A key Senator from the biggest swing state made a surprising prediction about Trump’s chances

The biggest question in America right now is if Donald Trump can win a second term.

Joe Biden is leading in the national polls as well as in many of the battlegrounds.

And this key senator from the biggest swing state made a surprising prediction about Donald Trump’s chances.

Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott confidently predicted that Donald Trump will win Florida’s 29 Electoral College votes on November 3.

Scott told Fox News’ Guy Benson that Trump’s message of economic growth and law and order would carry the day in the Sunshine State.

“President Trump’s going to have a nice win in Florida. And here’s why. He’s going to have a win. People in Florida care about jobs. They elected me three times and my campaign was about jobs all three elections. They care about law enforcement. Democrats want to defund the police. People in Florida do not want to defund the police. Forty nine year lower crime rate people love our sheriff’s departments that are police departments,” Scott began.

Scott added that when Biden was Vice President, the Obama-Biden administration refused to stand up to socialist governments in Venezuela and Cuba.

“People want a president who’s gonna hold Maduro and Castro regimes accountable. We know that the Biden team, teamed up with Obama did not do that. And so President Trump has held the Castro regime accountable, has done what he can to make sure Guodo becomes the president of Venezuela. So if you look at the issues that are important to Floridians, Trump’s on the right side. And you know what? Biden had 47 years to do something. And it’s never done anything for Floridians,” Scott added.

The polls show a close race in Florida.

But in every election the race is close in Florida.

However, polls show President Trump has surprising strength with Hispanic voters and that could put him over the top in Florida.

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