A key Senator just revealed if Donald Trump was guilty

The media spent two years promoting the idea Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to rig the 2016 election.

Their theory launched three Congressional investigations as well as the Mueller probe.

Now one key Senator stepped forward and announced if Trump was guilty.

Senator Richard Burr is the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

They have dug into the collusion question.

And Burr appeared on Fox News and said they found no hard evidence of collusion with the Russians.

The Daily Caller reports:

After 19 months of investigation, Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr says he has seen “no hard evidence” of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government.

Burr also cast doubt on the possibility that the investigation could still turn up evidence of a conspiracy, in a Wednesday interview on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.”

“Maybe we find something in the next several interviews that are evidence of collusion. I don’t think so with what we’ve seen,” the North Carolina Republican said.

“I can say as it relates to the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation that we have no hard evidence of collusion,” he continued, adding: “Now, we’re not over.”

This is not surprising.

Hillary Clinton and her campaign invented the whole idea of Russian collusion to use as an excuse for losing the election.

That’s why no investigation has turned up any evidence of a conspiracy.

And it’s why Robert Mueller failed to indict any Americans for conspiring with the Russians to rig the election.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments on this story.



  1. What they should do is to go after every False reporting from the FBI, every poly. who started this witch hunt every crooked lawyer who was behind this, and make them pay every last cent that the American tax payer was ripped off over this thing. Including making crooked Mueller pay his share also!

  2. 19 months & NO COLLUSION! Time to fire Warlock Mueller, Rotten Rosenstrin & Jeff Sessions who appears to have been a part of this witch hunt. As matter of fact, fire the entire 7th floor of the FBI where the suits are, the suits who orchestrated the entire Trump-Collusion fairytale.

  3. Then the DNC and RNC should be made to pay for the whole debacle. The Left for running it and the right for allowing this crap to go on instead of taxpayers.

  4. The Democrats have cost the taxpayers over $28 million with their Special Counsel investigation of the 2016 Presidential election. It has been two years and they have not found any evidence of “Russian collusion” in our election. Democrats need to accept the fact that the American people voted and put Donald J. Trump into office.

  5. remember Hillary doesn’t remember ever doing anything wrong her memory seems to slip her therefore you can’t indicate a person who has not memory or brain. however we all know she is crooked, committed treason and is a traitor to America and should face the firing squad right along with Obama, Mueller, Soros and all other anti American people.,, We have the proof but guess democrats don’t think that is enough, she has lied but doesn’t remember lying, she took money from uranium deal but doesn’t remember…hum…and she wanted to be president?? she received all her questions before the debates with Trump but doesn’t remember that either, hum….she is so evil and corrupt, she wouldn’t know the truth it bit her in her……… so called forgetful brain/memory of hers.

  6. Investigate the source HILLARY ROTTEN CLINTON and then put her in GITMO where she belongs. And by the way both the DNC and HRC need to be held responsible for all cost and damages of this bogus investigation.

  7. President Trump Guilty of what? He has done nothing wrong at all. He has been treated like dirt from all of the sore losers that are these crybaby Democrats that had all their dirty money on a treasonous Criminal by the name of Hillary Clinton and she lost in the election for President and thank God she did lose because if she did win our Nation would have been overrun with Islamic Terrorists just like in the EU.

      • Agree with you thoroughlty. It is time for a thorough evaluation and trial of those who purportedly have been working against the best interests of our nation. We MUST weed out this criminal Democratic force

        Now Sewnator Feinstein has surfaced information charging Judge of some kind of sexual involvement while in college::: Person clasiming such does not want to come forward or be identified. Great, the Judge is off gthe hook for the constitution says he can confront his accusers. ASo why did Feinstein, knowing this, decide to disclose that informaiton?: The Democrats want to deny the American people what would liiely be the greatest and smartest Supreme Court Justice. Vote GOP and kill the Democratic part4y

  8. President Trump is only guilty of ONE THING – -winning the election and saving US from the clintonista mafia! I suppose that could be called “two things”!

  9. This is what federal prosecutors do, they squeeze defendants so hard that they “convince” some to COMPOSE.
    Mueller is a hack, a foolish vessel being used by leftists to try & unseat a duly elected President. If he had any real concern about the integrity of our elections, he would have already thrown the book at HRC for her multitude of crimes, before, during & after the 2016 election.

      • wow. some comment. > ” You just sound like an ass.” = JUST
        like YOU W/ NO “CONVINCING MESSAGE” . ZERO. Are You ‘Sanctimonious’???
        ps. the ppl you support – CallYou a “useless eater” (behind closed
        doors)(have you ‘Heard the Audios?) You, Latner + ‘others’ ARE
        Indignant FOOLS. ps. Door IS ‘Always 0pen’ – which Door DO you
        Choose. & that Goes for the ‘other’ punk ‘smack’ negative
        ‘posters’ here. Ditch USAif you don’t like it. Attempting to ‘drag’
        others INTO ‘your ‘rathole’ IS W/0UT Merit. &&& You ‘know it’.
        into your ‘rathole’.

    • BETTER Yet,prorate the costs involved for Mueller investigation among those that gave out false information leaks, who committed crimes while in office (FBI/DOJ.

    • Totally Agree!! All the money she made off the Clinton FOundation pay for favors scheme
      she ran and Bill nd Chelsea! They should all be in prison!!

  10. News is coming forth in last 24 hours that Manafort is in discussions with special counsel Mueller to take a plea for his working with them and testifying what he knows about Trump and his involvement with conspiracy with Russians. Imagine if you have all the Trump campaign upper staff, his former lawyer, the current Chief Financial Officer of Trump Org, his Enquirer buddy David Pecker, all working with the special prosecutor.

      • then I would have to decrease my IQ and education substantially, and believe like many of you do, in conspiracy BS that a few of your propagandists put out. Once you spent a lifetime comparing theories with empirical reality, would really be hard to accept that just because Trump acts like a criminal, lies like a criminal, has admitted to criminal obstruction of justice, has brought in a staff of criminals, that he is not a criminal.

      • Jan, 0h my, ‘we’ have a cnn + ‘newscaster’ here.
        &&& YES, PLEASE DO djd ie.
        “then I would have to decrease my IQ and education substantially,”
        &&& ALREADY HAVE DONE SO. Sad___
        > & fyi djd THE DRAGONS( Far beyond yours) ARE OUT & ABOUT this pm.

  11. Get rid of Mueller. All he’s doing is squandering our tax dollars while he gets paid the big bucks! He’s about as useful as a rubber crutch!

    • Former US Attorney Joe DiGenova went on WMAL radio on Monday to discuss the latest developments in the Obama Spygate scandal.

      DiGenova dropped this bomb during the interview:

      1. Mueller has told close confidants he was handed “a piece of crap on collusion.” But investigated it further with no fruits.

      2. DiGenova mentions, “James Baker, former FBI General Counsel, is a cooperating witness in a case against James Comey.”

      3. DiGenova says there will be one more indictment related to Lying to the FBI. However “the Mueller Probe is coming to an end with NO indictments about collusion whatsoever.”

      4. DiGenova: “This is going to be a bad next 30 days for a bunch of people in the FBI and DOJ under Obama.” This is in relation to the declassification of the FISA documents for Carter Page which is in processs.

      5. DiGenova also brings up the January 5th, 2017 meeting with Rice, Yates, Biden, Comey, and Obama. He says “[It] was a meeting to discuss how Sally Yates was going to get Michael Flynn. And the President of the United States, Barack Obama, was directly involved in these discussions.”

    • JOE.
      Why stop now? Three years and three investigations found nothing on Hillary. Mueller has only gotten 5 or six guilty pleas and dozens of indictments along with cooperation of others like Pecker. Trump obviously didn’t do anything wrong, he’s as pure as the driven snow. Probably a conspiracy by Obama.

      • The hateful Dems need to pay back the American tax payers for all the money this worthless Mueller has spent and lock Hillary up and throw away the key.

    • Mule Face and his biased, crooked cohorts have been on this witch hunt circus show for 17 months or more and $millions$ of tax payer dollars… Sessions, either grow some balls and direct this investigation to where the real crimes were committed, as in Klinton Democrooks, DOJ and FBI…..OR RESIGN IMMEDIATELY.

    • SIX (6) guilty pleas and more to come – -is not a waste of time. Plus he had already rooted out the Russian perps, so we can watch them and prevent some of their actions for 2018 and beyond.

      • none of those indicted or sentensed wh=ould have surfaced had Mueller not gone off the path for which he was chosen. Those indicted or to be indicted under threat to squal against Ohama. But I doubt these folks have anything meaningful for Mueller. What crimes are Mueller guilty while FBI?

  12. Trump did not lie is trying his best to get it done . Just not easy to get that much money from congress but the wall will be built even if he has to shut down congress Trump fund the WALL. Don’t ever give up on Trump he is the best thing that could happen to all of us.

  13. It was created by the left and Hillary against Trump. They let it happen and WASTED OUR TAX DOLLARS for this lie. I believe they need to pay back the monies to the American people for the lie they invented and they need to go to jail.

  14. Duh…and $multi-millions$ in taxpayer dollars LATER…BIG D-U-H! How does an intelligent centered balanced conservative White girl even ATTEMPT to combat such STUPIDITY? My pocketbook has been RAPED and ABUSED…for NOTHING!

        • I do appreciate the tax cut. My stocks are doing great. Too bad for the people making $11 an hour to make me richer. Suck it peasants!

          • 2x &&& the ‘Parasites’ Take Advantage of tax cuts, meanwhile
            ‘Trashing’ POTUS etal Policy. A ‘true expose’
            of An full fledged ‘hypocrite’.

        • &&& the ‘Parasites’ Take Advantage of tax cuts, meanwhile
          ‘Trashing’ POTUS etal Policy. A ‘true expose’
          of An full fledged ‘hypocrite’.

  15. Right out of the gate Hillary and Obama threw their sins at Trump for collusion investigation to keep the eye of the public off their atrocities. In which almost all were involved FBI, CIA, our Senate, and Congress, taking bribes and accepting kickbacks / favors on a large scale involving at last 85% of all the People ( Political Officials) we the taxpayers trusted. When the Republicans win there will be a mass exodus of guilty officials like we have never seen. I stand with the one man who stand s for America, President Trump.

  16. The last ”REPLY” I wrote here is not shown here. WHAT, are we being watched by everyone now? There was nothing written which could possibly cause any trouble. WATCHDOGS are everywhere. What happened to FREEDOM OF SPEECH?????

  17. The NAZI commie liberals (DS,academia,fake news,Hollywood,RINOs, etc )that are bringing the USA down the path of destruction!Supported by the useful idiots!The Democrats are the true Russian colluders that want to transform this country into a shit hole!

    • I think studying American history post WWII to 1965 would be beneficial to get an idea as to when America was at it’s greatest. If it wasn’t for equal rights and voting rights enacted into law in 1965 you would be Democrat. Johnson said “I’ll lose the South for a generation.” He was wrong, it’s been 53 years.

      • You Latner, Are ‘parasitic’ Scum.
        > Boasting of (paper)’stocks’ Mean ZERO
        Until IN ‘hand’.
        “I do appreciate the tax cut. My stocks are doing great. Too bad for the people making $11 an hour to make me richer. Suck it peasants! ”

        >Soo- E’0ne here reading Latner ink, he SAYS “Suck it peasants”.
        ( &&& ‘what’, Is he doing, sitting at desk, inking RR W/smack.)

    • God, if they are that powerful, they must be watching YOU right now N, figured out where you live and have the deep state watching your house. I would suggest pulling down your shades and never going outside, having your groceries delivered. If this “Deep State” was as powerful as many of you say, you guys don’t stand a chance – – then Google, Nike and others have you all pegged by now . . . .

  18. This whole investigation was started as a cover-up for all the corruption in the Obama Administration, like the FBI and the DOJ. They thought they would never be caught because they were sure they could get Hillary elected. In fact they thought that she would be elected right up to the final vote count on election day. If she had been elected, she would have done nothing and we would still have same corruption of the FBI and DOJ going on. I cannot imagine what this country would be like now if Hillary had won. Thank God she didn’t.

    • I’ve been told that God works in mysterious ways. I too believe Trump was exactly what we needed at this point in time. MAGA going strong.

  19. I want my money back unless they intend to use the real evidence that was sitting on the end of their nose all along. If they use that evidence to frog march Hillary Clinton and her gang of crooks, thieves and murderers off to Gitmo and throw away the key, then they can keep all the money they have wasted on the witch hunt to get President Trump. Knowing that the Clintons are finally being held accountable for all the crimes they have committed is well worth the tens of millions spent thus far.

  20. you know what i find so funny every time trump says something everyone jumps to his side without thinking or listening just being a trump supporter, trump has this evidence that proves mueller’s guilt of all this stuff where is the evidence at why doesn’t it go to the review board to stop this. just like the democrats planned this out, they planned for trump to put sessions in the fbi, they planned for him recuse himself, they planned on being able to hire mueller. if they could plan all that we all need to go ask them how to pay off the national debt because they must have esp or something. why were the people on the oversight committee complaining that somebody was putting up alot of bs to sway the committee. but the only i think is everyone needs to sit back and let the bricks fall where there going to because we will probably never no the truth. and also remember trump has to have enough people in there so he can do what ever he wants without the democrats involved, and just like his wall there are some changes need done but i think a lot more americans agree with the wall and think that he should build it just like he promised to built it in his speech and only the way he promised and if he can’t get the mexican government to pay like he said then he needs to start a fund me account since as he says he has all these americans say they are backing then let them put there money where there mouth is. please remember out of all the people involved here there is only proof that one of them lied and we have proof and that is trump is who lied to everyone for almost 18 months so remember before you jump to ask lets see the proof first

    • If you are saying Trump is the only one that has lied I do not know how you came up with that. Clinton’s lies, Obsma lied, the FBI lied, Cohen lurd, media lied, the list is long

      • And, don’t forget the Catholic fathers and clergy lied about sexually abusing children, and how they covered it up, sending pedophiles to fake therapy sessions than sent them out to other parishes where they could abuse other innocent children.

          • Dan, again you make those claims, like you did about the “FBI being corrupt” and you could not even back that up. Who did Bill supposedly rape, when and how did he get a complete pass? By the way, let’s add Trump as a sexual assaulter because he admitted on tape he “cannot help himself’ in regards to women and that he grabs women by the p***y and since he was famous, he got away with it. You still have never given evidence or support for you claim the FBI is corrupt, and nothing showing any corruption at the DOJ, which you also maligned.

          • Slick Willy is NOT a Catholic…absolved HIMSELF! He did NOT have SEX with Miss Lewinsky! SMOKE THAT CONTRABAND CUBAN CIGAR! He did NOT humiliate and defame all the OTHER women! Willy did not earn the SLICK for NOTHING! Teflon DON like his Teflon QUEEN Hillary! What goes around comes around…no one escapes ATONEMENT! The Billary Slicks will get theirs!

        • Again I say at least President Trump isn’t queer. The commiecrats come off on being all about morality. They take up for a sleazy whore like stormy Daniels. And also thinks it’s ok for 2 men to suck each other off. That’s your educated fools in the commiecrat party. In the many posts by lefties, not one has denied being communist influenced.

          • Dan, how do you know Trump is not “gay”? Several people would say his “Don Juan” compulsive going after women is an overcompensation for his gay tendencies.

            There you go again, using insulting terms for Daniels. Granted she did have sex with Trump, so that is pretty sleezy — I mean having sex with a married man who was unfaithful. Daniels is smart enough and with courage, she has Trump all tied in knots and her lawyer, the barracuda Avenatti, is going to take a big bite out of Trump. Most Democrats don’t care that much that Trump was with another woman – -they are just responding to all the FAKE GOP “holier-than-thou BS like with Pence who said that Bill Clinton should be removed for morality issues with Lewinski, but then you hypocrites want to turn around and have a whole different standard apply to Trump. Another example is how you continually call for investigations on Hillary, but fight the investigations of Trump, Hunter and Collins. We say investigate ALL the crooks, and if found guilty by a jury, lock them up.

          • drjd, you can crack, smack, jack All you want –
            in your ‘vent’. It’s ALL a ‘Game’ for those
            that reply. BWAR Har HAR.

          • Dan. A Huge Say = “Again I say at least President Trump isn’t queer.”
            THAt’s RITE DAN, &&& NOT PEDO (ahem) ps. the ‘good’ FAKE dr.
            IS Duped & ‘filled’ W/ the you know what.
            &&& Goaheaddr. ‘Challenge ‘ME’. The ‘DRAGONS’ ARE ‘flying’.___

    • Patrick, you might try taking a breath now and then, check what you have written, USE SOME PERIODS SO WE KNOW WHEN YOU CHANGE YOUR ”THOUGHTS”, AND then, try to get your facts straight.

  21. This is all a Charade to cover for the real criminals…they were hoping the citizen slaves would have forgotten about the Obama/Hillary crime family by now…!
    After all some folks in this third world hell-hole are above the law folk’s…right???


  23. NO Trump-Russian COLLUSION, so, WHEN will this NON-sense END…??? Mueller is CLEARLY “COLLUDING” with the CABAL who clearly belong in PRISON…..hillary said it LONG ago and best: “If Trump WINS we will all HANG”, AND all of these SHENANIGANS are still going on just to “KEEP THEM ALL from HANGING”, that’s ALL there is……!!!! STOP this CRAP now and HANG them ALL…..!!!

    • Well, we aren’t hung yet, and if Hillary was running the show, we would all be fried by now. To knowingly fall into a fire pit, is stupid.

    • Of course they are. Like Obama’s said on the campaign trail this week his administration was transparent and cooperated with media. He brought more criminal charges against media over leaks than all other Presidents put together. The man cannot tell the trut.

  24. mueller is guilty of willfully running a total scam on the American people, so far to the tune of 21 million dollars. Him and his gang of clinton butt kissing dirtbags should be prosecuted and forced to pay back every cent they wasted of this 3-ring circus farce of an investigation. Everyone(EVERYONE) involved in this farce should face prosecution.

  25. When all this BS is said and done the only thing the public will have is a huge bill. Now all these players are on salery to work and these investigations are taking them from their normal duties (to serve the public) to do what? They are still getting paid for the normal duty and are giving us another bill for doing what? What is the difference of where they are running their mouth on the Congressional floor or in thespecial counsel chambers?They are already being paid unless they are using the funds to purchase lavish perks or testimony from crooks.


        • How do I loathe thee? I loathe thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach! A little ‘spin’ there on Elizabeth Barrett Browning! The CROOKS? HILLARY, Slick Willy, Obama, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Rosenstein, MUELLER, McCabe, Strzok, Page, BRUCE Ohr, NELLIE Ohr…CONFLICTED OUT THE BUTT…IN COLLUSION EACH WITH THE OTHER! And LYING begets even BIGGER lies until they cannot keep their OWN stories straight!

  27. Mueller has found nothing yet he keeps digging -however WE have found out from Bruce Ohr’s testimony that Robert Mueller knew damned well the Steele dossier was a fake before he started his $21,000,000 U.S. taxpayer funded fraud. It’s way past time for Mueller to start answering some questions!

    • My Lord, that is just not accurate, and many of you keep saying this despite all the evidence to the contrary. It is clear the Bible is correct when it says “there are none so blind as those who will not see.”

      To date: there have been SIX (6) people either plead guilty or been found guilty, most from the Trump campaign. The second Manafort trial begins next week, and there has been some news that Manafort is not talking about cutting a plea deal and testifying against the president. Even Trump’s CFO is working with the special counsel, along with Trump’s former lawyer who says he committed at least two of his felonies “AT THE DIRECTION OF THE PRESIDENT.” Trump has already admitted on national TV (NBC) that he fired Comey “for the Russian probe” – – clearly a violation of obstruction of justice. David Pecker, Trump friend at Enquirer who protected Trump for years (with a safe full of dirt on TrumP is now working with the special counsel. Mueller is taking time because: #1. he is being very thorough, as usual and #2. there are so many crimes including conspiracy, money laundering, tax fraud, obstructions (many) of justice and so forth – – it is hard to finish it all. More witnessed are coming forth all the time.

      The Whitewater probe, run by Ken Starr, went over FIVE years and was many times more expensive than the Russian probe. Starr never found squat on Whitewater, but Clinton was impeached for lying about his consensual affair with Lewinski. If ONLY. If only we had to do with just Trump’s lies about his affairs, and payoffs and emolument clause violations, it might be over now.

      • Ahem, excuse me, Dr. J.D. Trump fired Comey only AFTER Rosenstein signed off on said firing. Rosenstein was NOT coerced. A brilliant segue on the PART of Rosenstein to insert Mueller. Premeditated QUID PRO QUO? Comey, McCabe, Strzok…all fired. Page…moved on…her fate TBD. Likewise, Dr. J.D., nobody here ever stated that ALL the FBI and ALL the DOJ are corrupt…only those bad apples at the top who have created the rot and stench…an algae bloom worse than that being lived in Florida!

        • Ahem, Pammy, Dan Tyree said “the FBI is corrupt” – – and I admit, like anywhere else it has some bad apples, but that does not make the whole FBI corrupt and then he added the DOJ was inolved in crimes also. Now, you must NOT have listen to the Trump interview with Lester Holt (NBC) where it was Trump who SAID that he had decided even before the Rosenstein memo was sent, that he was going to fire Comey “for the Russian Probe”! It was Trump’s own words that took the Rosenstein inflluence off the table.

          • 0nly Takes 1 ‘bad Apple’ to ROT the ‘barrel’
            IF ‘LEFT’ in the barrel long enough.
            ps get 0ff the ‘ahem’ copy cat crap.
            > Your ‘apple’ has a ‘scab’ on it = &
            as your man ‘o’ would Say : “CUT IT OUT”.

  28. If no hard evidence, then what? End Mueller investigation? Do you know when to stop? Why not?

    Mueller, … are you going to be around politics for two more years? Jeff Session, what do you think? …

    Jeff, if you want to remain as US attorney general, it would be wise to unrecuse yourself now. No more Mueller circus.

    • When defense attorneys have little else, they often resort to putting the police or government on trial. Same technique you are using – – don’t focus on all the mounting evidence you see against MY guy, look over there at some one else. Hillary has gone through three investigations and come out unscathed. It is time to let the evidence play out against Trump and it is HUGE. Even in Manafort trial #2, coming up next week, the prosecutors have ten (10) times more evidence than his first trial.

  29. why don’t they get busy and put the Clintons behind bars,Instead they listen to the left wing BS,there will be a day of reckoning.

    • That is the question I have been asking for months. What we have herevareva bunch of Clinton idiot blockheads. This is nothing new, it’s been going on since Clinton stepped onto the idiotstage. People whom side with the Clintons are nothing more than dumbies!

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