A Fox News host just made one jaw-dropping prediction about Donald Trump’s potential running mate

Donald Trump is gearing up for another Presidential run.

His pick for Vice President is an open question.

And a Fox News host just made one jaw-dropping prediction about Donald Trump’s potential running mate.

Another Presidential run from Donald Trump appears to be all but certain as he continues to drop hints about 2024.

The aftermath of the 2020 Presidential election guarantees that former Vice President Mike Pence won’t be back for another go around.

Trump’s pick for Vice President is wide open, with a huge field of contenders vying to fill the spot.

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld made a shocking prediction about who Donald Trump will choose as his running mate, telling viewers that he believes the former President will pick Tulsi Gabbard.

Gabbard recently announced that she was leaving the Democrat Party after becoming increasingly critical of the massive drift leftward.

During Joe Biden’s Presidency, she became a frequent critic of the Left’s increasingly authoritarian tactics.

In announcing her departure, Gabbard said Democrats are “controlled by fanatical ideologues” who “hate freedom.”

Greg Gutfeld praised Gabbard after her decision to walk away from the Democrat Party by calling her the “definition of an individual.”

“The thing I like about Tulsi is that if she were to give you two opinions, you could not predict a third one,” Gutfeld said. “Right? She’s the definition of an individual.”

Gabbard was one of the rare independent thinkers in the Democrat Party before she left.

Gutfeld compared her qualifications to be Vice President to Kamala Harris’ qualifications.

“But the boxes she ticks aren’t the boxes that Kamala ticks,” Gutfeld continued. “Her boxes are achievements and ideas.”

“That’s different than skin color and where she was born, well, not where she was born, but whatever her background is,” Gutfeld explained. “So I think that is what makes her so different.”

President Joe Biden only picked Kamala Harris after he backed himself into a corner by promising the job to a black woman.

“I think she’s going to be Trump’s VP,” Gutfeld said. “So that’s where this is going.”

“But I do think when she said, ‘the anti-white racism,’ she said something that most people can’t say,” Gutfeld remarked. “And that takes serious stones to say that because it is true.”

Gabbard called Democrats an “elitist cabal of warmongers” who “divide us by racializing every issue and stoke anti-white racism” in her announcement that she was leaving the Party.

“In the Democratic Party, they’ve made it really clear that you can be racist against white people because they have it coming,” Gutfeld concluded.

Gabbard’s take-no-prisoners style would be the opposite of the reserved Mike Pence.

Donald Trump picking Tulsi Gabbard to be his Vice President would turn the political world upside down.

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