A federal judge issued an order that declared open season for BLM rioters in this city

Few cities have been immune to Black Lives Matter riots this summer.

One surprising city has avoided the wrath of rioters.

But that all could be about to change after a federal judge issued this order.

Detroit is one city that hasn’t seen the type of riots that have ravaged cities like Portland, Oregon, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Chicago, Illinois.

Recently, Detroit Police Chief James Craig went on Tucker Carlson’s show to explain why.

“We don’t retreat here in Detroit,” Chief Craig began. “We’re just not going to do it. We weren’t giving up ground to the radicals. We just didn’t do it.”

But that all may be about to change.

A federal judge in Detroit has temporarily stripped the ability of the Detroit police to implement crowd control tactics including using batons, tear gas, shields, and sound cannons.

The Detroit Free Press reports:

U.S. District Court Judge Laurie Michelson partially granted a temporary restraining order Detroit Will Breathe sought when it sued the city of Detroit on Monday, alleging that police were using excessive force to stop them from exercising their free speech rights. The order will be in effect for at least 14 days and forbids police from using force without probable cause.

This is a big win for “peaceful protesters.”

Of course, the Detroit police don’t need to resort to tactics like these for truly peaceful protests.

It’s only when things start to get out of control when police start to push back before demonstrations turn into riots.

This decision sends a big message to Black Lives Matter rioters that they’ll now be able to do what they’ve done to Kenosha and Portland in the Motor City.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters have been emboldened by politicians who’ve forced their police departments to stand down.

With no consequences for their actions, they continue to step over the line.

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