A Fox News star made a fool out of himself by saying this one word about Donald Trump

Fox News viewers could not understand what they were watching.

It was commentary straight out of CNN.

And a Fox News star made a fool out of himself by saying this one word about Donald Trump.

Fox News Special Report host Brett Baier found himself captivated by the storytelling of Cassidy Hutchinson when the former obscure Trump aide testified before the January 6 Committee.

Hutchinson testified that Donald Trump attacked his Secret Service detail, said Mike Pence deserved the “hang Mike Pence” chants from the crowd, and wanted to allow people with guns into the January 6 rally.

Baier claimed Hutchinson’s testimony painted Trump as a lunatic and a criminal.

“The Committee is trying to say former President Trump was a threat, and that he wanted a coup, essentially,” Baier stated.

Baier then fell back on the lazy corporate-controlled media trope comparing every supposed “scandal” involving a Republican President to Watergate.

“I’ve covered politics for a long time,” Baier began. “I don’t think there has been testimony like this, kind of jaw-dropping in a way on the inside workings of a White House in crisis after, you know, at this moment, January 6, that we have seen since Watergate, really.”

The media loves comparing every Republican President to Watergate because it was the one time the press teamed up with the Deep State to take down a GOP President, and every reporter wants to relive that moment.

But viewers expect better from Fox News.

And Donald Trump denied all of Hutchinson’s allegations.

“I NEVER SAID, ‘MIKE PENCE DESERVES IT (to be hung).’ Another made up statement by a third rate social climber!” Trump posted on Truth social.

“Never complained about the crowd, it was massive. I didn’t want or request that we make room for people with guns to watch my speech. Who would ever want that? Not me! Besides, there were no guns found or brought into the Capitol Building . . . So where were all of these guns? But sadly, a gun was used on Ashli Babbitt, with no price to pay against the person who used it!” Trump added.

The January 6 Committee is a one-sided sham rigged by Nancy Pelosi to stop Donald Trump from running for President.

And Brett Baier should know better.

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