A disgraced general was caught in the act of lying to Trump about a violent group

Many Deep State players attempted to destabilize Donald Trump’s presidency.

Even the highest-ranking military officials could not be trusted.

And a disgraced General was caught red-handed lying to Trump about this radical outfit.

Washington, D.C.’s entrenched establishment elite does pretty much anything it wants.

This is evident especially when a real statesman emerges to challenge their power.

And it’s exactly what Donald Trump confronted when the people elected him to drain the Swamp.

According to the book Peril by Watergate reporter Bob Woodward, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley likely committed treason when he went over Trump’s back and promised to give China advance notice of any nuclear assault and also urged other military officers to swear an “oath” to him in order to avoid Trump’s nuclear strike command.

This was the logical conclusion of the D.C. Swamp’s Trump derangement syndrome.

But their insistence that Trump threatened to start a nuclear war with China was absurd given that Trump wanted to bring soldiers home and negotiate peace settlements and did.

Milley’s actions show he was the one that was dangerous and unhinged and it wasn’t the first time Milley let his hatred of Trump come before his duty to the country and to the truth.

It now appears General Milley misled President Trump about the genuine threat posed by Black Lives Matter and other far-left extremists during the summer riots of 2020.

According to the National File:

“The excerpts [from ‘Peril’]…quote Milley as saying ‘Mr. President, they are not burning it down,’ in reference to the rioters who were burning down large sections of American cities. Milley’s claims, if he actually made them as stated in the book, would be completely false and wholly devoid of facts.”

The 2020 riots claimed almost two dozen lives, caused over $2 billion in property damage, and destroyed courthouses, police stations, monuments, and even churches.

Some of the most devastating riots in American history occurred during the “largely peaceful” protests.

The National File went on:

“‘They used spray paint, Mr. President, that’s not an insurrection,’ the book also quotes Milley as saying, as well as, ‘We’re a country of 330 million people. You’ve got these penny packet protests.’ Milley reportedly went on to shill extremist black grievance talking points to the President, stating, ‘That’s pent up in communities that have been experiencing what they perceive to be police brutality.’”

The entire story would have been different if right-wing protestors had produced even a fraction of the havoc.

The fiasco on Capitol Hill on January 6 shows that’s the case.

There were some violent individuals but the Left insists Americans ignore the grandmothers and deny the evidence that it was far from what the Left claims.

Milley, on the other hand, had an entirely different perspective on the riot.

In testimony before Congress, Milley famously used the phrase “white anger” to describe American politics.

The National File continued:

“Later in the book, Milley reportedly took a much different stance on election integrity protests at the Capitol on Jan. 6, claiming the political protest that he personally disagreed with ‘was indeed a coup attempt and nothing less than “treason.’”

General Milley’s actions demonstrate how Washington, D.C. has an entrenched establishment elite that does pretty much anything it wants.

Because the corporate-controlled press refuses to hold them accountable, they are able to get away with it.

Milley should be held accountable for his acts, but the media will portray him as a hero.

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