A judge stepped up and handed Nancy Pelosi one of the worst defeats of her life

The Democrats’ plan to use the courts to impeach Donald Trump hit a massive roadblock.

This blindsided many on the Left.

And that’s because a judge stepped up and handed Nancy Pelosi one of the worst defeats of her life.

Democrats are suing to get their hands on Donald Trump’s tax returns.

They believe the returns will provide a goldmine of politically embarrassing information Congressional Democrats can use to impeach the President.

But time is of the essence for them.

Democrats need the returns immediately or this fight will drag into the 2020 election where it could backfire politically on the Left.

And Washington D.C. District Court Judge Timothy McFadden handed Pelosi and the Democrats some bad news.

McFadden rejected the Democrats’ motion to speed up the court proceedings.

Politico reports:

A federal judge on Thursday rejected House Democrats’ bid for quick consideration of their lawsuit seeking President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

D.C. District Court Judge Trevor McFadden denied their request to both expedite consideration of the case and to decide on its merits without holding a trial.

“This is no ordinary case, but the weighty constitutional issues and political ramifications it presents militate in favor of caution and deliberation, not haste,” McFadden said. “This case presents novel and complex questions about the privileges and authority of all three branches of the federal government.”

House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal (D-Mass.) is suing for Trump’s federal returns under a 1924 law allowing the heads of Congress’ tax committees to examine anyone’s personal tax records. The Democrats are seeking six years of Trump’s personal returns and some of his business filings.

McFadden’s ruling means this case will drag into 2020 – and likely into the 2020 election in November.

This ruling all but thwarts the Democrats’ plan to use Trump’s tax returns in an impeachment proceeding or as political fodder against the President in the 2020 election.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I would feel more informed if you guys or gals would keep the name calling and language a bit more formal even though I might agree with you-just say’n.

  2. You poor thing where have you been ,under a brick, have you seen or heard what TRUMP has done for the last 3 years, filling his pockets with tax payers money, giving tax breaks to the rich and famous.

  3. That is the salary of the “lower classman” (Occasionally Conscious and the rest of the odd squad). I believe Peloser makes $223K for being Speaker, and Schmuck makes $193K.

  4. Beto O’Rourke already said that he would have voted against a GOP bill proposing that doctors must provide medical care to babies born alive after being aborted. He also said that it’s a woman’s decision to “abort” a baby up to 24 hours before it’s born. He’s a Democrat. He’s evil like the rest of them. They are godless, hate-filled beings. They have no respect for life or people of faith.

  5. Newscum and auntie Peloser need to show their returns. Isn’t both families tied to corruption on the east coast?
    Both are accusing President Trump of exactly the thing they are guilty of.

  6. Anyone know why we sent 21billion dollars to puerto
    Every year when they have a population of 3.1 million people
    Are those people all millionaires?

  7. We need to deport all illeagals,cut out at least 80% foreign aid,leave the s.security alone,bring all military people home from middle east,war costing too much money. I have been lobbying for all of above on whitehouse website every weekend,for past 5 or 6 weeks.

  8. The Judge should have told the Democrats he will follow the same guidelines of Solomon’s ruling. The Democrats would say, “What? What is Solomon’s ruling?” Simply put, two women told King Solomon that the one baby was theirs. The wise king told the women he would split the baby in two pieces and give each half to each woman. We already know the rest of that story. So in like fashion, the judge should say he wants all the Democrats to forward all their tax returns and other hidden financial dealings they have all done in the last 10 years (like inside trading for instance), then he would sign off on having Donald Trump turn his financial records to the Democrats. So before that happens, the Democrats can all shut the F@ck up!

  9. Thank goodness for the Judge. We as a country have his honesty on our side. The DEMS will not stop trying but with Judges like him they will not win.

  10. Isn’t that something! May drag into the 2020 Election year and likely into November. Wouldn’t that fake news just work out to be fine and
    dandy right before the election. So they are sand bagging catastrophes now since the house could impeach Trump as one political analyst said, because they don’t like the color of his socks. Fine country we have now, makes me feel so warm and fuzzy getting ready to have operation 6 and 7 from having so much fun while in Afghanistan. What’s next, we going to start killing babies after they are born? So the libs are sand bagging crisis or “Breaking News Story” for fall next year. I just dread watching another fake Jew break down with fake tears like Silverman or Maddow did but now Hollywood and MSM aren’t biased. I saw a video where Trump campaign used something Analytica to do analysis and advertising for the campaign in 2016 and now the libs have villainized it. if he had lost there would never have been a word. They want to try and give the impression they cheated. I wonder, is that. heating like all the major networks pulling for the Baal utopian party? Likes killing babies, don’t like feeling guilty over free love (that’s a hippie thing they can’t get over). Is that like facebook and Google searches being pro Hillary
    I think that’s cheating like they want us to believe the Trump campaign accomplished. Trust me, conservatives will not be in charge into the 2030’s because with the mass influx of color we voted into law to ship into the country along with the almost or semi open borders come next libtard in office and they’ll get their utopian wish. As for Nancy right now, that’s what they wanted. Gunpowder for next fall. Look who they have to convince! I saw this little queer some news reporter asked him what he thought about America and all he could say was, disgusting, just disgusting. The reporter asked him why and he got mad and walked away. They have no reason other than the team they signed up for lost. Still the same old dumbasses in the USA.

  11. Yes examine Piglosi AND her husbands’ multi-million-dollar tax returns to see how THEY hold up to detailed scrutiny. Bet a lot of shifty underhanded dirty deals are revealed. Piglosi is a snake for sure.

  12. I firmly believe that their salaries should be cut by at least 20%.
    Let’s get a petition going to initiate this proceedure.

  13. Lets see Pelosi’s tax returns I want to know where she got the millions of dollars she’s received.Along with the rest of the Democrats

  14. When all politicians publish their tax returns, I might consider their plight against Trump. BUT, gun confiscation their agenda is a different matter. All you jackasses who have armed security guards, fire them first. Now, We the People will still not oblige, It is our Right–If YOU are not on the right, YOU are wrong, Period!

  15. Gavin Newscumbag California’s Communist governor has signed an order to keep Trump’s name off of that state’s ballot unless he discloses his tax returns and is trying to get other states to do the same. Bowl sbeet! This should go both ways as be should’ve shown his while running for that office. The old saying goes that you practice what you preach and not be hypocritical about it. However that order will be shot down in the courts so Guck Fewscumbag.

  16. Do they actually think they are going to find something illegal that the IRS didn’t find? I think this whole tax return thing is going to be another great big nothing burger! I think they are holding their breath for these taxes and when they get them (IF they get them) they are going to be sorely disappointed. AND I think we need to strike down this 1924 law that allows Congress to see anyone’s tax returns! I think if they want to see someone’s returns that they should have to do what any other law enforcement has to do. Come up with a reason and get a judge to either give you the warrant or not. But it is BS that a member of Congress can just decide to look at your tax returns!

  17. All you republicans that want to run for president in 2020, just step out of the RNC because it is NOT time for RINO’s to think they can take over the RNC ! ! !

  18. Since the democrats regained control of the house all they have done is obstruct, resist and harass the President, as far as executing their duty for which they were elected by the people they haven’t done anything in the almost 100 days since the election! Trump/Pence 2020 landslide!

  19. The problem with what we have now with regards to voting a bad guy out of office is as follows. (1) It is almost impossible to get rid of a bad egg, check history. (2)Face reignition, remember, no one knows even who I am. (3) Money, the Biggy, I want to run against a bad congressman. No one knows me, so I have no source for money. The bad guy has the $$$ from the party and big money. It cost several million dollars to run. (4) Even the good guy will tell you this, you MUST work you way up the political ladder. That takes years, and maybe someone working with you drags you down by committing you to something that could be brought to the voters attention.
    When our founding fathers set up the original plan, they did not envision, career politicians. The house was the people’s house, the founders set up 2 year term, so that a farmer could represent the people in his district, allowing their fields to lay dormant for two years and then allow someone else to do the same. The Senate was envisioned to be sent by their state to represent their state, and as a point of interest, if they did not follow what their state told them, they would be replaced, but then during the civil war the northern states push through the ratification of the 17th amendment.
    So in short term limits is the only way to rid bad apples

  20. Kind of like…’Cut the s**t’, stop bullying the President and put some energy into working together for the sake of this beautiful country!!!!!!!!

  21. Actually, I question the wisdom of “Term Limits.” They produce “Lame Ducks.” Has everyone forgotten about Obama talking near a hot mike about how he could do more for Putin after the Election? Well, I haven’t; Obama was a “Lame Duck” for four years and was beyond the recall of the voters. The only term limits” that work is the voters keeping tabs on what is going on and not being a dyed in the wool party member.

  22. Nancy should be the one to be impeached, going by her main backers agenda, rather than going by what the people want and need for their security.



  25. 3 yrs of corrupted ‘shjit’ digging, they can’t find anything… so now, what they are doing is trying the ”Al Capone” thingy that got him arrested! How Despicably Low! the ”jackazz party” is so fitting them!

  26. Nixon was the FIRST President to give out his tax returns!!! IT is NOT a law and if ALL THE POLITICIANS had to disclose their TAXES they would just give the fixed ones anyway!!! The Clinton’s Soros’ Romney’s etc have tax returns NOBODY could find anything!! THEY have PROFESSIONALS do taxes and they do everything according to the rules no matter how criminal they are!! I would love Peloisy tell how she went into congress worth 2 million and now worth 30 million on 175 thousand a year job and how her CONTRACTOR HUSBAND gets to bid on ANY GOVERNMENT contracts??? REMEMBER the congress said INSIDER TRADING IS OK FOR CON-gress it will just put US IN PRISON!!! STOP THE BS and get to work!! Right now the President is the ONLY ONE DOING ANYTHING and that’s in SPITE OF DEMON RATS and RINO’s VOTE 2020 KEEP AMERICA GREAT!!!!

  27. you do know, don’t you, that virtually EVERY mass shooter in many years has been left leaning or liberal democrat? Didn’t think so. Check history.

  28. Maybe we should ban together, go to court and use their 1924 law and have all their tax records pulled and made public for the past 6 years. I think it would do the country some good as maybe it would open a few stupid eyes as to what their politicians are really doing.

  29. I have asked about ten people I know and nobody cares about the presidents taxes like Hillary said What difference does it make?

  30. So the democrats are not satisfied with the obama corrupted IRS in doing everything possible to nail Trump? They feel like it is their place, in lieu of the IRS, to dig, search, slander, publicize, fling against the wall Trumps taxes! The democrats are the most rotten, corrupt, dirty, diatribe pushing dung flingers in the US.

  31. Nancy Pelosi and your very poor management of California just shows how very stupid and evil the Democrat politicians and Nancy Pelosi are.

  32. Fred, you are truly brainless. Since most of Pres. Trump’s base are Christians and Jesus forbids murder, what you said is asinine.

  33. Yes, Sparky. DJT ‘billionaire’ BEFORE PRES.
    HAS BEEN ‘scrutinized’, Every STEP in News,
    &&& ‘ELSEWHERE’. &&& Would Have Been Exposed.
    > Also, Many Dems pursued his company For $$$. ___
    At That Time. ( &&& he ‘gave’ __)
    Now ‘they’ are hypocrites/turncoats.


  35. Well said! Throughout history (the Holy Bible) God has chosen imperfect people to do His bidding. I believe He has chosen President Trump to lead America. President Trump and Vice-President Pence are staying the course and doing a good job for America! We set our clocks and pray for them and for America every day. If on the phone or if we have guests,we invite them to pray with us. GOD ANSWERS PRAYER!! We just need to have faith and wait on him. HIS WILL BE DONE!

  36. Just maybe the Democrats should show their Tax returns I would like to know how they got all the money they have. they may have made back door deals for the millions in their bank accounts

  37. Here is the thing people. Trump gets audited all the time by the IRS and if they had found something wrong or incriminating we all would have known by now. The amount of leakers was astounding at one point in all the government agencies. Somebody would have said/leaked something by now, but all we hear is crickets from the leakers.

  38. So glad I changed my party affiliation to Republican, I don’t think I can ever vote for the baby killing Dumbocrats again!

  39. Democrats wanted the judge to decide the case “on its merits” without a trial. That’s novel. The purpose of a trial is a search for the truth to establish the facts. The law does not exist absent facts, so the only way the judge could do that would be if the facts were agreed by the parties. I can just imagine our President agreeing to the Democrats’ so-called “facts” to help them in their lawsuit against him. Yeah, right. The Democrats are so desperate that they really aren’t thinking.

  40. Well that kind of stuff is real easy to say being is it can’t be proved to us. The thing I love most about Trump is that most of the top democrats and republicans don’t like him it never mattered to the globalist who was president a democrat or a republican because they knew that their agenda was still moving forward. With Trump it’s a whole different ball game they know with Trump that he is going to do what he feels is best for America & Americans. They have been trying to kill Trump since day one and if they ever succeed it will set this country on fire from coast to coast. The democrats and rinos have been trying to start an uncivil war for over 2 years now. They are getting closer everyday. Anyone with a brain knows if Trump released his tax returns part of the people would say he did nothing wrong while the other part says he did. The problem is that 99% of us would not know who was telling the truth because probably both sides would be lying to some degree. All I know is the people who are wanting to change our way of life with higher taxes, Job killing regs, open borders, and a bunch of other crap are the ones who don’t like Trump so bring us I don’t like them it makes me like Trump all the more. If you agree with what the democrats are for then to me you are unAmerican and you are my enemy. If a uncivil war starts then I know what side I’m on.

  41. I’m sorry DC but the democrats do stand for something. They stand for higher taxes. They stand for open borders. They stand for regulations that will run our jobs to other countries or out of business. They stand for abolishing the 1st & 2nd amendment. They stand for you being guilty until you can prove you’re innocent. They stand for killing as many babies as abortion clinics can kill. Those are just a few of the things that the democrats stand for and if people would sit down and listen to what they say no one with a brain that can think would ever vote for one of those devil creatures again. So while they stand for many things they stand for nothing good for America or the world. Those are just some of the reasons why I’ve said for the last 10 years that no true Christian no true lover of Jesus Christ could ever vote for a democrat. Everything the democrats stand for are what the devil stands for. This is why the democrat have finally came out and dropped the charade that they are on the side of the Christian and have started telling the truth of which is they stand with the atheist and devil worshipers.

  42. Ahhhh,spew your Ignorant DEMORAT Swill n Lies,but the TRUTH N FACTS are that Most of these Murderers are YOUR fellow DEMORAT SWINE!! DUH!!

  43. You are right Alan but the smoke from his fire is blowing back in his face. He talks about greasy heads and his people never knew what shampoo was until the white man showed them lol. His people eradicated lice by obesity because they had so much to eat they killed their self by over eating lol.


  45. Obama’s college records are not “sealed” by a court order, as this graphic would have you believe. It would be illegal under federal law (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974) for Occidental, Columbia or Harvard Law School to give any former student’s records to reporters or members of the public without that person’s specific, written permission. Obama hasn’t released them, but neither have other presidential candidates released their college records. George W. Bush’s grades at Yale eventually became public, but only because somebody leaked them to the New Yorker magazine. Bush himself refused to release them, according to a 1999 profile in the Washington Post. From Factcheck.org.

  46. Do democrats REALLY believe that releasing President Trump’s tax returns before the election will win them more voters?????? That conservatives will go “Oh, my….Let me change my party and become a democrat.” ????? It will NEVER happen. When the democrats are held accountable for all the illegal and corrupt stuff they have been involved in we might listen…NOT! Why? Because it is NEVER, EVER going to happen! Democrats are NEVER held accountable!!!! YEAH, Hillary. So, go ahead and get his tax records and see if THE TRUMPERS care! If you think you can use those to impeach him…go ahead. FINISH hammering the nails in your party’s coffin for the 2020 election and beyond!!!!!!!!!

  47. Exactly, MM! This is why the understaffed IRS has not taken action on Trump’s tax reports and probably many of the Wall Street billionaires!

  48. Never claimed that past presidents were angels. Why assume that? But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t demand ethical and honest behavior from our top politicians and President. Our current President misinforms or distorts the facts all the time, and his supporters seem to love it. Yet, our law is based on telling the truth–just ask Manafort and Cohen!

  49. Drag Trump in Taxes (BEFORE PRES)
    THEN DRAG BIDEN /Ukraine IN + MORE..
    Fair IS Fair. DO BOTH SIDES. (biden loses)
    Trump Has Been ‘scrutinized’ for 0VER
    40 yrs !!!

  50. Nice to see a judge with the common sense to block the democrats political motivation behind their next witch-hunt. They are so pathetic and desperate instead of caring about America And Americans as they are appointed to do. And getting behind the President to actually put America’s best interests first. We must take the house and keep the senate in 2020 to ever KAG .

  51. It’s also been traditional for past presidents to reveal their college information and military records, in addition their birth certificates and other proofs of establishing their basic qualifications to run for president. Barry Goldwater was challenged as being a citizen of the US because Arizona was only a territory of the US when he was born (but he was a white, male Republican, which explains the challenge). The hypocritical Democratic mentality of hatred of which they accuse their freedom
    of speech opponents displaying.People wanted to make history by electing the first female president of the US: Ok, first time seekers–we elected the first president with no political or military background. Clinton didn’t have a military background because he was bashing the USA as a “Rhodes Scholar” in England.

  52. If you are so concerned about facts, how about
    Obama releasing all of his college records, immigration
    files and named he has used along with a legal SSN
    actually assigned to him. Oh that’s right he can’t because he doesn’t have a valid birth certificate either. Damn those pesky little details.

  53. NO try & convict all the deMoncrats including Moslims for espionage, sedition & treason, in kangaroo courts, star chambers, then after finding them guilty, feed them to the sharks, piranhas, komodo dragons after being put down & slopping around the pig pen w/ the pigs. Sell advertising time & use the funds to build the wall.
    Give the MOSLEMS 30 days to pack & leave, then put a bounty on them All MUSLIMS were banned in 1952 c.e. as ignorance of the law is NOT a valid excuse.

  54. And your problem with that is what? That is just good business
    sense. If you continue checking you see that he has lost
    about a billion since he became President.

  55. And your problem with that is what? That is just good business
    sense. If you continue checking you see that he has lost
    about a billion since he became President.

  56. Please don’t say “piece of cake” when talking about the election
    I’ve seen that turn to s—t to many times. Thanks

  57. Looks like Nancy Pelosi has lost her position, look like Tlaib & Omar have taken over her position. I think it was the early 60’s when they took out the Pledge of Allegiance. Then they take out our history books, and that was not that long ago, with some excuse they don’t need to know what happened to get where we’re at today. As I would say our forefathers fought for freedom many years ago for this country to be where it’s at today. We do not need Tlaib or Omar. Pelosi if you we’re doing your job instead of finding fault with others you would get your job done.

  58. You are right. Democrat voters have been doing all the shootings. They always lay their crimes on someone else. Look at Comey.

  59. You people wanting to see Trumps’s tax returns would not know what you were looking at. With all the different businesses he has his tax returns are so complicated the average person wouldn’t know what they were looking at. Believe me I know because that has been my profession for many years, it Is very complicated even for a professional.

  60. To be able to see the tax returns of any elected official, as least by an appropriate Ethics Committee, could perhaps reduce some of the corruption in public office…if not raise some good questions about any politician. I’ve always wondered how many have benefitted in the stock market because of the committees on which they serve and the information (insider?) that they may be privy to!

  61. Hahahahaha, URopinions…..that is so sweet that you think our past presidents have been ethical and honest. Honest Abe might have been our last one!

  62. no, I don’t want the general public to know my income, etc. BUT I’m not the President, and I’m not the current President who has a whole history, generations back, of deceit, scamming, oddfellow connections, threatening law suits, on and on…… Do read about the family history. No wonder that even Trump’s sister, who was a Judge, just quickly resigned!

  63. This is well thought out.. I connend you. Have too be a good conservative. Too many brainsto be a libtard..

  64. Well , I guess the answer is, I am not interested how much money President Trump has, how much tax he pays and how many charitable donations he makes to lessen his tax burden. I am interested that he takes no salary, but donates it, he is doing what he promised he would do to help our country not the rest of the world, he is working hard and has done more to help Americans than the last 4 presidents have done in their combined terms. What money he has is not my concern. There are too many zeros after the first 6 for me to even understand what it would even be like to have that much money! And whether or not it is “tradition” is immaterial because tradition doesn’t make it a law.

  65. I agree! If there were a problem, the IRS would have been on it long ago. Did Obama produce his tax returns? They may be under his college transcripts. The Donald is an open book compared to his predecessor.

  66. My 5 great grandmother on my father’s side was a Lenape sqaw from northern NJ. I actually have all the documentation. They were part of the Turtle branch. I just think it’s cool ????

  67. Tammy you are correct. I dont have income anywhere what trump has but it’s my business and nobody else. I would assume if his taxes are a mess the IRS would be on his butt or have some looser big mouth rattling off trumps business.

  68. I hope your 98% is correct????????2020 is a piece of cake????
    God Bless America ????????????????????????????????????????✝️

  69. Another heap big ass wipe just like dizzy lizzy. She’s done nothing for MA. NOTHING You want heap big mouth then she’s all yours.

  70. These Democrats are really so very funny how they keep trying to Impeach a President that is doing everything that he promised during his election and way more then he promised. Democrat have nothing on one of the greatest Presidents of all time.

  71. The 1924 law, as amended in 1976, states the IRS commissioner “shall furnish” any tax returns requested by certain members of Congress responsible for tax policy, including the Ways and Means chair. It does not allow for any discretion on the part of the commissioner regarding the request, or give authority to the Treasury Secretary or any other official to challenge it.

  72. Double standard? You bet Obummer locked up all his records. Everything was hidden from Americans that wanted to see who and what her really IS. COLLEGE TRANSCRIPTS HIDDEN!!! COLLEGE RECORDS, HIDDEN!!! COLLEGE THESIS, HIDDEN!!! LAWSUITS, HIDDEN!!! Everything about that guy was hidden from our eyes.

  73. What accusation are you referencing? I made no such reference regarding the CEO (of Deutsch Bank?)

  74. Who are you calling greasy headed, red punk?
    White people don’f use grease on their hair. It is black people that have to use grease on that wool on their head.

  75. And I guess, with your (lack of) mental substance, your head (and especially your lips) are “glued” to chillery’s crotch, eh ?

  76. Right on! He is not taking a salary, he is donating it to charity, so he can use it to reduce the taxes on his savings as well.

  77. The Deutsch Bank issue is a non issue, the CEO had to back track on the accusation saying it was wrong info, so stop spreading leftist propaganda for the sake of defaming the President. his lawyers scared the living lights out of the idiot who reported it in the left tv networks for being FALSE! As for his tax returns its none of your business!

  78. Did you complain just as much when Obama used the IRS to go after Republicans ???? Trump IS NOT REQUIRED to give up his tax records. Should he just because Democrats/Liberals want him to ???? He take no salary, he donates every penny of it. Did the great Obama do that ?? By the way, how you liking the NEW LOOK of the SCOTUS ??? Get used to that for the next generation or two. Unless of course Democrats try to add 5 or 6 more Judges so THEY can rig the court.

  79. obama’s corrupt IRS not considered prejudiced enough to pursue all avenues against Trump? So the democrats want to take their shots at Trump’s taxes, above and beyond what the IRS can or will do! These democrats are more rotten and corrupt than is obama’s IRS. If the FBI can’t come up with the “insurance” then have mueller come up with the insurance that the FBI can’t find. Have the prejudiced, criminal protecting democrats try to find issue where the IRS hasn’t!!! What a rotten, sorry, racist, corrupt, virtue less, Godless, heathen group the democrats and their voters are!

  80. I’m with you, Vasu! We should see the President’s tax returns–just as we needed to see Nixon’s returns to learn how little he paid–to find out how ethical and honest our national leader really is! Granted, there are those so self named “patriots” who don’t seem to care about the moral character of our President. But the documents that also need to surface are Trump’s loan deals through the Deutsche Bank as it is a crime to give false statements on loan documents, such as to inflate or deflate the value of one’s assets. Additionally, Deutsche Bank was fined for money laundering… and was the one bank, after all other banks refused, to give Trump a loan. btw, former SC Justice Steven’s son worked for Deutsche Bank in the Real Estate Division at that time.

  81. President Trump was a Billionaire PRIOR to being Elected to office. The President does not take a salary. The ONLY reason the Democrats are pushing for his tax returns is they’re hoping that they can find something to try and embarrass him with. Example of their pettiness, let’s say the President said he has a net worth of $10 Billion… Returns show the President is “only” worth $8.5 Billion… the Democrats will then start the, he exaggerates, he doesn’t tell the truth, etc., etc., dialogue. Anything and everything to distract and confuse the American Citizens. The Democrats know they cannot win the Presidential Election in 2020, Fair and Square, so they do whatever they can to keep up the charade and hide the fact they stand for nothing, have no platform, no thoughts on how to help America, America’s Citizens….

  82. MIke, your extreme ignorance shows every time you post. What is your IQ, 10?? No one cares what you say. And no one cares about hamberders. Everyone makes mistakes, esp. you.

  83. Vasu nobody should have to explain their private business. If there was a problem, never trumpers in the irs would have made him famous for it by now.

  84. For the past forty years, it’s tradition that presidential nominees of both major parties release multiple years of their tax returns. They do this in part to guarantee to the public that there are no conflicts of interest.

    Donald Trump is refusing to, hiding behind a phony excuse that he can’t until the IRS finishes auditing him, a claim directly refuted by the IRS. What’s worse, in 2012, Trump was leading a call for the Republican presidential candidate that year, Mitt Romney, to release his own tax returns. As usual, Trump doesn’t want to be held to the unforgiving standards by which he judges other people.

  85. Yes, Trump should sue all of those who are spreading lies about him, too. Enough is enough. Time for someone to step up and stop all of them in their tracks.

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