A farmer made one bold prediction that left Joe Biden trembling in fear

Joe Biden’s Presidency is a raging tire fire.

He’s unleashed one crisis after another on the country.

Now a farmer made one bold prediction that left Joe Biden trembling in fear.

Marked by hard work, long hours, and a business at the mercy of Mother Nature, farming is one of the hardest jobs in the country.

Joe Biden has made farming much harder with his war on American energy, sending the price of critical fertilizers and diesel for equipment soaring.

These increased costs for farmers have helped fuel the rampant inflation in the grocery store.

National Black Farmers Association President John Boyd, Jr. warned that the country is on the brink of a major catastrophe from Biden’s agenda.

“You have the high cost of fuel, the high cost of fertilizer and lime, and all of these upfront costs for America’s farmers, and we haven’t done anything in place to fix that,” Boyd said.

Boyd claimed he was promised a meeting at the White House, but is still waiting to hear back from Biden officials.

He predicted that Americans could soon face empty shelves in the grocery store if the Biden regime doesn’t change course.

“We’re going to lose more and more farmers by not acting,” Boyd said. “We’re heading for a food shortage in this country where you have different regions of the world, such as Ukraine, that won’t be producing enough commodities such as corn, wheat, and soybeans. All of these things are going to affect us here at home, and we’re going to see empty food shelves in the coming months.”

The war in Ukraine has major implications for the world’s food supply.

Ukraine is one of the largest agricultural exporters in the world.

But the current conflict has wreaked havoc on their ability to export, driving up prices worldwide.

The price of fertilizer is up 200%.

Combined with the exploding price of natural gas and diesel, Biden is delivering a one-two punch to farmers’ bottom line.

“The administration hasn’t put things in place to help us,” Boyd said. “The administration isn’t talking enough about the plight of what’s going on with Americans. We’re losing farmers every year that we don’t take action, and that’s going to help, but it’s going to hurt us here at home.”

“High cost of food – that’s going to affect every American that walks into the supermarket,” Boyd warned. “We have to find a way to invest in infrastructure for farmers and put farmers first and put more small-scale farmers back into business.”

Boyd slammed Biden for sending billions in foreign aid to Africa to prevent famine while ignoring the plight of farmers in America.

“I’m sure those African countries definitely need the support, but we also have to take care of those that are at home,” he said. “And the Biden administration isn’t moving and acting swiftly enough to address the farm crisis.”

As farmers struggle, a food shortage could be the next major Biden crisis for the country to grapple with.

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