A Judge just ended this awful plan by the Democrats to impeach Donald Trump

Democrats believed February 7 was the day they finally could begin moving on impeaching Donald Trump.

But those dreams just went down in flames.

That’s because a judge just explained how this plan by the Democrats was doomed to fail.

Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano threw a giant bucket of cold water on the idea that the Democrats could use former Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s scheduled Congressional testimony to drive a stake through the heart of the Trump Presidency.

Cohen canceled his appearance because he claimed Trump “threatened him.”

Napolitano mocked this claim.

“Cohen says the president threatened me. So what is a threat? There are two threats. One is something that we all know is a threat. If you show up I’m going to break your legs. That’s obviously a threat. The other is something that the witness perceives as a threat that doesn’t really threaten the rest of us. So if the president says your father-in-law’s a mobster and probably should be investigated by the [Department of Justice], is that a threat? I don’t think that that is a threat,” the Judge explained.

Napolitano also detailed why he believe Cohen’s testimony would have proven to be a dud anyway.

The Daily Caller reports:

Napolitano said congressional Democrats will subpoena Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former lawyer, and try to get him to testify before he goes to jail on March 6. He also said people will forget all about Cohen once he actually begins serving his prison sentence.

“What are the Democrats going to do? They’re going to subpoena him,” he said. “How much time do they have? Six weeks. Because on March 6 he goes to jail. And the court is not going to delay that nor are they going to let him out of jail to come and testify to Congress.”

“Something will come out of his mouth under oath before the Congress, aimed at driving the White House crazy. And then we’ll forget about it once he’s in jail,” Napolitano concluded.

The Cohen testimony will end up being another overhyped Russia dud.

If Cohen had anything on Trump in terms of Russia, it would have been in his plea agreement.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Reading the comments, it appears commenters spend more time attacking fellow commenters than addressing the issues posed. Reminds me of the adage: When debate is lost, losers slander!

  2. LIKE I SAID BEFORE THE ONLY REAL THREAT IS THAT COHEN IS GOING TO GET DISBARRED! I firmly believe that his past finally caught up to him.

  3. Speaking of Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano explained to “Fox & Friends” why Michael Cohen’s plea deal could have serious consequences for the president, The Daily Beast reports.
    “A very, very telling statement came out of the judge’s mouth yesterday,” Napolitano said. “The judge finding that the president ordered and paid for Michael Cohen to commit a crime.” He added, “That is very telling.”
    Host Steve Doocy then asked, “What crime?” Napolitano replied, “The intentional deception and failure to report campaign payments.” . . . . “and the people who were (in the courtroom), the federal prosecutors, who had a statement from David Pecker, the guy that owns the National Enquirer, said it was for the campaign. The prosecutor said it was for the campaign. Michael Cohen said it was for the campaign.

  4. Liberals dug so deep for Trump’s dirt that they ended up in China. They are so desperate that they went elsewhere, crashing other business, for example, Stormy Daniels and Avenatti.

    So bad that it even has a name: Trump Derangement Syndrome. The liberal agenda is so extreme that they are no longer support the constitution. Wow. The PC culture created more cultural oppressions: identity appropriation, for example. They even let men entering women restroom. They teach little kids not to say “he” or “she”.

    Liberals are really warped and … dangerous.

    The hell with them. Time for the wall.

    • Now 50% of Americans view the Russia probed as “JUSTIFIED.” The number will grow as evidence is produced, and Trump will be impeached by the House.

      • Phony Russian data was used to get this whole mess started and true Americans know it. That 50% you quote is all Hillary supporters.

      • kinda doubt that when you have democrats leaving the democrat party because they are just sick and tired of all the democrat BS. You want proof go on twitter and see what the FBI Andrew McCabe said before Congress, we wouldn’t of been able to get the FISA if it hadn’t been for the dossier. Yes, I was a democrat who voted for Obama and now I am a registered Republican. Time to open your eyes and #walkaway https://youtu.be/51UGcghHZsk

  5. The Demoncrat Party is a left hate group. They want to keep bringing illegal immigrants into America so they can smother the Republicans! Proof? Illegal immigrants can vote in California. They can just go to The Department of Motor Vehicles and fill out some paper work, turn in the paperwork and they are eligible to vote. No questions asked!

  6. yes. let’s investigate the REAL criminal activities: selling uranium to Russia, giving billions to Iran, Clinton’s murders, Sen Jones rigged election, illegal Dem voters, a new rep who aided ISIS in the USA, murder of an ambassador and cover up, illegal immigrants who are costing us trillions, etc.

    • Sadly, you Trumpers are caught up in FALSE conspiracy ideas that have been debunked several times, some even by Fox News: Shep Shepard of Fox Debunking Uranium One BS

      • POTUS TRUMP ???????????? ???????? is the best POTUS I can remember since Eisenhower.
        ???????????? TRUMP ????????????2020

        Cohen has been Disbarred & is going to prison ????????????
        Not long enough, but better than nothing I guess.????????

  7. 4 types of people who are completely out of touch with reality: those who believe only their needs count and no matter how many rights of the legal citizens of a specific nation they have violate they will do so, those who listen to the same lies over accepting what they are taught to believe without doing any research of their own, people who lie so much they believe the illogic of the words that emanate from their vocal cords and mouth and are in a complete state of denial that there opinions are insane, and then you have those who are completely aware they are lying but in their mind it will promote their interests and because they are completely selfish they could care less, I am certain there are plenty of many other psychosis, but you will have to research or derive your own reasons for the crazy behavior that has rampantly spread through our society since Donald was elected.

    Napolitano has been quoted as saying that there is no such thing as a Activist/Legislating hence criminal treasonous judge and that is an outright lie or complete malarkey and there often is a fine line between nonsense and deceit now as to the reason why all judges swear that Activist/Legislating judges do not exist under those 4 types of delusional people.

    • yes. let’s investigate the REAL criminal activities: selling uranium to Russia, giving billions to Iran, Clinton’s murders, Sen Jones rigged election, illegal Dem voters, a new rep who aided ISIS in the USA, murder of an ambassador and cover up, illegal immigrants who are costing us trillions, etc.

  8. Cohen is a sleazeball liar in the same category as Michael Avenetti the type that know that evidence did exist for them to be found guilty of crimes warranting prison time but if falsely accusing someone else to get pardoned or receive a lighter sentence such lowlifes are not beneath doing so and that is about as perfect example of how those who are suppose to be the most ethical are actually the most immoral.

  9. To all of you something to chew on. This is my observation of what is going on in the swamp of DC. It is corruption and everything that comes forth of it smells. We have to keep in mind that one of the reason people hate politics, is that truth is rarely a politicians objective. Election and power is. Just look at Mueller, he knows he can not touch the sitting president but he can character assassinate everyone that is even slightly connected to this president so people will be thinking twice as to be close or even next sitting to Mr. Trump. By doing so Herr Mueller, who is good in fear mongering, is closing in on our President base. Mueller’s eyes are already on election 2020. If he can shake up Trump’s base, Trump has a slighter chance on being re-elected.
    Politicking is a dirty business. Look at what was in play with the partly closing of the government. Trump took the blame of “partly” closing the government as he wanted to say now look at the decisions the dems/commies are taking. They did not budge, they did not care that families were hurting (that is called hard politicking) Trump showed he is not a politician and showed heart with opening the government because he felt the pain of the not paid personnel, yet they showed up in good faith. In his speech he thanks all of them. Here is a good picture as how the democrats (in their words) moved to the far left. What is the far left…communist. Was Putin in it all, you betcha. Putin is no friend of America. Watch Herr Mueller next move…you only have to follow how he set up the apprehension of Stone. What a disgusting showmanship on display. And who was there waiting for the swat team to show up CNN (communist/clinton news network) Who leaked the info…You guessed it. And how was your day. For me it was a great day of revelation. I will never vote for the democrats again. I have a few choice words for Frau Peloser and Herr heil Schumer. And one request for Peloser. Walls are immoral you say…how about tearing the walls down your bastillion there in the Napa Valley

    • Nancy the nutzi had illegals who had climbed over the fence of her multimillion dollar estate and were on her property escorted off by police, yes Nancy is always compassionate when it is someone else illegal aliens are looting, raping and/or murdering.

    • I omitted saying compassionate towards illegal aliens as long as they are not stripping the legal rights from her and her family and friends, because the rights because in her mindset peasants should have no rights.

  10. The entire Democratic members of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives should apologize to President Trump for the way they are trying to torpedo him from doing his rightful duty. There’s a rotten smell coming out of the U.S. Congress.

  11. This plan to impeach Trump by the cry baby dumbocrats will ultimately fail as a two thirds vote of the house and senate plus a vote by Mike Pence to proceed.This has been tried twice to impeach both Bill Clinton and President Andrew Johnson and everyone knows the outcome of the attempt to impeach Mr.Clinton which failed in both times with both Presidents They’ll never get the votes to do so

  12. Cohen will lie to lessen his prison time and the democrats will have some grounds to impeach the President. Cohen has already found guilty in court and sentenced to jail. So, everything about Cohen case is now closed. However, because Democrats have the majority of the house they will do anything in their power for the President to resign.

  13. All Democrats should sleep with the fishes,but the fishes don’t want them either.Maybe the North Koreans would take them for slaves

  14. This guy love to think he has the answers. However, Maxine Waters has more to say about this subject than this us-to-be judge.

    • Maxine Waters moves her lips a lot but really says nothing, But remember this,
      In 2005, Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., was added to a liberal watchdog’s running list of the most corrupt members of Congress. Waters was added again in 2006 to the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington’s annual report on D.C. corruption. They added her again in 2009 and one more time in 2011. Not to mention her daughter, Karen Waters, was set to collect more than $200,000 for heading a slate mailer operation for her mother’s 2018 re-election campaign, that whole family of hers is reaping rewards while screwing the taxpayers.

  15. I believe the president knows better than to lie as the demon rats and libs scrutinize every thing he says to just trying to catch him in a lie.

  16. Trump didn’t threaten him, he doesn’t have anything to back up the recent mouth running he’s lied about. He knows if he lies to Congress it’s PRISON TIME big time!!

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