A general told Fox News the ugly reason why Joe Biden doesn’t want to defeat Putin in Ukraine

Americans finally got the truth about Joe Biden’s strategy in Ukraine.

It left jaws on the ground.

And that’s because a general told Fox News the ugly reason why Joe Biden doesn’t want to defeat Putin in Ukraine.

Fox News host Martha MacCallum asked retired four-star general Jack Keane what the U.S. mission was in Ukraine.

General Keane gave a surprising answer that America’s strategy is centered around not provoking Putin.

“You know, it’s a great question,” Keane answered. “I think, fundamentally, the United States’ underlying strategy in dealing with the war before it began and after it began is not to provoke Putin. It’s an unstated strategy, but it is operating every single day.”

After Joe Biden bungled America into this mess, war hawks in Congress and the foreign policy establishment want to make matters worse by escalating the war in Ukraine with a No-Fly zone or by sending the Ukrainian army MiG-29 fighter jets.

Keane explained the Biden administration rejected those measures out of fear that Putin would respond with chemical or nuclear weapons.

“All of those are not to provoke Putin,” Keane added. “And the reason is fear of adverse consequences. And then since the war began, no one expected the Russians to perform so poorly and the Ukrainians to actually beat them in ground combat, and they have.”

Biden so badly botched American foreign policy that it opened the door for Putin to invade Ukraine.

Keane explained that given the reality of the situation, Putin losing in Ukraine could lead to him launching nuclear weapons as a last resort to shift the battle in his favor.

“I don’t like saying this,” Keane added. “But the facts are we don’t want Putin to lose. We don’t want Putin to lose because we’re afraid that if he loses, there’ll be a provocative reaction on his part. So it explains why we’re not all-in on helping Zelensky win, who is begging for all of that help.”

“There’s palpable fear in this administration that if Putin loses, he’ll do something horrible,” Keane concluded.

The Russian military doctrine calls for escalation in order to de-escalate.

In other words, if Putin believed the battle was lost, he could deploy tactical nuclear weapons as a means of negotiating a more favorable outcome to the war.

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