A Fox News host asked a question that showed the network made one big change

Viewers are wondering what is going on at Fox News.

The top-rated network owns the largest audience in cable news because of a loyal bond with its audience.

But this Fox News host asked a question that showed the network made one big change.

The big news story over the weekend was President Trump canceling planned peace talks with the Taliban and Afghanistan government at Camp David.

The media huffed and puffed over the President proposing a dramatic event to signal the end of America’s longest war.

Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace was one journalist up in arms over President Trump’s proposed peace talks.

Wallace badgered Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about President Trump’s proposed peace talks.

Breitbart reports:

On this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” anchor Chris Wallace pressed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on why President Donald Trump planned to meet with Taliban leaders in the United States three days before the anniversary of 9/11.

Wallace asked, “[T]he Taliban had the deaths of thousands of Americans just three days before 9/11. No concerns about that? And I guess my question is you know, I can understand the envoy talking, but why is the president have to confer that status on them?

Pompeo said, “President Trump was very clear. He wanted to make sure we got to the right place. He has always been someone, I’ve observed is now for my entire time working for him, now as CIA director and now secretary of state — he is willing to take risks if he believes he can deliver a good outcome for the American people.”

Bad actors have been invited to Camp David on previous occasions.

The symbolism of Camp David makes it a popular location for presidents to stage high profile diplomatic talks.

This did not start with Donald Trump.

And President Trump did not start the war in Afghanistan.

The President has to negotiate with who is in front of him.

And in this case, that is the Taliban.

What the media is most enraged about is the possibility of the President delivering on a campaign promise.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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  4. I have DirecTV and also got hit with increasing bill. I looked into DISH but DISH does not have OAN (DirecTV has both). When told I was switching because of price increase, I was transferred to Retention Manager and we got us down to a price that beat even DISH. I am still with DirecTV…try that route.

  5. Real M, these Scum who write under false names have no substance in what they say or in their own lives, definitely best not to reply, to Hell with’em!

  6. Greenman, Proof, where is it? President Trump is not perfect, we knew when we voted him to the Presidency. What he is, is the best President in history and you know it unless you live in outer space. We voted for DJT not because we liked him or not but, because we had to find someone to MAGA after the previous administration’s total failure and diminishment of America. Since you are not up to date with current events let me be the first one to tell you President Trump’s job performance and accomplishments are great and many. He will be even better during his second term. We are excited and can hardly wait! 🙂
    TRUMP 2020 to KAP!

  7. In case there is a person on the planet who hasn’t noticed, we have a troll on here writing under the names “Greenman” and “Racists for Trump”! This is a low life nocturnal vermin/creature of the darkness. Obviously liberals are desperate judging by the way they have hit the conservative sites like maggots after a dead carcass for the last several days! I smell blood in the water, theirs….… 🙂

  8. Dan T., I am “shut out” of PP for some reason so I can’t comment on that sight right now. Hopefully RR will not follow suit but, if I disappear you and everyone will know why!

  9. Bill Sypes, Whoa friend, “Racists for Trump” is nothing but a troll here to make you angry and to cause you to doubt yourself and what you believe in. DO NOT fall into “its” trap! “It” is a low bred heathen, underserving of any decent person’s time to even reply to it. Stay strong as an American patriot!

    TRUMP 2020

  10. People, people, people. FOX hired Paul (worthless) Ryan to the FOX board of directors. Any more Questions on why they are turning on Trump and FOX viewers? It is Ryan, Stupid. He tried to do the President in while he was speaker, now he is trying through his foothold in the media at FOX. Used toilet paper has more value than Ryan.

  11. I feel bad for you Loni that your network has let you down. You have to remember though that there is only so much insanity and criminality that even Fox can handle.

  12. There is nothing admirable or even redeeming about the mobster and serial sexual assaulter Trump. He constantly bullies, brags, whines, steals, lies, insults and doesn’t know anything about what the hell he is doing. He is a legacy brat and the cowardly draft dodger inherited almost 500 million and still managed about 5 bankruptcies,

  13. There is nothing positive about Trump, he is an egomaniac, a constant liar, braggart, thief, insulter and whiner. He views the Presidency as a way to financially enrich his and his family. He is a self-admitted serial sexual assaulter, cheated numerous times on all 3 wives with groupies, prostitutes and rape victims.

  14. Oh poor Gsry, Fox News still supports right wing causes and thugs like McConnell and Trump 99%, sorry they burst your hate filled bubble.

  15. Trump is a mobster and traitor Arline, don’t you understand that after all thesre years? He is just another greedy failed businessman.

  16. Karen, your opinions are worthless, they are just adulation of a traitorous President and G.O.P. party that is gutless and corrupt to stand up to the mobster Trump

  17. First of all, I do not think that the President should allow any Islamic Terrorist into camp David at all. That would be a very big mistake.

  18. John I agree with you a 100%. I have been watching One American News (OAN) and Newsmax. Good stations and OAN gives you the news.

  19. Eric, Hey troll, I saw one of you Dems fake news stories about President Trump be completely dismantled, in detail, this evening! No wonder it took a while to figure it out, that was because it was all a lie. Fact, it was proven by date, timeline, when, where, etc. President Trump did not “out” anybody in Russia, the decision to pull the operative out was made in 2016, let me see… that was when BHO was President. Too much for me to write, get your own facts about it. And, of course, CNN was in the middle and behind all of it. CNN is the one who put the operative in most danger when the idiots pulled up to their home with cameras blazing….
    One thing we can depend on is, if a Democrat or the MSM had anything to do with it, you can’t depend on it. 99.99999% chance whatever it is, its fake, a lie or both….
    How disgusting, unpatriotic and un-American!

  20. Dan T., Yes, some people are abandoning their faith and running away from it as fast as they can. You and I know, you can’t hide from God….you can run but you can’t hide! I get on here, get aggravated and then have to repent. No matter how I try, my flesh gets me in trouble! People who are not a Christian don’t understand that Christians still sin, we are not perfect people. We hurt our own witness, for sure…… There is nothing perfect in this old world………..

  21. Dr. Andrews, AMEN! Our political parties have become almost warring enemies and not sure what, other than the Lord, can change that. Thank you for your powerful reality and prayer!

  22. There is a huge problem in the United States of America. It isn’t whether or not we have a conservative news station or not. It’s whether or not we are “ONE NATION UNDER GOD”. The U.S.A. doesn’t need other nations. The U.S.A. does need its people to remain Christian. In order to make America Great Again! We first must put GOD firmly back in His rightful position. AT THE TOP! If we want to stay the superpower of superpowers and THE GREATEST NATION THAT HAS EVER EXISTED! Then we must put GOD back into our schools, our finances, our laws, our government and most of all BACK INTO OUR FAMILIES! We must follow GOD’s Word in everything this Nation does. I pray that this happens and I pray that it happens soon. In Jesus’ name, I pray-AMEN!

  23. I went to Costco and got DirecTV for about $40 per month with Costco picking up half my bill for about 6 months and in addition a $50 Costco Card.
    That is many times better than Dish.
    I don’t have cable available.

  24. How can any news network put flaming fags like Shep, and others and keep normal people like myself and my Conservative friends as viewers? And are the Dems serious with the mayor Buttegeg and his “husband” as serious contenders?

  25. Wallashinky is just another New York liberal Jew, like his father was in Hollywood in the 50’s that wasn’t flushed out of that liberal sewer.

  26. Try OAN (ONE AMERICA NEWS), also found at oann.com. They bring out many important items that Fox never did.

  27. I feel the same as you and have watched FOX turn more liberal left and less Conservative views the past two years. I have found a new station on Direct TV channel 347 with honest Conservative News it has become my replacement for most of FOX’s programs. Try it you will like it!

  28. OAN (One America Network) is available on DirecTV. I used to watch all the time. I dumped DirecTV because of their constant price increases (sometimes every other month). I’m now with Spectrum and they don’t carry it. Sometimes I find clips on YouTube. If you have a Kindle, you can download a free app, but you then have to subscribe to the channel at $4.99/month .

  29. The investigation points towards the democratic party – hillary
    clinton, obama, is just the drop in the bucket.
    As far as diverted flights- you have no clue when you say that.
    FOR SECURITY REASONS, a flight will be diverted.

  30. Your not a reg person , you are one of the minions that have had your brain relocated to a snake. You slither around and don’t stop long enough to actually find the truth. You are Just part of the fake news spreading false accusations about OUR GREAT PRESIDENT who has done more for this country then any other President , he has kept his promises , and would do even more GOOD if the dems would stop trying to get him out of office and do their job of working for the people and not themselves. THE DEMS ARE JUST ALL PLAIN EVIL AND WORK FOR THE DEVIL .

  31. At the end of Pres. Trump’s second term, in 2024, I would like to see him start a new TV station that is really conservative and one that espouses conservative views and also gives a voice to lesser-known conservatives, both in and out of office. Judge Jeanine and Sean Hannity are longtime friends of his, so why not? If that were to ever happen, I will DEFINITELY tune in to that channel!

  32. From one end of the spectrum to the other, George. I get a lot of information from my own research; but media-wise… everything from the Wall Street Journal to The Hill, and from the BBC and Vox to this juvenile site.

  33. Dan, really? Is that the most adult, intelligent thing you have to say? Maybe someday you will grow up and realize how utterly ridiculous you have been.

  34. Agree, Fox is DONE for a new channel..NewsMax for me Never watch Fox anymore not even in the morning with F & F..they too have turned liberal.

  35. Honestly, what childish behavior and trash talk..no wonder this country is on a downhill slide…no respect, no religion, no prayer, everything is offensive to others…just have to wonder how we have survived all these many years without all the hate groups???

  36. There is NO proof that he is racist other than what the in the tank for the
    Democrats media tells us. He was voted in over a conniving, corrupt, lying,
    deceitful, power hungry woman. I am not a dumbass, but that is how you Liberals are, don’t agree with you and we are morons and dumbasses. Mostly
    it is because you Liberals have NO real facts on your side to carry on a
    real debate or argument. Intellectually I could run rings around you or any Liberal because I think for myself and don’t listen to Liberal hyperbole (look up the word if it is too big for you).

  37. grOAN is a toiletbowl of propaganda and copious obese-ass-kissing and propaganda.

    The only thing they do right, and only inasmuch as the stories fit their HIGHLY SLANTED BIAS, is to fly factually through newsbrief roundups, covering what, 8 stories in 10 minutes or thereabouts.

    Not enough to know anything other than the propaganda push for Chump they want to impart but it’s not lying, per se.

    Everything else there, and I’ve watched in horror on and off for a few years, is outright lies, propaganda, rumors and Chumpian cheerleading with no basis in fact or reality.

    grOAN is as bad as FauxNooz ever was except that Faux occasionally admitted misreporting or misrepresentation. grOAN simply hang tough with their rumor-mongering, conspiracy crap and general all-around Alex’ing of the news, morphing it into sunshine and daffodils for Chump, through lies, dirty lies and dirty rotten lies.

    And I’m being charitable about grOAN.

  38. I am a singular person, never use other IDs and have nothing but loathing and disgust for the Master Racist Liar in Cheat YOU DUMBASSES put in the WH!!

  39. Zoila, I also watch ONN News & like it very much, the problem with Fox all of them keep butting in & talk over the person & to me that is igrorant, it would never work around my Father as he would back you in the mouth.

  40. Scott27, I do appreciate your deep abiding concern for conservatives! However, we are intelligent enough to decide the best way to arrive at the truth and real facts about who is and who is not telling us the truth. After all it did not take us but a New York second to figure out the Democrats are selling a lying destructive bill of goods that, we are not buying! We figured that out almost as quickly as we determined all you trolls residing within the same body are out here regurgitating the Dem propaganda and lies. There are few of you trolls with many names…………

  41. The one thing they all have over your dear leader however, is they are functioning adults; not to mention they have the nation’s interests at heart rather than how much money their families can benefit from the position or how chummy they can be with their dictator idols.. and, well, a whole lot of other things.

  42. No Scot I do my homework and listen to others without being ignorant of the facts . Where do you get your facts from the main street media that all one sided. I do a lot of reading and most of the things that come from the media is tainted and not always factual. You should do the same. Where do you get your information from?

  43. Dan T., I am watching “rippie” to determine if he is just another “name” among many in one troll body………………

  44. Try this, real M… don’t pay attention to any commentary, just listen to what comes out of your dear leader’s mouth and look at the actions he’s taking. Maybe make an effort to do your own research.

  45. Ron, Someone needs to tell Scott27 he is correct. Journalists are supposed to be neutral in their reporting NOW that he has informed us, he needs to tell the MSM. Not only do they promote the Democrat party and their candidates, they speak negatively about President Trump and his supporters.

  46. Do not trust the Taliban , they are evil ,you cannot make a deal with the devil and expect him asking for your sole . President TRUMP needs to be very careful when dealing with these people. NO DEAL

  47. I am truly disappointed with what is going on at FOX. Previously, I was thankful that at least there is one TV station that is representing the conservative viewpoint. But now watching it becoming like the ultra liberal mainstream stations, I will start looking for another station as your other viewers have done. It is a pity because I like Hannity, Carlson, Ingraham, Hilton, Pirro and the other conservative anchors as well at Fox Business News i.e, Varney, Dobbs, etc. I want a station that still espouses conservative values and appreciates the America First agenda of Pres. Trump. Aside from Wallace, Sh. Smith, J. Williams who openly don’t hide their true political colors, the new contributors just reek of the ultra left and a tinge of the left from the younger anchors like Leland Vetter, Sandra Smith, etc. Since the powers that be at Fox are now liberals, then perhaps a billionaire conservative might want to start up a new tv station that would only concentrate on conservative views. This would be a counterbalance to these leftist tv stations. The fake news media are just poisoning the minds of Americans who are not filtering their news. I just don’t understand the American people????? Why hate a President who is looking out for your country???? In fact, we should all join hands and help him make America Great Again! America is there to help other countries in times of disaster and strife but America stands alone when it needs help, even for just a mere cooperation from countries that America (through American taxpayers) has helped rebuilt and fostered economic stability.

  48. Rippie you must be a new commie troll. Try to be original. Others are playing the race card. Try something different. I got it. You can start a rumor that Trump has crabs. Or maybe he doesn’t shower regularly. Or does he wipe his ass properly? Either way, he’s a lot better than your crowd of idiots.

  49. Journalists are not SUPPOSED to be a trump supporter or supporters of any other. Just because you don’t like the truth, doesn’t mean it’s fake. Try opening your eyes and ears.

  50. I might agree with you Will, if one word of what you spouted here were true. How can you possibly believe such nonsense. Have you ever sought out that information on your own, or do you merely drink it in from what you are told by propagandists and repeat it like a good cult member?

  51. And let me guess which ones those are, George… hannity and carlson, perhaps? Only those who are strictly a propaganda arm of the current white house? And by “getting it together” do you mean only reporting things you like and promoting your view of the world?

  52. No, bj. The Dr. is right on. All that information is available and true. You just need to remove the hands covering your eyes and ears. Who is benefiting from all these entourages (like Pence’s recent one) staying at trump properties? It’s not you. It’s not me. Nor is it other facilities. And your dear leader’s golf trips to his own resorts have cost you and me some $111 million so far. That’s 278 years of presidential salary. Meanwhile, you are about to pay higher costs on everyday items due to this insane trade war with China.

  53. I saw this exchange. At least SOMEONE at FauxNooz is willing to say it like it is and push back against the “Image isn’t everything, it’s the ONLY thing” Presidunce so desperate for any footnote in history other than “Most lies ever told in office” and the label that has followed him since he was a youngster: RACIST.

  54. Odd Wallace feels this way about 9/11 when Trump talked of this meeting yet when that pig Omar said some people did something not peep out of him.

  55. Real M I’ve seen his statistics before that l never could verify. And I looked other places than Fox News. By the way, I don’t always trust them.

  56. Dan T., Going round and round in a endless circle with old JD the poll troll. No one better than making up data on the fly, its the mark of a faux poll expert. JD is one of many names this “thing” uses…………

  57. 3 million dead people and illegal immigrants. Wait until they prove that 100 percent of voters are polled and then let’s talk.

  58. Dr. JD I saw nothing about Trump giving up classified information. He never back stabbed our spy or whatever. Even so, after keeping an eye on the democrat candidates, I’ll take Trump six ways from Sunday. He isn’t perfect, but way ahead of them other fools. Mandatory buy backs on weapons? Hell no!!! If they get away with that they won’t stop there. That’s a little off subject, but that’s on a lot of minds now. By the way, many of us will never comply. And freebies for illegal wet backs? Don’t get me started. I know for a fact that many classes on economics are slanted liberal , and have many times been proven wrong.

  59. But, let me add, Dan, you make a good point about the limits of Hillary. After all, the good news for Trumpers is he has lots of charisma, and she has almost none. However, that is also BAD news for GOP, because Trump barely beat her in three states that are now against Trump, and even non-charismatic Hillary won the popular vote by 3 millions votes!

  60. But Dan, you are not being fully honest here. Donald Trump not only gave the Russians classified information on an inner spy in Russia (which caused us to have to get his ass out of Russia for protection), but lately Trump sent out a classified satellite photo of an Iranian launch pad. He just does not show discretion and the most important ability to know when to keep his flippin’ MOUTH SHUT!

    Now, I am NOT saying Hillary has not made her own errors — I am not a big Hillary fan myself. However, the mark of a good leader in government is KNOWING WHEN NOT TO SAY ANYTHING RATHER THAN TO SAY SOMETHING THAT CAN BE DAMAGING. What is the saying “best to keep quiet that to show others you are a fool” (or words to that effect)?

  61. Dr., you are a LIAR!!!! And you attack Pres. Trump, but you are perfectly fine with the Clintons’ extreme corruption and muslim traitor Obama.

  62. It is what happens when people get educated! Kids are often different than their parents – – they are raised differently.

  63. Why not bring the two sides together, like Carter did with Egypt and Israel. The
    conflict needs to be settled the Taliban are part of that settlement. Get the Taliban to
    promise they will work with the current Government and to NOT let a group of
    terrorists use Afghanistan as a base of operations. Trouble is the Taliban goes
    out a kills 22 people and THEN expects talks. No way, Jose.

  64. I also agree, Russell R, Fox is changing, perhaps due to new managers? Perhaps they are responding to how they have been called “Trump’s propaganda machine”?

  65. Actually, jbero, it was not a coup d’etat, and the investigation is not over, it is heating up greater because of Trump’s recent behaviors . . . mostly including how much of our tax dollars have gone into President Trump’s PRIVATE POCKETS! One news source has discovered a loan made within Trump company that looks like massive tax fraud and also this.

    President Trump has been draining off federal funds to go directly into his pockets. It has been known for a long time that his continual trips to Mar-O-Lago has cost over $102 million for the first two years alone. Now evidence has surfaced that military planes (i.e. from USA to Beirut etc.), instead of refueling, as normal at European military bases, have been diverted to a small, failing airport nearest to Trump’s Scotland golf course. The Trump Golf course in Scotland is already failing, and the closing of the only airport nearby would certainly damage it further. Then, the planes having to pay the much higher commercial rates, have the military passengers stay at a Trump property, furthering money going into the Trump coffers. In a recent trip to Ireland, VP Pence was ordered to stay 160 miles from his destination, completely on the other side of the country, at a Trump facility, bringing even more money into the Trump’s pockets.

  66. Like the French ANYTIME. When they were a Member of NATO, DeGaulle pulled France
    out of NATO and had the U.S. leave French Bases then sidled up to the Soviet Union
    basically becoming a Soviet foothold in Western Europe because France would side
    with the Soviet Union in the UN.

  67. Not only Chris Wallace, but Shepard Smith, and a number of guests that ramble on to keep the other guest from speaking. They need to shut off their microphones after they’ve had their turn. So tired of the interruptions and yelling over each other. I’m afraid that beyond the morning news, Fox and Friends, “The Five”, Tucker, Hannity, Laura, Waters, the Revolution and the Judge, “fair and balanced” is tipping the scales and will find a diminished audience soon if not already!

  68. Chris Wallace sits on the fence and then goes wherever the wind blows! like the French in Vichy during WWII. No real spine.

  69. Wally and the Shep are window dressing to appear to be balanced. However, I have noticed that the News Group has been less and less indifferent to all things Trump. this after it has been clear that Trump has survived the Coup d’etat.

  70. I agree Russell… Fox has gone to far left for me… I watch very few programs on Fox anymore… Starting watching OAN and they are the only ones that carry Trump’s rallies any more… On Fox they show it in the corner screen…

  71. As so many have expressed, I am moving away from Fox News until they get it together. I am watching OAN (One American News) . There are only a couple of shows I watch on Fox.

  72. I agree with the above comments on the Fox traitors. I also turn the channel when they are on. They need to go back to abc, cbs, nbc, msnbc, they would feel more at home if they would.


  74. Gary, idiots like Eric don’t grow on trees because the trees are already dead.. Just like their brains.. The “kool-aid” has finally got to them and they have no control of their words or actions.. obama did so much harm to our country but because he was black so many think it’s okay.. Just like the illegals coming into our country and being give freedom to commit any crime they want to commit because they are NOT WHITE.. It’s all about racism against white Americans.. I truly do believe that.. and so do a lot of Americans that I speak to..

  75. But you media folks didn’t have a problem with Hillary and Obama , selling uranium to the Russians and Obummer helping Iran aquire nukes , plus giving hard earned tax payers money the the Iranians , but that’s right your a I’ve the law right , just Zip your damn mouths all you liberal media traitors , Double tongue snakes in the swamp , eat one of your Rats

  76. Eric >> Somehow you express a comment based on your delusion that Barack Insane Obama is still POTUS. He, BIS, gave away “until it hurt.”

    BIS is no longer POTUS but some of his policies remain as “Hurting” policies. One by one these National and International policy errors are being erased.

    Wake up and get out of your pajamas! Your Mom wants your basement bed made and your section of the basement cleaned. It’s almost 11:30 AM.

  77. I don’t watch this idiot anymore since he got TDS.. I guess the loony left pays good for newscasters to show hate for our Great President.. Sad that it’s all about the $$$ that makes some people traitors to their country..

  78. You are so stupid Eric. Why weren’t you upset with Obama who gave over 150 billion dollars of cash on pallets to Iran? Did you protest or speak out or did you just whistle and walk away as all liberals do when their leader does something reprehensible? Did you have the same opinion when Obama along with some of his idiots give 20% or our uranium to Russia? How about allowing the FBI and the CIA and others to spy on a candidate and then a sitting president? You are an egghead whose brain has been poached by the mainstream media. No hope for you.

  79. Agree The Real M .. Trump loves America and will always make the best decisions for our country..
    I find it ironic the way they come after our Great President for trying to bring peace while no one ever said a word when obumma actually supported the terrorists with our money. This is unbelievable..

  80. I watch Fox News exclusively. Why? For years before the election of Donald Trump I trusted the mainstream media to do its job. Then, I began to see that they were beginning to show bias and hate towards Trump before the election began and into the campaign cycle. They lied on many occasions to denigrate him and to discredit him. Then I turned to Fox. I have watched the mainstream media sparingly to get a sense of where they are now and it is still the same hate and bias and negativity towards the president. I said all of that to say that I don’t watch Fox to hear this sort of liberal crap. I watch Fox because they are not liberals. They are not mainstream media and they will give you the truth based on facts. I am a bit tired of Fox’s attempt to throw moronic liberals such as Brazille, Goodstein, and other liberal buffoons into their programming for some balance. That goes with the never-Trumpers such as Shep Smith and Chris Wallace and maybe even Neil Cavuto who seem to have no problem sharing their hate towards this president. I don’t watch these three clowns as well. Keep up the changes Fox and I will completely stop watching.

  81. The reason Fox is trending left with some people is because of Murdoch’s sons and there wives who are Liberal. Fox keeps this up and they won’t keep being No. 1 beating all the other News channels bigly.

  82. Nobody cares whether lil dee trump talks to the Taliban. What we are concerned about is what he might give away, either in tangible assets, or in military secrets, or both.

  83. When Rupert Murdoch gave the reins of fox news to his progeny James and Lachlan Murdoch the end was in sight. It’s still somewhat tolerable but grimmining with the new hires until they brought Sarah Sanders on; a ray of hope.

  84. I agree. Chris Wallace is just like his Dad. He is a dyed in the wool democrat and it shows. Shep Smith is the same. He changed when Obama got into office. His being a gay man is the reason. Obama, being gay himself, made it A-ok to be gay and Shep took that to heart his rants are liberal anymore, I just turn to a good movie when he comes on.

  85. I hit the mute button every time CW starts talking. He does not belong on Fox. He needs to go back to the ABC or where ever he came from. It is quite evident that he wants to promote himself and not report the news. I could care less of what he thinks of President Trump so just report the facts. His facts and other facts do not seem to be the same.

  86. Get rid of Donna and all the other dem losers Fox has hired…I feel so SAD that FOX has betrayed us Trump supporters…Shame on you….

  87. Get rid of Donna and all the other dem losers Fox has hired…I feel so SAD that FOX has betrayed us Trump supporters…Shame on you….

  88. Get rid of Donna and all the other dem losers Fox has hired…I feel so SAD that FOX has betrayed us Trump supporters…Shame on you….

  89. You can tell the ole red man has a tomahawk ready to bury in President Trump’s back. A democrat will always downgrade the person that does not think the way they do, so just ignore them because you can’t debate with a Fool.

  90. Agree. I quit watching cocksucker shep and ABC transplant Chris several years ago. I only watch Varney, Lou, and Hannity now. Once they leave I will switch over to NEWSMAX on a fulltime basis. The sons and their wives are all liberal Dems who voted for and supported the hill. The son in charge now previously stated he wanted Fox to become more mainstream like Cnn. Enough said. You know what is coming. We just don’t know the WHEN.

  91. I don’t expect the news media to endorse the president’s agenda but I do expect them to tell the truth. Fox news is far better about this than the others. I believe Trump will prove to be right about this issue as he has been with most.

  92. I reported an earlier comment and your posting provided the important forgotten history to me … So, I “Thank you “for reminding me of Wallace’s lineage; now it is clearer, Wallace really is an ass smoocher, just like his Democraping Old Man, I had forgotten that part of the story.

  93. C. Wallace has recently taken a serious dislike to Mr. Trump.
    Wallace is now beginning, I repeat, beginning to mimic the pathetic one, S. Smith.
    I too am beginning to get a bad flavor in my mouth for FOX NEWS.
    Recent behaviors make me suspicious of who is at the Controls as of late.
    If the FOX News folks thing We The People belong to them they could NOT be more wrong.

    So FOX ..this beer bit is for you folks, if You Start Smouching Ass with the UNWANTED, you will see your ratings on those Ass Smoching Programs fall as fast as CNN has fallen.

    Bring back the Old Fox the real Fox Players.

  94. That is one reason I watch OANN and DVR those shows that have not been kicked of Fox News.
    Judge Jeanine can always have a spot on OANN.

  95. The Red man has a very bad case of WFDS (White FolK Derangement Syndrome) and needs psychiatric help. Heard he blew someone and gave them syphilis.

  96. Lets just face it. AlQuaida and the Taliban will always be a jihadin and a killin there in that God Forsaken part of the world.. The Chines are buying up all of the resources and maybe all of the opium they grow there. I am glad they cancelled the visit to Camp David. I would never have invited them. They then threatened President Trump.. I hope he lays fire on those who have been killing our Soldiers still in Afghanistan. When the Chinese move in to occupy and take out their resources and will just kill everything that moves if the terrorists start killing Chinese workers and soldiers. The Chinese are ruthless and brutal.

  97. Chris Wallace is now and has always been a Democrat. His father was Mike Wallace a very well known Democrat journalist. Chris was indoctrinated in liberalism from the time his father spoke the first word to him. My question is why in hades is he still on Fox News? I already know the answer, I think. The two Murdock brothers running Fox News now are liberals and they have an indoctrination plan for all of us! The Murdock’s are gradually inserting more and more Dems on Fox but, you have all already noticed that, I am sure.

  98. I can’t believe this deadbeat is still reporting the news. He needs to retire NOW. I never listen or watch this idiot.

  99. Chris Wallace is a Lefty. If you listen to enough of his interviews you will get that opinion. He is certainly not middle of the road.

  100. Old trump-ah-hump america while on his way into Russia wit nothing butt love while his brown nose followers are left behind whining like lice bait babies. hahahahahhahahahahahaha

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