A Democrat Senator shared one photo that absolutely devastated Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s debacle in Afghanistan even has Democrats speaking out against him.

That’s bad news for Biden.

And a Democrat Senator shared one photo that absolutely devastated Joe Biden.

Last month, Joe Biden promised Americans that the Afghan army could defend the country and America would not see a repeat of the 1975 humiliation in Saigon where helicopters evacuated the remaining Americans off the roof of the embassy after Vietnam fell to the communists.

But that’s exactly what happened in Kabul and the Taliban took power with ease as the Afghan army gave up.

There was even a photo of a helicopter evacuating embassy personnel which led Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse to comment that his father was the next-to-last American Ambassador in Saigon and that what happened in Kabul reminded him of the embarrassment from 1975.

Joe Biden so badly botched the withdrawal that not even Democrats wanted to defend him as the fall of Kabul played out in real time on cable news.

Donald Trump negotiated a deal that removed all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by May 1.

But Joe Biden junked that plan so he could stage a photo op on September 11 with the last U.S. troops leaving Afghanistan on the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

That decision turned out to be a massive blunder as it pushed the U.S. withdrawal to the middle of the Afghan fighting season making it easier for the Taliban and the Islamic group’s goons to seize control of the country.

And it forced even some of Biden’s closest allies to compare this debacle to the American humiliation in 1975.

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