A judge said one sentence about Donald Trump that left Joe Biden trembling in fear

Joe Biden is facing a massive political crisis.

It didn’t play out like he expected.

And now a judge said one sentence about Donald Trump that left Joe Biden trembling in fear.

Attorney General Merrick Garland created a political firestorm after he signed off an unannounced FBI raid of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.

In a move straight out of a third-world country, FBI agents ransacked Trump’s home, even stooping so low as to search through former First Lady Melania’s clothes.

The FBI was searching for documents that were allegedly improperly taken by Trump from the White House.

Mishandling official documents is a minor process crime that is being played up as an excuse to launch another witch hunt against Trump.

Never before in American history has a President weaponized the federal government to kneecap their likely future opponent like Joe Biden just did.

Judge Jeanine Pirro ripped into the banana republic tactics of the Justice Department on Fox News Channel’s “The Five.”.

“I spoke to Eric Trump 10 minutes before this show,” Pirro said. “They were not allowed to get a copy of the warrant.”

Usually, a copy of the warrant is given to a person whose property is being searched.

However, the FBI made the eyebrow-raising decision to hold it back from Trump’s attorneys.

“They were not allowed to have any of the attorneys on scene there,” Pirro explained.

The FBI ordered that security cameras be shut off and ordered people out of the areas they were searching.

“We know that the FBI has no credibility because the FBI put in affidavits before FISA judges regarding national security that were based on lies and Trump haters who wanted to make sure that Hillary Clinton won,” Pirro said. “That’s the same crew that called us domestic terrorists, who then lied about making sure Donald Trump wouldn’t be President. We’re supposed to believe them?”

Starting with the Russia collusion hoax, the FBI has turned into the enforcement arm of the Democrat Party.

“And to go through Melania Trump’s clothes?” Pirro said. “It’s an outrage. This is their effort to intimidate the Trumps.”

“And at the end of the day here, what we’ve got is a corrupt Justice Department, a corrupt FBI based upon what has happened in the last seven years,” Pirro continued. “They’ve gone after Donald Trump for seven years, they will not stop. The FBI, the DOJ, the Attorney General, they want him on anything.”

Pirro made a prediction about what effect this blatant political targeting by the Biden regime would have on Trump.

“I’m telling you sure as I am sitting here the guy is going to run for President now because they pushed his buttons,” Pirro predicted.

Shortly after the raid, President Trump released a campaign style video on Truth Social that ended with “the best is yet to come.”

The FBI raid could backfire on Joe Biden in a major way by firing up Donald Trump for another Presidential run.

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