A leading Democrat just admitted one tough truth that Nancy Pelosi didn’t want anyone to know

Nancy Pelosi is dealing with more problems than she can handle.

But she never expected to deal with this crisis.

And a leading Democrat just admitted one tough truth that Nancy Pelosi didn’t want anyone to know.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is in the fight of her political life to maintain her paper-thin majority after the Midterm elections.

With Joe Biden’s popularity on par with a root canal, Democrats know they’re in big trouble going into the crucial election.

As the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), which is the official organization for electing House Democrats, Representative Sean Maloney (D-NY) is in charge of protecting Pelosi’s endangered majority.

In a recently published interview with the New York Times, Maloney let the truth slip on a major problem facing Democrats.

Maloney was asked by the Times if the Democrat Party was out of touch on any issues with the majority of voters.

“Well, the way I’ve often put this to my colleagues is to say, if our positions and our policies are so popular, why don’t they like us more?” Maloney wondered.

“And you’ll find broad agreement in our caucus, from the conservative Democrats to the most progressive, that we have a likeability problem,” Maloney said.

“And my answer to that is that we move really fast and we are really passionate about the solutions we want to bring,” Maloney continued. “And we sometimes don’t give people enough time to understand what we’re doing and to bring them along.”

The Democrats have drifted to the far-Left, causing formerly solid blocks of Democrat voters like Hispanics to flee the Party.

“I think sometimes we’re really clear on our own priorities, and we don’t ask, what are the priorities of the people we represent?” Malony said. “If I’ve had any success in the Trump district, it’s because I try to take seriously the priorities of the people I represent, not just tell them about my own.”

In a surprising moment of clarity, Maloney admitted that Democrats are putting their far-Left agenda ahead of the interests of the people they claim to represent.

Democrats have abandoned the interests of everyday Americans to push their radical, woke agenda with issues like Critical Race Theory and transgenderism.

When asked about what Democrats could do to improve their standing with normal Americans, Maloney admitted that they are seen as out of touch elitists.

“I think that most of the voters that we ask about this think that we’re out of touch, they think we’re elitist, we think we are better than they are,” Maloney said, before adding, “and they don’t like it.”

“Most people don’t understand, who are not cisgender, why they need to put pronouns on their email signature,” Maloney continued.

Even leading Democrats know their Party is wildly out of touch with the majority of the country.

Democrats pushing the woke agenda has them on track to get a reality check from voters in the Midterm elections.

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