A judge just handed down this bombshell ruling that could put Fani Willis in jail

Fani Willis’ moment of truth finally arrived.

When the smoke cleared it was nothing but bad news.

And a judge just handed down this bombshell ruling that could put Fani Willis in jail.

CNN legal analyst explains why Fani Willis is in big trouble 

Judge Scott McAfee allowed Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to remain in the RICO case against Donald Trump provided she got rid of special prosecutor Nathan Wade.

But that was the extent of the silver lining in McAfee’s ruling.

CNN legal analyst Elie Honig explained that the ruling for Willis was actually a disaster that contained seven lines that could result in professional sanctions and even criminal prosecution against Willis.

“So if I’m the D.A., I’m taking this as a win. It is a win, she has survived. That is the most important thing here; I’d be breathing a sigh of relief. But Sara earlier said there’s some bruising involved — wow, is there some bruising,” Honig stated. “Let me just give you the seven, I think, most severe lines. And these are really serious findings by the judge about the D.A. and these are all verbatim from the opinion.”

Judge McAfee’s ruling tees up potential perjury investigation into Willis

Honig told viewers that Judge McAfee was furious with Willis conduct on the witness stand – which he lambasted as unprofessional – and in public where she smeared Trump and his fellow co-defendants as racist.

Judge McAfee also walked right to the line of accusing Willis and Wade for perjuring themselves for their testimony about when their relationship began and the exact circumstances of the vacations Wade paid for.

Honig outlined the depth of this jaw-dropping rebuke.

“First of all, there is a, quote, ‘significant appearance of impropriety that infects the prosecution team.’ Second, ‘a tremendous lack in judgment.’ Third, ‘the unprofessional manner of the D.A.’s testimony.’ Fourth, ‘the odor of mendacity remains.’ I Googled mendacity, it means lying. Fifth, the legally improper speech that was made in the church that Laura just talked about, ‘legally improper with the effect to cast racial aspersions on the defendants.’ Sixth, the D. A. has ‘created dangerous waters for the D.A. to wade further into.’ And finally, and I think this is the most damning, ‘there are reasonable questions about whether the D.A. testified untruthfully,’” Honig continued.

Honig said any one of these findings by a judge would be a professional death sentence for a prosecutor, but that all seven were like anything he’d ever seen.

“Any one of these statements by a judge would be a career ender for a normal prosecutor,” Honig exclaimed. “To have an on the record finding that there are reasonable questions about whether you lied under oath? That would be devastating.”

Possible sanctions for Willis 

Judge McAfee wrote that the state bar association, the state Attorney General’s office and the State Legislature could all investigate and sanction Willis.

The State Senate is investigating her and Governor Brian Kemp just signed legislation empowering a state commission to remove rogue District Attorneys from office.

But the biggest danger Willis faces is that she will be indicted for making false statements, the same charge she is trying to send Donald Trump to jail for.

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