A Hollywood actress sent one video about Bill Clinton and this terrible sex crime

Bill Clinton has another woman problem on his hands.

This one is not going away.

And a Hollywood actress sent one video about Bill Clinton and this terrible sex crime.

Hollywood actress, Harvey Weinstein victim and Me Too activist Rose McGowan was suspended from Twitter after she posted a tweet attacking Kamala Harris for attending an event with Bill Clinton about empowering women after COVID.

McGowan ripped Harris by demanding Harris ask McGowan about reports from former Clinton insider Doug Band claiming Bill Clinton personally attended Jeffrey Epstein’s private island where Epstein allegedly raped underage girls.

“This is obscene @KamalaHarris. You speaking with Bill Clinton about empowering women & girls is disgusting. Have you no soul? Have you no ethics? Ask him about being on an island of human trafficking victims 27 times. You are showing us exactly who you are,” McGowan tweeted.

McGowan’s tweet included a piece of artwork that depicted Bill Clinton getting a massage.
Twitter censored McGowan over the post.

RT posted a video response from McGowan about Twitter trying to silence her about the hypocrisy of many on the Left who claim to support women but appear in public with accused predators.

McGowan also echoed complaints by conservatives that Twitter engaged in ideologically motivated censorship to protect Democrat Party interests.

Few on the Right were surprised by the allegations against Clinton, or the reaction by Twitter.

Conservative media closely covered the story about how Bill Clinton never gave a straight answer on when and where he met Epstein, or how often Clinton traveled with Epstein to his private island and elsewhere.

Twitter censoring McGowan reminded many conservatives of how Twitter locked The New York Post’s account after the paper published the Hunter Biden laptop story.

The social media giant did not learn from that catastrophe and instead is doubling down on censoring speech that Democrats do not like.

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