A Fox host asked one question that left Chuck Schumer panicking

Chuck Schumer is in the fight of his political life to hang on to control of the Senate.

But one huge mistake is coming back to bite him.

And a Fox host asked one question that left Chuck Schumer panicking.

Chuck Schumer is facing an uphill battle to keep his razor-thin Senate majority.

With only 50 Democrat Senators, he’s got no margin for error in the Midterm elections.

After Joe Biden and the Democrats took control of the entire federal government, everything went wrong in America.

The country has dealt with crisis after crisis from Schumer and Biden’s failed leadership.

Inflation is the biggest crisis in the country, as it eats away at the hard-earned paychecks of American workers.

Every trip to the store is a painful reminder of Democrats’ massive failures.

While the official inflation rate is 8.6%, the cost of everyday items like food and gas have soared by double digits.

Joe Biden is flailing around, with no answers for the problems he created.

Instead, Biden is turning to lame excuses, like blaming Putin and corporate greed.

This is a major political problem that isn’t going away for Schumer.

Fox Business host Stuart Varney put Democrats on notice over the disastrous inflation they’ve unleashed on America.

“Inflation is a personal economic experience. Every time you pay for something, you take notice, because the price of just about everything is going straight up. It can be a shock,” Varney said.

“On Sunday morning in New Jersey, I bought four items. 8 small tomatoes: $6.99. Blueberries: $6.99, a small loaf of bread: $6.29 and a pint of milk: $1.89. Total: $22.16,” he explained. “A year ago, those same items, in the same store, would have cost maybe $15.”

“We’re getting worse off: rapid price hikes erode your standard of living,” he lamented.

“The President is clueless. On Friday, at the docks in Los Angeles, he blamed shipping companies,” Varney added.

After the latest inflation report came in, Joe Biden went on an angry tirade blaming inflation on price gouging by shipping companies.

An unhinged Biden said that he was “viscerally angry” to the point he wanted to “pop” them.

“He tried to turn anger at inflation into anger at corporations: In the absence of an effective policy, the President turns nasty,” Varney continued.

“Ok, you’ve been shocked at the grocery store and shocked at the gas station … Now open your 401(k). Another shock,” Varney stated. “The market sell-off has probably cut your pension money by 30%. I expect the President to blame the Federal Reserve.”

“But who will voters blame? 147 days to the November 8th elections,” Varney wondered.

Inflation is consistently polling as the top political issue for voters heading into the Midterms.

And polls show that voters put the blame squarely on Joe Biden for causing the problem and failing to handle it.

After going on a multi trillion-dollar socialist spending spree, Democrats own the inflation problem.

And that is why skyrocketing inflation could lead to the end of Schumer’s Senate majority.

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