Trump.

  46. What do you expect from a DEMONazi former elementary school principal? Lack of knowledge jumps to mind, low IQ, low intellect, poorly educated despite her degrees, and stupid also pop up. Any wonder our kids know less than nothing despite having high school diplomas and college degrees? DEMONazis have been in charge of education for decades thanks to the unions.

  47. While I agree that Freaky Freddie is a disgrace and embarrassment. racial slurs only serves to reinforce their viewpoint of us as “rascists.” Hopefully, we can stick to many issues which give us plenty of opportunity to point out the complete insanity of the modern Democrat party. Freddie is just a Maxine Waters wanna-be, just dumber, meaner, more entitled, and ridiculous.

  48. Oh, but we’re the fascists Bob! The end result of entitled, uneducated people being “given” positions of power.

  49. Hitler said the same things she is saying and when someone spoke out against him, or made fun of him they were take to the Gallows.

  50. Well Bitty..Lets look at Trumps track record compared to what the Democratic azz clowns have done for America…The only ones more ignorant & worthless are the DFL Azz Clowns are the ones supporting them…

  51. Patricia, our Lord is coming for His people as He gathers today. Many many demonrats inside or outside of politics will not be among them. They will be left behind. Pray God brings in the rapture now. This will put an end to all of it. Matt.12:30-31. Just imagine the thousands of lost souls. How sad. The real bad thing about it they dont belief in it.May God have mercy on them.

  52. Ernst: You are so correct.I can’t even find the right words that will fully describe Wilson and the other despicable women in congress.Promoting abortion. Trying to deny us freedom of speech.What ever is wrong and so insane, that’s what they stand for, and I can understand why the average Democratic voter can’t see the real truth.There has to be a special place in Hell for all these so called representatives of our country…..

  53. It is almost impossible to not make fun of Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL). She is a caricature of a Congressperson. Her odd attire and her absurd, inane, nonsensical statements beg for mocking. This is a person begging for abuse, and appropriately receiving same.

    Like her Democrat cohorts, she would like to control every aspect of life, including what any person might say. Wilson wants no more free speech!

  54. Amen one correction IZIB by the time they jail all the ones critizing President Trump there will be no more room in the jail.

  55. OMG I am with you they are trying their Dammest to take every freedom away from the American LEGAL people. GOD HELP US.

  56. And this isn’t even Mad Maxine Waters. Altho I have to wonder if they’re not related since Wilson thinks so much like Mad Maxine

  57. You seem to forget, whenever anyone dared question the motives of the last regime, they were pounced upon by sycophants with their media cohorts and called racists until they shut up. No, if the Obummers had suffered half the abuse Trump and family have, they’d probably still be in prison.

  58. Personally, a civil war has been seriously brewing ever since Obama has been in the White House. In the event that Trump loses (God willing that won’t happen), there will be one!

  59. So I have a question what about arresting Politicians who criticize, mock and name call the American People?

    I do recall one example of this- there was this politician not so long ago, a so-called lady who said half the population of the USA were Racist, Homophobic, Xenophobic, Islamaphobic, etc and placed them all in her basket of Irredeemable Deplorables!

    Then there was this other guy who mockingly said half of America cling to their God and their Guns in a snide condescending underhanded behind closed doors giggle fest with a bunch of campaign donors.

    And while we are at it, is Fredrika smirking in that picture?! Because we all know a smirk is tantamount to Violence and I am HIGHLY OFFENDED!!!!

  60. Do I think anyone who Criticises a Democrat should be thrown in Jail?
    Sure Right After Everyone Who Criticises a Republican!
    Or Better yet let’s make it Retroactive and toss everyone who has Criticised President Trump starting on Jan. 1st 2016!

    When we are done with them- Then we can move on to all the people who hurt Rep. Frederica Wilson oh so sensitive feelings!

    Because everyone knows Politics is supposed to be loving tolerant and KIND!!!

    If Lil Frede can’t take the proverbial heat, then get to F out of our Kitchen! After All, I do recall her applauding Mad Maxines call for incivility to all Trump cabinet members and Trump supporters. We can start with her arrest.

  61. Betty, You need to take a trip down the Yellow Brick Road and ask the Wizard for a brain!

  62. I’m female and I just happen to agree with you! :0) Killing babies seems to the hobby of women on the Left! It’s easier to abort than to remember to take that little pill!!

  63. I guess “good ‘ole Frederika” has never read the Constitution nor especially the Bill of Rights! We have the right to tell it like it is, and if she doesn’t like that it’s just too bad for her! I guess she prefers the citizens of the U.S. to LIE rather than talk about who she is, and what she is. (Neither are what she would like to hear!)

  64. Obama didn’t pass the original bill. There was lifetime protection and in 1997 it was reduced to 10 years. He raised it back up to lifetime.

  65. Obama didn’t pass the original bill. There was lifetime protection and in 1997 it was reduced to 10 years. He raised it back up to lifetime.

  66. This lady is as ignorant as they come. She is stomping on people’s constitutional right to free speech. Ms. Wilson, the same way that you wear funny hats, the People have a RIGHT to Freedom of Speech. Furthermore, people cannot criticize you, but you can bad mouth our President? The difference is that what you say about our POTUS are false innuendos, what we say about you is TRUE.

  67. A witless, clueless, brainless, dickless democrap. Trump has done more for this country in the first half of his term then the last few President’s put together , especially the flappy eared last one.

  68. Agree….hard to believe dingbats get voted into Congress. The vast majority are Worthless….totally! Just wish we could fire Them! It’s time to drain that SWAMP….clean house and stop voting for the same ROT…time to re-cycle the ones in .congress now…here’s the worst part…they get paid…hefty amounts along with FREE to them medical coverage ….Cadillac plan…while WE, the people have to pay for our own plus medications. We should be able to take an extra tax deduction!

  69. Hey, Frederica! If you don’t like being criticized, then why on earth did you run for PUBLIC office?? Didn’t you figure out that it would land you in the limelight, including the dim-wit things you say?? If you don’t like criticism, then don’t run for re-election! Remember that old saying…”If you can’t stand the heat, GET OUT of the kitchen!”

  70. When I taught special education students, some had higher IQ’s than that, and NONE of them made stupid remarks like some Dummycrat politicians in Congress!

  71. Make that ALL Democrap Congresskritters! Don’t leave out the males on that side of the aisle. The big difference is that they aren’t as stupid when they scream their filth.

    Whatever happened to the Democrats of JFK’s generation! They were GOOD people! The current crop is drek at best and not worth their oxygen use at worst.

  72. Yes your exactly right , because that’s the one thing and the only thing they’ll understand , there to damn stupid to get the other , because they’ve been brainwashed , not to think for themselves , DUH DUH

  73. What do I think of congresswoman Wilson , WELL , She Sucks Camels and let’s Old Goat Herders ride her , now that girl be special , NEXT PLEASE

  74. If people were out in prison for criticizing a demorat, all of them would be put to death for all the horrible things they lied ,& said about Trump , & all the names they can called him !!!

  75. Well, Rick, if you think Obama wasn’t attacked like your current Dear Leader, you must have been asleep for 8 years. Not only he, but his wife were viciously attacked constantly. Difference was… they had enough class to not get in the gutter like the guy there now.

  76. I looked at all the wonderful patriots on the 4th and seen how happy we were and then I looked at this ugly troll with the gaudy hats and wanted to vomit! Booker will not re write our constitution and think we rthe people won’t act on it! As enraged as we are they have no clue they’re playing with fire!

  77. Mocking t hem is not against the law. And after all the insults from them against us, they better just STOW IT.

  78. This is the reason the founding fathers put the 2nd amendment into the Bill of Rights. It’s there so Americans can overthrow the government if it strays too far from the constitution. It looks like the Dems are trying to get us there.

  79. Amen to that! If we went to work an did not accomplish anything we would be fired. Why are they still in Congress? They give our tax money away to others that have never done anything for us or our country. This is the worst Congress ever that I can remember.

  80. Frederica Wilson should be MOONED for this! I’d like to MOON her! It’s amazing how the left wants to stifle freedom of speech but falsely cries first amendment when anti-BDS legislation comes up! That claim is bogus because no one is entitled to funding. The anti-BDS legislation doesn’t throw people in jail for speech, it just sets parameters on who can and can’t get funding – which happens all the time!
    This shows how left wing extremists are weasels in that they want to have it both ways.

  81. Back when Obama was starting our destruction, a town in North Carolina voted to print ballots without party designations on it. The Attorney General at the time said they could not do that because the people would not know who to vote for.

  82. These actions of the brain dead in the deep state that already have control of the people”s government b/c Americans do not fight at state levels for the crimes committed by agencies within and when it comes to their children they still do not step up. Well dummies you asked for it did nothing and now if trumps hands are tied, too late ! It”s called treason and why their are laws against it in a country such as America and those laws have to be enacted. The enemy that sleeps with the wolves will be eaten by the wolves eventually. It is unfortunate too little may be too late as the higher Satanist’s reap the bounty !!!!!!!!

  83. Do you also consider all the legal immigrants that support the wall to be racist and white supremacists?

  84. That is the one thing I agree with Pelosi on. There are districts where a glass of water with a D on it would get elected.

  85. Find it hard to believe this woman hasnt already been insulted, probably all her life. I wish it were 2020 cause these morons dont have a chance and they seem to find new ways to alienate the American people by belching out their ridiculous crap.

  86. Don”t you have anything of substance to say ????????? You know we are right and remember, GOD works in mysterious way’s !!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Democrats lie to & use people of color for their vote & promise them everything to get elected to congress then after getting elected they turn their backs on them. Trump gives them jobs & raises their selfesteem.

  88. There is no proof of what you spew and seem to have lost your brain as they say as you are easily brainwashed and will do anything but work for money !!!!!!!

  89. That Waters has the IQ of a breadstick. I’ve seen better heads on a zit. Last I heard this was still the US with the freedom of speech.

  90. All Dems should be FIRED OR LOCKED UP ! They are the ruination of our great Country ! They want to break all the Rules we have just to accommodate Illegals ! WTH ! Our Country has Laws too just like any other… I suggest that the Dems start following the Rules of OUR COUNTRY ! It’s time for Congress to start showing RESPECT TO OUR PRESIDENT & STOP GOING AGAINST HIM AT EVERY TURN. CONGRESS NEEDS TO START DOING THEIR JOBS So our COUNTRY CAN GET SOME SERIOUS WORK DONE FOR ITS CITIZENS !!! President Trump is doing a Fantastic JOB FOR ALL AMERICANS ! Go TRUMP 2020 for SURE ! ????????????????????????????????????????????????


  92. Let us know how you really feel, Betty. I don’t think all the name-calling is necessary or appropriate. I put up with Obama for 8 sad, grueling years. Now shut it and deal with it.


  94. Classic example of a $20 hat on a $2 head. And they wonder why they remain on the bottom rung of the socio-economic and cultural ladder.

  95. The king from last regime just placed them there and are not sworn in on our bible and allowed to use the koran and elect muslums to our government but what does it matter as most Americans are brain dead and continue to vote for communism !!! Bye America !

  96. Betty you use the same words in your sick posts. Is your vocabulary that limited? People are saying you commiecrats are dumb. You are proving it. And so are others.

  97. Who thought up this stupid idea and how did we get stuck paying for it without even voting on it I know it was quite a while back

  98. Is that how you passed in school by correcting others grammar. Sounds like a good little demo crat to me. Perhaps we should arrest a demoncrat everytime they bad mouth the predident.lets arrest her and one of her cronies each time they commit treason or spew their hate for the president.

  99. The Bible tells us “It is appointed unto man once to die and after that the judgment” You and all evil doers will stand before Him all alone to be judged. You will answer for your sins and then will be cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where you will survive forever in inescapable torment. The moment you fall into that molten fire and brimstone, where there is weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth you will plead for mercy but it will be too late. Is that what you really want? While you are living you can choose where you will spend all of eternity. Choose wisely.!!

  100. You are so much a bigot. You are the reason Trump will be in office for 8 years. Because many like my self who did not vote for him in ’16 will do so in 2020.

  101. Betty, calm down. You are going to pop a vein (maybe even an artery) if you continue getting so upset. BTW, I assume you are referring to BHO with your comments about “the Oversized & Sick Ego of that Oval Office LUNATIC”. The description fits, seems to me.

  102. And I’m sorry Ed…you hadn’t chirped up just yet…but it looks like birds of a feather…you and Gerald…

  103. God will deal with you. Yes you need to be watching over your shoulder as he is everywhere watching you.

  104. You may be thinking of another beaut from Florida, former House Rep. Corrine Brown, who was convicted of felony fraud and corruption and began a 5-year prison sentence in 2017. I hope she rots there. But there’s an added insult to we people — this crooked b*tch is still receiving her congressional salary until her appeal is concluded. What’s with all these corrupt, ignorant, arrogant, black female reps in Congress anyway?

  105. Judging by what we’ve seen lately, I would guess the average IQ of the democrat congress is approx. 75! On a good day.

  106. We the people Love our country and just like in the good old days we welcome a Parade to celebrate our countrys Independence. People like you Betty are responsible for our country having the problems we have now . Political Correctness is demeaning and a crock of bulls*** and murdering unborn babies and babies already born is a crime and a sin but not for Democrats it seems

  107. Real classy comment, Betty! You should apply for a position at one of the alphabet networks. You would fit right in!!

  108. The Congress woman wants to take away our right to free speech. Maybe she should be locked up for violating our right to free speech and violating her Oath of Office. To give up my right to free speech, she can have it for $50 Million Dollars and that is a bargain. If she wants to take it then that would be fraud and I would want $150 Million Dollars. What a low life low IQ individual she is. Bet she would like to lock me up for that one. Tough crapola Congress woman. You are a disgrace.

  109. Just off the bat, wasn’t it Wanda Sykes, the foul mouthed commodian (That would be “crappy” comedian) whose last bomb was to call President Trump an Orangutan? “OMG, they elected an Orangutan”. (Like with all demo-rats; as if God were any part of their lives.)
    Then you have nasty people like Kathy Griffin, another commodian, the one with the (supposedly funny) severed trump head gaff, whose career, like her act, is now pretty much in the toilet.
    Besides, doesn’t Freddy look like a southern plantation owner or perhaps a river boat gambler anyway?

  110. She should be made to explain her rationale on the public airwaves and take questions.

  111. And one from Colorado who thinks he would make a good president (maybe the former governor for backup if he doesn’t make it) when he hasn’t done one thing that I can think of in his stint. I didn’t vote for him for congressman and sure as bleep won’t for president.

  112. Sister Wilson is just like the rest of the Democrats in Congress she is afraid of losing her well paying job, where she has done nothing but collect her check and throw a tantrum because we finally have a President that is working for the people that elected him and fullfilling his promises.

  113. Like how just when it seems impossible for CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump to Once Again Act Like An INSANE IDIOT, Somehow He Always Manages To Do Just That. Want Proof, just remember yesterday’s July 4th parade meant only to Stroke the Over Sized & Sick EGO of that Oval Office LUNATIC!

  114. Obama wasn’t well liked, but never attacked like the President has been for 2 & 1/2 years. As usual, the Dems can dish it out but can’t take it. Let’s call out these Congressmen/ women for what they are – spoiled elite crybabies. Hardly leadership qualities.

  115. If your imperialist party of hate didnt exist we would all be just fine. Trump is the result of your hate for this country as evidenced by hillary & king O. We had to suck up 8 miserable years of your stink you can suck up 1 more year & vote him out. Btw, you screwed middle america like miners so they voted against you it was not just the people you hate the choice was anybody but hillary it could have been king kong just so it was not hillary but you wouldnt understand that because youre supposedly open minded & all inclusive. Sure.

  116. Sorry you “think”? That way
    Military parade were performed for many years until the Vietnam war
    It tickles me that grown adults are calling each other names like grade school kids. You are untitled to your opinion
    But the childish calling and insulting of the sitting President show how small a person you are

  117. you know instead of winning about what people are saying about politicians they need to quit WINNING ! and more important DO THERE JOBS !!!!!!!!!!!! PUT UP OR SHUT UP !!!!!!!!!!!!IT SEEM,S THE ONLY TIME THERE IS FREEDOM OF SPEECH is when there mouth,s are running they don,t like it when the shoe is on the other foot so my suggestion is S.T.F.U. NO MORE BREAKS OR LONG HOLIDAY,S JUST DO YOUR JOB DO SOMETHING FOR THE NATION AN NOT THEM SELF,S PROVE YOU ARE WORTHY OF YOUR JOB,S OR WE WILL GET RID OF YOU.

  118. They have to make into law, No more than two terms for for any of the Congress, or House. Those useless people sit around for decades doing nothing.

  119. Me too in va. Both Senators, a rep or 2 & the governor the baby governer & the attorney general the charlottesville & richmond mayors etc etv etc you get the jist they are parasites infecting everything they are worse than cancer

  120. But it’s so easy, h Lee. I mean, really, would you have needed a working teleprompter to know there were no airfields during the revolutionary war? Or that “brand new” Sherman tanks haven’t existed since 1957? But that teleprompter, ya know… the guy HAS to blame something or someone for his ignorance.

  121. I think all of these so called congresswoman who don’t like our way of life should just get out of our country hopefully on there own. if not we can and will assist them.
    they were voted in now it’s time to vote them out. and with out any other type of pay
    or benefits. M. Haggard said it best “if you don’t love it, LEAVE IT”

  122. They have to serve several years to qualify for pension. I looked up but forget how many years-look it up

  123. Well, David, I don’t care for her either… but based on my experience on this and its sister sites… there are a lot of you who have threatened to kill me personally and threatened all-out civil war to kill anyone associated with the Democratic party or anyone else that expresses a different view or opinion. I’ve never witnessed so much vile and violent hate as here; so you might be careful comparing to fascists…

  124. That is a question deeper than “What is life”? I would be nervous walking among those who wold vote for the likes of her.

  125. You look awfully stupid with that hat. Handsome is as handsome does. If a person dresses in a stupid fashion,that person really is stupid.

  126. I live in Florida, and wish I lived in her district so that I could vote against her. This woman is, in my opinion, totally undeserving to be in the Congress of the USA, or any other level of government.
    If I remember correctly, in countries like Nazi Germany, Russia under Josef Stalin, and even North Korea, People who speak against the government leaders are rounded up, and imprisoned or killed. Is this what this imbecile wants??
    In the America I served to protect for over 20 years in the military, we have the Constitutional right to call a President an SOB, or the Attorney General a stupid ass.
    This woman should be expelled from Congress for beginning an assault on the First Amendment rights of We The People.

  127. She, along with the rest of the demented dimwit demoncrats created the atmosphere of hate that we have had to live with for three years and now they can’t take the heat when the fire of their rhetoric is dealt back to them. It’s payback time for the demons. And I for one will continue to tell them how I feel. They have a rag head that called the President a muthah fuker from the floor of the lower house of congress and she wasn’t reprimanded. You have created all of the hostility against your obstructionist party, and you will suffer the consequences now and on election day.

  128. You are correct. I will wait with you for the thought police. I do not understand who would willingly elect one of these nuts.

  129. Congresswoman (?) Your statement was idiotic as are you. To respect Congress, you people need to earn OUR RESPECT. YOU ALL ARE ONLY THERE BECAUSE WE SENT YOU THERE. Right now, as in the past years, you old timers should have been kicked out many years ago. It’s the members of Congress who are blowing the problems of this divide WAY OUT OF PROPORTON. THE DEMORATS ARE THE BIGGEST DISGRACE TO OUR COUNTRY, CRIMINALS AND LIARS. YOU LOST, GET OVER IT! Lose the hat, it’s dumb.

  130. Anybody stupid enough to make Maxine Waters appear normal by comparison is a danger to herself and others. Fred, you are a complete CARTOON! To my family and friends in Florida…..REALLY?! Anyone who would willingly vote to be represented by this specimen is already beyond all hope. Feed, I’ll be right here awaiting a visit from your though police. Sorry, not sorry!

  131. Good for you .
    I sure wish I could,but I have a idiot that needs to go as well..
    The idiot Dem..from Alabama..

  132. DemonRats are unpredictable! Every stinkin time you thought you’ve seen the biggest Clown Azz Democrat on record, theirs always another comes along breaking that record.

  133. I live in FL., and I can tell ya for sure that her constituents have no reason for voting for her except that she is black. She isn’t very smart, cannot articulate her views, nor raise children who are achievers or abide by the law. She is a very poor example of a woman, mother of 3 or lawmaker. It’s sickening here and I hope her district is re-mapped before the next election. She is in the pockets of lobbyists, deceitful, liar and allegedly unfaithful and a non-believer. She is good oat one thing – being a phoney!

  134. Stupid leftists want to take away our God-given rights as enumerated in the U.S. Bill of Rights. That will be the day! This woman is a very low-IQ idiot.

  135. I have wondered also why the secret service is not knocking on the big mouth, Maxines, door. She is inciting people to cause harm to others. Poor Asian journalist for an example. Eric Trump getting spit on is another, but there are far to many to jot down right here. If had had said those things I would be in jail, or at least looked at. Dems just get by with everything. SO SAD.

  136. Ken: The fact is that the people who elected her are more stupid than she is. Many of them are dead, many are illegals and many of them voted multiple times, and the box carrying the last of the votes was misplaced until 24 hours after the election.

  137. All demacrates should be thrown out of office today. And you know that saying. If ya can’t take the heat get out of office the kitchen. Between maddog fla cochroach people need to wake up.

  138. So, let me get this straight. You open your mouth and spew 1/1024 truths and you don’t want to be made fun of. And anyone with a brain makes fun of your idiocy needs to be prosecuted.
    Make a deal with you Rep. Frederica Wilson. You give up pretending you have brain cells, quit trying to manipulate the system, then QUIT Congress, and I’ll promise to never make fun of your stupidity ever again.
    Is that a deal?

  139. I thought she was convicted and sent to prison for her crimes? Why is she now back in Congress?

  140. Funny I think members of Congress should be thrown in jail for the false accusations they have made against President Trump. Just a tip for this moron if you don’t want people to make fun of you buy a mirror.

  141. If That law were enacted and it would apply to both Parties Democrats would go to jail 2 TO 1. Good way to get many liberals in jail with their nutty ideas.

  142. Perhaps the late-night “talk show” hosts & writers should be the first example, to others, since they seem to make their living from making fun of the Republican Congress people and President. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, as they say!

  143. what about making fun of conservatives are we chopped liver . we have been screaming about this treatment for 2 years , so its ok for dems to say whatever they want but we can’t not happening u make fun of our president all the time but 1 day u will regret it

  144. I agree. If the Democrats are not going to take an interest in moving our country forward then they should be fired.

  145. I second that, and am ready to sign the petition. I think that is a wonderful idea, I wished I had thought of it. But what a wonderful thought, so let’s start this petition as soon as possible!and if the Democrats are not going to work for the American people in this country, they need to be thrown out of office. I would think Mr. Trump would probably agree with the American people. Big Patriot

  146. now the democrats are trying to take our freedom of speech away from us. I think that we as Americans should write a petition to remove all Democrats from Holding government office and that the one now in a Government job pay back all income over 2000.00 a month, to the American people. They are not doing their job and should not get paid for doing nothing. after all they work for us not the other way around.

  147. Yes we are and we the people should demand they go out into the people and get a job and not expect us to keep them up. They make millions in speaking engagements or writing their stories. Why should we continue to pay for past presidents? Obama even passed a bill where presidents get secret service protection for life. Ridiculous!
    President Trump doesn’t take a salary. He lives off his own money. What’s so comical is all those complains about al the wealthy Corp.they themselves are millionaires. Such hypocrites.

  148. Some Democrats like Obama, Hillary, Bill,chuck,Pelosi, little Joe his son,omar,and everyone that works in her OFFICE,,Mueller, and the list goes on and on…..
    Should all be lock up with the rest of them bleading hearts.

  149. There has to be something in the air, just hovering over the extreme Deathocrats, that cause them to act like imbeciles. Where and when did these people crawl out of? And how did they stay in office for these many years? Truly outrageous. I also can’t believe, that members of the same party, are actually agreeing with the off the wall agenda. Gott im

  150. If I had a monkey with a face like Wilson’s, I’d shave it’s ass and make it walk backward.

  151. A porch monkey can get away with anything They demand the right to shoot the police and do as they damned well please. And a lot of people are afraid of them.

  152. Maxine Waters got away with her threats. I don’t understand why the US Secret Service didn’t knock her door.

    Trump is right. She has low IQ.

  153. Wade, sorry to say, yes we are paying for the rest of their lifestyle! That includes all Repubs and Demons. Wow, what a waste of our hard earned money.

  154. That was the bi**h, Rasheeda, that said that, the night she won congress, seat. OMG, why did we get these evil hag’s!!!

  155. I May be wrong but I herd that congressmen and Congress women after they leave office the received their salary an benefits for life. Are We paying these idiots to do what they do best nothing.


  157. How do people like Democrat Rep. Frederica Wilson ever get elected? They are suppose to be making our laws and they are so low IQ and stupid. They should lock her up for taking our money because we are not getting back anything for it. She sure thinks she is special. Wants to lock us up for talking. She would want me locked up for what I am saying here. I served in the military to preserve this right. She is dumber than a box of rocks.

  158. Oh no, we don’t want to take your guns because we are not depotic! What is new saying, “Guns because you can’t fistfight tyranny”?

  159. Who is she, why is she dressed like that, and why does she have no clue about our first amendment rights???

  160. Because she is stupid or because she is black? Not all blacks are stupid. Some of them are very intelligent. They are conservative blacks.

  161. dems hate this country and our Constitution. They are all traitors and should be prosecuted as such

  162. We the tax payers should be able to prosecute every one of these these low life Democrats for all the BS they have put our President through and our country!! These women, Walters, Omar, Cortez, Tlaib and Pelosi should pulled out of congress immediately!They are nothing but traitors!!Other countries are laughing at us and it’s not because of President Trump. It’s these fools with their big mouths and the whole Democratic party…..

  163. It is getting ready to come to that. I am sick and tired of everything about the Liberal Loonies. The ALL YELL RACISM. If the Democrats of all races want war with Trumpsters, Bring it on for we have all the guns and ammo

  164. Hate to bust your bubble Democrats but you are not above the law either, you’re not gods. right now you’re showing your IQs or the lack of.the American people are laughing at all of you good job keep it up. The more you speak the rest of the shine.

  165. She dresses like a circus performer and expects that she won’t be made fun of? Dream on Heidi Doody, you are fair game and NOW it will be non stop. Another Demonstration of Democrat delusion and narcissism. Hmm is she guilty of cultural appropriation?

  166. Looney libtard loser Dumb-Assocrats, like Wilson, can dish it out bait can’t take the return heat! And they don’t make sense as they speak from purely emotional anger and no logic!! They are so deranged that they can’t see beyond stupidity!!!
    So I say to Wilson and all of her idiot compadres, “Bring It On!”
    The battle won’t last more than a couple of days!

  167. NO! These corrupt and crooked Democrats are so jealous of President Trump’s supporters. That’s their problem PERIOD NOW !

  168. Hey fredica, you are a clown and I am laughing hilariously over your failing attempt to convince us you are any but a doofus with a silly hat fetish. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA AH!

  169. I used to just think she looked STUPID with those damn hats, but they must be cutting the blood flow off from her brain if she thinks we would take that crap. If you can’t see that these people are completely out of touch with reality then you need a mental eval. Her comments show you that this party does not stand for the CONSITITUTION freedom of speech is not what they want. They want freedom of speech for their ideas, their feeling, their stance, however they want to quiet anyone who goes against them. This in itself is anything but freedom.

  170. So she would have me arrested just for saying she reminds me of a pimp from a 70s movie? Or would that be a ‘madame’?

  171. If the Congressional Democrats weren’t such clowns, we’d have nothing to make fun of them about.

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