A key Democrat just brutally embarrassed Joe Biden in this very public way

Joe Biden is closing 2021 with another failure.

Even some of Joe Biden’s fellow Democrats are looking at his pitiful poll numbers and running scared.

And now a key Democrat just brutally embarrassed Joe Biden in this very public way.

President Joe Biden is still pushing wearing a mask as one of the keys to slowing the spread of the virus.

Biden even posted on social media that triple vaccinated Americans should wear masks.

“I know folks are worried about Omicron and wondering how they can stay safe. The answer is simple: Get your booster shot, get vaccinated, and wear a mask,” Biden posted on Twitter.

However, Democrats who are up for re-election in 2022 are beginning to see the writing on the wall.

And they want no part of Joe Biden’s endless mandates.

For example, in response to a recent surge in cases, reporters asked Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont if the state would reimpose an indoor mask mandate.

Governor Lamont dismissed the idea as preposterous, pointing to the explosion of cases in New York City even after local officials ordered residents to wear masks inside public facilities and stores.

“Well it’s not curbing the spike down in New York City, which is probably ground zero,” Lamont shot back. “If I think about things, I certainly think about nursing homes and other congregate settings where I think the booster shot is probably the number one priority, to make sure everybody that can be boosted is boosted there. That would be my next priority.”

In New York, despite local officials imposing tyrannical mask mandates and vaccine passports, cases shot up 600 percent and hospitalizations skyrocketed 73 percent.

Democrats are finally admitting what most rational people understood back in the spring of 2020 – that cloth masks are nothing more than decorations that do nothing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

It’s only now – when polls show Americans are fed up with COVID mandates and ready to take their anger out on Democrats – that elected officials on the Left are finally acknowledging the reality about masks.

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