A Fox News host dropped a historic number about Donald Trump that left Democrats stunned

Donald Trump has rewritten the rules of politics since he burst onto the scene.

Now he could be a part of a major political shift underway. 

And a Fox News host dropped a historic number about Donald Trump that left Democrats stunned.

Polling of the 2024 Election suggests that the country could be in the middle of a political alignment.

Former President Donald Trump has made serious inroads with Hispanic voters compared to his performance in the 2020 Election. 

That’s why the latest polling numbers left a Fox News host in a state of shock.

Trump with unheard numbers with Hispanic voters

Fox News host Martha MacCallum led off her show by marveling over Trump’s lead over President Joe Biden with Hispanic voters in a recent survey.

“This is the story: President Biden telling Latino voters, I need your help desperately,” MacCallum said. “He is trailing former President Trump by six among Latinos.”

A New York Times/Siena College poll found Trump sporting a 46% to 40% advantage over Biden with Hispanic voters.

Biden won the group by 24 points in the 2020 Election according to exit polling.

“These kinds of numbers are unheard of in Republican versus Democrat politics,” MacCallum stated. “So the President is about to speak in Phoenix. It’s part of a three-state swing tour to court Latino voters — at least in part. He is also hitting Nevada, he will also go to Texas.”

Biden hits the campaign trail to court Hispanic voters

The President traveled to the swing state of Arizona to beg Hispanic voters to back him again.

At a Mexican restaurant in Phoenix, Biden debuted his new program to target Hispanic voters called “Latinos con Biden-Harris.”

“You’re the reason why in large part I beat Donald Trump,” Biden told the crowd. “I need you. I need you badly. I need the help. Kamala and I desperately need your help. Because, look, there are only 6 or 7 states that are going to determine the outcome of this election. They are toss-up states, this is one of them.”

Latinos con Biden-Harris is starting to hold events in swing states to target Hispanic voters.

Trump upends the Republican establishment push for amnesty 

After the 2012 Election, the Republican National Committee (RNC) produced an autopsy on the failed campaign of Mitt Romney.

Romney turned in a historically bad performance with Hispanics, which led the report to call for the GOP to double down on pushing for amnesty for illegal aliens.

But Trump’s tough border security policies led to him performing better with Hispanic voters than Romney in the 2016 Election.

And in the 2020 Election, he improved on his performance with them from 2016. 

Now Donald Trump could be on the verge of turning in a historic performance for a Republican Presidential candidate with Hispanic voters.

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