A group of undecided voters watch the VP debate and this is who they said won

On Wednesday night, Vice President Mike Pence and California Senator Kamala Harris debated.

There was a clear winner emerging from the contest.

And a group of undecided voters watch the VP debate and this is who they said won.

Pollster Frank Luntz is famous for conducting focus groups of undecided voters during major political events such as State of the Union speeches, nominating conventions, and the Presidential debates.

On Wednesday night, Luntz reported on Fox News that the clear winner of the debate from his panel of undecided voters was Vice President Mike Pence.

Voters did not like Harris’ grating personality.

“The complaint about Kamala Harris was that she was abrasive and condescending. The complaint about Mike Pence was that he was too tired, but vice presidential, or presidential,” Luntz told Fox News hosts Martha MacCallum and Brett Baier.

Luntz said voters just like Mike Pence better.

“If this is a battle over style and substance, which is often the case with undecided voters, because they simply do not choose on policy, they also choose on persona, this was Mike Pence’s night,” Luntz added.

“I want to emphasize it’s not that Pence did so well, because they felt both candidates were not answering the questions as well as they would have liked,” Luntz added. “They were more upset with Kamala Harris’s reactions to Pence — the smiling, the smirking, the scowling. They were angrier at that then they were that Mike Pence went over his time in almost every debate.”

In 2016, Mike Pence turned in a decisive win over Tim Kaine in a debate that helped steady the Trump campaign and point it toward victory.

Trump supporters are hoping history repeats itself this fall.

The early indications from undecided voters is that Pence duplicated his 2016 victory.

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