A leading Democrat just made one prediction about 2024 that will make your blood run cold

Potential candidates are already starting to jockey for the 2024 Presidential election.

With Joe Biden a feeble mess, it could be a wide open race.

And a leading Democrat just made one prediction about 2024 that will make your blood run cold.

It took less than a year for Joe Biden’s Presidency to turn into a total disaster.

He’s clearly lost it mentally and his approval ratings have completely collapsed.

There’s no coming back for Joe Biden from the mess he created for the country.

The corporate-controlled media and prominent Democrats have been hinting around at the fact that Biden is on his way out.

As Vice President, Kamala Harris would normally be the frontrunner if Joe Biden decides not to run for re-election.

But after an abysmal start to her job, Democrats are ready to bail on her, too.

The question then becomes who would replace Joe Biden on the Democrat ticket.

In an editorial in The Wall Street Journal, Democrat operatives Doug Schoen and Andrew Stein made a chilling prediction.

They claim that the situation for 2024 is a “perfect storm” for a Hillary Clinton comeback, as they contend the failed Biden-Harris regime would leave Democrats with a “leadership vacuum.”

With the disastrous and disorganized approach of the Biden White House, Hillary can offer Democrats a different path.

Hillary could become the “change candidate” for Democrats after they take an expected shellacking in the Midterms and lose control of Congress.

Schoen and Stein anticipate Hillary would start positioning herself publicly after the Midterms, where she’ll sell herself as a candidate taking Democrats on a better path than the failed Biden approach.

Of course, Hillary Clinton has started to raise her public profile recently in the media, which could be a sign she’s starting to lay the groundwork for a run.

Schoen and Stein also noted a recent interview that Bill Clinton did for People Magazine where he set the stage for a Hillary comeback.

Bill Clinton stated she was “the most qualified person to run for office in my lifetime, including me,” adding that her 2016 loss was “one of the most profound mistakes we ever made.”

Schoen, who counts Bill Clinton as a former client, didn’t mention any of the Democrats’ former 2020 contenders.

The failed 2020 candidates who could run again, such as Cory Booker and Pete Buttigieg, didn’t gain much traction last time around.

It’s unlikely they’d fare any better now.

Not only is Hillary the biggest name, but she also has the most political success of any potential non-Biden/Harris candidate.

On the Republican side, the nomination is Donald Trump’s if he wants it.

A potential rematch with Hillary in 2024 could all but guarantee a return to the White House for President Trump.

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