A judge handed Donald Trump a defeat that will have his blood boiling

Left-wing judges are liberals’ last line of defense against Donald Trump.

Political activists masquerading as judges continue to throw up roadblocks to the Trump administration working to make life better for the American people.

And this judge handed Donald Trump a defeat that will have his blood boiling.

The Left’s latest court victory over the Trump administration occurred when Washington, D.C. District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras blocked the White House from suspending CNN White House correspondent Brian Karem’s White House press pass for 30 days.

Karem threatened attendees with physical violence at a Rose Garden event following a White House social media summit and the White House announced it was suspending his press pass for 30 days.

But Judge Contreras ruled the White House did not properly inform reporters of the procedures for losing access to their press pass and reinstated Karem’s access.

The Daily Caller reports:

A federal judge Tuesday ordered the White House to restore a press pass for Brian Karem, a Playboy correspondent and CNN analyst who was blocked from covering the White House following a verbal altercation in July with former Trump aide Sebastian Gorka.

Judge Rudolph Contreras issued a temporary restraining order against the White House and press secretary Stephanie Grisham, saying they had not provided Karem with proper notice that his behavior at a July 11 Rose Garden event violated White House policies regarding press behavior at official events.

Karem and Gorka were filmed trading barbs following the event. At one point, Karem said to Gorka, “Hey come on over here and talk to me, brother, or we can go outside and have a long conversation.”

The White House said Karem’s comments were a physical threat and suspended his press pass for 30 days. Grisham said in a letter to Karem that his behavior had been “disruptive and unacceptable.”

Karem’s conduct that led to the suspension of his press pass was deplorable.

The CNN correspondent mocked Trump supporters in attendance as needing “demonic possession” and threatened to fight former White House aide Sebastian Gorka.

Journalists believe the can taunt and belittle the people that work for and support the administration without suffering any consequences.

Judge Contreras’s ruling will only embolden members of the media to act more viciously and rudely toward the President and his supporters.

Should Brian Karem’s White House press pass be suspended?

Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think.



  1. “But Judge Contreras ruled the White House did not properly inform reporters of the procedures for losing access to their press pass and reinstated Karem’s access.” So the White House needs to Openly post what is appropriate behavior and what is not appropriate behavior of each and everyone who is part of the press or not of the press. You harass, insult or threaten members of the administration, guests or visitors you will be suspended or barred from entering the White House. Problem solved.

  2. As the JERK gets in, my thought is do not respond to any of his questions or demands and make him look like a statue. That will really piss him off.

  3. All of the judges that the leftist’s go to, to help all of the corrupt and crooked Democrats to win a victory over President Trump and his administration, these judges are just as corrupt and crooked as all of the Democrats that do not want to try and work with the President and his administration.

    All of these corrupt and crooked judges along with all of the corrupt and crooked Democrats need to be voted out of office and these judges need to be replaced with judges that will work towards passing a lot of President Trump’s law’s .

    • You can vote out the politicians but unless there is a ethics violation you can not remove a judge. Look at it this way if judges could be removed every administration would get rid the previous administration judicial appointees.

      At that point there would be no separation of powers between the three branches of government.

  4. Just another example of the lefts hypocrisy. If a Republican leaning reporter had done this when Obama was president HE or SHE would have not only had their press pass suspended BUT they probably would have jailed them for threatening someone. DEMOCRATS ARE SUCH HYPOCRITS……

  5. Ok so I guess we’ll have to make sure no murder, murder is bad and not allowed on the next rules of conduct to be sure nobody gets the wrong idea and just stabs someone next to the punch bowl. I mean god damnit this is getting absolutely ridiculous

    • Nothing that serious happened. I DESPISE TRUMP’S CONSTANT ATTACK ON THE PRESS. A democracy deserves a ‘free press’. When Obama was in power he never attacked FOX the way Trump does the liberal media. You have to treat both the same.

        • Herr Drumpf is like all dictators. He has declared them the “enemy of the people.” His next step will jailing said “enemies.” Then, he and his propaganda machine, Fox News, will control the news. And if he follows I the footsteps of other dictators, they will be killed. A free press is about the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of our consitution. Without it, we will no longer be a democracy.

        • How was President Obama illegal he won both the popular vote and the electoral college I call that about legal as it gets. So explain how he was illegal.

          Now under our system tRUMP was elected fair and square by winning the electoral college but he lost the popular vote 2,9000,000 million votes so face it he did not win the majority of the votes that were cast.

        • How was President Obama illegal he won both the popular vote and the electoral college I call that about legal as it gets. So explain how he was illegal.

          Now under our system tRUMP was elected fair and square by winning the electoral college but he lost the popular vote 2,9000,000 million votes so face it he did not win the majority of the votes that were cast. So he is a minority president.

      • barry should have never been president. It is so cyrstal clear the media is biased againt Mr. Trump it is sickening. They should all lose their privileges and prosecuted. DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Hey Els Pol, Trump does NOT attack the press…only the liars and the haters, of which you must be one. The fake news has told more lies than truths about Trump. Trump should write that judge and ask him what should be done to protect his staffers. Once the judge gives him a list, which he MUST do, then Trump can regulate the smart @ss and lying so called reporters. Once they are off the WH property for 30 days, they will be mostly forgotten.

      • Obama did not have 95% of the press reporting only bad news – never anything good that he does. Trump has been under attack by the media since day 1.

  6. The judge has to go! What the reporter did was done because of his lack of common sense. In my opinion, the White House did NOT have to add “do not threaten” to their list of things reporters cannot do.

    • The best thing is the next time he causes a ruckus, realizing the other reporters he was mouthing off to, one good shot between the eyes and show him the ground. We know who they are and they could put a hurting on the big mouth idiot

    • Agreed, Judge Contreras is a Liberal Democrat and they all think they are above the laws. If this reporter was threatening any person other than a Trump supporter or aide in this case. The issue would not even be a question or concern. The person making threats would have been arrested or removed from the WH property and suspended from future visits.
      Just goes to show you even judges have political agendas and do whatever is politically correct. If someone comes on my property and threatens me, my family or home they will regret it. That is why we have rights to protect yourself and the Secret Servi or WH police took action to protect the POTUS, WH personnel and others. The judge is not following the law, he is making up his own and provoking more threats and violence. He needs to be removed as a judge or atleast suspended to investigate his actions.
      However, knowing what is going on today in our legal
      or justice system (Dual System) and how they let the liberals Democrats off and prosecute Conservatives that is just another example of why we need to drain
      the swamp by Re-electing Trump and remove most of these corrupt individuals that really support our constitution and our laws.

  7. I didn’t read all the remarks but this judge should be asked if he would allow this type of conduct in his courtroom. The answer is obviously NO, and the person would be banned from his courtroom. That judge is an idiot for at least 2 reasons. First he ruled against the Administration and second he showed his true colors.

    • A press pass should be issued for only one reason; that would be to present questions directly relative to the gathering at hand. If they fall outside of that parameter, the reporter may be removed forcibly if need be and his pass revoked. Common courtesy and respect is the only form of acceptable behavior.

      • I think your last statement of courtesy and respect hit the nail head. This reporter lacked both of those qualities and he threatened violence. He should have been in custody for the threats.

    • Threating another person is not a form of free speech, in fact it is an attempt to incite violence! This jerk should not just have had his press pass suspended he should have had it permanently taken away and he should have been arrested! He ran his mouth then went and cried to MOMMY like a little BABY!

    • The President is the one who should have the say who goes and who stays. This judge is obviously a liberal and doesn’t like the President. This kind of thing needs to stop. Anyone disrespecting others attending these news meetings or the President himself should automatically be suspended. Since when does a judge have this kind of power. The President should officially counter with his own attorney.

  8. When someone physically threatens you, you can use reasonable force to protect yourself. TRANSLATION:You can poke the SOB in his snotlocker. What these cowardly liberal wimps do is talk trash, but that doesn’t mean you cant accidentally violently sneeze and and bang your forehead into the bridge of their Nose.


    • Yes they should suspend racist haters trying to fight with people at a press conference. When you are t a Presidential conference and you behave like an ass, you should be thrown out. This Judge obviously is a Liberal, and shouldn’t hold a position of power, if he’s going to allow violent people to be excused.

      • i would ell the judge to go to hell you do not make the rules also would you put up with behavior at your press meeting i bet not

  10. Based on the ruling by that judge is invaled because the reporters are informed of the rules as they are allowed in the white house new room.

  11. Many of you have missed the point that while Trump and his lawyers have won a few cases, he has lost many cases in court and is about to lose many, many more. He has pushed beyond the bounds of the constitution, and acts like a Banana Republic dictator – – who ORDERS Americans to stop doing business in China?!? He does not have that right or power. He has usurped many of the constitutional powers of Congress, and Moscow Mitch lets him. Will be different after the second blue tsunami washes the GIP out of control in 2020.

    • Let’s see. Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Harry S. Truman prevented U.S. businesses from doing business w/ Italy, Japan, Germany, USSR. Eisenhower banned the U.S. from doing business w/ the USSR, N. Korea. JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, GHWB prevented U.S. businesses from doing business w/ the USSR, Cuba, Iran, N. Vietnam, N. Korea.

    • Moreover, Harry Truman, Eisnehower, JFK, LBJ prevented the U.S. from doing business w/ the PRC (“Red China”). In fact, the U.S. under these presidents only recognized Formosa as the “real” China.

  12. So when did our liberal judges, politicians, etc. get directions from “ the people (legal voters)” to disrespect our laws. And why are we “the people” letting them get away with it. I am very tired of this crap and ready to take action – vote them out, impeach them, put them in jail, hold them to the letter of our laws!!!
    Sanctuary cities be damned!!!

  13. But Judge Contreras ruled the White House did not properly inform reporters of the procedures for losing access to their press pass and reinstated Karem’s access. ***WOW is this Contreras a moron? WH needs to properly inform reporters on procedures? Since when? ah ah since Brian, Jim Acosta, and April started acting like morons not reporters…..The rest of Reporters just seem to know the proper procedures but not these!

    • You are right Joz. I don’t know about most people but I was taught at home how to act respectively in public. I did not require someone telling me how to act toward my fellow Americans, I know and think these three should all lose their right to be there.

  14. No it should not. Let them make fools out of themselves. What POTUS should do is only have one on one briefings and only with who he wants to. For the rest take it to the American People. Regan had great luck with that so use it again I’m sure he will find the same results. CNN can screw themselves because they will never be asked for a one on one.

  15. I think the President is handling this correctly. He has reduced the pressers down to almost nothing. The only problem is the good “reporters” are also being punished. As far as the radical judge goes he should be dismissed, there is no room for this kind of “judge” in our legal system. Follow the law or get out!

  16. If you don’t remember history then at some point you are doomed to repeat it. Once the media and the law becomes controlled by one polit8 party then that party controls every aspect your life. The Egyptians the Romans the Greeks the Medo Persians just examples but its all recorded history and soon the Democratic party will do the same to America and then we will all become slaves of the ruling party.

  17. If you don’t remember history then at some point you are doomed to repeat it. Once the media and the law becomes controlled by one polit8 party then that party controls every aspect your life. The Egyptians the Romans the Greeks the Medo Persians just examples but its all recorded history and soon the Democratic party will do the same to America and then we will all become slaves of the ruling party.

    • The present constitution won’t mean anything. Remember AOC vacation video of the plains about the electoral college. Thats the start along with what I believe is a terrorist now in Congress.

  18. Under the demoncrats who appointed radical judges to the bench we have become courts that not only disregard the Constitution but write their own laws. They don’t have one idea of what they are suppose to rule as long as the do what the demented dimwit demoncrats want them to say and do.

  19. “IF” I was Trump,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “ALL” interactions with the press would be suspended!! “ALL”!!!!! The press pass is a privilege not a right!!

    • I trust NONE of the media, especially cnn – the communist news network!😰 What has happened to the “power of the presidency?” Every friggin day they try stripping MR PRRSIDENT of more and more powers. Soon it wiil be, “Welcome to the new Venezuela!” 😒😥😰😞😪

    • It’s too bad people pundits act the way they do in public. Yu have parents fisticuff’n at youth athletic events…..yu have grown ups being s t u p i d and the bad thing is THEY DONT EVEN KNOW REALIZE IT! Now a journalism reporter, sport’n major network logo should have the sense to regulate his / her emotion. IF they’re operate’n on the premise of ‘getting the story at all cost, noth’n can stop us’, then where does self restraint, public interest, safety fit into the scenario? H E L L O…..NO RESPECT FOR AUTHORITY….SENIORITY….it’s like the bird perch rack…..the birds perched on the top rung crap on ALL down below. The birds below look up and see noth’n but ASSHOLES

  20. what the President needs to do is have his legal staff draft a code of conduct and give to ALL the reporters.have them sign for their copy.this way no reporter is treated any different than another. if they refuse to sign for their copy than their pass is pulled. if they want to act like children then treat them like children.

    • I do hope the upcoming CONSERVATIVE representatives and Senators are taking names of ‘judges’ that NEED TO BE IMPEACHED and Imprisoned for their UNLAWFUL ABUSE OF POWER violations.

    • Donald there is one but as everything else they refuse to follow them. I don’t know why they go anyway if you listen to the briefings and then read what they print they should not even have gone. They the so called news people print just the opposite of what is said.

  21. now what the White House and Pres.Trump should do is permanently ban him and all cnn reporters let him keep his press pass just ban him from the property they do it at parks and such same difference

  22. This judge is a liberal kiss butt , his motives are strictly political , that’s obvious , nothing fare and balanced with him , it’s the Liberal one-way highway to hell

    • Trump mocks and threatens reporters. He wants hamberders- whatever that means. Does anyone know? What are hamberders? Did they serve them at British airports during Revolutionary War?

      • how did Trump threaten a reporter? I am waiting because I have never heard him threaten a reporter. Mike you’re an ass and I know you have never made any kind of spelling error or an error of any kind. Don’t you dare say Trump has always been mean to reporters, do your research. From the day Trump announced reporters and so called journalist have done nothing but tell lies, mock and ridicule Trump. I did the smartest thing I did my research and I started seeing and hearing the truth and that is when I did the best thing I walked away from the democrat party. Obama was the worse president this country ever had. He hated this country and all that we stand for. Talk about mockery, Obama goes to other countries when he was president and apologizes that America is great and that we are free and prosperous. Obama even said in a speech overseas that we are so small minded we can’t even govern our own affairs, I can tell you Trump loves this country, Trump puts the American people 1st and he will never apologize for this countries freedoms or our greatness. Trump is not politically correct and thank goodness for that. Everyone knows that if you take a verbal punch at Trump he will push back. He does not bow down or cower like others have. Trump fights for us everyday and all I can say is thank God for Trump. Trump2020

        • Well said, April! Honesty is not part of the Democrat Party’s strategy, and this includes a lot of appointed judges and other “deep state” operatives within our government. Don’t let Mike spout off without a reply of truth. Thank you.

        • April, most people like you, blind cult followers, cannot see the flaws of their “chosen one” (one should be that TRUMP CALLS HIMSELF “THE CHOSEN ONE”!). Trump DOES NOT put America first, he puts his finances first, such as he did when he lied throughout the campaign about his Russian Moscow project. How is it putting American first when he continually LIES (over 12,000 documented times since being president) and advocates for Russia?! Did you not see that he goes to G-7 meeting, alienates our allies, and spends the whole time advocating to bring Russia back into the G-7 when they were removed because of aggression and assault in the Ukraine and now they are ready to go the same things in the country of Georgia! And this from Putin, a man who admitted in Helsinki that he interfered in our 2016 election.

          Ask yourself why Putin, a sworn enemy of the USA and west, would go out of his way to trash a woman who DID stand up to him, in favor of a man he was doing business deals with? Trump has continually done Putin’s bidding.

          • Mike from midwest April is not the blind one and is not a cult follower but I am willing to bet you are a democrat and part of the New World Order which is Satan all the way which makes you the cult follower.

          • OMG man you are such a buffoon it’s almost priceless. Your collusion delusion Trump derangement syndrome talking points are completely in line with your overlords over at CNN and the Democrat party leadership, or AOC + 3. George Soros would be proud and I’m sure if he were to read this post he’d hire you right on board to maybe sacrifice some children while he lays underneath to drink their blood. Or maybe to lead another migrant caravan to easily steal some more babies to sacrifice. I mean hey we still haven’t found the fountain of youth yet so what else can he do…give him a call brotha. U obviously dont have any morals, ethics, integrity, or shame

        • Willy, I think Mike would quit if someone helps him define what “hamberders” are – -you can’t even spell it. Most of us know that Biden and Trump both have a lot of gaffes, because both knew Lincoln in grade school, but the BIG DIFFERENCE is that Biden can smile and make jokes about his gaffes, and Trump can NEVER do that!!!
          Think of all the waste of time Trump has spent this week instead of tending to hurricane Dorian and victims, constantly trying to defend his MISTAKE about the hurricane damage in Alabama. He is a TOTAL narcissist.

  23. POTUS has no obligation 2 hold press conferences. There4 , choose reporters who r REAL journalists & do a 1 on 1.
    That along with tweeting will put an end 2 the propagandists/radicals.

  24. trump-ah-hump america while on his way to Russia wit nothing butt love like ole snake-mouth snowden did. But you greasy head racist don’t talk about him anymore because of brown nosing and helping trump the bump on americas butt fulfill his racist agenda to make america racist again. hahahahahhahahahhahaha

      • Anthony, is that all you have is crudity, vulgarity and stupid cliches? Name calling? One thing the RedMan has done is show how thin-skilled and venomous many of you are – – like Trump, you cannot let even minor things go.

    • Hey Redman. There you go again with your lost soul BULL SHIT. Your days on earth must so dark. Tell your Mom an Dad to put some brighter lights in the Basement for you.. I know they don’t let you go outside!!!

    • If you were a REAL REDMAN, like my daddy and his parents, YOU would know redmen have perfected the art of being QUIET. Why don’t you work on that because my REAL REDMAN daddy is tired of hearing your STUPID WHITE MAN CRAP. Ever seen a REAL REDMAN on the war path? REAL REDMAN SHAMAN are starting to put you in their cross-hairs. See that wart on your white ass – Keep on. REAL REDMEN SHAMAN will move it to your face. I can’t wait. I hope you post the picture.

    • Red man you need to go back where you came from,I don’t believe you are a Red man at all,I’ve never heard a red man with the dirty mouth you have.

  25. No judge should be able to dictate to the White House who gets a press pass and who does not. This is bullshit. If they are not there to report the news, then they should not be allowed for any other reason. The President is not obligated to give press releases.

  26. It is my belief that this “Judge” (and I use the term very loosely) should be removed, disbarred, and perhaps have a mental health exam, as he is definitely not firing on all cylinders.

    • I trust NONE of the media, especially cnn – the communist news network!😰 What has happened to the “power of the presidency?” Every friggin day they try stripping MR PRRSIDENT of more and more powers. Soon it wiil be, “Welcome to the new Venezuela!” 😒😥😰😞😪

  27. Competent Judges interpret law and subject to review by more competent judges in a higher court. This judge, apparently has a political problem and owes favors to others. Another reason for term limits on Federal Appointments for judges other than the Supreme Court. They show their colors or lack there of. It’s up to the leader of the Administration (President of the United States) to determine who shall be included in the press room and who should not. It’s not the Judges call to dictate from the bench on who gets the Maypo.

    • Dan, here you are absolutely correct. The White House should also refuse to answer questions from the New York Times, CNN, and other left-wing reporters who have demonstrated a total unwillingness to report the truth, and to only tell lies – their fake news leftist propaganda.

        • I’m so sorry for your health issues. You were probably a very
          Articulate person before your life threatening head injury.
          Unfortunately some people never regain competent status.
          Please know our sympathies are with you Mike

          • Now that is a classy and solid comeback, Lin! So much more sophisticated than just calling dissenters vulgar names.

  28. This is one case the court had NO BUSINESS INTERFERING IN. White House policies and procedures are well documented and always have been.

  29. This will never end as long as Donald Trump is President. The lefties are so pissed off about his election that they will never stop harassing him, telling lies, making up stories. I don’t believe a word ANY Democrat says. And they will never impeach him. And they’ll be REALLY pissed once he gets re-elected!

  30. I think his press pass should be permanently revoked. The press is getting out of hand and that so called judge is part of the reason why.

    • Diana, that is what fascist dictators do, like Hitler, Mussolini and fascists in South America. The press has an important part in the foundation of this country and its bill of rights – – it is meant to PROTECT the right of dissent, and the right of free speech. The press can operate under behavior rules, but that must apply to ALL people of the press, even conservatives. it was Trump that started harassing the press at his rallies and leading people to verbally assault professional journalists. Does he expect them to cower and be on their knees to them like he is to Putin?

      • R.C. no President Trump did not start this it was started by the press with their lying and mis-writing what was said. I am all for freedom of the press but not the yellow journalism that is the so called press today. What President Trump expects is the truth and so would you.

        • I agree, Mary. And anyone who is physically and severely verbally threatening others at a press conference should be removed and have his or her pass revoked, at least for awhile.

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