A federal judge just smacked down Joe Biden with this historic legal defeat

Joe Biden was blindsided.

Nothing like this ever happened before in American history.

And a federal judge just smacked down Joe Biden with this historic legal defeat.

A federal judge issued a first-of-its-kind ruling blocking United Airlines from imposing a vaccine mandate on its employees while litigation on the matter plays out.

“The Court now concludes it is necessary to issue this Temporary Restraining Order to avoid risking irreparable injury and to maintain the status quo in this case pending the Court’s hearing and resolution of Plaintiffs’ Motion for Preliminary Injunction,” Judge Pittman wrote.

Judge Pittman’s order prevented United Airlines from putting unvaccinated workers on unpaid administrative leave until October 26 while arguments in the case continue.

The judge also struck down United Airlines trying to prevent employees from applying for a religious exemption after August 31.

United initially set a September 27 deadline for its workers to either get fully vaccinated or secure a religious exemption.

However, even if workers won an exemption for the vaccine mandate, United could put them on unpaid leave and take away their benefits for up to six years or whenever the pandemic conditions end.

Joe Biden’s trying to make vaccine mandates a new part of American life as a means to control the population.

Biden pressed forward with a legally dubious federal vaccine mandate noting that in the past the court has upheld local government mandates and the idea that private companies were free to force their employees to get vaccinated.

Judge Pittman disagreed and stopped United from forcing their workers to get vaccinated.

The airlines are now a focal point of the vaccine mandate debate after Southwest Airlines canceled over 2,000 flights this past weekend after pilots and crew members protested the airlines vaccine requirement by not showing up for work.

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