A Fox News host made this surprisingly personal confession to Donald Trump

Donald Trump is ramping up his media interviews ahead of a possible Presidential comeback.

But one moment took everyone by surprise.

And a Fox News host made this surprisingly personal confession to Donald Trump.

Trump appeared for an interview on Greg Gutfeld’s popular late night talk show on Fox News.

During the interview, Gutfeld asked Trump about the insane response on the left where something snapped in liberal’s brains – that led to an irrational and society-wide resistance on the part of every institution in America aligned with the Democrat Party.

Gutfeld told Trump he lost friends over defending Trump.

“There was an irrational response to you. And I lost friends when I would defend you,” Gutfeld admitted.

“But you also gained friends,” Trump responded.

Gutfeld said when Trump first announced his campaign, he did not support Trump despite the fact that he had multiple family members supporting Trump.

That did not cause any friction as conservatives are more tolerant than liberals.

But Gutfeld explained it was only when he started supporting Trump that he began losing friends.

“Yeah, you gain friends,” Gutfeld added. “I didn’t listen to my family members who were voting for you… When I turned and started listening, then I lost all of my other friends.”

Gutfeld asked Trump about people in his life suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome and cutting Trump out of their lives once he became President.

“Did it bother you to see the friends that you’ve had — lose these friends because you became president and they didn’t like what you were doing or became emotionally and irrationally kind of unhinged? Trump delusional. Trump derangement syndrome,” Gutfeld asked Trump.

Trump said that happened but joked that “It must be my personality.”

Liberals love to boast about how tolerant they are when claiming conservatives are bigots for strong views on social issues with things like drag queen story hour at libraries, homosexual marriage or abortion.

But when it comes down to tolerating Americans who disagree with their political views, the left now resembles the strident Stalinist movements in which dissenters from the regime are shunned from society and treated like lesser human beings.

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