A law professor shut down this Democrat witch hunt against Donald Trump

Photo by Colin Lloyd from Unsplash

Democrats are throwing the kitchen sink at Donald Trump to derail his campaign.

They’re willing to shred the Constitution to keep him from returning to the White House.

And a law professor shut down this Democrat witch hunt against Donald Trump.

United States District Judge Tanya Chutkan, an Obama appointee, is trying to silence former President Donald Trump on the campaign trail.

She issued a limited gag order in Trump’s case involving January 6 to bar the former President from publicly commenting on Special Counsel Jack Smith’s office, potential witnesses, and court staff.

Smith’s office was pushing for the gag order claiming that Trump’s comments on his Truth Social platform were inciting violence and tainting the potential jury pool for the case.

The gag order would silence Trump from talking about the January 6th while he’s campaigning for President.

The legal witch hunts against him have become inseparable from his campaign.

A Washington, D.C. federal appeals court temporarily lifted the gag order but a legal battle is still brewing over it.

Legal scholar says Trump’s gag order is unconstitutional

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley called the gag order on Trump “unconstitutional” during an interview on Fox News after the appeals court stepped in.

“They could have left it to continue, to continue while they reviewed it, but, they decided, perhaps in an abundance of caution to order this stoppage until they can give it a full review,” Turley said. “The reason I think this could be quite significant is because I think the order is unconstitutional.”

Trump’s legal team is arguing the gag order is a violation of the former President’s First Amendment rights. 

“I said that when it was first issued. It’s a very odd concept of order because the court here insisted on having this trial before the election, sort of shoehorned it in before Super Tuesday,” Turley continued. “And everyone in this election is going to be talking about these cases, except one person under this gag order.”

The January 6 case is scheduled to go to trial on the day before the GOP Primary’s Super Tuesday when dozens of states are holding contests.

Jack Smith is arguing that the gag order is necessary because any criticism of his witch hunt by Trump is undermining his case against the former President.

“He can’t criticize the prosecutors, he can’t criticize witnesses, and special counsel Jack Smith just asked for this order to be expanded in an equally unconstitutional way,” Turley said. “That has drawn the criticism even of the ACLU, which is a staunch critic of Donald Trump, but the ACLU has said look, this is flagrantly unconstitutional.”

The gag order is so blatantly unconstitutional that the far-left ACLU, which sued the Trump administration over 200 times, is opposing it.

The criminal cases against Trump have become an essential part of the presidential campaign so the gag order is keeping the former President from defending himself in the court of public opinion.

“Much of this election is going to turn on these prosecutions. Millions of people believe that the criminal justice system has been weaponized,” Turley explained. “Now, whether that’s true or not, when you hold these trials before the election, everyone is going to be talking about it, and there is going to be sharp criticism.”

Clearly, Judge Tanya Chutkan is trying to boost Democrats’ chances in the 2024 Election by attempting to muzzle Donald Trump.