A lawyer said two words that spell big trouble for Donald Trump

Democrats are dancing with glee.

They think they finally found the silver bullet that will take down Donald Trump.

That’s because one lawyer stepped forward and said the two words that could spell big trouble for Donald Trump.

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen is on a media tour after pleading guilty multiple crimes.

Cohen is embracing his new found status as a rat and telling anti-Trump journalists everything they want to hear.

That includes saying Trump knew the hush money payments to women claiming affairs with Trump were wrong.

ABC News reports:

Cohen’s comments are his first since being sentenced earlier this week to three years in federal prison for financial crimes, lying to Congress and two campaign finance violations in connection with the deals with the women, Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels, who claim past affairs with Trump.

“I knew what I was doing was wrong,” Cohen told ABC News’ Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos. “I stood up before the world [Wednesday] and I accepted the responsibility for my actions.”

When asked if the president also knew it was wrong to make the payments, Cohen replied, “Of course,” adding that the purpose was to “help [Trump] and his campaign.”

Cohen pled guilty to making these payments in violation of FEC laws and claimed they were done so at Trump’s direction.

But Trump’s defense is that he had no idea the payments were illegal and trusted Cohen to carry them out in a lawful manner.

Cohen offered no evidence to back up his assertions.

However, the fake news media still ran wild stories about his claims suggesting Donald Trump was one step from prison.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. What is the crime? He asked his lawyer to pay them off. It was Trumps money– NOT campaign finance money. Why are you not bemoaning the fact that various representatives’ and senators’ sexual peccadillos were paid by taxpapers’money to shut the complainants off.

    Tons of fiat $$$ Printed a Long Time,
    &&& Way Before POTUS DJT.
    > A WorldWide Economic ‘Crash’ LOOMS.
    Many Decades of ‘hidden’? Damage, coming
    to a head. POTUS DJT Not Responsible for last
    20 -30 yrs.

  3. But, “of course” it makes sense that Cohen did his illegal acts at the request of Trump, Cohen had no reason to do them on his own, and if Cohen did (as Trump alleged), then why did the third person in the meeting, David Pecker, also say Trump asked them to help on this. So, clearly Trump is a co-conspirator on these crimes.

    Hey, Trump, thanks for messing up the economy TOO! Nine years of good Decembers, and you have turned the economy from a bull to a bear market. Even Alan Greenspan, former head of the FedRes, tells investors: ‘Run for cover’. Stocks are having the worst December since the Great Depression. The Dow is down 7.8% and the S&P 500 is down 7.6% this month. That’s the worst December performance since 1931.

  4. Awww the POS is trying to cause trouble because the president wouldn’t issue a pardon for him. NOW be logical. If there was anything there the president would most likely have “bailed” the dip @#$! out. THis is one of those lawyers who pays kick backs to keep from being disbarred.

  5. If this were the case all congressmen and women, and all representitives should be jailed for using taxpayer money to hush hush their sexual affairs while in office and before they are not exempt

    • We want the people in government to pay all monies that were used to pay for sex pigs pay ever penny back to the tax paying people and that Muller should do the same pay all monies back all the millions for the waste of time and nothing comes of it because there was nothing so let the Best President we ever had do his job Get them Mr.President finally DRAIN THE SWAMP get rid of a evil in government and don’t forget the evil Republicans

  6. trump has more than once Lied about any payoffs to Stormy Daniels so why believe anything that comes out the fat,stupid mouth of that White House WORTHLESS WORM! Anything that causes trouble for CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump should have every American from New England to Oregan dancing with glee!

  7. The Democrats continue with their rubbish, witch is a good thing by the way. Because they continue to say someone is guilty with out proof. In this country you are innocent before being proven guilty. But with the Democrats you are quilty before being innocent. They are proven to the American people again and again their lawlessness, they did it with Kavanauh. And this should scare everyone. This is something you would see in a Communist country. They Communist and people better wake up, because you do this to a sitting Judge, and a sitting President, just think what they would do to us!

  8. I keep saying this over and over again, if our President had an affair it was before he ran for President not like Bill Clinton who did his dirty deeds while in OFFICE and nothing happened to him cause Hillary paid them off. When are they going to prison? Don’t they have enough proof, but yet they get away with all the evil things they say and do. Whats happening to this justice system? It sounds like a lot of payoffs!!!!!!! GO GET THEM POTUS🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. After two years, do we not think we have had enough fighting amongst our leaders? United we stand, divided we fall. Our enemies understand this and are waiting in the shadows for the right moment, which if our leaders don’t grow up soon, will be sooner than later. 9/11 will be mild compared to what will come.

    • Trump did NOT finance his whole campaign, and there are numerous ways you can violate campaign laws, like conspiracy with a foreign nation. If you make campaign donations that are not reported, and/or hide those donations as legally deductible when they are not are just a couple of ways.

  10. IF Cohen were telling the truth and that is a real stretch, how many Congressmen and possibly women would be in prison right next door. They used taxpayer money to pay off those they abused. IF Trump used any money, it was his own and his own business. So the media is once again twisting information to fit their agenda.

    • Lock and load, like at border, defend our nations and they are enemy from within in the communist democrats/liberals. My oath has no t expiration date.

  11. It is a Lawyers responsibility to follow the law regardless of what a client tells him to do. Otherwise he is guilty of the crime and should be disbarred.

  12. Mule Face Mueller should be ordered to repay the millions of tax dollars he has wasted on his folly to commit treason and in a civil suit be ordered to reimburse all the victims of his over reach.

  13. Tell me, since when is it a crime to pay hush money to a tramp? Trollop? Extortionist? Congress has a slush fund for this very purpose – pay off sexual complainers.
    Maybe the female extortionists should be charged with EXTORTION which is a crime.

    • Written in “true” Trump fashion, you don’t know these people yet YOU call them tramps. What would your reaction be if someone called either your wife, daughter or granddaughter a “tramp” Maybe in your mind, if it was Donald J Trump, you would have no issue with it. As Trumps interim chief of staff stated DJT is a “TERRIBLE HUMAN BEING” No truer words said!!!!

    • What an asshole you are, calling someone a tramp when it is asshole Trump is the sleazy asshole. He is the aggressor and should be thrown out of office. I do hope he spends some time in prison.

      • This is to all you people calling our President names, People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!! I venture most if not all of you have had an affair behind your wives back, so who are you to call another names and as far as that woman was concerned, I blame her the most, because ALL men will do it if it is rubbed on them and all a woman has to do is say the magic word “NO”, but when it is someone rich or important in office, they just think of MONEY or a scandal to get the money, therefore she is nothing but a tramp, slut, whore what ever you want to call her. If you haven’t had an affair (and I doubt you will admit it) then I commend you for this, but you still don’t have the right to condemn our President if for no other reason of just respect for the office he holds, he will pay for his sins sooner or later, karma catches up with all of us. The majority of the people elected Mr. Trump to office and he is doing a great job of making America Great again even if you don’t agree, the results are showing that he is doing a really good job. It is a shame that the fact that some people believe in a different party (democrats) and therefore will not accept someone in the republican party to lead this country, can’t we all come together and work together for a better country?? The year 2020 election may be given to a democrat and if so, then the republicans should join in with them and work past all this evil hate, lies and destructive agenda that is going on now, nothing good is coming out of all this ! Think about it!!

        • Democrats has already stated they will not work with Republicans, they want Republicans to bow down to there rule. If they do, it’ll be way down!??? Now is the time to stand our ground. We will be lost under democrat rules. BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP and AMERICA. We need to keep working to BETTER AMERICA! A FREE AMERICA. Democrats will never work, they have gone too far left. Read what they want and how they behave. They love the stupidity of the democratic voters.

  14. Richard Shaw right term limits they are out of control. RINOS (fake flakes, Ryan etc)need to be gone too! President Trump has upset their gravy train. He is a warrior, appointed by God.
    Hillary has all those weaklings comey MuelLiar msm in her pocket. She needs to be locked up. She is a sore loser & like a 🐛 evil personified. Not to worry God has President Trump’s back, He put him in place for such a time as this & no weapon formed against him shall prosper.

  15. Trump has done nothing wrong…………and the left AND OLD CREEPY MAN MUELLER, just can’t stand it that they can’t get him on anything……Mueller himself should have stepped down for conflicts of intests on day 1…………we will get him and his band of corrupters………AG Whitaker, FIRE MUELLER TODAY~

  16. Transactions occurred in 2014 before Trump was a candidate, besides it is not a crime to protect your family and personal reputation, it is another ‘nothing burger’.

  17. DJT is immune to legal prosecution as president of the USA…and with 53 Republicans in the Senate…there is no way to impeach with 2/3 vote.

    • To nearly half the nation, the swamp and a the RINOs, there’s nothing more important than to remove Trump. Why else do you think the GOP list 42 House seats this Nov.? They pissed off their voters in tough districts that are becoming purple and paid the price!

  18. Anybody who has enough money to make an out-of-court settlement rather than taking a chance on a jury awarding much more money in a lawsuit would be foolish NOT to do so. So long as the money paid came out of their own pocket and was not diverted from funds supposedly reserved for other purposes, no threat of prosecution or impeachment should exist. The liberals are suffering from mad cow disease.

  19. They suck up to liars and thieves because they’re of the same pod..Cohen just mad cause he has lied so much about everything and he got caught playing everyone’s game. Cohen lost..it all. Now he’s going to hang himself again.

  20. The only way that hush-money payments to these women could even constitute a minor violation would be if campaign funds (not personal funds) were used. So, since Cohen, a proven serial liar, apparently made the payments himself, and was later reimbursed for them by Trump personally, there’s NO campaign finance violation. There’s no collusion with Russia (not a crime anyway), no obstruction of justice (since there’s been no crime identified to obstruct), and the butt-hurt Dems are still desperately seeking something, what we have is a classic “nothing burger.”

  21. Yeah, sure. Cohen has an axe to grind. Gruber Dems lie and pander to liars like Cohen. He has no real credibility. There will be no effect on Trump. LMAO at gruber Dems. Another big nothing burger being served yet AGAIN! 😂

  22. The POTUS is a warrior. When will Republicans back him? I’m witness to
    a sad time in history, when the right man is undermined by his own party.
    Sad indeed.

    • Well said TDG. Anyone who can take on the Democrats, the Establishment and MSM single-handed is a true Warrior…and I’m confident he will prevail. Now, we all have to prepare for 2020 so he can continue his journey to drain the swamp and take down the Deep State

    • You said that right! But it is the Political Establishment in both parties because they do not want to upset their monitory games, We need term limits, we need voter ID’s we need less excuses for not voting at a registered voting statioon without all the mail in’s etc. We also need to have a federal system and not allow states to rig their own system. ie Maine, CA, HI, Washington state and more coming on board every day. The way it is going there is no way to stop the fraud that is taking place.

    • TDG, The people who voted for DJT support him and, all others with exception of RINO and liberals, support him as well. It feels like he is not supported because his opposition is louder, ruder, cruder, and dishonest than his supporters!

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