A Fox News host told viewers the one dirty little secret the network wants to hide

Fox News Channel viewers and critics alike were stunned.

One of Fox’s most popular hosts went on TV and spilled the beans.

And this Fox News host told viewers the one dirty little secret the network wants to hide.

On a recent episode of The Five, co-host Greg Gutfeld called everyone at Fox hypocrites for not following the science.

Gutfeld bemoaned the fact that everyone on The Five had been vaccinated, but the show was still being run virtually.

“And I will say this and then I will shut up. We are hypocrites when we are giving our own advice on this because all of us I believe have been vaccinated. Some of us have had COVID and been vaccinated which essentially makes you superhuman,” Gutfeld stated.

Gutfeld added that Fox should set an example where if you get vaccinated you shouldn’t live by coronavirus restrictions any longer.

But Gutfeld claimed it was Fox News Channel’s corporate lawyers preventing them from “following the science.”

“Lecturing people on ‘the science’ as we are sitting in our isolated boxes, is it really correct? I think that it’s like, ‘we have to send a message.’ I mean, what message are we sending by being separate right now? I think it’s time to return to the studio. And start seeing each other, looking at each other in the eye when we’re talking so we know they are not interrupting each other so we can actually–I feel like every day we’re in a batting cage and I would rather like to be passing the ball around. And we weigh the benefits and the risks. So let’s get back in the studio. There’s no science. We have the vaccines and we have the rapid testing. There is no reason for us to be doing this all the time, unless it’s legal B.S., which is the case for everything in life. We’re controlled by lawyers. Sorry!” Gutfeld concluded.

One of the big drivers of vaccine hesitancy is the message coming from the media, so-called “public health experts” and politicians that, even if you get vaccinated, you still have to wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Many people feel that if the vaccine doesn’t bring any changes to their life, why should they take it?

And Greg Gutfeld called out Fox News for being part of this mixed messaging.

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